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Joo Won 주원 [Drama- The Midnight Studio/ 야한(夜限) 사진관]


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Recently, there's been a lot of discussion on Joowon's kissing. In the BTS of Bridal Mask, interviewer asked when was Joowon's first kiss and he said it was during his theatre play. I am not sure if it's the Spring Awakening. Someone also commented that the play was quite raunchy. 
This morning, someone commented in relation to the JW's kiss that in Spring Awakening he played the lead Melchior who raped the lead girl Welda and likes to write letters on sexual intercourse to his good friend. I almost fell off my chair. Couldn't imagine Joowon playing such a role. But fear not, I read the wiki synopsis and it was a lot more clearer. In fact, I almost cried just reading it. Such a realistic story and I cannot believe it was written in 1891. 
Now I understand why that reviewer said that Joowon brought the character to life. He is able to convey both masculinity and boyishness at the same time. And I know why Joowon said that he cried like he lost everything(read the ending). He must have been awesome in that show. 
Finally the end my raving, here's another to readhttp://www.korean-drama-guide.com/Actor-Joo-Wons-Song-Picks.html

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Yep, I know his pronunciation is good but the last episode of 1N2D, it left me saying "What?!"

Here is Joo Won talking to his American-Korean partner in English, I don't understand what they are saying in Koreans since there is no eng-sub yet.

He said this...

And then this...

And I was like, "What Joo Won, you can do better than that!"

And then they have a jumping rope game...


And his looking real cute


And I was laughing....

Joo Won telling his partner what the game is...

I don't know what the caption is saying. lol. but it seems like they understand each other.

Joo Won drawing something, now I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a bad way of drawing stuffs. lol

I've never been soo jealous of a guy embracing another guy... Awww.

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Does anyone knows the bag Joo Won is using? I've been seeing that in the last few episodes of 1N2D.

Found it! Its Elstinko Bag, but it looks expensive in ebay *for me*. I wonder how much in Korea.

Ooops, I think I was wrong, been watching it again but its not Elstinko. The yellow bag one.

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Guest ditadita

andd sooo hereee i comee okay call me late D: ive been hearing his name from the bread love and dream but then i din care to watch it also the ojakgyo because there are so many episodes i barely watch it and so because i am a big fan of 1n2d yeah so i came to download the season 2 where jowoon in it and whatttttttttt my reaction was like " EH SO CUTEE ~~ AEGYOO ! and so much kind heart mommy boy " well something like that and then here i first watched gaksital when the 20th episode already aired in korea yes i'm so late but then i cant handle his charming like so preciouss omygod seriously i think i will watch ojakgyo XD and i saw the BTS SO CUTE OF HIM ~~~ a guy full of aegyoo hahaha 

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Guest alysanne

This was posted at the Bridal Mask thread already, I think.  But if you haven't seen it, another song from the OST was released; it's entitled "Judgment Day", and Joo Won sang in this one with Lee Jung-hyun.  It's a great song, and the style and sound is something I haven't heard JW try yet (he did a straight-up ballad for Baker King).
What do you all think?  :)

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Guest freeminded1430278377

I think Joo Won deserves to get best actor. He gave a very splendid performance in Bridal Mask. It is not easy to play both good and evil at the same time. I hope his drama will experience ratings as high as Baker King.

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