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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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Yes!!! Here's the google translated News:

Samora, KBS2 'Green Mesquite' 男 cast. Syndrome servant acting challenge.

KBS2 새 월화극 '그린메스' 남자주인공으로 발탁된 주원 / 사진 : 조선일보 일본어판 DB
The first broadcast scheduled for August Samora new KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama "Green Mesquite> night Zion Station was cast in the male lead.

Human medical drama "Green Mesquite> an autistic tendencies and youth with developmental disabilities to become a true pediatric surgeon put the process naemyeo drama Samora pediatric surgical residency night Zion delay.

Samora two miners in charge of night his son was born in Zion, my father since I was a witness to domestic violence due to the impact that the Zion autism suffer from developmental disorders plus a special children's facilities, but instead receive special training at the health center.

Servant Syndrome (space on the human body, such as perception and memorization will look genius) has detected that choewonjang Zion (Joo) is the guardian of the children shall grow into surgical residency. Zion and remains clear and pure soul cares innocent people in mind, but persons having developmental disabilities is a problem.

Samora was a night to challenge the genius of Zion character and purity can show the charm of the two iteoseoda. Zion can not see the injustice of emotional ups and downs, depending on when the slow gait prayer, pray faster. Deda never huinoaerak do not express out is always simdeureong.

Samora agency said that "two Samora <Green Mesquite> to show even wider spectrum of acting as a good opportunity to think is undertaken in good faith to do the best bar on the role because actors would do well look many will offer support, please," he said.

from http://thestar.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2013/05/28/2013052801146.html

...... I woke up, my heart is pounding like I am expecting something and run and went online here and went to Naver, and true enough, I read a very awesome news I just went on jumping with joy. Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Confirmation, I've been waiting for you since Saturday. :D Happy Happy Happy!!!!

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mrdimples said: padme said:

OMO the letter  girls that was amazing!!! ^:)^  ^:)^  ^:)This letter expresses our true feelings for him thanks to mrdimples and everyone here!  *-* really is great have cutie-girls who can write beautiful words to him ;0; 

Now about 1N2D xDD omiiii  I laughed to floor hahaha was so much fun, pillows fight, dance battle¿? XDDD the thing the more I like is that cutie it's being more hilarious, he is a ballet dancer now too¿?  :)) :D  and OMG the sounds he made when he was head to head with Sugeun in that pillow, hope I wasn't the only one who thought that was kind of some moaty sound ¿? xDDD cutie you shouldn't make those sounds in tv  :D =)) 

ok Thanks girls for all  >:D< >:D<  I'll be back xD

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Combo News: Cutie and Uhm-force hyung's drama : google translated.

Uhm Tae Woong - Samora KBS drama, simultaneously scrambling summer box office magic again?

배우 엄태웅. 스포츠서울DB
Actor Uhm Tae Woong and Joo in KBS drama this summer, is scrambling simultaneously.

Last year, KBS2 'Man of the equator', 'gaksital' Entertainer precipitated continuously 'brothers' power' expectations and once again has drawn boyeojulji. This time, the protagonist of wolhwageuk and sumokgeuk week is expected to capture the drama side.

Uhm Tae Woong in July the first broadcast March sumokgeuk Carl and flowers ', Samora August 5 the propagation of the burning wolhwageuk' Green Mesquite's hero was nakjeom respectively.

Carl and flowers "one faction in the background of the drama of Goguryeo youngryuwang & E's daughter and the father of the bastard who killed Yeon yeonchung ppajimyeonseo in love with love, torn between revenge and what is going to draw. Goguryeo Edition 'Romeo and Juliet' to advocate a drama romance heroine in water was confirmed Kim Ok Bin.

Uhm Tae Woong is a drama starring MBC 'Queen Seondeok (2009)' is only four years since. KBS2 'beautiful mother' gwonminsu writer and 'man of the equator "PD Kim Yong - Su focuses breathe.

배우 주원. 스포츠서울DB

Samora is challenging her first medical drama. The Green Mesquite "Samora in social and personality of a 10 years old young man with autism night Zion pediatric surgeon is going to draw the process of growing. Growth of young people with disabilities and medical heartwarming drama that combines the benefits of the work is anticipated to.

Medical Investigation of OCN popular cable series "God quiz author of a play with Jay Park, 'ohjakgyo brothers' served as directed by the PD can alert.

from reporter gag11@sportsseoul.com

..... Now google translate, how can you make Cutie a "her". Jeez, I thought we are friends???

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Guest maea18

Joo Won Cast as Lead of KBS2′s ′Green Scalpel′

Joo Won has been cast in a lead role for the upcoming KBS2 medical drama Green Scalpel.

Sim Entertainment revealed through a press release on May 28 that "Joo Won has been cast as the lead of Green Scalpel."


The role he took up is that of the pediatric surgeon resident Park Si On. He is a kind figure, who grew up with autism and a developmental disorder caused by his father′s abuse. He grows up to become a genius surgeon as it is revealed he has Savant Syndrome, a condition in mentally challenged persons that lets them show a brilliant talent in other areas.

Shim Jung Woon, head of Sim Entertainment, said, "Joo Won believes Green Scalpel is a good chance for him to show how he has broadened his spectrum. I know he will do well because he gives his best in any role given him. I hope you continue to show support for him."

Green Scalpel will air in August.

Photo credit: enews DB
Source: enews

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I'm still in heaven, knowing that our Cutie will be in a drama....   cute-animated-japanese-kitten-grey-8.gifLeaf_Cat_emoticon_danc2_GAIARO_by_k.gif

black-cat-emoticon-010.gif  Looks like we are all going to have three straight days of sleepness nights starting on August.  Sunday Night -> 1N2D, Monday and Tuesday Night --> Green Scalpel.   We really need to set  an schedule with our resident sexy doctor Dr. Moon.   Leaf_Cat_emoticon_n3n_GAIARO_by_kan.gifDr Moon....!!! I'll be your first patient!!! grey-cat-002.gif

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mrdimples said: Thank you for posting this. I read Baidu fans' comments that this interview is very interesting.

RL is getting a hold on me, I have been busy trying to get some stuff done for @manyearsago and the Japan Fanmeet. I am also going away for a while, I hope I can translate this before my trip. I think our translators are very busy as well. If no one is doing this, I will try my best. I am getting cross-eyed just staring at all those words, Dr Moon! When will it be my turn?

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