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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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said: I post a lot on Facebook about Joo Won but I think people are just gonna ignore me with, "There she goes again".

Well I feel a bit more normal when I'm looking through here.  Although it makes me grin like crazy.  hehe  I should eventually change my turtle to a picture more fitting...

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Guest lilyperry

cr:Angel JW Ignacio

:D:P =))



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mrdimples said:Joo Won's Portrayal of Autism Has Moved Even the Experts

Joo Won continued: “I was very worried but thankfully viewers gave me praise. I am in high spirits and from this, I gather strength. Especially when I received a message from the Head of the centre, saying: ‘You amazed me with how accurately you portrayed an autistic person, I am really thankful Next, I will be anticipating how you will portray falling in love and the emotions.’ When I received this helpful message, I was very moved.”

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

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Thanks @mrdimples for the translation. My question already has answer. I always wonder if Cutie ever met up people has autisim to see how they talk, how they walk how they react to the strangers..... or he played according to videos on internet or his acting skill. I'm so moved when he said he met them many times.  This is exactly "Humane" that Cutie always wants to be. Like @moonandhearts said that She used to be skeptical about the so- called perfect man, but for Cutie she chooses to believe it. I totally agree with her. Cutie's really perfect man.
Yesterday when I translated the interview that @manyearsago posed at page 1439 into Vietnamese. When I read the part Joo Won said : "Her appearance doesn’t worry me, I can see a hard working person is very beautiful, don’t you agree?  On the contrary, when I see a person who can’t do the basics and is not polite,  my feelings towards this person will cool down even she is my friend and the person I love.  Recently, I always see the young ones argue with the seniors, this is something I don’t understand……. because I think no matter how wrong the seniors are, it is wrong arguing with them"

“My father.  I learned from my father all about manner and personality.  He is a well-known filial son in our vicinity.  He is very nice to my grandparents.  His principle is family first so he places us as his first priority.  Perhaps I was brought up with his influence, I think my priority is my family first.  Even amongst my friends, obviously I am the type who cares about family.  I was like that when I was young and even now my father is still the person I respect the most.”

Reading that parts I love him more, He's not the type who
pursuits the fame, For him, family is his first priority, acting is his passion and he is living all his heart with that passion.
And we, fans, please keep loving and supporting him.

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@stearlyomg overload of cuteness going on in that video.  I don't think I can sleep anymore.  and @goldlotus @farbarri you two are definitely right and said it perfectly.  he is a rare one.  he is very talented and I also like that he doesn't let it go to his head but works more hard each time because that's the kind of person he is.  If I watch the video stearly shared and then turn on Gaksital, I think my head will explode from the confusion.

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Guest rynhanna

KBS denies rumors of '1N2D' cancellation

August 8, 2013 @ 2:54 amkim-jong-min-joo-won_1375940397_af_org.jtemp-avatar.jpg by starsung
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  • shareKBS denied rumors of the cancellation of its KBS 2TV variety show '1 Night 2 Days' ('1N2D').

    SEE ALSO: MBC announces the cancellation of 'Knee Drop Guru'

    The rumor began when a broadcast insider stated that '1N2D' will be canceled during KBS' reformatting this fall. The rumor wouldn't have been believable, but the show has been garnering mediocre viewer ratings, achieving a 10.7% last week. 

    A KBS representative firmly denied the rumors on the 8th. He stated, "This is my first time hearing rumors of '1N2D' being canceled during the reformat this fall. There have been no talks of that in the broadcast station... '1N2D' will continue on as normal with no change in staff or cast members."

    The official statement released by the network also said that considering '1N2D' has been one of KBS' most recognizable variety shows since 2007, both KBS and the crew will work hard to improve its quality.

    Have you been watching '1N2D' lately?

    source: allkpop

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