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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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Guest pandora460

Agree with most that the concept of 1N2D is unique in itself and should not be lost on the new PD. Like @mrdimples i love the Music Festival episode where the guests blended well with the members and the concept of the show.  There is nothing wrong with having guests but i think having idol stars is not a good idea because not all of them (or only a few of them) can take being de-glamorized on a show like 1N2D.

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Guest mydeed

I believe it’s from “Only you”


I seriously want to watch this movie

right now, he is so handsome.

credit: D [디] dcinside.com

Wow. Yes, just... WOW. Hahaha.

Thanks for the articles @stearly.

Whoa, that's one harsh and bold statement from Ms. Lee 'Bad Girl' Hyori (Bad Girl - her newest single. Hee).

I guess PD Lee is strugling too. His earlier episodes, without the guest are awesome. I think he now want to test the audience by bring in guest, my probs is the guest itself esp the K-celebs, most of them already been in other variety shows... its nt excited for the audience anymore.. If you see the previous season 1, they will hv special epsodes with 'rare' & exclusive sports personality, actress & actor. And its nt a frequent things every week!!!

Just continue the viewer's special and best friends special.. ALL members to bring their non-celebs friends.

I'm a fan of 1N2D since 2008. I just hope this Season 2 with our Joo Won will last until he enter the Army!!!

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re-watching Bridal Mask~
gosh, the emotions of mini-KangTo were really spot on. and our KangTo is such a caring, loving person, though he was brutal to his people. but he did all this for his family. if only..... KangSan..... why must he fake his insanity for so long? KangTo wouldnt have become so brutal if he had know his brother was sane. they could ride Horsitals together and save the country.
if only..... :((

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