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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

Joo Won Exclusive Interview -Facing Sensibly, Moving forward with Astuteness (PART 2)

Writer's Remarks:

The JW in real life is an emotional-centric (i.e high EQ) person who exudes an easygoing and sensitive air. But as long as the topic of acting is mentioned, JW reverts to being calm and astute. 

Joo Won, who does not portray different sides of himself deliberately

In most of his past projects JW portrayed cool, mature and heavy characters that left audiences with similar impressions. You can say that these roles have become a trademark. There are some (actors) who shape their own characters, some who give it luster. JW is the latter. It is because of him that Han Gil Ro in Level 7 Civil Servant was made wonderful. JW's uniqueness had turned the drama into THE defining project that changed his image. At the end of it, what surprises viewers is the Joo Won who is a little playful and a little rascal-like. Despite that he says he did not take up the role of Han Gil Ro with the intention of wanting to show a different side of himself. 

Interview Segment 

Q: The acting displayed in [7LCS] must have been a result of experience being slowly accumulated from the start. Has there been any big improvement?

A: Acting-wise it is definitely easier to grasp as compared to a newbie. The most important thing in dramas is the camera; once I gradually got a sense of the camera and understood the system it was easier for me (when acting).

Q: So what if I let you reenact the role of Gu Ma Joon in [bKKTG]?

A: I would have definitely acted better than before. Though I'm not sure what my forte is, I would have portrayed the character with greater ease.

Q: Your female lead Choi Kang Hee and you have a 10 year age gap. Did you feel the difference in age during filming?

A: I never ever felt the 10 year age difference. Kang Hee noona is really young and very adorable. She even looks younger than me. Very young at heart and very cute. There was no difference felt at all.

Q: The Han Gil Ro in [L7CS] is cheeky and adorable. This was a huge turnaround in contrast to your previous roles in [bKKTG] and [bridal Mask]. Did you pick the drama to try playing fresh new characters?

A: Not exactly; the main reason why I chose this drama was because of my attraction towards the character. I did not intentionally want to portray different sides of myself and pick a drama to accomplish that purpose. This is the same for all other dramas; I liked the role of Han Gil Ro and that was why I undertook this.

Q: Uhm Tae Woong did a cameo in [L7CS] in the early episodes. Could you briefly talk about what his appeal is (as sunbae) in your eyes?

A: Tae Woong hyung is totally different from reel life and real life. That's his charm. He makes you believe (in the drama); if there is a drama that he will appear in, he becomes the secret weapon. He gives a feeling that the show is not to be missed. He is that type of actor, and so he is a hyung-nim who very much deserves my respect. 

Q: [L7CS] is very funny and romantic with numerous scenes of Han Gil Ro confessing his love for Kim Seo Won. Many people felt that these scenes were cool and touching. Does the JW in real life really know women's hearts as much?

A: In actual fact I don't understand at all; it drives me crazy! A woman's heart should be the most difficult thing in the world to understand, I guess I probably will never ever fully.  



Translation by: daydreamsindecember


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i want Cutie to have a new leading lady. NONE OF THE PREVIOUS ONES, PLEASE!!! except UEE, she actually has chemistry with him. the others, not so much.
i like the 2nd lead lady in Gaksital too (dang it, i forgot her name), she seems to really like joowon. and their interaction in the drama isnt as many as i want it to be. i mean, the part when she was checking to see if he really is Gaksital, and spiked his drink. i would prefer if she stripped him nekkid to check his arm, but she only pull up his sleeves. so yes, i think they dont interact enough. ;;)
anyway, my point is that i want joowon to have someone whom he have chemistry with. i cant see it with Saeyeon or CKH though they work well together in the drama. :D

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class="cb b15"Joo Won Takes On Challenging New Rolejoowon.jpg

Joo Won has taken on the kind of role that usually wins actors awards. In the  new KBS medical drama, "Green Scalpel," he will play Park Shi On, a pediatric surgical resident. Park is known for being a genius, but he is also autistic and thus has problems relating to people.

People with some types of autism can function at a very high level, but because they have a hard time reading facial expressions, social interactions are a challenge. In this drama, Park is said to have the social skills of a 10-year-old. His character survived a violent home environment but was lucky to get specialized education in a place that recognized his genius. The school's director became his guardian and helps him become a doctor.

Most of the drama takes place at a hospital where Park is a resident. Joo Sang Wook of "Special Affairs Team TEN" will play a rival doctor at the hospital and the search continues for the female leading actress.

Ki Min Soo, who worked on "Ojakyo Brothers" will direct. Park Jae Bum, who wrote three seasons of "God's Quiz"is the writer.

This will be Joo Won's fifth drama. He had a small role as Gu Majun in "Bread, Love and Dreams" and worked with director Ki Min So previously in "Ojakyo Brothers," playing the part of Hwang Tae Hee. He first became popular after starring in "King of Baking," but really hit his stride with the series "Bridal Mask."

In "Bridal Mask," he played the role of Lee Kang To, an officer in the police force while Korea was occupied by Japan. At first Lee Kang To is only concerned with his own advancement, but eventually he realizes that he must take on the role of "Bridal Mask" and encourage the resistance movement as they fight the invaders. After that role Joo Won tried his hand at comedy in as an intelligence officer trainee in "Level 7 Civil Servant."

Joo Won earned a best new actor award for his work in "Ojakyo Brothers" and several awards for his work in "Bridal Mask," including Most Popular Actor in TV.

The new role in "Green Scalpel" seems like a good opportunity to earn more awards.

"Joo Won believes that 'Green Scalpel' is a good chance for him to show the full range of his skills," said Shim Jung Woon, head of Sim Entertainment. "I know he will do well because he gives his best in any role that is given to him."

"Green Scalpel" will follow "Shark" in August.


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I think we have Cutie's Co-lead, no not the Leading Lady but the Bromance Partner I mean the co-lead actor ;))

google translated

[TV Report = gimbora News] Actor jusanguk (35) KBS drama "Green Mesquite" has finalized appeared.


29 days, according to multiple broadcasters jusanguk the new KBS2 Drama 'Green Mesquite "and within a few days confirmed to appear in the first script reading goes on.

The Green Mesquite "suffering servant syndrome symptoms patients with autism and developmental disabilities with the character of elementary school youth around the world to overcome the severe pediatric eye surgeon in the process of growing the green human medical drama. Samora (26) syndrome suffering from this servant of Pediatric Surgery residency night Zion delay.

Jusanguk in this drama of Pediatric Surgery, the best professional starred gimdohan. Schoolwide school days one and have not missed one single time is reinsurance. Admission to medical school to senior high road walking and strive to be the best decision.

Jusanguk currently OCN drama 'Special Events Task Force TEN2' Ji - Hoon station appeared in the director being over. Fold the middle of next month to shoot'll end lift.

The Green Mesquite 'drama' ohjakgyo Brothers ',' Goodbye Solo 'PD to be alert and directed' OCN drama "God's Quiz" wrote author Jay Park met expectations collected. 'Shark' successor coming August 5 22:00 is the first broadcast.

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simplydramafied1082 said:

Did I just see Moon Chae Won's name in Naver suggested for female lead of the drama ??????

Yup, I thought its the other girl, what's her name again... sorry, I'm such a forgetful person, I only remember Cutie, as always.

Initially due to a link up in an article on Naver it was assumed to be Jung Ryeo Won. But now I just saw an article that has Moon Chae Won's name suggested for the drama.

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Thank you drama gods!!!! I'm sure Cutie will be elated to know he will have an experienced sunbae to learn from again. JSW is all sorts of fabulous, especially in TEN. And his personality in RL seems quite funny from what I saw in RM. I reckon they will work well on and off screen together! Yayness!!!!

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