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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

After Korean Drama Awards, I read somewhere that 80% of the netizens' comments was on how Kim Soo Hyun deserved the award, 10% were hurling insults on Yong Pal writer and Kim Tae Hee for winning and 5

Guest padme


awwwwwwwwwww everytime I see this two my heart just goes awwwwwing LOL  

:x :\"> 8->  The baker king era, my Majuninooooo :((  haha *feel like his mom calling him* xD Recently looking at this combo-duo I think If only can I put Park Ki woong with them together  in a movie or drama, my radar bromance WILL EXPLODE!!! like there is no tomorrow   =)) =))  mabe some comedy-drama like "3 man and a Baby" LOL and I could be the baby hahaha [-O< :D =)) >:)  ok now I go to much randomness xD 
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Guest mydeed

Typing from mobile' date=' but JB has posted on DB about the drama being offered to Moon Chae Won. Seems like a lot of people have been praying a good female lead for Joowonie. Script must be really good then, if MCW is considering it![/quote']

Should I go and read it?! Ke ke ke. Maybe I will and skip the comments.. Fuuhhh.

Age wise and look wise Moon Chae Woon is a good choice for our beloved Doctor Moon. Hee.

Chemisty onscreen? Well, it's Joo Won here.. He can create it with almost anyone. Woohoo.

Looking forward for this one :-)

I hope for amazing supporting cast as well. Fighting!

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COOL Magazine Interview:
This is the first time I attempted to translate from a photo of a magazine. I had a lot of difficulty trying to read the words. Some paragraphs were clearer and some quite impossible. As I have been translating a number of interviews, there are some which you can only glean one or 2 interesting things from the entire article. This interview and the one which @daydreamsindecember has translated are some of the better ones I have come across. There are a number of new things and some good insights into Cutie's character and his thinking. From the photos, this interview seemed to have taken place not too long after the completion of 7th Level Civil Servant so there's quite a few mentions on it. Maybe it's done around the same time as the Sina Interview.

Thank you @daydreamsindecember who helped me with the "illegible" words, now time to feast my eyes on pretty.

COOL Magazine Interview: Warm Color Blend - Joo Won

credit: 小香草coco on Joo Won Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

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Gosh my blood is boilinggggg with the amount of trollers on the articlle of MCW on DB for Green Scalpel. In my language I wanna tell - one tight "phatak" is enuf to scare them off their beejeezers. Pfffttt, I know on which articles they start and end their fangirling and anti fandom. I have half a mind to spew it up but the other half in me knows they are not worth it, I mean they are not even related to me. Gosh but how unkind are their comments X(

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mrdimples said: maginterview6_zps5a863f2e.jpg

JW: Ai…this kind of thinking, seems like I have never had before-hahaha! Actually, with regards to this drama, surprisingly the viewers did not make comparisons with the movie version. Perhaps, after watching the 1st episode, they realized that these 2 productions are totally different, haha!

COOL: Before you took part in your first drama “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”, you already had 3 years of experience in musicals, what do you think your musical career has given you?

JW: Musicals……mm…In my musical career, I became the “Most Important” Joo Won, hahahaha! Because there was one musical that left me with the deepest impression. In that musical, I had 150 performances; it spanned an entire 6 months. I couldn’t allow myself to get sick, even if I did, I still had to perform. Actually, the other characters had 3 or 4 actors at any one time and they will rotate among themselves. However, I was the only one in my role. So from the beginning till the end, I always had to be on stage. There was once, my fever hit 39 degrees, I still had no choice but to perform. Because of that, I always have this sense of responsibility. The musical should not fail because of you; the story line should not go haywire because of your fault. You can’t stand there on stage and show your weakness or give the impression of weakness. Through musicals I learned a lot about life. (nodding his head)

COOL: We feel that when you are in the role of a musical actor, you looked fulfilled and you work very earnestly on stage. What led you to become a drama/movie actor? To this day, do you prefer to be a movie/drama actor or to be a musical actor?

JW: Perhaps at that time, my personality changed. I was very busy with my performances, on top of it, I was still a student; I spoke less and my parents got worried. Then I went to university to study performing arts and as I studied, I thought I should try out acting in drama or movie, I wanted to hone my acting skills. With these thoughts, I debut in my first drama.  I also felt that being an actor, I should try all areas, whether it’s musicals, dramas or movies. I thought I should gather all these experiences as I try each one. So naturally, I will try whenever I have the opportunity. When I was acting in musicals, I also thought of acting in dramas and movies. So I just tried what I could along the way.

COOL: When we watched Joo Won’s works, there are many of which Although you weren’t the lead, your characters always have this charisma and they were also very popular. No matter how we look at it, it seems that this was not a coincidence but a deliberate choice on your part. Could it be that when you choose your role, you have set a standard of your own?

(this part is really blurred, I can’t make out most words and the edges were cut off, so a lot of guesswork ahead)

JW: Actually, there aren’t many of such situations. When I came across a character, I would think: “Oh, so this is his background, this is his fate and this is his personality, I do not like. There are many like these. However, this is not the best way to go about it. Take “Go Ma Jun” for an example, there are many aspects of him which makes one feel pity and heartache for him. I would find all these areas and make myself feel for the character.  In reality, when we were filming “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” I felt that “Go Ma Jun” was more appealing to me than “Kim Tak Gu”. Because his character had depth and as I delved into him, I developed feelings and love for the character. Hence, I could grasp the role better and acted it well.

COOL: Because you acted in many excellent productions, what was your deepest impression when you received the highly acclaimed “Rookie Actor” award?

JW: Ah, my deepest impression was the awards ceremony.

COOL: At that time, you didn’t know you would get the award? Wasn’t there a rehearsal?

JW: I didn’t know. At that time, I was curious to death. So when I went on stage to receive the award, I was in a shock and just said “ Thank you” hahaha! Although I attended the ceremony, I wasn’t thinking too much of winning the award, I thought if I win it, I would be very happy but if I did not, I would just go “Ai, what a pity” So when I went up to receive the award, I was perturbed because I thought this ceremony is very significant on our national level and to think that I could actually stand here to receive an award, isn’t it amazing? It was a magnificent moment for an actor receiving the award to be standing on that stage.


PINK = Maknae + Lovable

COOL: When Joo Won became a member of 1N2D, it really came as a surprise. You don’t have the experience or participated in variety shows and moreover, you have never been part of a variety group. Is this your first time appearing on a variety show?

JW: Yes, it’s my first time.

COOL: Everyone is curious as to the process which you got confirmed on the show and why did you decide to join the 1N2D?

JW: First and foremost, the biggest factor in my decision to participate in the show was that in variety, I get to show my true personality, the real me. This is where it differs greatly from dramas or movies. I have always been an ardent fan of variety shows since I was in university. So with this impression and when the opportunity presented itself, I felt that I should not miss it. Moreover, I had the confidence to do well and also to do better, so with these in mind, I decided to participate.

COOL: We are actually quite concerned. On one hand, you are busy filming a drama and movie, on the other you have to rush to film the variety show. In the course of it all, do you have problem in terms of energy level?

JW: The most difficult isn’t that the programs are too closely paced, it is not having a script and you are being filmed 24 hours on end. There is a feeling of being monitored so it can be really tiring.

COOL: There are similarities in variety, drama and movie in terms of playing a character. In dramas and movies, you are playing a certain character; in variety, you are actually also playing a character except that this “character” originates from your own personality. Have you ever thought of the type of “character” you wish to use to market yourself in variety?

JW: Regarding “marketing”, I have never thought of it. This show has allowed me to meet more people and for more people to know me. Although I do not know what kind of impression I have given but through this show, I have displayed many sides of myself. Actually I feel that this is rather good. Although previously, people know me through dramas that were aired, it is through variety that everyone understands my inadequacies. And perhaps because I displayed many different aspects of me,  people feel that I am an actor who has many charms. 

COOL: On 1N2D, you are the maknae, do you feel any burden or feel fatigued?

JW: No, not at all.

COOL: Don’t you have any complains or grievances?

JW: Actually it’s very natural because I am the maknae. So it’s only natural. Often I will help/ get certain things ready for hyungs and make everyone happier. In front of my hyungs, I will also be obedient, isn’t it natural to be so? Even if I am very tired, everyone is doing the same task, I am tired, hyungs will also be tired. Whatever I am doing, hyungs are also doing, everybody is trying their best. This is the meaning of being a team. Hyungs have their roles and I have mine so it’ll be fine just going with flow, there really isn’t anything to complain about.

COOL: 1N2D is something like a travelogue, you have traveled and been to villages, towns that are rich in Korean customs. Can you recommend 3 places of interest to China Fans- you can’t include Seoul! (reminder)

JW: Ah, 2? Then it’s Jeju ah

(softly reminding..): 3, 3!

JW: Woah, woah, 3 ah? The it’s Jeju and Jecheon 

COOL: Where is that?

JW: Cheongbuk Jecheon, Cheongbuk Jecheon, Cheong, Buk, Je, Cheon (emphasize each one), and Cheorwon.

COOL: Gangwon Cheorwon?

JW: Yes, so that’s 3.


Orange = (Original) Self + Ideal

COOL: Do you have any actor who you admire and what attracted you to this person?

JW: I always know my answer to this question, without doubt, it’s my teacher. My teacher has been in this profession for 50, 60 years, he has really devoted himself to acting.  He really thoroughly studies and respects this work. I have been thinking that although now, I am very interested in acting, I do not know if I can be like my teacher with so much respect for this profession and always works hard, going about accomplishing it as if it is his life. Although I cannot be certain, I hope I can be like my teacher.

COOL: Joo Won’s previous works have been very successful. As an actor, he has also received recognition from viewers. Does he feel that there is some area or target which he has yet to achieve?

JW: I lack in many areas. For example, I lack experience, this is very obvious. Also, I do not have many works. Actually, the difference in acting between the 20ers, the 30ers and 40ers is so obvious that you can tell straightaway. I hope from now on, I can act more naturally.

COOL:  And your goal is?

JW: My goal is ….(stops for 15 secs) is this….(stops for 10 secs) I hope that whoever who watches the character I play or the drama will instantly feel drawn to my character and will be able to foster that kind of empathic (aargh..can’t read the words!) feelings.

COOL: Recently because of his travelling, Joo Won has been very busy, do you sometimes feel as if you are on verge of collapse? And when you are filming, have you ever thought that “I can’t take it anymore”

JW: Ah…I think I have always been busy. But because previously I wasn’t the main lead so my parts weren't that strenuous. But this time in “7th Level Civil Servant” I felt it. I was filming non-stop for 7 days a week, it felt as if there wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t filming- - Ah ah, but in the end the result was good so all the fatigue disappeared. So to me, although the process can be very tiring but if the results are good, all the tiredness are not important any more. But if it’s due to filming that I can’t get any sleep or XX is no good, then it’s really very tough(his voice drops to a low. He must have suffered a lot!)

COOL: You aren’t able to rest well when you are working so on your rest days, do you stay at home and sleep? If you have rest time, do you prefer to be yourself or spend it with a group of friends?

JW: I’d spend it alone

COOL: Actually Joo Won’s appearance looks a bit cold and detached but in reality he is a very gentle and passionate youth. Did you notice that disparity about yourself? Has anyone commented that you don’t look approachable?

JW: Hahaha! (suddenly bursting into laughter) Is it? It seems so, right? Actually I am a person who really really wants to love and receive love. If you do not care about me or give me love, it’s still all right. But if there is someone who hates me, I will really feel very very hurt. Even if there is one person who says he hates me, I will feel terrible and then I will be thinking to myself  “Why does he not like me?” Also, because I like to receive love and care from others, I will likewise give a lot of love and care to others. (I can’t read this part clearly but it’s worth trying : at this moment Cool is feeling very wonderful, especially when a 1.85m tall man is telling you such things….)

COOL: What does Joo Won think himself? Is he the type that is “easy to deal with?” or “hard to handle”

Staff(cannot control themselves): Easy to deal with!

JW: Hahahaha! You all think I am easy to deal with? I am the mild and gentle type.  

COOL: To you, what is the original aspiration of an actor?

JW: Purity

COOL: In which aspect? Acting?

JW: Yes, acting too. Although it’s very glamorous to receive things like awards but some things will gradually go away. Actually, it is all right not to receive any award, even if you are the runner-up, it doesn’t matter. More than these, I want to treasure those things that are precious to me and protect them. Just like those young children, because their minds are very clean and pure, so their acting resonates easily and are very inspirational. So to me, my aspiration is purity.

COOL: Under what circumstances, will you stop acting?

JW: Till I die

COOL: To this day, do you have any area of doubt with regards to acting as a career?

JW: In fact, I have been thinking what is acting all about? Whenever I act a character, I will try my best to immerse myself in the character. When I finished filming the drama, I will feel as though my body is very empty and my head hurts a lot, I feel really terrible all over. Because it’s like I have become him, I have become another of myself with a different life. It’s very difficult to withdraw suddenly so because of this, I suffered every time. Hence, I have been wondering what is the attraction and appeal of acting, very curious, too curious about it.

COOL: What is the biggest difference between Joo Won the actor and Joo Won the variety show person?

JW: Variety show Joo Won - - maknae? Yes, maknae. Actor Joo Won is - - brave person, dare to take challenges in various roles, hahaha!

COOL: Do you think you are the type of actor who is hardworking or naturally gifted?

JW: I think I am the hardworking type. Till now, I feel that my acting has many problems and weaknesses. In the future, I will progressively, step by step, work hard towards improving my acting.

COOL: Finally, please give a greeting to Joo Won Fans through our magazine.

JW: To the readers of (Cool Music) Magazine, how are you? I am Joo Won. I greet everyone here. “7th Level Civil Servant” which I acted in is a very interesting drama and the character which I played is very fun, please follow closely, I wish everyone happiness.

~~ End~~

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daydreamsindecember said:





:Thank you so very much for translating that beautiful interview! You are truly fantastic and so talented! My oh my, how can one be so proficient in not 1, not even 2, but THREE languages! I'm amazed at your talent! But thank God he gave it to the right person! If not, people like me wont be so lucky to be able to know more about cutie! Many thanks once again! Lots of BIG hugs n kisses!



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@mrdimples: oh master yoda... what can I say.... ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^ . Your dedication is truly and deeply appreciated! :-bd :-bd :-bd :-* :-*  :-*

What??? You started having problems with your eyes? Then your mouth? Then your heart? And then..... somewhere just above your legs? Ok Ok Ok! I will be your personal bodyguard n CLEAR OUT all the other patients and make sure you'll get the much needed URGENT attention from our dear Dr Cutie Moonie!


what? those aren't your symptoms? sincere apologies... guess my very own sub-conscious (and extremely moaty =P~ =P~ =P~ ) mind must have just made a Freudian slip! :-O :-O :-O

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Guest padme

OMIII girls @mrdimples @daydreamsindecember you guys are so amazing cutiefans THANKS!! T___T ashdasjdjksadkjsakj ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^  i'm the same like @jwonnie :)>-  love how cutie put in every interview his passion for acting and what he loves the most! that's just awww i'm find myself in every interview amazed by his passion to acting! his determination is just beyond words ;0; and more than anything love how he doesn't choose an actor as someone to admire in that place he choose his TEACHER!!! man i'm without words with Joo won everytime I say myself he is such a humble boy he really deserve all *sorry if i'm be biased* but that's it Joo wonshii you make me so proud of you :-j  and thanks to @stearly  for the amazing gifs

Now without cutie permission! I would let you girls mrdimples and daydreamsindecember I'll let you guys give cutie a pat in his butt

:D B-) :D like Cha Taehyun in this gif xD


you girls deserve that and more   :)>- then will come my turn xDD  

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jwonnie said: @manyearsago: Thank you so very much for your BK promotion posts! I can see how much effort you had spent compiling and writing up both posts! They were indeed very detailed, systematic and extremely informative! Well done! hahaha... guess that's where you found out about his love for Japanese castellas! I am sure that will be one of the many other gifts you'll be bearing at the FM! Thanks again for all your hard work! :-bd :-bd :-bd :-* :-* :-*

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mrdimples said: ATTENTION- FANARTS Needed

Gals, we need more fanarts for the album to make it look nicer.

Please post your fanarts or if you have come across someone else's fanart on this thread and would like to make a recommendation, please post but do remember to credit the person.

I know @septmoon, @latteholic, @stearly are good in this, I am probably missing some people here, so please come forth and make your contribution. Try your hand in fanart and have fun

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stearly said: mrdimples said: ATTENTION- FANARTS Needed

Gals, we need more fanarts for the album to make it look nicer.

Please post your fanarts or if you have come across someone else's fanart on this thread and would like to make a recommendation, please post but do remember to credit the person.

I know @septmoon, @latteholic, @stearly are good in this, I am probably missing some people here, so please come forth and make your contribution. Try your hand in fanart and have fun

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mydeed said: ctfrsgp said:





Gals, we need more fanarts for the album to make it look nicer.

Please post your fanarts or if you have come across someone else's fanart on this thread and would like to make a recommendation, please post but do remember to credit the person.

I know






are good in this, I am probably missing some people here, so please come forth and make your contribution. Try your hand in fanart and have fun

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