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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

Makes Excellent Start at #1 in Viewers' Ratings

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 Chemistry between three main cast members, Joo-won, Moon Chae-won and Joo Sang-wook, on the new KBS drama Good Doctor plays a role in viewers' ratings.

 The first episode of Good Doctor (written by Park Jae-bum/directed by Ki Min-soo/produced by Logos Film) aired on August 5th, recording 11.6% in viewers ratings according to Nielson Korea in the Seoul Metropolitan Area and landing in 1st place for the timeslot. The first episode was different from the usual medical dramas with writer Park Jae-bum creating a tight plot and speedy sequences while director Ki Min-soo was able to touch the hearts of the audience with warm cinematography. The main cast members Joo Won, Moon Chae-won and Joo Sang-wook also gave their all to stir up the hearts of the audience. The first episode announced the birth of a new "healing" medical drama, and is expected to cause a storm in the Mon/Tues prime time slot. The three main cast members' acting was enough to catch the attention of the audience. Joo Won was shown doing emergency treatment on a child who had been in crisis at a train station. He was perfect for the role of Park Shi-on who had overcome "Savant Syndrome" and autism. His character was asked why he wanted to become a doctor and answered, "Because of my older brother and a rabbit. On the day the tree smelled of ice cream, my rabbit went to heaven. On the day I smelled rust in the mine, my older brother went to heaven. Both of them were unable to become adults. I wanted them to both grown up, so they could have children and could love them. I really wanted that to happen." His sincere words moved the audience to tears. Moon Chae-won was also wearing a warm smile towards the children, expected of a pediatric surgeon, but she changed 180 degrees when she was fighting with Joo Sang-wook or when she was drunk. The audience commented on how they enjoyed watching her show new sides to her character.Meanwhile, Joo Sang-wook plays the charismatic associate professor and skilled surgeon Kim Do-han. His charisma and acting was able to draw the audience into the drama. His character was also shown strongly opposed to allowing Joo Won who suffers from "Savant Syndrome" become a part of the faculty, a precursor to the conflict that will follow in the drama. The audience have been showing tremendous support for the drama exclaiming, "I didn't know I would be able to meet a drama like this! I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep! It's so moving!", "I don't remember the last time I cried watching a drama. I cried my eyes out watching Good Doctor. I can't believe I came across such a good drama." "I was happy the whole time, I would like to send my applause to the staff for making the characters so real!" etc. The first episode shows Joo Won and Moon Chae-won's unexpected meeting, raising curiosity as to what will happen next. Joo Won was celebrating his birthday alone with a stack of chocolate pies. A drunken Moon Chae-won walks in and takes her clothes off and falls asleep on the bed. In the morning, she wakes up and starts screaming seeing Joo Won there and Joo Won is staring blankly at her. The anticipation is growing as to what will happen to the two characters.

fr KBS Global

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Someone wrote this in the drama thread

I actually didn't enjoy the first two episodes very much. For one thing, the first episode was packed with cliches that I couldn't help but fast-forward. I also have a problem with the number of seemingly incompetent and mean-spirited doctors in this supposedly top-ranked hospital. Sure, we're supposed to be rooting for Si On, but the way the other characters are portrayed in order to boost Si On's popularity is a bit too much. The amount of things Si On's been able to get away with is also asking me to suspend a little too much belief..

I am posting my reply here because there were some thoughts I wanted to share about the drama

I don't disagree that there seems to be a number of cliches and troupes in these first 2 eps but most of them are things I can live with if the overall product is good and this drama definitely seems to head in that direction.

For a start, some viewers find that Park Si On's childhood trauma and sob story much of a drama troupe. However, I think that the writer did good by writing the background story of Si On the way he did. If I read correctly, autism is a disorder which may be under diagnosed and under treated in Korea. The odds gets higher if an autistic child is born into a lower income family. Which is what happened to Si On. Throw in a dysfunctional family, it gets much worse. Also, I wouldn’t say his hyung’s death planted the idea of being a doctor in Si On’s mind. It was his hyung who thought that Si On’s remarkable intelligence should enable him to be one and that’s when it started. However, his hyung’s death motivates him to achieve his dream of saving lives despite all the obstacles he face.

What could have been done better is Dr Kim Do Han and Dr Cha Yoon Seo's story. But I cut them slack because there was simply no time as the drama flew past so quickly. I was actually surprised at the speed at which they went over Si On's childhood. Joo Sang Wook did great job acting as Dr Kim. Some people may criticize saying they are seeing Yeo Ji Hoon all over again but to his credit, he has portrayed Dr Kim perfectly. The problem lies in that the drama is slow to tell us why Dr Kim bears such pain and scars from his loss. So we see Dr Kim seething with emotions beneath, angsty and all but not know why or how deeply hurt he has been. For certain, in due time, Dr Kim's story will unfold, I just hope it will be a good one.

It is almost the same for Dr Cha because while I understand that she had a crush on Dr Kim and probably still nurse some romantic feelings for him, it was a cliche to have these 2 bickering and at loggerheads all the time. I do not know how this writer writes female characters but I hope he will write an awesome one. Despite the cliche, it's a promising start and in the hands of a capable and likeable actress like Moon Chae Won, I think it's looking good. Already, I love Yoon Seo's scenes with Si On, they are both adorable and funny. Notwithstanding character development, I can just watch them for the sake of watching them.

I won't touch on the hospital's politics since many here have already voiced their views on this. I can't agree more with them and can vouch that where humans exist, there will be politics, incompetencies, mean-spiritedness, the whole works. Doctors and hospitals not excluded.

By the way, bullying does not stop at the playground. It exists even in workplace. So, I think it's fair to portray some characters bullying Si On whether they are his peers or the senior doctors and surgeons.

I was caught by surprise when in episode 2, Si On failed big time in the operating theatre. None of the calmness and steadfast manner in which he handled the emergency at the train station happened. Nor did he looked like the surgeon he imagined himself to be when he was playing the surgery through his mind outside the Operating Theatre in ep 1. So, can Si On really control his autistic tendencies when placed in a difficult situation? Can he become a surgeon? I am glad that the drama did not just make Si On perform a miraculous operation on that patient and say "Tah Da!" to Dr Kim and the naysayers. They showed that under stress, Dr Park is still incapable of being in the Operating Theatre, no matter what a genius he is.

Overall, the drama has exceeded my expectations in terms of realistic portrayals and demonstrated that the writer and production team payed special efforts in research, think through and details. I hope those areas that are lacking will be few and forgotten or forgiven. This will happen if and when the drama becomes an awesome one. 

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I'll never throw a pillow if this is what I see when I wake up in the morning....

fr Joo Won DC

..... I'll throw myself, hurtling towards this body...to the place where that pillow was suppose to land...

jumping_cat.jpg  Shi On, my love, Here I COME!!!!!

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