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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

Joo Won Poll  

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  1. 1. Which are your favorite Joo Won dramas / movies? (choose up to 3)

    • Alice
    • My Sassy Girl
    • Yong-Pal
    • Naeil's Cantabile
    • Good Doctor
    • 7th Grade Civil Servant
    • Bridal Mask
    • Ojakgyo Family
    • Bread, Love and Dreams
    • Fatal Intuition
    • Xia You Qiao Mu
    • Fashion King
    • Steal My Heart
    • Don't Click
    • SIU
  2. 2. Which genre do you think Joo Won shines in (or would shine in)? (choose up to 3)

    • Rom-com
    • Action/crime/thriller
    • Psychological thriller
    • Melodrama
    • Romance
    • Historical / sageuk
    • Sci-fi
    • Slice of life
    • Legal drama
    • Medical drama
    • Horror
    • Comedy
    • Something else. What?
  3. 3. Do you prefer Joo Won with abs or without abs?

    • With abs! Alice was great!
    • Doesn't matter. Joo Won looks great both in a shirt and without one!
    • I only care for Joo Won's acting. I couldn't care less about him having abs.

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  • Poll closes on 04/17/2021 at 10:00 AM

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Joo Won ah...Please cut your hair before awards ceremony on Tuesday.

I'm hoping he would either do a sort-of ShiOn/Sam hairstyle or have it slicked like Kang To. =P~ =P~ or in the bada$$ photoshoot we see recently.

Is it too much to hope for an unbuttoned white shirt underneath a dark suit? Make it happen, coordi unnie~

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

hi, thank you for updates about joowon and thank you @farbarri for sharing your experience in Ghost musical, I hope I can watch Ghost musical next year. I hope joowon win daesang and some awards in KBS drama award this year ^^ btw I just read comment in dramabeans about the reason why joowon take longer his next project Fashion King.

"I read on naver that Joo Won was reluctant to join in the project because there’s some nude scenes in the movie’s original script, thus the late confirmation from his side. But I guess the producer really wants him in it, they change the script so there won’t be any nude scene in the movie. That’s why he finally sign on this project.
Wow. I’ve never thought Joo Won is already reached the position as an actor who have this kind of influence on a project before, good for him."

and this is the resource news http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201312271456580710 

I can't confirm it since I don't understand hangul. I hope his next project will become success, I read some comments doubt that Fashion King will become success, but who know maybe joowon will surprise us like he did in Good Doctor and Bridal mask, some of us doesnt't know before that his projects become success. Joowon Fighting!!! ^^

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I have a mixed feeling about this FASHION KING. Not a fan of such storyline, which seems rather lame to me, probably be watching this for eye candy only, nothing more. I was hoping different kind of genre like thriller or melo and not another romcom.  Besides, he is already 26 years old. I could hardly swallow watching LMH acting as a teenager and now I have to imagine watching JW in high school uniform.

If Joowon really did not get to choose his project and this is another grand scheme from his agency, then I really feel sad for him. No wonder he almost always typecast as a policeman. wah! It does make sense and he is working like a slave now..poor thing!

I have no issue with his partner although I dunno who she is, but I am glad she is someone younger than him as I am already getting tired with noona-dongseng casting.

Honestly..I have a bad feeling this movie is going to bomb, I am sorry to say this probably gonna put a blemish on his awesome resume...BUT I am more than happy to be called a MORON if this movie turn out to be a success. :D

So hwaiting! :D

on the side note... just finished watching 200 pounds beauty..I seriously believe KAJ had undergone some form of plastic surgery as she looks very different now. I hope I am wrong though..
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@Ma OO


No poney tail yet, it's alright...

And i like your sunflower, i'd like to see fields of them this summer !

Oh...they are planted in front of my house.I always kiss them before I go to school. Hehe

Please.no ponytail...ee

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OMG.... HIS EYES!!!! That's the puffiest red eyes i have ever seen in my life, seriously. I am getting really pi***d off at SIM.E now.... Cant he even get one day off? Just ONE freaking day off for him to hibernate, then he can resume longer working days.

Dont tell me his red eyes here is a result from crying after Ghost. I watched 4 times, there's no crying scene in the end. Sam is happy. SIM.E, dont let fans breathe down your back.

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Are we witnessing some labor rights violation? His eyes are barely opening. Please tell me he gets at least enough sleep at night.He should be right?

Please Joo Won.Be Healthy. I am totally pissed off with Sim Ent.Let's him rest.

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sorry for the empty post, bad connection today again....

@farbarri, puffy red eyes ? we barely see his mesmerizing eyes, I'm pissed off SIM for weeks now, even. Several times I realy don't like his tired face on pics that are posted here. I feel really guilty to enjoy a photo where he looks so worn out... and I don't really enjoy them neither...

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