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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

After Korean Drama Awards, I read somewhere that 80% of the netizens' comments was on how Kim Soo Hyun deserved the award, 10% were hurling insults on Yong Pal writer and Kim Tae Hee for winning and 5

Guest mydeed

credit: jb dcinside.com

Aishhhhhh my darlings.. these two awesome guys need to be in a new project together ASAP!

Park Woong-ki.. LOL. Cute name there Park Ki-Woong!

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Good Doctor Episode 20 recap


This drama has been such an exhilarating ride for the past 19 episode so why should we expect any different for the finale? Good Doctor is definitely not your run-of-the-mill medical drama. Although the writer did say he wanted to present a human drama instead of a medical one, I think Good Doctor not only achieved that, it did much more.

Many of us will attest to the fact that each week we sit at the edge of our seats, one moment splitting our sides with laughter, the next crying buckets of tears and often with our hearts in our mouths. It was full of fun, heartfelt emotions and suspense. There was never a dull moment save for the politics.

Now let’s fasten our seatbelts and hang on to our seats for one last time.

Continue reading here


What an awesome end to a great drama. Good Doctor is truly a show with a lot of heart and has its heart in the right place. The ending is also a fitting finish to a story which central message is to uphold hope.

I must admit however that I was almost tricked by the writer when SO dreamt of In Hae again in the garden. My nerves almost broke down when the dead patient Min Hee appeared too. Thankfully, they parted and In Hae came back from the brink of death. Not only was In Hae a lovable character who influenced many around her, her story has an important lesson on hope. I think that In Hae made her miraculous recovery because of her strong desire to live. She was strengthened by the love received from her sister and all the doctors and nurses at the hospital. In short, she had people she loves and things to live for. Another thing we can take away is that there are times when even the best doctor cannot do anything more for the patient. In such instances, there is nothing the patient’s family and even the doctors can do but hope. And as DH learned, there is nothing wrong for a doctor to hope for the best even if medical science says it is impossible.

I am glad there were no theatrics on Dad’s demise or reconciliation with Mom. Dad remained somewhat the same, terrible person in his final days although there was just a tiny glimpse to his humanity. We never knew if Dad had given SO a chance to like him and I am happy to leave it as that. At least SO reconciled with Mom and for what’s worth, she deserves to be happy too.

This drama also shows that men are not outright, incorrigible monsters even if their actions are wanting. There are many examples in this show like Dr Go(Dr Lizzie) and KHT. All they need is someone to win them over with goodness and kindness. Then they can see that light is more attractive than darkness.

Although DH’s guilt over his brother’s death was never revisited, I think he has forgiven himself and moved on. There is another message there. In the first OST of the drama – Miracle by Lee Young Hyun, the refrain goes “Always love, love yourself” I believe that in order to love, one must love himself/herself. When DH slowly lets go of his guilt and grief, he starts to express his love and concern for others, including his fiancé.

DH’s offer to be hyung to SO was one of the sweetest moments ever. When SO came to SeongWon University, he had no one who cared for him except Director Choi. Now, not only does he have YS by his side, he has DH. There is something about brotherhood which cannot be substituted by a woman. Moreover, SO’s own hyung had been so instrumental in his life. Although SO is far more capable now to stand on his two own feet without living in the past, it is still comforting to know that there is a brotherly figure that he can look up to. It is the same for DH, SO is like the dongsaeng he can his brotherly love for. I am glad these two men have each other.

SO also realizes that the greatest obstacle to his relationship with YS is himself. No one can determine or decide on his qualification to love except him. Once, he accepted that, he was able to do things which he did not before.

SO’s influence on the lives of everyone around him was tremendous. He showed the doctors what it means to be a good doctor. The show could have made much about the wondrous savant ability that SO possesses but it did not. In this aspect, the writing has been very realistic. I had expected SO to head surgeries and perform many miracles. He did lead one but under special circumstances. And though his savant abilities had helped his team in many instances, he did not overshadow any one. Even in the closing scene, SO is looking on as he observes DH and YS performing a surgery. I give kudos to the writer for resisting the temptation to write more exciting cases to showcase SO’s brilliance. Instead he focused on the ability of SO to assimilate himself with the team and staff of the hospital and show them that love and care can be medicines to heal the patient.

In the beginning, not only were the bad doctors bad, the good ones like DH and YS were also jaded and succumbing to the inflexibilities of the system and bureaucracy. At times, they lost focus on what it meant to be a doctor. They are competent, effective and efficient but lack the human touch when it comes to treating their patients. This is true of any profession. Often we start our careers on purer and nobler ambitions. Over time, we get worn out by the rigidities of bureaucracies and madness of politics, so much that we lose focus of our dreams. It takes a person like SO whose childlike and pure heartedness give fresh perspectives and forces the people around him to re-assess how they think and do things.

SO contributed as much to the growth of people around him as they helped in his. SO changed DH from an efficient but cold and hard doctor to one who laughs easily, engages his young patients and is truly a leader worth emulating. I started to like CK after watching SO’s conversations with her. She was like another person when she was with SO. SO was also the catalyst of change for Dr Lizzie. From an annoying, unethical and incompetent character, he became the funniest and even lovable character. His case goes to show that believing in someone can restore the person and make him want to prove that your faith is not unfounded.

For a good part of the show, I could not understand how DH and CK can be a couple. Slowly, as the couple got back on their feet, I started to see the part of their story which was not shown. It may not be apparent to viewers but I think it could be a deliberate choice by the writer not to explain how the relationship faltered. From the synopsis we were also led to believe that there might be a love triangle involving SO, YS and DH. However, YS and DH remained good friends and colleagues even though YS had a crush on DH and he knows it. Thankfully there was no messy love triangle as the drama had hardly any time to touch on romance.

SO and YS’s romance is one of the best I have seen for a long time. Beforehand I had worried about how the writer, best known for God Quiz trilogy, would handle this aspect as he is not known for writing romantic stories. I am surprise that he delivered more than I had expected. Some viewers felt that the romance was too fast and some felt it was too slow. I think the pacing was just right. SO and YS had a booming noona-dongsaeng relationship from the start and on its own, they were a delight to watch. When SO started to fall for YS, it was adorable and cute to see SO’s change in reactions to YS. There were heartbreaking moments when YS did not reciprocate SO’s love but it was a realistic depiction. I had no problem buying into the fact that YS changed her mind within a short time. There is no fixed rule in love which dictates that one can develop romantic feelings for a friend only after a certain period of time.

I do not understand why viewers and even bloggers prefer SO and YS to stay as noona-dongsaeng or prefer YS to be paired with DH. I searched for answer but no one really gave one. I guess that it is because they cannot wrap their heads round the fact that a normal person like YS will fall in love with SO who is autistic. As the writer has aptly portrayed in this story, love is the last and most difficult hurdle for SO to overcome. The writer has put in much effort to write as accurately as possible the character Park Si On, I do not think he will throw in romance if it is true that autistic people cannot fall in love or have the need for romantic love.

Many people also called for an open ending which is to say that either YS and SO go back to being friends because a relationship between a normal person and an autistic person has no place in reality. Some thinks it’s better for SO to leave and use the time to grow into a better or more normal person before any romance can be contemplated. These are just hogwash to me. SO is as perfect a man as any woman can find. Unless, you think his autism taints it all. I was apprehensive that the writer might take one of these routes and forever diminish my assessment of him and the drama. It will be an entirely wrong message to send. That an autistic person who is capable of everything is not capable of love and to be loved. Thankfully, he did not. Instead, he made SO and YS’s struggles in romance and acceptance very realistic. Finally, what stand before SO and YS’s survival as a couple were themselves. This is true of all romances and in SO and YS’s. Once, they overcame their own fears and doubts, they learned how to get along and love each other like any couple would.

When this drama started, I remember there was a furor over part of the synopsis which says SO will be ‘cured’ of his autism by the end of the series. People even abandon the show because of this as it went against their views on the matter. However, it did not happen. Although SO changed and grew in some aspects, he still exhibits the same autistic traits at the end of the drama. Many of his earlier autistic tendencies were exacerbated due to very stressful conditions, misunderstandings and bullying. His paroxysm was due to his Dad. Once these were removed or overcome, SO behaved more normal although not to the extent of being "cured".

At the end of the drama, SO accepts that he will always be a little different from others. Although this may cause him to feel hurt, he can use it to heal others and in turn become a better doctor and a better person. Rather than live in a different world on his own, SO is willing to face prejudice and rejection from some as long as there are others who accept and love him.

This is the central message the writer wants to convey through this drama - we should learn to understand and accept people with disability or people who are different, as a fellow human beings with feelings, emotions and dreams. The fact that they cannot express them does not mean they are void of those. Through society’s help and rehabilitation, these people can lead also quality lives and contribute to the society. Love is the ultimate medicine which heals and strengthens. On all these counts, I will say the drama has achieved it and at the same time, entertained us with lots of heart, fun and exciting moments. It is a feat worth applauding.

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Guest Mishiellie

Good Doctor ended~~~~ I was guilty of fast forwarding to the end just to watch my brotp park si on and park woong ki omg it was sooo cute I cried  >_<

Don't know if this was posted 
cr: bangsterwife tumblr

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Guest Mishiellie

I demand a BTS clip of park si on and park woong ki!!!!!!!!!!! I ship them so hard~~ i can't even >_< 
and wae park ki woong going to military soon

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Guest Mishiellie

@coolreborn  haha I just kinda stopped posting.. but I still lurk in here  and I am mostly active on my tumblr heehee
But I thought the name park woong ki was just adorable
man these two >_< 

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Joo Won oh Joo Won!!!
You are a really DAEBAK Actor!!!!
For me you're a perfect NAMJA!
You're hard working, and you really do your best in everything you do... Be it acting, doing reality show, singing, doing musical... OH MAN!!!
Your hands are so masculine.... Broad shoulders and warm eyes...
Sweet and calming voice...
Your hands... (again hands)... aahhhhh...
If I could ever touched your hands even for a second, I would die peacefully...
Your smile, your dimples...
I highly respect you, love and support you....
I really hope that you will stay the same wherever you are, even when you are on the highest place an actor could reach...
I love the way you eat..
I love all your aegyos...
I love the way you move your God given bu**ocks...
I love to see you smile...
I love how you treat your hyungs on 1N2D...
I love your voice so, so, so much...
I love the way you sing and how you put a lot of emotions in your songs...
I love you, and love you and love you so much!!!

*Girls... this aunty had terrible times lately and I am thankful for GOOD DOCTOR drama and I just want to express my love to Cutie... ;)

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I loved the Kang-to and Shunji bromance too.  And the few moments we got to see his bright smile.  I actually never could fully hate Shunji cause even to the end, I was hoping for them to kiss and make out up.  And I think one cannot hate someone with a smile like his.  :(
I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking about that moment for a long time...hoping to meet someone who understands so I can quit posting about it.

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Guest mei8805

There's two articles about our cutie today ^_^ :"Joowon ost for Good Doctor "love medicine" rank 11th & "If iwere" rank 18th on Bilboard 100 Hot Kpop Star

Joowon put down his "Rating Man" title for a while to take off his another dream as Musical actorhtm_20131001174906241_59_20131010080202.
In this news, it's said that our cutie has started to practice for his Musical "ghost" yesterday. He was practiced from 10.00 am & he has been practice for 9 hours & he's been training hard for his musical & do vocal training too.. 
So cuties, let's cheering up for our cutie ^_^Have a good day \(^.^)/

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