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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

After Korean Drama Awards, I read somewhere that 80% of the netizens' comments was on how Kim Soo Hyun deserved the award, 10% were hurling insults on Yong Pal writer and Kim Tae Hee for winning and 5

Guest arch00

@arch00' date=' Is it ok to use this on my siggy? --> Ok using it. LOL. Mwuah!!!![/quote']

Haha @coolreborn master no need to ask master. Aren't we sharing him.He is mine, he is yours, he is our's :))

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Guest joongieforeva

i just watched good doctor ep1. OMG Joo won is so cute in there. i really love shi on's character. his huge puppy eyes is to die for. i don't know why those people hate him, he is so cute that i just to cuddle him  and protect him from the world. i'm not being biased, i love park shi on a lot, not because this role is played by joowon

park shi on sulking. KYAAAAAA how cute is that. can't wait for the next episode

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class="entry-title"[PREVIEW] KBS Mon/Tue Drama “Good Doctor” Posted on 2013/08/05 by Jessica Kim in TV with 0 Comments From left, producer Kwak Do-won, actor Joo Sang-uk, actress Kim Min-seo, actress Moon Chae-won, actor Joo Won of KBS TV series "Good Doctor." [KBS]

From left, actors Kwak Do-won, Joo Sang-uk, Kim Min-seo, Moon Chae-won, and Joo Won of KBS TV series “Good Doctor.” [KBS]


“I wanted to help them become adults. And have kids of their own, and love those kids.”

In a preview clip revealed at a press event for KBS’s upcoming Monday and Tuesday series “Good Doctor” on July 31, this is the answer Park Si-on (Joo Won) gives when asked why he wants to become a pediatric surgeon. “Good Doctor” is mainly about what happens when Park Si-on, suffering from savant syndrome (a person with autistic disorder or intellectual disability with a gift in a particular specific areas), becomes a first-year resident at the pediatric surgery ward of a hospital. It aims to show the perspectives people generally have of the disabled and tell a heartwarming story that viewers can sympathize with by depicting on the inner growth of characters surrounding him.

Actors Joo Won, Moon Chae-won, Joo Sang-uk, and Kim Min-seo will play major roles in “Good Doctor” and will be supported by a large number of actors recognized for their acting skills including Cheon Ho-jin, Kwak Do-won, and Ko Chang-suk. Will the show be able to bring a change to the highly competitive Monday and Tuesday prime time drama scene? Below are the three reasons you should look out for “Good Doctor” as revealed through a Q&A with the show’s main cast and producer Ki Min-soo at the press event.


Reason # 1. Different subject matter: ”Good Doctor” is a bit different from typical medical dramas. The element of ‘humanity’ is added to “Good Doctor” by talking about the little-known field of pediatric surgery and with the main character suffering from savant syndrome.


Q. How does “Good Doctor” differentiate itself from other dramas?

Producer Ki Min-soo: Medical dramas in the past have created tension through the depiction of medical actions and case-focused development. “Good Doctor” will do the same but focus a bit more on the relationships between the characters within the hospital. I think it’ll be refreshing in how Si-on, who is like a child himself because he is autistic, will perform medical acts on children with the heart of both the child and the patient.

Moon Chae-won: The role of Cha Yoon-seo that I’ll play is a fellow doctor. There were few roles that female could play in medical dramas in the past because the stories were male-oriented. But this drama is different because Cha can perform surgeries and show the growth she makes as a doctor.


Q. Joo Won, it couldn’t have been easy to play the role of someone suffering from autism.

Joo Won: I think that every actor would want to try playing a character like Si-on. I did have some concerns before I was actually cast for the drama but decided on it because of my trust in producer Ki Min-soo with whom I worked with for KBS’s “Ojakgyo Brothers.” As much as there are certain images we think of when we hear the word ‘autism,’ there have been a lot of dramas that deal with it. But after meeting with autistic people while preparing for “Good Doctor,” I found out that there are various types of autism. I was shocked when I met people that weren’t any different from healthy people. It’s been difficult having to portray Si-on that is someone that suffers from autism to a level that he can still be a doctor. It’s been particularly difficult saying medical terms in the way that Si-on speaks.



Reason # 2. The details to medical dramas: As much as the drama is about a professional line of expertise, it is crucial that the details befit it. It seemed that “Good Doctor” put in much effort to portray on the doctor’s life and hospital tasks realistically in order to meet the raised standards of the public.


Q. What efforts did you put in to express the details to being pediatric surgeons?

Joo Sang-uk: I tried very hard to actually become professor Kim Do-han. I practiced doing the scenes in the surgery room while on set for cable channel OCN’s “TEN 2″ as well. I prepared more than I have for any other drama (laughs). I even shot a scene in the surgery room for over 12 hours to get the shot I wanted.

Moon Chae-won: It was difficult having to express myself with just my eyes while in the surgery room. We’re receiving professional advice from real doctors but I think there’s a limit to the medical knowledge we can express. So I’m trying my best to deliver my emotions in my acting by monitoring my scenes well.

Joo Won: I didn’t know this before I started preparing for “Good Doctor” but the surgery techniques are different for children versus adults. I’ve been receiving advice when I’m on set and trying my best to show those details.


Q. Female characters usually do not have much weight in medical dramas. So what did you focus on to play your role as Cha Yoon-seo?

Moon Chae-won: I heard that female doctors become easygoing when they’re in hospitals because they’re surrounded by so many men. My character Cha Yoon-seo in “Good Doctor” relieves her stress by drinking (laughs). She meets Si-on after drinking, and gets scolded by professor Kim Do-han. I think this is how the show is a bit different from regular medical dramas. And I tend to inject my own thoughts and emotions into the characters I take on. I’ve admired doctors since I was young so I think such emotions are carrying into my acting as well.



Reason # 3. The message of “Good Doctor”: The fact that Si-on, suffering from autism, becomes a doctor is significant in many ways. “Good Doctor” aims to make viewers sympathize with and feel homogeneity with a handicapped person rather than feel pity and compassion for him. It seemed that the cast were going to great pains to deliver such a message.

Q. “What is the message that “Good Doctor” wants to deliver?

Kwak: Both of my parents actually suffered physical disabilities. And maybe that’s why but there are times that I just tear up when looking at disabled people. “Good Doctors” is about those who overcome disabilities. In our country, people’s perception of disabled people is negative to the point that there are very few places that wheelchairs can pass on. But what they need is enough interest in them that we can be indifferent towards them, not feelings such as ‘unusual’ or ‘pitiful.’ “Good Doctor” may lack in certain ways or be a bit uncomfortable to watch but I hope that a lot of people suffering from disabilities will gain hope from it.

Joo Won: By taking on a character that’s autistic, I realized the importance of people’s perceptions towards disabled people. It’s become better because of movies like “Barefoot Gi Bong” but it’s true that it’s still not enough. After actually meeting people suffering from autism while preparing for my role as Si-on, I saw that they were very social and realized that they were very different from what I knew about them. Through this drama, I’d like to make it widely known that autism is curable.

from tenasia
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class="post-title"Good Doctor Episode 1 Review: Joo Won Becomes a Resident for His Outstanding First Aid Aug 5, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 1 Review: Joo Won Becomes a Resident for His Outstanding First Aid

In the first episode of Good Doctor, Park Si On(played by Joo Won) became a resident at a hospital for his outstanding first aid.

On the way to the hospital, Si On witnessed a child getting hit by a piece of glass. He quickly went over to him and remembered everything he memorized. He did a great job saving the child.

Meanwhile, even though the hospital was agreeing on hiring Si On as a doctor, who had a savant syndrome, he could not pass because he was late. However, the moment of him giving first aid to the child was shown on TV, and Si On was in the limelight.

Choi Woo Suk(played by Cheon Ho Jin) said to other doctors, “Just stand back and watch him for six months. If this doesn’t work, I’ll resign from this position.”

from koreandrama

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Just done watching Ep1 with English sub, this ep doesnt disappoint me, The storyline is not so slow, I thought Ep1 mainly talk about PSO 's childhood, but I was wrong. The past and the present mix that not make me feel impatient.
In the the first few minutes I cried when seeing little PSO was beaten, he didnt even fight back, just lied still there and smiled at the rabbit. This scene really made my heart hurt.

The part when PSO saved the boy at the railway station made me feel nervous and anxious. Normally when I see that scene, I usually
fast forward to the next but it was not like that this time, The way PSO recalled what he has read in medical books and and follow it by the eyes with full of focus. Joo Won played this part amazingly, he remembered the medical terms while playing like person with autism.
Just wanna say

I laughed a lot with the part when PSO was introduced with new colleges, Is this only me to realize that Cutie has potential in acting comedy??? He made fun of Chief Go in front of others that make them laugh. I also like the part when he played the rubic, when Doc Kim entered the room, his face was really funny here, pretended nothing happended

The last part when Doctor Cha was drunken and entered the wrong room, I dont know how to describe his face that time, he looked a bit surprized, startled, innocent, childish. When she slept on his bed,
he did not know what to do, just went back and forth in the room. He looked extremely cute and pure here.
The morning scene I think I dont need to talk much, My feeling is the same as most all of you girls 96.gif93.gif7.gif73.GIF

Hope that with the appearance of Dr Cha, she can help him heal the sorrow deep in his heart and help him open his heart.
Cant wait tonight's episode. :)

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My Thoughts After Episode 1

The piece of music we heard at the end of the 9 minute preview turns out to be the introduction piece to the drama. I love it. It conveys feelings of optimism, hope and magic. It’s also no co-incidence that the first OST we hear is titled “Miracle”. I think this is the central message of this drama. Despite the imperfect world that we live in, our pain, suffering and loss, the human spirit is still capable of holding out hope and belief in better things to come. That’s when miracles happen. The miracle of a child brought back to life from the brink of death, the miracle of someone whom society deems useless but becomes an embodiment of hope and the miracle of love.

Park Si On has never walked alone. It’s true that he has problem making friends because of his disorder but from the start, he always had people who loved him and believed in him. We know now that it was not Chief Choi but his own hyung who first knew that Si On is a lot smarter than anyone is. They were obviously impoverished so I can imagine how long his hyung took to scramble enough money to buy him that toy medical kit.

When his hyung died, I am so glad that Dr Choi took care of him. He would not have lasted long in that abusive home. It was not said if his parents died or gave him up but Park Si On grew up in an orphanage. Thankfully, Dr Choi became his guardian. In the present, we see that Dr Choi has not only become a guardian but a strong father-son bond grew over the years. Cheon Ho Jin who plays Dr Choi is perfect in his role as the benevolent father figure who is a true doctor at heart. His gestures towards Si On have so much tenderness and love. This is one of the best father-son pairing I have seen.

Before this episode aired, I had wondered how Joo Sang Wook will fare. I associated him so much with TEN as Yeo Ji Hoon that I thought he is just going to carry on his brooding look into Good Drama. I must say Joo Sang Wook did a great job in portraying Dr Kim Do Han, the perfectionist who insist on the best from his team and barks at whoever slips up. He possessed that commanding demeanor and strong headed personality which is so fitting for a leader. As we know beneath that hard surface lies a sad past which involves a death of a sibling. I just hope there’s a good story there because much has been made of this incident which dealt Dr Kim a heavy blow and shaped the man into what he is today.

On the surface, it seems Moon Chae Won has an easy role. She plays Dr Cha Yoon Seo, an idealistic, passionate, feisty doctor with a heart of gold, always reaching out for the ones in pain and the trodden. But female characters like this are a dime and dozen in kdramaland. As much as I detest ‘door mat’ female characters, I am also allergic to ‘fiesty, eternally upbeat’ ones.  Thankfully, in the hands of a capable actress like Moon Chae Won, Dr Cha is instantly likeable and lovable. In just that short encounter with Park Si On in the closing and in the preview of episode 2, I am already in love with our couple.

Playing the main character in this drama, Joo Won is nothing but amazing. Park Si On hands goes up to his chest and shake uncontrollably when he is under extreme pressure. He also scratches his fingernails on his hand when he gets nervous or agitated. These are all stimming, characteristic of autism. He blinks his eyes hard when he feels awkward or when he tries to snap out of a daze. His mouth opens slightly agape when he is in deep concentration or lost in his own world. He is capable of making eye contact but not for period of time that’s normal for others. So far, we do not see ‘normal’ expressions of joy or sadness in Park Si On. This part is the most challenging for any actor. Joo Won is awesome when it comes to acting intense emotions. No other his age could have portrayed the depth of anger, rage, sorrow and the whole gamut of emotions he displayed so convincingly in Bridal Mask. He also showed he could play them nuance like he did in Ojagkyo Brothers. But this time, it’s a whole new challenge. So far, I only see the intensity when he became agitated as Hyeon Woo, the little boy slipped into dangerous condition after the medical team failed to diagnose correctly initially. It seems Park Si On doesn’t cry. He certainly didn’t in the saddest moments of his life. I love Joo Won’s crying scenes because he never fails to gut me. Yes, you do not need an actor to cry to touch you but I am still curious as to how Joo Won will portray sadness and sorrow in episodes to come.  

One episode in, what I felt  Joo Won did exceptionally well in was the way he portrayed Park Si On as a man with a child-like personality and mannerisms without being annoying. He got that childlike voice pat down. Thankfully it wasn’t high pitch but just a notch or two higher than his norm. It wasn’t so much the pitch per se but the way he talked, slightly monotone, shoots out rapidly when it’s a subject he knows. Most of all, Joo Won’s Park Si On is so lovable and funny. I love the way he tries to style his hair into something more mature but decides against it by just messing it up. I love how he enjoyed the 3D experience with the innocence and wonder of a child. I love how he sheepishly steps into the empty board room when he realized he totally missed his appointment. I love how unreservedly excited he was when he knew Dr Choi was going to buy him galbi for lunch. I laughed so hard at his bullet speed introduction and how he made fun of Dr Go, the no good, Chief of Pediatric Surgery without even knowing it. At the same time, I marveled at his genius when he saved the boy, when he rattled all the right answers to Dr Kim’s questions. I even pumped my fist when he solved that monster rubik cube which Dr Kim couldn’t even crack after a week. In the weeks to come, I will firmly seated in this rollercoaster ride with Dr Park as he tackles challenges, faced adversity and perform miracles.

Butterflies symbolize different things in different cultures. So far, they have yet to expound on the significance of the butterfly which features in the opening of the drama. I would like to think that the symbolism here is metamorphosis. As Park Si On embarks on his journey to fulfill his dream to be a doctor, he will not be the only one who will experience significant changes in his life. He will be the catalyst of change in the way of thinking and in the lives of people around. That may be the other message that this drama wishes to convey. An autistic person may be made different but he or she can also make a difference to the world we all live in.

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Guest joongieforeva

farbarri said: @goldlotus OMG!!!! YoonSeo slept on his bed? THAT's why he was going back and forth that night? i thought he just wants to introduce himself! silly me.....  ;))

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I was all so excited by Yoon Seo and Si On's Bed Scene in the opening night that I forgotten that's not their first meeting!

It's supposed to be this, isn't it?


Will this be shown? I clean forgotten this scene in the very first trailer. In ep 1, I thought Park Si On had arrived at the University Hospital in the ambulance? Maybe this is when he went to retrieve his bag and suitcase and bumped into Dr Cha who knocked off earlier and was on her way home or rather her uncle's bar.

Well, what can I say? Dr Park, when opportunity knocks, not once but twice, Carpe Diem!

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