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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

Father's Day with Joo Won  

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  1. 1. Who is the most fun father (figure) of Joo Won's character? (choose as many as you want)

    • Alice: Yoon Min Hyuk (Kwak Si Yang) - Father
    • Alice: Det. Go Hyeon Seok (Kim Sang Ho) - Father figure
    • Good Doctor: Dr. Choi Woo Seok (Cheon Ho Jin) - Father figure
    • Good Doctor: Park Choon Sung (Jung Ho Keun) - Father
    • Yong Pal: Tae Hyun’s father (Choi Joon Yong) - Father
    • 7th Grade Civil Servant: Han Joo Man (Dok Ko Yeong Jae) - Father
    • 7th Grade Civil Servant: Kim Won Seok (Ahn Nae Sang) - Father figure
    • Nae Il’s Cantabile: Cha Dong Woo (Jung Bo Suk) - Father
    • My Sassy Girl: Gyun Pil Young (Jo Hee Bong) - Father
    • Bridal Mask: Lee Sun (Lee Il Jae) - Father
    • Someone else (Please mention in your comments)
  2. 2. Who is the strictest father (figure) of Joo Won's character? (choose as many as you want)

    • Alice: Yoon Min Hyuk (Kwak Si Yang) - Father
    • Alice: Det. Go Hyeon Seok (Kim Sang Ho) - Father figure
    • Good Doctor: Dr. Choi Woo Seok (Cheon Ho Jin) - Father figure
    • Good Doctor: Park Choon Sung (Jung Ho Keun) - Father
    • Yong Pal: Tae Hyun’s father (Choi Joon Yong) - Father
    • 7th Grade Civil Servant: Han Joo Man (Dok Ko Yeong Jae) - Father
    • 7th Grade Civil Servant: Kim Won Seok (Ahn Nae Sang) - Father figure
    • Nae Il’s Cantabile: Cha Dong Woo (Jung Bo Suk) - Father
    • My Sassy Girl: Gyun Pil Young (Jo Hee Bong) - Father
    • Bridal Mask: Lee Sun (Lee Il Jae) - Father
    • Someone else (Please mention in your comments)
  3. 3. In which drama do you wish that Joo Won’s character should be closer to his dad? (choose as many as you want)

    • Alice
    • My Sassy Girl
    • Yong Pal
    • Naeil’s Cantabile
    • Good Doctor
    • 7th Grade Civil Servant
    • Bridal Mask
    • Ojakgyo Family
    • King of Baking, Kim Takgu

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moonandhearts said: omona. I missed this thread soooo much. and I missed you guys sooooo much. and I am missing Cutie already sooooo much! I have a lot to backtrack! waaaaah! I haven't watched the last 2 episodes of 1n2d with Cutie but reading the recaps already made me cry! :((

I am currently typing my fan account, I am sorry @simplydramafied1082 and @mrdimples, I don't think I can make a 5,000 word essay. I think I can do 5,000,000 words! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! There's just tooo much to write! I wish I could just meet you all and spazz with you! I am sooooo waiting for the day I get to meet @coolreborn and spazz! I haven't gotten to spazz about it full blown!!!! aaaaaahhhhhh!!! 

*okay back to making the fan account* 

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

After Korean Drama Awards, I read somewhere that 80% of the netizens' comments was on how Kim Soo Hyun deserved the award, 10% were hurling insults on Yong Pal writer and Kim Tae Hee for winning and 5

I had wanted to write a piece on Joo Won's acting in Good Doctor but got waylaid by RL and 1001 things. Today, ignoring the mountain stack of work and all important things, I sat down to my task.

I wrote this sentence "Forget the swagger of a cool dude because our hero shuffles his feet and scampers instead." And then I saw this still of Joo Won in his upcoming movie "Catch Me" where he plays a criminal profiler. He shot this while he was filming Good Doctor. Seriously, are we talking about the same guy?


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mrdimples said: I had wanted to write a piece on Joo Won's acting in Good Doctor but got waylaid by RL and 1001 things. Today, ignoring the mountain stack of work and all important things, I sat down to my task.

I wrote this sentence "Forget the swagger of a cool dude because our hero shuffles his feet and scampers instead." And then I saw this still of Joo Won in his upcoming movie "Catch Me" where he plays a criminal profiler. He shot this while he was filming Good Doctor. Seriously, are we talking about the same guy?

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A Fan Account of Meeting Joo Won in Ghost the Musical Practice Event

They say if you want something, the whole world conspires for you to get it. All you have to do is BELIEVE.


When you BELIEVE - The Backstory

My friends and I booked a trip to Korea last year. We just started applying for VISA requirements and planning our itinerary last September. Aside from touring Seoul (and nearby cities/provinces), I really wanted to meet or even just see Joo Won in person. That is why I was asking them to squeeze in a tour at D Cube Center (thinking Joo Won and the Ghost Musical cast were practicing there already).

 One day while hanging out at soompi thread about 2 weeks before our trip, I noticed a post about an event being conducted by Ghost - The Musical, around the same time for our trip. @mei already gave a rough translation and I bugged her to give me a detailed one. Here’s the poster of the contest: 813554836.jpg?w=560

 It said that a special event is being conducted for 10 lucky fans that would get to watch the cast practice for Ghost The Musical. All one has to do was to answer the question, “The thing that I want to know about Ghost - The Musical is _______________”. The deadline for submission of entries was on October 17 and the winners would be announced on October 18. The winners would get to watch the rehearsal of the cast on October 23, 5pm. @mei advised me to check out their page for details, as we weren’t really sure if it is open to just Koreans or anybody who can come on Korea on that date. I checked and there were only Koreans commenting on the said post. I really wanted to join as I might get the chance to meet Joo Won and have that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of seeing him practice. Plus, it fits right on our tour schedule! So, while thinking of questions to ask and debating whether to post, real life got the best of me. I managed to remember that I have to join and try my luck less than a week before our trip and a day before the contest ended. I have low hopes of winning as I NEVER win in any of contests similar to this one. Really, NEVER - especially those random selection type or have the most likes. So anyway, I thought of this and posted it there: 


I was really hesitant to fangirl using my real account, but I thought, hey if it means seeing Joo Won in person then why not right? So I sent my answer and hoped that they’ll pick me. I even asked my close friends (just my closest ones, as I was really shy to ask people to support my fangirling) to like my post just so the facebook page administrator would notice it. I had the most likes (haha. Just 16! :P) out of all the posts. I was really claiming the win already - believing that I would meet Joo Won up close. Then real life took over and on October 18, the list of winners was released. I managed to see it the afternoon of that long, tiring work day and I was really ecstatic that I won! Then I panicked as I cannot understand what was stated, whether I need to call them or message within a specified number of hours or minutes. So I again asked @mei to help me out (REALLY @mei, thank you soooooo much! For that you’ll get to meet Joo Won soon! Believe!). I used google translate while waiting (but we know of google’s moaty tendencies, so I was unsure of it). Then I messaged my details and waited for any replies for the details.

While waiting, I immediately thought of doing a mini project, just so we could give something to Cutie in behalf of Joo Won Cutie International Fans. I was contacting @coolreborn for help and ideas and posted on the thread. I thought of, hey since Halloween is near, and since the musical is entitled GHOST, why not do a Halloween/costume-type themed gift project? And so the GHOST [mini] Project was born. Here is the finished product:

For individual pictures, check out this album

Now do you know why I kept on telling @coolreborn and the rest of you guys here that the GREEN CAP must definitely be Joo Won’s? :P ahahahahaha! I can’t believe we managed to give a moaty gift to Joo Won! if there's only an XL or XXL available or XXXL then I would've bought that one! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I know it was super short-noticed but I thank you guys for participating!!! ^^ And I am sorry I can’t buy any better ones as I was really short on time and money in making a better one. I hoped you guys liked what we gave!

And so the grueling wait for the reply ensued. October 18 - no replies. October 19 - no replies. October 20 - still no replies. I was really worried as maybe they cannot contact me (as I am living outside of Korea), or maybe they already did and I missed it. If that happened then I would truly be devastated! So a day before our trip, I received the message from Ghost - The Musical Facebook page administrator with the details as follows:


Congraturation!! You won the event. You invited to the rehearsal room of the musical GHOST

When :October 23th 5:00 pm 2 ticket will provide for 1 winner of this event. (Which means you can bring your plus one) -Location :arion rehearsal room in jongro-5ga (Go straigh up to 200m from Jongro-5ga subway station exit NO.2 and turn left at the intersection. You will see the rehearsal room in Daeho Parking lot.) -address :136-5 Daeho building, yeonji-dong,jongro-gu,seoul,korea

Please come to arion rehearsal room by 4:50 pm , Oct 23th wed.


Two tickets! I immediately messaged @coolreborn if she wanted to come. I think I even posted on the thread if anyone would like to come and watch with me. As eonni @coolreborn won’t be able to make it and no one else replied, I asked my friend who is going on the trip with me to accompany me and she was hesitant. And I was like, “DEAR. YOU ARE WASTING THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY GOING TO REGRET IT IN THE FUTURE WHEN YOU SEE ALL HIS WORKS! A LOT WOULD KILL FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY” My friend has only watched a few kdramas and is currently fangirling over someone who is in the army right now. She has not watched any of Joo Won’s projects, as she prefers romcoms and trendy dramas. I wanted to bring someone who fangirls over Cutie like me as it is such a rare opportunity and only a true fan would appreciate. @jwthfc would be at Japan at that time and so she won’t be able to come with me as well. I messaged several other people and waited for their replies. My mom didn’t want me to go by myself without anyone I know, and luckily, my eonni who lives in Korea at the moment finally replied to me the morning of THE day and accompanied me. Eonni is a fan of Kdramas and have watched Joo Won in Good Doctor recently and admired his great acting.

BELIEVE it or not - Searching for Cutie

Believe it or not, I almost missed this opportunity.

So I met up with my eonni (who is living in Korea atm) and began our search for Arion Rehearsal Room October 23 3:45pm. I just came from touring the Myeongdong and decided to forego one of the tourist spots (Bukchon Hanok) so I could see Joo Won (and thank goodness I did forego it!) I haven’t even changed clothes or put on makeup or even fix my hair and it’s already 4pm. We reached the subway stop at around 4:30pm KST and were frantically searching the place as we might not get to watch it or they might give out our spot to someone else. Thank goodness eonni can speak Korean fluently and asked for directions. 4:50pm, still no sight of Arion Rehearsal Room. We asked around, nobody knows the place. At 4:55pm, an ahjussi told us that it is on the other side of the road. We were running really hard and it was so hard because my bags are really heavy - I was carrying the fangifts, my change of clothes and my cameras. I was already crying as I might miss this golden opportunity. I just believed with all my might that I will see him and ta-da! Saw the Ghost Musical Poster and ran like hell to the building. The staff escorted us inside at once and we were seated at the left side near the entrance, on the front row. The audience area is an L section, with the farthest right for the band, the middle for the press and the corner and sides for the winners from facebook, twitter and another site I think. As we sat down, the cast started to come in on the door on the upper left side. WAAAAH! We made it just in time! Just in time! I haven’t readied myself and my cameras as I was still catching my breath. I was still shaking badly both from exhaustion and the cold, and from finally reaching that moment of seeing Joo Won up close. So I am really sorry if I do not have a full video of the event and really awesome pictures. All I got is clips of Joo Won and blurry pics with a few okay ones. T_T But you already saw better and HD pics, so I’ll just give you guys my fan account and other pics from a different angle. I am really sorry that I did not get to buy zoom lens or better camera. All of this was still like a dream to me. I really did not expect it but I definitely believed that I would be able to experience it.

To see is to BELIEVE - THE Day

Seeing is believing and believing is seeing. But with Joo Won, I tell you, what you see and what you believe, they’re one and the same. ^^ Now what I am talking about, it’s for you to find out. *winks*

The cast started to come in one by one as they were being introduced by one of the staff. I don’t know all of them save for Ivy and Joo Won. Then Cutie in red plaid longsleeves collared top with a skull at the back, white top inside, tight (but stretchable) black Guess pants and the cutest sneakers (with a D.A.T.E. written on the soles), came in doing a Park Si On- walk. And I was already fangirling (okay fine. controlled fangirling) deep inside. We were already getting stares being the only non-Korean fans, and I am worried I would be sent out if I fangirl excessively. I don’t think many got what he was doing right away but I knew from the second he walked out the door that he was doing a Park Si On and perhaps lightening the mood or something. I didn’t see the one where he bumped his head and I think this was before we had arrived. What I did see though was a different bump *if you know what I mean*. More on that later.


So then everybody started laughing and smiling and finding Joo Won being cute and adorkable! I was busy clicking away and didn’t realize that they are all blurry because I am still shaking so bad! I don’t really understand (and I can’t even process) what they were saying, obviously because they were in Korean, but thank goodness the director (who is also a foreigner) speaks English! And so he told us how they will be showing some of the scenes in the musical, but that we will be watching them raw (like without the effects, which they would only be practicing in the D Cube Art Theater the following week). Every scene he was also explaining what we will see or which part of the movie is this and so on. I’ll be apologizing now as I can’t remember the sequence and I am guessing you’ve already watched the entire practice clip. What I will give you though are the behind the scenes!

When the director said that they’ll be starting, the cast dispersed to the sides. Remember how I told you guys we were near the Entrance on the left side? OMONA. Joo Won went to our side!!!! I was like 3 chairs away from him. I wanted to just ogle at him and forget watching the other cast, take lots of pictures of him but then it will be sooooo weird as I will be looking at the back. Plus it might make Joo Won uncomfortable and I don’t want that. I might be scolded by the staff and the fans there might get mad at me. So I just did some sneaky shots and staring despite me wanting so desperately to just stare at him.

                Here are the pictures (I am posting the watermarked ones and the ones that are taken better than the rest. but message me if you want the un-watermarked ones okay?):





one of my faves: DSC_01562.jpg








soooo cute:



let me bite you instead: 








He performed twice - one with the actor playing Carl (the elevator scene where they were doing pranks on the people that rode with them, plus the office scene where he discovered something wrong with the calculations) and one with Molly (the dinner scene - I think where Molly was asking why Sam has not said “I love you” to her and where she proposed or said to Sam that she wants to get married to him). I’m not going into the details of his performance as you have already seen the videos. After the performance, a short Q and A happened which I have no idea what was talked about.  I think parts of Cutie’s answers were cut and not shown on the videos released by the press. My friend said he talked of “cheesy stuff”. I think I managed to get a video albeit blurry. Hopefully you guys could hear what was being talked about and translate it for us!


After the mini presscon, group pictures with the cast and the Event winners took place. More on this later. Then we were immediately escorted out, ending the event. I gave the gift to Manager-nim as Cutie is already on the opposite side of the practice room. And I asked him to please give it to Cutie. We tried to get signatures too but to no avail. Then we went outside, and I fixed my stuff. And then something happened. More on this later.

BELIEVE Me - BTS and other details

How was Joo Won during practice? I guess you’ve already seen it. He was so awesome. His voice is modulated well. Although I agree he has not given his all yet. And for that I am super excited to see the musical! I am not good with words but I’ll try my very best to allow you guys to feel what I felt, see what I saw, hear what I heard and smell what I smelt.

Actually I told eonni @coolreborn that I had trouble remembering every detail. I got starstrucked so badly! And everytime I am near a Kcelebrity (yes. Thrice already), I lose my presence of mind and ramble and stutter and spazz and tend to have amnesia thereafter! BUT, as promised here are the things that I noticed and managed to remember or those that really stand out:

1. He already has a Sam Wheat way of walking, talking, singing, posture, everything! It’s different from all the characters that he has portrayed. It’s different from his real-life persona as well. Sam Wheat is very manly, Cutie as Sam is very namja. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! How to describe??? His voice is just dreamy. It’s full. It’s manly. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


2. He moves SOOOOOO freaking much. SOOOOOOOO much. He just cannot sit still. He walks here and there. Sits one moment. Then stands up another moment. It’s hard to see him quietly sitting or standing. He’s just like a kid! Haha! He’s soooooooo cute! Haha. Omo. I am smitten much! I didn’t use flash and so I got blurry ones from all the moving he was doing.

3. The way he sits is too cute! He sits with the back of the chair in front. Puts one of his legs over the chair. Puts one of his legs up. Sits on the table. Leans on the props! Ahhhhhhh! I wanted to tell him that my lap is also available for sitting!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!


4. You wouldn’t believe how many times he touches his lips, bites his fingers, drinks water oh so freaking hot! AHHHHHH He was like having a photoshoot right in front of me (well technically, on my side, behind me). I am surprised I did not combust or die from the nose bleeding from his hotness and cuteness!

5. He really is sooooo touchy! He loves skinship soooo much that even his co-stars are at ease with it and uses it freely - Just with him though, if I’m not mistaken. Be it a girl, a boy - He hugs them, shakes their hands, do high-fives, puts his arms around them. Before they start their part, when they’ve finished performing the scenes. He is close with almost all the cast and crew. The ahjummas (playing Oda Mae Brown) adores him, I can tell.

6. Even if he is not the one performing the scene. He mouths the lyrics. Trying to practice as well. He stares intently and watches how his co-actors act the scene out. He laughs at the funny scenes and shouts and claps whenever they finish showing the part.


7. The way he changes from his character to his real self is so freaking awesome. He has like a switch. Changing and internalizing his role when he goes out the stage in an instant. Soooo awesome.

8. Surprisingly, the security is sooooo lax. Nobody was telling us not to shoot anybody. Or not to take videos. They are I think even encouraging us? It’s a way to promote the Musical as well I think? I am soooo bummed I did not bring a tripod, did not use a flash, did not buy zoom lens. Anyway, I am just so thankful that he is quite near me so I got some pretty good ones. His manager is also too kind. Giving out water to not only Cutie but other stars as well after they perform. I’m glad Cutie’s got nice people around him.

9. He does not have an air of a top star or a big star. He has just this small number of persons accompanying him. His manager, 2 noonas and I think a driver? Really just a handful. No bodyguards, tight security. You feel soooo at ease and comfortable around him. He’s just like a friend. So down-to-earth. So accommodating. More on this later.

10. OMO. Cutie not only has fangirls. He has fanboys too! Met one after the rehearsal event and he’s got like signed posters and OSTs from Gaksital days! Sooooo jealous! T.T

11. okay for the looks. You know how for some people, what you see in the pictures is different from the one in real life. Joo Won is just the same, even cuter and hotter. I think I have not internalized the moaty masters enough to remember each and every detail of Cutie’s face, body, butt, hands, everything! Or perhaps because I’ve seen Cutie’s pictures every single hour of every day, it’s as if I’ve seen everything already! I didn’t notice but my eonni said he wears no makeup. Or perhaps very little. I swear. He is just gorgeous enough as it is! @farbarri I hope I did not let you down with these descriptions:

a. EYES - Those beautiful expressive eyes! Gaaaaah! You’ll melt when he looks right at you. I swear. I was a puddle of goo after he looked at me. AAAAHHHH I need to study Korean to converse with him properly next time! Oh and the way he looks at Ivy as Molly during the rehearsals was full of emotions! As I said earlier, he was wearing almost no to little make up, so his eyebags can be seen. But I feel he has rested well enough now than when we saw his pics from before with really tired looking eyes and prominent eyebags. Oh and when he smiles, oh those eyes turn into this small slit! Eeeeeee!! Soooo cute!

b. NOSE - sharp nose! Really very pretty! Makes you want to trace it with your fingers down to his sexy lips…

c. LIPS - gaaaah! So Kissable! At the risk of getting deported and permanently banned from Korea, and being assassinated by fangirls everywhere, I opted to just look at those lips! (sorry @silhouettes90 didn’t get to send your kiss!). Gosh! Those lips! They are wanting to be kissed for crying out loud! Hahahaha! It’s naturally pouty! Kyaaaah!

d. CHEEKS - oh my gosh! I just wanna pinch those cheeks! It’s sooooooo cute! I swears! It’s so round! Gaaaah! It’s so full!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! He’s got like a high cheekbone with full cheeks!

e. SMILE - I’m just spazzing right now! Hahahahah! Too die for smile! ^^ It’s so natural! All your troubles and tiredness will fade away with just one of his killer smile!

f. DIMPLES - really deep! @mrdimples your account name really describes our Cutie well! When you see those dimples, it makes you want to push with your fingers just to see how deep it is! Hahahahaha! It goes just right below his full cheeks. And I agree @farbarri, the right dimple is indeed bigger than the left!

g. FACE - he has a smaller face as compared with other Korean stars with him. His face size is like that of the ladies. And have you guys noticed the two moles on the right side of his face? Find it! ^^ It’s a new find for me. :D

h. BACK - really broad and sexy! And firm. Yes I got to touch the back. Not the Bubble Butt though. Too shy. Sorry @coolreborn. Not yet a moaty master! But dang. Sexy sexy back!

i. HANDS - sooo big! And warm! I got to touch his hands too! More on this later!

j. THIGHS - I love the pants he was wearing. Tight but stretchable enough to allow for some movements and for everything else! I think @mrdimples has already mentioned before how our Cutie’s got pretty good manly legs and thighs. Not the chicken-like ones of other stars.  

k. FEET - big shoes. ^^ and those that he was wearing were cute ones! Cutie we here are willing to date you anytime, anywhere! :D

l. HEIGHT - really tall! See he even bumped his head from the press pictures and videos! I was like on the level just below his raisins. Kekeke!

m. BB - do I need to describe this anymore? Okay please see letter D. :P

n. MR. MIDDLE - I think I did not see Mr. Right and Mr. Left. Just Mr. Middle. @mrdimples, @coolreborn and all the residents of the Moat, I am happy to report that we are not imagining things. ^^ As I told you, for Joo Won, you don’t need to see to believe. BELIEVE me! ^^

o. SMELL - ahhh everyone’s favorite. So how does he smell?



                I feel like what @mrdimples has posted before accurately summarizes Cutie’s profile. I think I have more to say but I cannot remember every detail. Just feel free to ask because I might remember it with urging and questions. I hope I made you guys happy and proud! ^^ As for Joo Won coughing on rehearsal day as my friend posted, it’s not much of a coughing like sick coughing but more like the usual cough that our Cutie does in like clearing his throat or something. So don’t be worried! ^^


Believe in Yourself - My Ninja Moves

1. If there are events like fanmeets, contests and the likes, DO NOT HESITATE. JOIN. BELIEVE and you might win! Any opportunity to meet Cutie is soooo worth it!

2. Prepare. Drop everything and just reserve the day for Cutie. This was my fault, I thought I could squeeze in a tour but ended up dropping it and rushing for Cutie, literally. Good thing I made it JUST in time. Oh and learn Korean! I should’ve furthered studying Korean! Hahaha! I think I should’ve recorded the entire thing on a voice recorder so I could listen to it and understand what he replied. So guys, be ready for your turn!

3. You’ll be needing ninja moves to take shots. As much as I was shy to take pictures and look back, I ended up doing so just to give out something to you guys! I also took shots of the musical and video just so it won’t seem that I came just for Cutie! Well. I really did. But their performance was really good that it makes you that much more excited to watch the musical! Oh, bring all sorts of cameras - one to take videos, one for pictures. But, if you want, you can just enjoy the moment and savor the experience. I did all. Took a few shots, took some vids, just watched him and the rehearsal. And fangirl-ed away.

4. Always have a cellphone with front cam ready and practice taking selca or selfie as they call them nowadays. I am so fond of taking selca and so I am pretty confident with my selca-taking skill. How I did it you might ask? So here’s what happened:

During the last part of the Event where we could have a group picture with the cast, I was sooooo confused whether to join or not as I cannot understand what they were saying. I was asking my friend but she did not hear. So I asked the one in charge and said that there’ll be a turn for each social media where they held a contest. First from some website, and Joo Won fangirls were squealing and running to stay beside Cutie! My friend asked me not to do that and I just smiled but deep inside was thinking, “haha! Watch me run! I am staying beside Cutie!!!” And while waiting, I went to Cutie’s manager and told him that we have a gift from Joo Won Cutie International Fans and if I could give it to Joo Won. He said that we’ll have time later. So I waited for my turn. And when the Facebook Event winners stood up, I left my bags and walked really fast to stay beside Cutie! I introduced myself as a Filipino fan and that he was really good and awesome! I shook his hands and I stayed beside him and wanted so badly to hug him but restrained myself. I just held on to his arms and had the picture taken. After the picture was taken, I immediately asked Cutie for a picture together, raised up my phone (I already have my phone ready for shooting) and Cutie obliged and went down to match my height (I am only 148cm).  He smiled and I took the shot. I didn’t even care if I was so haggard-looking (from all the running. Really didn’t get a chance to do a touch-up or comb my hair. I just smiled away!). I was just so happy to be near him, to watch him practice, to touch him, to talk to him, to have a picture with him and to have a selca with him.

Then, I was told that we cannot take a picture (too late. Already did.) And the organizer escorted us out. But before going out, I went to get our fangift and gave it directly to manager-nim. I told him that it was from Joo Won Cutie International Fans and that I am hoping Joo Won would get to see it. I should’ve made something smaller so I could give it directly to Joo Won. But since there were only few fangifts (like less than 8) and ours was the most colourful one, I am really hoping he got the chance to see it and appreciate our efforts! :D

5. Write your name with a pentel pen on your palm. Ready your pentel pens and items to be signed. JUST IN CASE.

So anyway, my eonni’s friend is a Joo Won addict as well (who went to Korea just a few weeks back to stalk Cutie but to no avail), and eonni wanted to ask Joo Won for a signature for her. We tried our luck but the organizer said we can’t. So we did not bother to push it anymore since being there is more than enough for me. I even had a selca already! So we stayed for a while at one of the stairs in the building as I was fixing my stuff and retouching. I was also trying to contact my friends so I could meet them and continue with our tour. Then, the casts were suddenly going out one by one and my eonni and I thought, “hey! Practice is over! We might get to see Joo Won go out and actually have a chance to talk to him and have his signature.” We saw two other fans waiting, a shy Korean girl and a Korean fanboy! He told us that there’s only one exit in the place and that Joo Won will most definitely pass through there and we could have our items signed. He also showed us his signed collections and told us that there’ll be an event in Apgujeong later with Joo Won I think? But, I didn’t want to seem sasaeng-ish plus I have to meet my friends so we didn’t bother to go there anymore.

                Lo and behold. Joo Won did come out. Wearing only the white undershirt (SO FREAKING HOT! HOW CAN HE MANAGE TO BE HOT WITH JUST A PLAIN WHITE SHIRT???).  oh and of course those tight pants. :P We said he was really good and we’re excited to watch the musical. And I think he thanked us. My friend talked in Korean and asked for his signature. Cutie was just smiling while walking, slowed for awhile perhaps thinking whether he should go on straight or stay to sign, then walked on ahead when Manager-nim said we cannot. Manager-nim’s no is not too convincing or strict like some other star’s bodyguard or manager. But because they’re so polite and good-natured, you wouldn’t want to pester them anymore. Oh and we were that close and nobody’s shoving us as well.

Cutie stopped just a few feet ahead of us and we didn’t want to bother him and follow him so we just stayed on our place. But you can see how Cutie really wants to stop and sign. We weren’t really expecting it but he came back after looking at manager-nim (and doing some sort of telepathy)! HE CAME BACK!!! HE SIGNED my GOOD DOCTOR OST, my friend’s THE STAR, the other girl’s paper and the fanboy’s Good Doctor Poster. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! He’s such a sweet person! I didn’t really expect it, but he came back! Omona! My friend had hers signed first and Cutie was having trouble with the pen, luckily the fanboy has one and he had it changed. Since the paper is too thin, Cutie’s having trouble signing it. I seized the moment, whipped out my Good Doctor OST, placed it under the paper, supporting it and all the while touching Cutie’s hands! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay don’t kill me please??? I then had my OST signed, while showing him my name that I wrote on my palm so he could copy it easily. I wanted to have another one signed for Joo Won Cutie International Fans but he’s on a hurry. Remember how there’s still an event he has to go to? (which I didn’t think I saw in the news?)

Oh and we weren’t allowed to take his picture too by the way, so sorry, no Cutie in white goodies for you guys. T_T

I also told him how my International Friends (Cuties! From all around the world!) are flying to Korea to watch him perform! ^^ He said something, but I cannot recall and didn’t understand. T_T So we said thank you soooo much! I know I have had more than enough already - 1 plus hour watching Cutie practice and perform and mingle with his co-stars; see him up close; got to took lots of videos and pictures (even though they were blurry); had a group picture taken with him; got the chance to talk to him and shook his hands; had a selca even; plus the signed OST. But what I wanted the most was a hug. I opened up my arms for a hug, but manager-nim said no. So what Joo Won did before he went ahead, grabbed my left shoulder with his big namja hands and squeezed it lightly and said something like “I’m sorry I have to go now” (idk. Something to that effect).  And I just died.

I’ll get to hug you next time Cutie! <3 BELIEVE! <3



So Cuties! I hope you enjoy reading my spazzing and fangirling! Please don’t kill me! Oh and BELIEVE that you’ll meet Joo Won someday. And experience being with him! Who knows, someone here might win a "Date Cutie for a Day" or some other events! ^^ 

5,668 words @mrdimples. I'm done with my homework! whew. okay now I can get back to real life. ^^

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@moonandhearts OMG...i was randomly refreshing the page and I saw your fan account!!! Arghhhh...Excited excited!!

You look like you had a rather close view too! Lucky girl!!

Will be back once I finish reading~! Thank you in advanced for your lovely essay and pictures!! =)

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@moonandheart chingu... u actually survived to tell your story about meeting uri Aegyo Prince :D

I should mark your post and read it tonight in the comfort of my bed... if i read it now i worry i will start giggling non-stop... my boss and colleagues will think i hav lost my marbles :))

GOOD JOB... :x Thank Q dear friend...

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Omona @moonandhearts, I can imagine you going breathless with your fan account :) I am sooooo happy for you. I can totally empathise with you on the squeaky knees, hands,head, etc. On seeing Joo Won and congratulate you on your ninja moves (I know I can't do it !!!!)... Thank you so much for your day.... Off to reading it again :)

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Guest pinkynis

@moonandhearts DAEBAK!!! I am currently at work squealing and spazzing! OMG you are so blessed hhehe I love what you did. At least you werent being sasaeng-ish....
Cutie is such a darling!! I have no regrets losing sanity over him :\">

Awesome post!!  ^:)^

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@moonandhearts Thank you thank you thank you!1

Reading your fan account is making me giddy!! It feels extra good to know the person you admire turns out to be a person you imagined to be!! ^^ The detail is amazing!! Thank you x10000000000000000000000000000000000000

I'm completely sold..not that i wasn't sold before...I'll be imagining that day where I will have my encounter with JooWon..superslim chance all the way down under here... =S

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thank you you guys! @sweetdreams_87, @ellasam81, @ctfrsgp, @simplydramafied1082, @pinkynis! I was truly blessed for getting that once-in-a-lifetime chance! aaaahhh! I hope you guys enjoy the goodies! Thanks to the Ghost Musical Production for giving me that chance and to @mei for translating what was written on the poster and giving me the facebook link! :D 
Some photos are still being uploaded. I wanted to post all the pics here but they're just too many. take your pick and post it here in the thread for the other pictures that I did not get to post. There might be gems there that I missed out. there are almost 200 pictures I think? 

@pinkynis: I was worried I would seem like sasaeng-ish. I hope I didn't seem that way! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! 

Just ask me for more questions regarding the event. I'll try to recall some more and answer your queries! :) For now, gotta get back to RL! booo! but before that, anybody got links to the last 2 episodes of 1n2d with Joo Won?? thanks in advance!

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