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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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Joo Won was awesomeeeeeee! Omg. Good Doctor's first ep was really good!!! ^^ can't wait for more!! ^^ more awesomeness and more nekkidness!!! Ahhh joo won's bellybutton! *drools*

ok so I'll be backtracking 10+ pages first and will spazz some more later!!

RL can't take me away from my cutie!!!!!

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Chinese subbers are super fast, they completed it 12 hours ago? How is that possible? They seemed to have no problem subbing a medical drama.

Heard that Viki subs are just out too, that's phenomenal as well. Woah! So it seems we do not have to wait long for subs to come out. Between live streaming, live recapping and watching subbed video, it's gonna be definitely within 24 hours.

Got a lot of things going on in my head now, but will watch the Chinese subbed video first.

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My train of thoughts after GD Ep 1:
(possible spoilers ahead)

1. The Bromance! First up; I love, love how the 'enemy' (from BM) has become 'family'. We have a father-figure so how about some JooJooLove soon for SO and DH? Pretty please???  

2. Heart with humor! There were a few moments where my eyes glistened, kudos to the kiddo actors. A medical drama must always have heart, I believe! I also love how the drama has injected humor in normal everyday situations (e.g on the way to work, while getting reprimanded by the boss, brushing teeth, etc). As illustrated in Ep 1, the hijinks will probably be mostly provided by PSO and his antics. Hee!

4. Makjang? Politics are a recurring theme in almost every medical drama, even so here. Who's going to be the ultimate winner of the roulette? We won't know till the ball stops spinning. Add in the likelihood of having birth secrets/hidden past (SO's mother = Director Lee? SO's mother with SO's father-figure?) play out, will GD be filled with makjang? While it's interesting to see a mix of different elements, a medical drama is a medical drama after all. I do hope the side stories will be kept to the minimal. We don't need any more grief and crying yo, we already have Dr Park! 
5. The OST. I was surprised to hear the very non-medical drama instrumental right at the beginning. Very movie OST and fantasy like! I would have mistaken myself for watching Chronicles of Narnia/something Disney had the very handsome JW not been in my face.   
6. Hot Cast! Massive eye candy that would make easy watching (literally and figuratively). JSW all hot, brooding and arrogant looks like he crossed over from the special investigation team to the hospital. I'm expecting to see more sides to him than just Mr TEN/TEN2. 
7. Lovely side characters! From Father-figure Director to Mr-Gruffy-Face-but-such-a-bear Nurse Jo, I eagerly await to see how these people will play an integral part in SO's career. Not only aiding him to become a successful pediatric surgeon but also more socially adaptable. 6 months for SO or else father-figure goes! Nooooo!!!!!  

8. Park Si On. Major love for our Hero, who has to overcome many obstacles in his way. I'm prepared for critics to bash JW for overacting, but who cares. I love his portrayal! It's so very childlike, forthright, unassuming, and awkward. Awkward enough to make you cringe (for him) but not overtly annoying. I think he's doing a pretty good job so far! However, I'm not quite sure of the 'open-mouth look' that both little SO and adult SO sport. Is it supposed to depict a mental retardation state? Or a personality trait? Depending on which, if not written well it would end up as an extreme characteristic that is unnecessary. But for now, uri Cutie seems to be in the right trajectory....  
Ep 2 here we come~~~~  :D:D :D

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