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[Drama 2010] Naughty Kiss / Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스

Guest mijoong

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Guest MANGOlove

wow! cant wait for this drama! I thought hyun joong did great in BOF, Im glad the same producers trusted him with another big project like this one! :rolleyes: and Jung so min (is that the girls name? oops,I forgot) resembles YEH @ first glance..shes not that strikingly pretty but the more I see her pics she instantly charmed her way into my heart!! I wish them luck .



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Guest blackjackVip


he's rocking that hairstyle!

it suits him like a student!!!! hehehe :wub:

Plus, it's not too long..i honestly don't like him with long hair.

i actually like it to be more shorter with spikes coz he looks hotter in that hairstyle, but this one is not bad...

oh, and i hope he keeps this black hair, he looks more slick and handsome :)

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Guest mijoong

Reposted info from: Ode501

- The casts have already script reading (19 july) @ mbc ilsan center

- The 1st official shoot will begin at 22nd july

- it was said Hyunjoong like it so much ^^


Lee tae sung, the 2nd male, is an experienced actor. He is 1 year older than hyun joong. He participated in many dramas before, around 6 dramas i think. And i believe he definitely can pull of Kinnosuke's comical character very well ^^

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Guest kazenai

I wonder who will be cast as the Caucasian transfer student, I wish it was Kim Isak *_* but I think we'll get some next-door European pretending to speak excellent English <FAIL>.

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Playful Kiss + Lee Tae-sung = confirmed


They didn’t make us wait on this one long, did they? Lee Tae-sung, recently announced as frontrunner, is onboard with Playful Kiss.

He’ll be Kim Hyun-joong’s rival for the girl (played by Jung So-min), showing unfailing devotion whereas the hero, well, doesn’t. Lee’s character Jun-gu is based on the manga’s Kinnosuke, and hails from Gyeongsang-do in the south. (Historically, there has been prejudice against southerners by Seoulites, who consider themselves more urbane than the countrified masses. This Jun-gu character seems cast in that mold as “a character with the energy of a Gyeongsang youth and a tough appeal.”)

Playful Kiss is set for a September 1 premiere.

source : Dramabeans

comment : YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! *tears of happiness* xD

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Guest sveta21

I wonder who will be cast as the Caucasian transfer student, I wish it was Kim Isak *_* but I think we'll get some next-door European pretending to speak excellent English <FAIL>.

I have doubts they'll cast a Caucasian foreign student, and if they do I hope it will be a full Caucasian not mixed. (Who is Kim Isak by the way?) Considering the fact that in Kim Suro they cast a Korean actress instead of South Asian, well you can see why I have low hopes for a Caucasian actress.

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Multi-talented Artists Now at the Turn of Times


chinese translation by 不正@百度金贤重吧 (BAIDU KHJ THREAD)

english trans: emz / lovekimhyunjoong.com




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

"I've tried to catch two rabbits, but failed," a Korean proverb which means to do two things at one time is difficult to achieve.

Despite this, the entertainment industry has gained people who manage to "catch more than two rabbits", they are called "multi-talented artists" who possess talents in many aspects, be it singing, dancing, acting, to the extent there is nothing they cannot do. Talking about "multi-talented artists", one will usually think of Uhm Jung Hwa, Lim Chang-Jung, who initiated a new era of such versatile artists. Other than their origin as solo singers, their excellent performance can also be seen in films and television shows.

Kim Hyun Joong is also an artist who reminds us of such "multi-talented artist", the popular Leader of SS501 starred in the popular TV series KBS2TV "Boys over Flowers" last year as JiHoo sunbae with a unrequited love for the heroine which showcased his potential as an actor. He will be starring as the male lead in the TV adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series, "Naughty Kiss," on MBC.

Kim Hyun Joong is also a shining star in the arena of variety shows, having starred in a wide range of variety shows which reveal the charisma of his self-confidence; his unique charm when acting as a make-believe couple with Hwang Bo in the first season of MBC's 'We got married" touched the hearts of many fans.

chinese translation by 不正@百度金贤重吧




金贤重也是让人想起的“万能艺人”,人气组合ss501的队长去年出演人气电视剧KBS2TV“花样男子”中单恋女主角的智厚前辈而认证了他成为演员的潜力,这次出演由日本人气漫画改编拍摄的电视剧 “淘气之吻”的男主人公,将会在MBC放送播出.


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Guest blackjackVip


they started reading the scripts already!

nice! i'm so excited for them :)

this will be a light-hearted drama! something i needed after "coffee house" lol.

btw, i dunno who Lee tae Sung is, haven't heard or seen him yet. He's not really that good-looking, but maybe he excels in acting?

anyways, can't wait for september!

i wanna see behind-the-scenes already! kekeke

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i'm liking the hairstyle. here's hoping he sticks with that or possibly a more boyish one... as long as he doesnt go the semi-perm/wavy hair that Joe Cheng sported, i'll be so darn happy.

i'm also soooo happy that LTS is confirmed for Kinnosuke role. i think he can play the character well. i'll be eagerly awaiting more casting news. i've really recovered from the initial disappointment and simply wishing that KHJ will deliver.

now, let's all hope that the OST will be amazing. please let it not emulate the BOF OST. i mean, Almost Paradise was great in the beginning, but it got to the point that it grates on my eardrums. how about some ~say that you love me, say that you care...~ heh, ISWAK fans would know that line!

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Guest khjfan

Leader looks younger and as usual so handsome. *took my breath away*

hehe maybe its the camera angle, seem quite bloated in some shots.

and his significant eyebags not to be found here!

he must have rested well .. love the hair style .. very naoki

so excited already and hoping for filming to start

hope all the casts will gel well and the drama will be outstanding

wow .. I am sure it will!


so in love with HyunJoong. :D

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reposted from : http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/

Casting ISWAK

from: ISWAK DCGal // (backdoor) iswak BD // G8

Role Purpose : Actor (original = korean ; Character's name)

Male lead : Kim Hyun Joong (Naoki Irie = Baek Seung Jo)

Female lead : Jung So Min (Aihara Kotoko = Oh Ha Ni)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

2nd Female lead (Ha-ni opposing rival, likes Seung-jo) : Jang Ah Young (Hong Jang Mi) [middle left]

2nd Male lead : Lee Tae Sung (Kinnosuke Nakamura = Bong Joon Gu)

Younger brother (Seung-jo’s) : Choi Won Hong (Yuuki Irie = Baek Eun Jo)

Teacher (of Ha-Ni’s) : Hwang Hyo Eun (Song Kang-i)

Teacher (of Seung-Jo’s) : Kang Du (Song Ji-oh)

Ha-ni Father : Kang Nam Gil (Oh Gi Dong) [top left]

Seung-jo Father : Oh Gyung Soo (Baek Soo Chang) [top middle]

Ha-ni best friend (clique) : Hong Yoon Hwa (role: Jung Joo Ri) [middle right]

Ha-ni best friend (clique) : Yoon Seung Ah [bottom left]

They already had script reading yesterday (19 Jul) @ MBC dream Center and 1st shoot will begin 22nd. It was said that HyunJoong liked it so much...

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Guest blackclip


1st Shooting 22/07

translation: Ode501

credit: Newsen

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min will be beginning the shooting for MBC drama 'Playful Kiss' soon.

On the 21st with a phone interview with Newsen, a drama related personnel revealed that both of them will begin first day shooting on 22nd. They have been preparing alot for this.

'Playful Kiss' is adapted from the original same-name Japanese manga titled 'Itazura na kiss'. Kim Hyun Joong will be portraying the male protagonist Baek Seung Jo, whilst rookie actress Jung So Min will be portraying the female protagonist Oh Ha Ni.

Both Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min had held several meetings together inclusive of script reading before official shooting will start, that's done so as to further progress in chemistry since it will be their first time working alongside each other. Especially for Jung So Min's case, even before she could finish filming for 'Bad Guy', she's already decided for her next project, which just proved the potential in her in future days to come.

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Guest layzzie84

I'm getting more excited each day! thank you for all the good news! :)If only I am in Korea I wanna watch their first shooting day! I hope there will be lots of pictures once they start filming.... Please let it be September soon! :)

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Guest Demllequ

wooot!  korean version :) I haven't seen the '96 Japanese version nor the Chinese version but I'm looking forward to watching this one, the Anime was sooo CUTE!!

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Guest chocolavie

so Jang Ah Young is the 2nd female lead and not Min Hyo Rin?? I read from baidu that MHR is the 2nd female lead...hmmm :unsure:

but the cast looks good to me, seems promising!

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I wish it was Kim Isak


i want her too.. love her in pops in Seoul.

and she was already in some sitcom drama from before titled Unstoppable Marriage..

she had minor role but i love her all the same...

Hyun joong opp is so handsome with they new hair...

so he is going to do tennis right...

i hope they show some other sports like in BOF...

wish they would show HJL good in Taekwando..

kekekeke, just saying, he is good in everything they shooulshow some clips...

anyway since his Character is a genius and speaks fluent english...

hehehe keep remembering the SS501 E N G R I S H...



hahaha wuri boys are just so funny...

but i think they polish him up nicely in english....

will be so excited with his english...

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Guest em.sie_1813

Me too.. I'm desperately looking UP to this.. :D :D

Just a bit trivia, before Joe & Ariel in ISWAK & TKA, they are really DARING! [for those who haven't watch that version yet] Even though, Joe Cheng who had a fan meeting lately in Korea, he recommends Yoon Eun Hye to be the Female lead in this drama(but she has another project)

Also, this is a TRUE TO LIFE story. about the writer in this Manga, she already died(RIP). She died in the middle of making this comic. Actually I'm so disappointed when I watch They kiss again ending, it still Open ended scenario. Now I discovered that this series is NOT yet FINISH. There still more romantic scenes between Ariel & Joe which I love them both.

I really hope KHJ & JSM will try their best to give us more & more romantic scenes like the taiwan ver... :wub:

I counted before the KISSES of Ariel & Joe before. If im not mistaken its is 35 in both season? Not just a kiss. something passionate that you cant handle! hahaha. :))

Hoping for pics release soon at their first filming shoot!

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As much as I hated kim hyun Joong's acting in BoF, I still love him just for being him. I have faith that we will have improved by september.

The lead guy in goong improved tremendously in Anitque bakery so I think Hyun joong can improve as well.

can't wait for this!

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Guest gulali

im so excited....i hope it'll be funny,coz the anime very..very funny.. :D :D

and Group eight dont cut the important scenes,he ^^

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