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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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Hey @crazyoverkdrama... Except from the place near your working place... where can I buy chestnuts' date=' dont' say in Greenhills, I can't go there right now. LOL. SM? Robinson's? Rustan? Landmark? hahahaha. Hunt for chestnuts.[/quote']

Hi girl... where are you right now? Last time i saw chestnuts was in Rustans, sometimes robinsons has them, but i think i saw them last at Cash and Carry in Makati.

I rarely see them during rainy seasons except when i go to Greenhills. I usually equate chestnuts to Christmas season. :)) Hope this helps. :)

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Joo Won's Balls Recipe.


1. Roasted/Boiled Chestnuts (locally known castanas in our place) -> if I will not able to buy one, I'll wait till Christmas season, hahahaha.
2. Nuts (almonds, walnuts), crushed
3. Sesame seeds (black, brown)
4. Choco powder (hey can I use Milo? mwahahaha, see I'm weird)
5. Dried red dates, sliced long and rolled (I think)
6. Honey (so the sesame/powder will stick to Joo Won's balls)

Oh, this going to be fun... rolling and making Joo Won's balls with my bare hands.  Cat%20Princess%20015.gif 

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moonandhearts said:

coolreborn wrote: »

moonandhearts wrote: »

mikhaella75 wrote: »

cr.kdramaconfessions tumblr.

And there better be a video of you doing that. *imagining cutie's reaction*

I wonder what will happen to @mikhaella75 after shouting that.

blown to bits? Shouting "gaksitaaaaaaaaal" alone ala lee kang to is enough to burst your veins. But shouting it in front of adorable and hot and smexy cutie, she might bleed out!

Funny how I keep imagining how we soompiers will be able to watch cutie in a fanmeet together and be all these crazy fangirls shouting random joo won related stuff and holding random moaty signs! Hahahahha!

LOL. Yeah, some will be holding Upos, waving green or gray pants, throwing raisins, holding elephant figurines, green sticks and pics of Cutie in his half-neked glory. LOL.

Uhhh. We might be denied entry. Hahahahaha! But I soooo would love to do that! ^^

coolreborn said:

Anyone here knows the ingredients of Joo Won's Balls Recipe in Happy Together?

.... I only know there's almonds, castañas (chestnuts - mashed), sesame seeds and other nuts (what's the one on top? Is that rolled dates?) on it. Planning to make one :D

My twin, I can so visualize you making this "Joo Won's Balls" snack.

Meanwhile, excuse me while I choke myself on the name you have bestowed on this dish

I'd love to try "Joo Won's Balls" too. ^_~

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This SSK hyung already has kissed my doctor Shi On’s girl. What the…??



credit: naver.com

I suppose this topic will be discussed in the coming Sunday’s episode, that’s why Naver is full of these pictures :-) Looks like SSK and MCW had a music video together.

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woooo  Home from work and all these pages of stuff to read.  I skimmed over and kept reading about "Joo Won's Balls".   He's so full of aegyo, I feel like a pervert now.  haha  @coolreborn you crack me up.  I am always happy to be inflicted with more Joo Won fever.

I'm gonna try those bananas too.

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