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Joo Won 주원 [Drama- The Midnight Studio/ 야한(夜限) 사진관]


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Some Joo Won early pics.

... I don't know when was this taken or who the girl is. Not familiar with Korean actresses, I'm only interested with Korean actors :D

... a bit chubby here

Joo Won afro-hair attempt pic... no matter, he still looks cute.

Joo Won in traditional Korean dress
... never thought a man can look so cute in their traditional dress. :x

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Guest ditadita

coolreborn said: I'm going to wait for the day when Joo Won will go like Uhm Taewong who took a bath with Sugeun and Jongmin half naked. I will go "WOOHOOOO!!!" nosebleed and everything. LOL.

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Guest alysanne

@mrdimples @mojobobo @coolreborn: I think we've all lost our reputation at one point or another while hanging out here on Soompi and being total fangirls (or fanboys).   :))

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I'll suffer just a little bit more... I'm not reading in the Gaksital thread because I don't want to read the spoilers and I just downloaded ep 21 but I can't watch it yet coz there is no eng sub. Geh, how much more can I take... I'm just going at Joo Won's thread *and @mrdimples, @mojobobo and others don't ever post Gaksital spoilers here or I will not forgive you :P *

Reminds me of Gaksital old phones... Lucky phones...
Phone: "You'll meet me again."
Joo Won: "What?"
Phone: "Remember the name.... Gaksital."

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Guest alysanne

@mrdimples: I think he'll do it if the role calls for it. But maybe since in 1N2D he isn't playing a character, he won't do it voluntarily.  Maybe he is self-conscious?

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