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[Drama 2010] Naughty Kiss / Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스

Guest mijoong

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Guest meteorflower09

i will definitely watch this drama

I think Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min have a good chemistry

I wish this drama do well

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Guest gulali

I luv this kind storyline..

i watched itazura na kiss,ISWAK,they kiss again and anime too,and my fav is They kiss again coz they're married,keke~

Though i dont really know d'female lead,but i like it,i should see her acting..

BOF casts arent so popular before isnt? but look at them now,,everybody know them..^^

Hyunjoong fit with the role,tall,smart,charismatic,cool..i hope he filming with black hair,he looks hot :P

i wonder who'll be Kinnosuke nakamura/jiro wang in ISWAK,the "never give up" boy :rolleyes:

Woaaaa...so many great drama in September :D

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Hyun Joong and So Min already seem cute according to the picture.   Can't wait to see them in the drama.  So Min is such a cute girl with a beautiful smile.   I can't anymore to see the press pictures....

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Guest CeeCee23

He'll look good so I am not even worried about that. I just want him to impress everyone with his acting, the way he did me in BOF. I believe he can but I just hope those who didn't like his acting give him a chance to.

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JungSoMin is that evil girl obsessed with KimNamGil's character in BAD GUY, isn't she?? LOL I don't watch that drama, but everytime someone's screaming it's her. I always thought she was ugly, but that might be because of her character. If she's cute and nice in this drama, I might come to like her.

Looks like KimHyunJoon is turning over to acting, at least preparing for it as he gets older.. he can't be in an idol group forever. I always knew he'd do that coz all the good-looking ones in idol groups turn to acting.

I love him!!

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thanks for the starting this thread dear, i was just thinkin of finding this thread till i got directed to here by another thread. will be lookin forward for more updates.

anywayz cant wait when it comes out, ive watched TW version of ISWAK, and for some reason i always cringe when i see the main female lead over panic. maybe its just me but i dunno. ;)

if u want to watch the TW version, you can also watch it here

Thank you for sending me the link. I had looked for it there originally but I guess I was looking for the wrong name. Thanks again.

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Guest NlCKl

got this from Twitter ...

RT @stalking_hj: Follow @Haru2subS they will sub mischievous kiss ^^

about 19 hours ago

yeyyy! we already have a subber although the taping is yet to start kekeke

i made a gif from KHJ's latest vid, perhaps that will be his hair style for the drama since it is similar to Naoki's



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I reposted this from KHJ thread, I wanted all to see. hww they both Leader and So min looked together in these photos, I know today is the First day of shooting, I can't wait for new photos that fans will share.

100716 Jung So Min appointed as Mischievous Kiss female lead

Photos from : Mischievous Land








Uploaded with ImageShack.us

She's a new actress, shae's a junior at the Korea National University of Arts majoring in acting but she's currently taking a semester off. In some angles she looked like Eun Yoo Hye

Read about her Here

Reposted from : Mischievous Land

He walks out from the manga…

The ethereal beauty like a dream…

The gorgeous prince in fairy tales…

The walking sculpture from those beautifully crafted mangas…

Hyun Joong surely is.

JIHOO's character


Naoki's character in MIschievous kiss











So do you think Hyun Joong can successfully portray Naoki Irie of the Manga?

Me? Yes yes yes : )

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kekeke NYC girl yu are here...

though i have some worries with his acting cause honestly even though I LOVE HIM to pieces, ehem actually i am obsessed with him, i have to admit that he wasnt my fave character in BOF-jihoo...

i Love him as leader of ss501..

as kid groom in WGM...

as 4 dimensional prince hyunjoong...

and i am crossing my fingers that i will love him as Baek Seung Jo in mischevous kiss...

anyway since this is Titled Mischevous KISS / It started with a KISS / PLayful KISS / Itazura KISS


i will share some things i find so enlightening about the drama

reposted from candycan114 / BAIDU LEADER THREAD

translated into english: happiebb / LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com

All the Kissing in the Manga, Itazura Na Kiss

candycan114: Actually I'm a Joe Cheng fan

and I really like the manga series, Itazura Na Kiss,

and particularly enjoyed the Taiwanese version of ISWAK I and II.

I'm not also a Hyun Joong fan.

These two days, been reading about how everyone's abit concerned

about the (excessive?) kissing scenes and rolling-in-the-bed scenes,

so have surfaced to share my findings and thoughts.

Won't be discussing the Japanese version

as the contents are just way too different from the original manga series.

As for the Taiwanese version,

my own feel is that the production is very similar to the manga contents,

except that the drama version has taken the intimate scenes a step further than the manga,

especially for Season II of ISWAK.

The manga is more of 'pure love',

the kissing and 'yo' scenes are basically just 'skimming the surface',

so i believe that with the current K-drama practices and level of acceptance (for intimate scenes)

the 'yo' scenes in the drama should be somewhat like in the manga,

that is, 'ok, let's jump to the next scene' when it comes to intimate scenes.

As for kissing scenes, it's kindda inevitable,

were there real kisses in BOF?

The kissing scenes for Kim Bum in The Woman Who Still Wants to Get Married

and for Siwon in Oh My Lady were very passionate and hot...

So I suggest that everyone be mentally prepared... (buddhist chant) Amituofo)

There are a total of 21 kisses in the original works of Itazura No Kiss,

and here they are^^

Epi 3: The angry kiss after the School Feast (to thank the teachers)

Epi 7: Naoki Steals a Kiss from Kotoko

Epi 8: Memories under (of?) the tree

Epi 10: Kiss of Confession in the Rain

Epi 10: The Wedding Kiss

Epi 11: The Ice-breaking Kiss during the Honeymoon

Epi 11 The First Night

Epi 11 The Kiss after Tiring & Exhausting Work

Epi 13 Naoki's Kiss of Comfort

Epi 14 The Kiss after the Quarrel

Epi 16 The Kiss after Naoki got Jealous for the 1st Time

Epi 16 The 2nd Anniversary Kiss

Epi 18 Naoki's Kiss after Kotoko's Bout of Jealousy

Epi 18 Naoki & Kotoko Stealing a Kiss in their Final Year in Uni

Epi 19 Farewell Kiss @Graduation

Epi 20 Reunion Kiss

Epi 21 Naoki's Comeback Kiss

Epi 21 Naoki's Stress-relieving Kiss after His 1st Major Surgery

Epi 22 The Kiss between Patient Naoki and Nurse Kotoro

Epi 22 The Onsen Kiss

Epi 22 Naoki's Kiss of Love after declaring 'I Love You'

Thanks purple princess

ahaha putting it here i this way made me think...


hyun joong oppa will kiss that many times, gosh they really should have a GREAT chemistry..

and the girl might get a million antis...

"dont kiss our oppa so many times, okay... he is not an easy man..."

but then i also am waiting my fave kissing scene..

i gotta say i ma hoping for a full on HOT & sexy kissing scene in the rain & the The Onsen Kiss, honey moon & of course the first one which is the angry kiss at school..

but i am looking forward to pure and gentle kiss with stealing a kiss, kiss under a tree & wedding kiss

and you can also watch the kissing scene of the taiwan version ISWAK.. which was 43 KISSES....

here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhUNN3hTVt4&feature=player_embedded


can you imagine how many time they will kiss each other... i mean other than that number there will be like a couple of NG's each kiss....

by the time this drama is finished i will have a good compilation of hyun joong kissing and the female lead would have gained a misslion antis...

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Guest em.sie_1813

Playful kiss FB page...


No official pictures yet?

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how tall is Jung So Min? Naoki should really tower over Kotoko. everything about those two are just so disproportionate that made them so complementary to each other. ha ha.

i know the manga by heart and i watch the taiwanese and anime simultaneously. im pretty sure i'll always be doing the comparative analysis in my head. i'll try to keep in mind that this is an adaptation...:P

also like i said in the similar topic at the kceleb photo section, this story has the awesome-est mother-in-law. i wonder how that would translate into korean culture? heh. i wonder how the audience will actually react to that. when was the last time that a korean MIL was sooo accepting and loving to her DIL? hmm.

even with the initial disappointment for casting of the lead guy, i think i've accepted that it's KHJ. i'll cross my fingers for him cause people have criticized him even before it even started. let's all pray to the drama gods for an amazing chemistry between the two leads. hope they can achieve a similar if not better connection than Ariel and Joe - the Kotoko-Naoki incarnate!

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Guest mijoong

First thing first, thx so much for you guys that help to repost and give update and contribution to update Mishievous kiss the latest update (newyorkcitygirl, immishievous, czakhareina, NICKI, reven.. ^^) and for you all that join to discusion... you guys ROCKS!!!! ^^ thx so much... yeah lets keep sharing okay... lets keep this MISCHIEVOUS KISS spirit sharing alive ^^

i posted some news that contain new detail..

Kim Hyun-joong confirmed to star in new TV series

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong has been confirmed as the male lead in upcoming TV series based on popular Japanese comic "Itazura na Kiss," according to agency KEYEAST on Friday.

KEYEAST announced in a press release that Kim has been cast for the role of Baek Sung-jo, the all-around Mr. Perfect-type character who ends up falling in love with a girl always getting into trouble, to be played by actress Jung So-min.

Director Hwang In-roi, who will helm the new series, explained that it was a combination of Kim's looks which "seem like they just popped out of a comic book," and his "pure, flexible" personality that made him perfect to play the character.

"And his strong will to win, which is one of the necessary virtues that an actor must have to lead a mini-series, was also a big factor," the director went onto say. "I think you may well look forward to Kim's natural appearance and relaxed acting in the drama."

The original comic series "Itazura na Kiss," which sold over 27 million copies in Japan, has been made into animation in Japan and a top-rated television drama in Taiwan.

Hwang, who previously directed "Goong" (MBC, 2006) and "The Return of Iljimae" (MBC, 2009), will team with noted television writer Go Eun-nim for the small screen adaptation of the comic.

Production company Group 8, creators behind last year's smash hit series "Boys Over Flowers," will produce the new show.

The romantic comedy, which starts shooting this month, will premiere on MBC on September 1.

Reporter : Lynn Kim lynn2878@

Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@

how tall is Jung So Min? Naoki should really tower over Kotoko. everything about those two are just so disproportionate that made them so complementary to each other. ha ha.

hehehe they said Jung so min's height is around 155-158 cm... ^^ and kim hyun joong is 181 cm.. so its really replica from the manga.. ^^ hahah Seung jo really tower over Hani ^^

LOL i like ur sentence "everything about those two are just so disproportionate that made them so complementary to each other." ->>>> SO TRUE, hahaha, thats make this pairing so interesting ^^

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Guest swempy_ren

yipeee they finally make Korean version of ISWAK xD...I'm gonna watched it regardless who stared as naoki or kotoko..but it's KimHyunJung :D gosh can't wait to see this drama..

I'm agree with^ Naoki's mom is extremely loving Kotoko...how to put it in korean culture...ahh more reasons to wait this drama XD

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Guest sara_drhp

wow this will be fun .I don't know about the actress much but this will be fun seeing both actor and the actress's play and see how they do

p.s oops sorry can I join the conversation I was being rude I should have asked first befor writing anything :sweatingbullets: so can? I join :lol:

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how tall is Jung So Min?


Naoki should really tower over Kotoko.


Joe's 188cm and ariel's 160cm... a difference of 28cm...


Bad guy cast


Jong SO min's only 155cm.. or maybe between 155-158 as mijoong said

and hyun joong is 181

so height difference is 22-23cm


credits goes to purple princess from lovekimhyunjoong.com for all the info i got...


HYun JOong Oppa is becoming Korea's Perfect-Man Manga Prince...

i mean Jihoo was the perfect gentleman 'jandi's firefighter'

and now with playful kiss he is going to be another perfect man character...


oppa really is the face of perfection....

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Guest i.meisee

Just like you guys. I'm also so excited for this series! :w00t:

ISWAK & TKA are replay on a China channel and I can't help watching it again even though I already watched it before.

As for Kim Hyun Joong's hairstyle, I think it will suit him if he dyed his hair into a more darker brown or black. I'm also excited for Jong So Min's acting! Can't wait to see how will she portray Kotoko.

For the story, I hope that they will make the story until the end.Hopefully they would focus on the high school story of Kotoko and Naoki. Then maybe a short episodes on college life. And again focus on their marriage life. I don't mind if there is a season 2. Wooohoo~ ^_^

newyorkcitygirl OMG! The first picture of KHJ sleepy really looks lika Naoki! :wub:

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I still don't know whether korean version will end with their marriage or it's the combination of ISWAK and TKA? Does anybody know?

Thanks czakhareina for the video of 43 kisses of ISWAK. It actually made me cry, because it made me remember how madly I loved this taiwanese series. I was obsessed with it :DD

I'm actually glad we will see wedding in the end. Latest dramas I've seen (Coffee Prince, BOF, You're beautiful, Personal taste, Cinderella Unni, ... ) had no wedding and it made me little disappointed...

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Joe's 188cm and ariel's 160cm... a difference of 28cm...


Bad guy cast


Jong SO min's only 155cm.. or maybe between 155-158 as mijoong said

and hyun joong is 181

so height difference is 22-23cm

2010071608355110011.jpgcredits goes to purple princess from lovekimhyunjoong.com for all the info i got...

Sorry to cut your post short, just FYI, got the latest ht of Leader in Keyeast Webbie, he is now 183 cm he has grown since his debut 2 cm. yehey!

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Guest JaneElliot

I don't know,I want to be excited about this drama... but I find that I can't. I was defnitely intrigued when it was first announced, because I watched a lot of the Taiwanese version and while I thought it had a lot of potential that production also had a lot of problems. I figured since Korean dramas generally have better production values and tighter ploting than Taiwanese ones (sorry, but they kind of do) this new version might be everything the T-version could have been.

But with the casting... I'm not so sure. I actually thought the cast was the strong point of the T-version, and I'm afraid we might have another BOF on our hand: a case of a K-production company updating a popular foreign series by giving it lots of gloss and shine, but ultimately losing the the magic of the original.

That's just my opinion, obviously. Happy to be proven wrong. But I think original kdramas are much better in general than remakes.

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Guest imMissChievous

  Harlow gals ^^,

I'm so sorry not not having enough time to read all the comments and join in your discussions. Just pop in to post some fun fun pics to spice up the thread : )

Kim Hyun Joong – Baek Seung Jo




Baek Seung Jo can cook



and so can Hyun Joong…



Both angelic gorgeous sleeping faces









*the sleeping beauty*



huh? Did I hear someone say Hyun Joong more gorgeous? : )


Charismatically pushing her against the wall…





and then smiling shyly xDDD



Special connection and affection to dogs…






Credit: http://blog.naver.co...jw/120111310637 (crazy captions by MissChievous ^^)

well, Hyun Joong is probably more perfect than Baek Seung Jo and Yoon Ji Hoo (LoLs, in case the thing called “more perfect” exists. Maybe “perfect” is the indication of the ultimate and highest level, but Hyun Joong has knocked down that conventional perception ^^)

Here is to show you how Hyun Joong is superior than Yoon Ji Hoo xD *notice they missed out football, basket ball, volley ball and swimming -.-*

MissChievous suddenly felt inspired and subbed for the first time in her life LoLs, pardon me because I know it sucks *but his answers are just too cute >.<*

See Hyun Joong really can do anything! Even if there is something he can’t, once learned, he will master it quick.

Can Baek Seung Jo play guitar, sing and dance like Hyun Joong? I hope they will let him sing and play guitar in Mischievous Kiss, that would be so cool!

I have some more updates from Korean sites but they are not confirmed. So I'm kinda hesitant to post it here. If you are interested, you can see them on my twitter or my wordpress sidebar. I will post quick updates at twitter.

btw, how can I embed youtube video on soompi?

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