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10/5/05 – Yoon Da Hoon, Kang Sung Yun, Lee So Yun, and Bae Soo Bin (윤다훈, 강성연, 이소연, 배수빈) will costar in the weekend drama “Get Married (결혼합시다)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on 10/8 following the final episode of “Song in Praise of Love”. This family drama portrays the agony of a bunch of women who are at the age of getting married.

KSY plays the role Hong Na Young (홍나영) who is a 33-year-old spinster and is the division chief of a large-scale promotion company. YDH plays the character Jung Jae Won (정재원) who is the division chief of a car company and will marry Na Young. Lee So Yun’s last drama was “New Employee” and Bae Soo Bin performed in “God of Sea”.




10/4/05 – Cha In Pyo and Jo Jae Hyun (차인표, 조재현), who once collaborated in the movie “Mokpo, Gangster’s Paradise (목포는 항구다), will again costar in the movie “Korean Peninsula (한반도)”. Other costars include actor Ahn Sung Ki, Moon Sung Geun, Kang Shin Il, Kim Sang Joong (안성기, 문성근, 강신일, 김상중), and actress Kang Soo Yun (강수연). This large-scale blockbuster movie portrays the tense and discordant situation of crises in Korean Peninsula before unification The director is Kang Woo Suk (강우석) whose previous movies were “Slimido (실미도)” and “Another Public Enemy (공공의적2)”. The production cost is about 10 billion Won. The flming started on 10/1 at “Pajoo Art Service Studio (파주 아트서비스 스튜디오)”.



10/4/05 – Kim Song Hee (김송희, 21) will act in the 16-episode Monday-Tuesday drama “이 죽일 놈의 사랑” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 10/31. She plays the role Cha Yoo Na (차유나) who is the younger sister of Cha Eun Suk (차은석) played by Shin Min Ah. She has first love sentiment towards the role played by Bi. Before this drama, she did projects pertaining to paran.com, MP3 toolkit, and CF. She also acted in KBS Drama City. Currently, she is practicing dancing for the MTB musical show “Grease” scheduled in November.



10/4/05 – Go Doo Shim (고두심) is the KBS actress who earned the most in 2004. KBS national audit data reveals that GDS received payment in total of 373,210,000 Won that puts her at the first place of earnings among all actors and actresses performing in KBS programs aired in 2004. She participated in two dramas “More Beautiful than a Flower” and “You Are a Star”. Lee Duk Hwa (이덕화) took in 339,290,000 Won. He acted in two dramas “My Precious Child” and “Age of Warriors”. From the 3rd to the sixth places are Lee Eung Kyung (이응경, 291,050,000 Won), Shin Sung Woo (신성우, 290,150,000 Won), Baek Il Sup (백일섭, 265,770,000), and Kang Suk Woo (강석우, 240,670,000 Won).

Script writers Suh Young Myung (서영명) received payment for 450,200,000 Won from the drama “My Precious Child”, Yoo Dong Yoon (유동윤, 362,140,000 Won) from “Age of Warriors”, and Yang Geun Seung (양근승, 355,220,000 Won) from “Daechu Tree”.





TV Rating (9/26/05 – 10/2/05)

1. Tough Geum Soon Ah (MBC) -- 37.9%

2. Rosy Life (KBS2) -- 33.9%

3. Goodbye to Sadness (KBS2) -- 26.0%

4. Queen’s Condition (SBS) -- 22.0%

5. Lover in Prague (SBS) -- 21.5%

6. Good Sunday Show (SBS) -- 19.6%

7. Happy Together-Friends (KBS2) -- 19.2%

8. GAG Concert (KBS2) -- 19.2%

9. The Ballad of Suh Dong (SBS) -- 19.1%

10. VJ Commando (KBS2) -- 18.6%



List of updates

Page 1

10/5/05 – Yoon Da Hoon, Kang Sung Yun, Lee So Yun, and Bae Soo Bin will costar in the weekend drama "Get Married"

10/4/05 – Cha In Pyo and Jo Jae Hyun, who once collaborated in the movie "Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise", will again costar in the movie "Korean Peninsula"

10/4/05 – Kim Song Hee )21) will act in the 16-episode Monday-Tuesday drama "이 죽일 놈의 사랑" scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 10/31.

10/4/05 – Go Doo Shim is the KBS actress who earned the most in 2004.

TV Rating (9/26/05 – 10/2/05)

Box office Top 10 (9/26/05 – 10/2/05)

Jang Nara invited to World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention as VIP

"April Snow" draws one million viewers in shortest period of time

"Jewel In The Palace" enthralls Chinese viewers

10.04.2005 - 'Mafia' Sequel Hits 5-Million Viewer Mark

October 6, 2005 PIFF aims high in its 10th year

2005.10.05 - Lee Byung-hun to set up fan club in Japan

'Duelist' invited to Frankfurt Book Fair (2005/10/02)

10.06.2005 - Pusan Int'l Film Festival Kicks Off

Korean Version of Hit "Love Actually" Features Six Couples In Love

The Opening of PIFF 2005

What Makes PIFF a Hit?

10 Reasons Behind the Rise of the Pusan International Film Festival

Page 2

10/6/05 PHOTOS - Celebrities attending the opening ceremony of "The 10th Pusan International Film Festival"

Lee Byung-heon to meet Tsumabuki Satoshi

Pusan Film Festival opens amid tight security

[PIFF] Stars Spice Up Pusan's Night

HyunBin-Lee YeonHee couple is behind the Kang DongWon- Lee ChungAh couple

OCTOBER 07, 2005 - In New MBC Drama, A Good Wife and Mother Marries a Braggart

All Eyes on Jeon Ji-hyun's Unfinished 'Daisy'

Pusan Meets the Stars

Oct.9, 2005 - Korean Wave Brings in Crowds at Pusan Film Fest

Open Talk: Lee Byung-hun and Tsumabuki Satoshi

[PIFF] Ethnic Korean Family at Ideological Divide

10/7/05 - According to TNS, the TV rating of MBC drama "Autumn Shower" fell to 3.3% on 10/6.

10/7/05 - Han Eun Jung and Soh Yoo Jin will be the lead actresses of the drama "Seoul 1945"

10/6/05 - Kim Min Sun to lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Young Jae's Golden Age (영재의 전성시대)"

TV Rating (10/3/05 – 10/9/05)

Oct 10, 2005 - "Married To The Mafia 2" tops box-office among comedy movies

Asia's sweethearts meet fans up close

Chow Yun-fat wants to work with 'Dae Jang Gum' star

Oct. 11, 2005 - "A Night With Daisy", a PR event with director Wai Keung Lau & cast

Page 3

2005 The Pusan Film Critics Award - Jo Seung Woo (Marathon) Best Actor & Kang Hye Jung (Rules of Dating) Best Actress)

10.10.2005 - From Metrosexual to Ubersexual

Classic Masculine Look Is Brought Back in Updated Form

Dennis O'Neil - not Just Daniel Henney Mark II

'Mafia' Sequel Is Nation's Top Comedy

Oct. 11 - S. Korean actress in Paris

Song Yun-ah to hold fan meeting in Japan

Korean Waves Stars Shine More Brightly in Japan

'Taejanggum' Animation to Debut

October 12, 2005 - Film festival celebrates ten years in Pusan with glamour and big plans

10/12/05 – "Cinema AZN (시네마 에이즌)" actively interviewing Korean Wave stars in The 10th PIFF

Box office Top 10 (10/3/05 – 10/9/05)

October 13, 2005 - Star-studded 'Sad Movie' not so sad

10.13.2005 - Memories of PIFF 2005

Box Office in Seoul (Oct. 7 ~ Oct. 13, 2005)

2005/10/14 - 10th Pusan International Film Festival closes

PIFF Ends on High Note

'Grain in Ear' Wins Top Prize at Pusan Festival

Asian stars to attend Louis Vuitton reopening in Hawaii

Yoon Do-hyun and MC Mong introduced at Tokyo Asia Music Market

10/15/05 – Three blockbuster movies scheduled to be debuted on 12/15, "Typhoon", "Running Wild" and "The Blue Swallow"

10/14/05 - KBS2 drama "Rosy Life"scored TV rating 47% on 10/12 and 42.5% on 10/13

10/13/05 - Go Hyun Jung will collaborate with PD Pyo Min Soo and the script writer In Jung Wook in a Wednesday-Thursday drama scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2006.

10/13/05 - On 11/1, Yun Jung Hoon starts his military service at "Kyunggido 306 Recruitment Center" for 5 weeks to receive basic military training

10/13/05 - Jang Suh Hee's fan meeting is held at "Raemian Culture Center" of Seoul on 10/13.

TV Rating (10/10/05 – 10/16/05)

October 16, 2005 - Korean megastar to attend U.S. premiere of film

Page 4

October 13th - Go Doo Shim: "Uhm Tae Woong is a charming man, Moon So Ri is an actress with a thousand faces."

October 16, 2005 - PALACE MALICE

The Korean Wave – helmed by costume soap Jewel In The Palace – is seeing a backlash in China

Oct.17, 2005 - Hong Kong Magazine Defends Korean Wave

Jo Insung is insured for 300 Million Won for Mean Street

Nam Gungmin from KBS1TV daily drama "My Precious Children", began filming the movie "Mean Streets" on the 27th (of September)

October 9 - 18th, 38 edition: The Sitges Festival Results

October 18, 2005 - Who's got Style?

Yonsama Film Sets Japanese Box Office Record

"A Moment To Remember" to open in Japan in 300 theaters


PHOTOS: The wedding of Shim Eun-ha, 33 and her husband Ji Sang-uk, 40, at the Aston House of the Seoul Walker Hill Hotel on Oct. 18.

October 18, 2005 - Lee Young Ae wins best actress award at Spanish film festival

Like Father, Like Son

Asian market finds its Seoul

Entertainment sector reportedly up 11% year-on-year

October 19, 2005 - S. Korea's 'Antarctic Journal' wins best Asian film award in Spain

Page 5

Oct.19, 2005 - Korean Films Conquer Europe

Actor's politics wins him few fans

10/19/05 – Jung Woo Sung is scheduled to visit Japan and China

10/18/05 – Nam Sang Mi, Lee Joo Hyun, Yoo Sun, Dennis O’Neil, and Sung Eun in drama "Policewoman Miss Lee (여순경 미스리)", aka "Spy (스파이)", scheduled to be aired by MBC

10/18/05 – On 10/15, Kim Rae Won records a song of the OST of his new movie "Mr. Socrates"

10/18/05 – Shim Eun Ha (33) and Ji Sang Wook's (40) wedding is held at 3:00p.m. in "Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel" on 10/18

Box office Top 10 (10/10/05 – 10/16/05)

October 20, 2005 - Film star comes back to drama stage

The 10 Young Leaders of Korean Cinema

Won Bin to join military in late November

Oct. 20, 2005 - Jang Dong-gun Voted Korea's Most Bankable Star

Silly or Serious, Kim Yun-jin Reaches for Stardom

Film 'Antarctic Journal' Wins Award in Spain

2005.10.21 - Teaser of 'A Love To Kill' starring Rain creates stir

Full list of the most bankable Korean stars in 2002-2004

October 20, 2005 - Screen quota defenders rally for Unesco draft

October 21, 2005 - UNESCO adopts diversity pact, despite US opposition

Jeon Ji Hyun is My Sassy Girl

Kim Ki-duk wins Vittorio de Sica award from Italy

Box Office in Seoul (Oct. 14 ~ 20, 2005)

Page 6

10.23.2005 - Singer Um Looks for Acting Challenges

2005/10/24 - S. Korean movie wins top prize of Philippine film festival

10/21/05 – Choi Kang Hee selected to costar with Go Hyun Jung in a Wednesday-Thursday drama scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2006

10/21/05 – Lee Ji Soo to costar with Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Min Sun, and Lee Yoo Ri in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Young Jae's Golden Age"

TV Rating (10/17/05 – 10/23/05)

10.24.2005 - Actor Ahn Sung-ki Praises Virtue of Short Films

random news from TWITCHFILM.NET

October 25, 2005 - Move over Bae Yong Joon, He's the new hero

Korean Movie Tops Japanese Box Office

'A Memory To Remember' becomes first Korean movie to top Japanese box-office

A Moment To Remember opens at #1 in Japan

Oct 26, 2005 - Pop star Rain (Bi), reaching out beyond Asia

Bae Yong-jun to hold first movie promotion in China

Rain Plays Fighter in New Drama

'Dongmakgol' Up Against Record Oscar Competition

'Welcome to Dongmakgol' Draws 5 Million Viewers

10/25/05 - KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama "A Love to Kill" will be aired on 10/31

10/24/05 - Kang Ji Hwan (26) is selected to costar with Go Hyun Jung in the Wednesday-Thursday drama scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2006

10/24/05 - The filming of Jo In Sung's new movie "Mean Streets" was started on 10/2 at a police station located at Choongmooro

Kim Jae Won and Yoon Tae-Young will be playing K-1 Fighters in a 2006 drama

Jang Dong-gun to appear on cover of Time magazine

Page 7

OCTOBER 27, 2005 - From Singer to Combat Sports Fighter, an Actor Is Born

[Oct 27]The Korean Superstar, Mr. Park Shin Yang has a long fight with his waist problem

Lee Da hye will be the lead actress of Sbs new drama ' My Girl'

10.27.2005 - Movie Industry Set for Another Successful Year

The Power of Korean Dramas

Performing Arts Aim to Join 'Hallyu'

2005.10.28 - Hallyu stars to appear at One Korea Festival

Box Office in Seoul (Oct. 21 ~ 27, 2005)

Oct 28, 2005 - Ji Jin-hee and Cho In-sung to meet with Japanese fans

Uhm Jung-hwa Wows Moviegoers With Her Versatility

Kim Hee-seon Claims Place Among Screen Goddesses

The 4th Korea Film Awards to be held on 4 December release the list of nominations

Jang Dong-gun to Appear on Cover of Time Magazine

October 31, 2005 - Film stars attract audience to drama

Movieland Wax Museum exhibition to open in Seoul in December

10/31/05 - Son Yeh Jin and Gam Woo Sung will lead the 16-episodes drama "Period of Love" scheduled to be aired by SBS in the spring of 2006

10/29/05 - Eric and Uhm Tae Woong selected to lead the drama "Wolf" scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2006

10/27/05 – Choi Ji Woo appears in the movie "Shadowless Sword" as a guest star (cameo)

CJW signs a CF contract (2 billion Won) with Japan "Sumitomo Corporation" as the spokesperson for its new brand of cosmetics product

10/26/05 – On 10/25, Kwon Sang Woo and Cha Tae Hyun receive "The President Recognition" for their steadily saving money since their debuts as entertainers

TV Rating (10/24/05 – 10/30/05)

Page 8

Oct 31, 2005 - "April Snow" sets precedent in Chinese theaters

October 31, 2005 - AFI Fest Invites Horror Film 'Red Shoes'

Booth to Sell Korean Films at Global Expo

A Moment To Remember hit no. 1 in Japan Box Office for 2 consecutive weeks

The Time, "Rain Will Be the First Korean Star to Make a Debut into the American Market"

November 1, 2005 - 'Yonsama' to try his luck in China

October 30, 2005 - Jo In Sung fears love confession

2005.11.01 - "A Love To Kill" gains popularity from pilot episode

Popular Korean TV actor joins military

November 1, 2005 - Film 'Dongmakgol' Breaks 8 Mln Ticket Mark

US Wax Museum to Visit Seoul

November 01, 2005 - Kwon Sang Woo is the Korean actor S'poreans want to see most

Nov 2, 2005 - "A Memory To Remember" tops Japanese box-office for two straight weeks

11/1/05 – Accompanied by his wife Han Ga In, Yun Jung Hoon reports to "Kyunggido 306 Recruitment Center" at 1:40p.m. on 11/1 to start his military service

11/1/05 - Chun Jung Myung will costar with Yoon So Yi, Kim Min Hee, and Lee Jae Ryung in the drama "Goodbye Sorrow" scheduled to be aired by KBS2 in March of 2006

10/31/05 - Shim Hye Jin will lead the Friday drama "That Woman" scheduled to be aired by SBS on 12/9 following the final episode of "Tear of Diamond"

Box office Top 10 (10/24/05 – 10/30/05)

11/2/05 - Actress Kim Namjoo gives birth to a girl

11/3/05 - China under emergency due to BYJ

November 4, 2005 - 'Boy, Goes to Heaven' conjures up body-transference fantasy tale

Nov 4, 2005 - Park Yong-ha and Park Jin-hee to star in Japanese TV drama

AMTR maintained no.1 in Japan for weekdays 31 Oct to 4 Nov 05

Nov 3, 2005 - U.S. Daily Calls Actor Bae 'One-Man Corp.'

11.04.2005 - Miniseries 'Tamo' to Be Aired in Kazakhstan

November 03, 2005 - Cine21 Interviews Bae Doo-Na

Page 9

Box Office in Seoul (Oct. 28 ~ Nov. 3, 2005)

AMTR's creating new hallyu wave in Japan

Middle-aged women still suffering from 'Yon-fluenza'

GMA premieres 'Jewel in the Palace'

26th Blue Dragon Awards will be held on the 29 Nov 2005

11/4/05 - Lee Seung Yun will act in the drama "Love and Ambition" scheduled to be aired by SBS in January of 2006

11/3/05 - Lee Na Young and Kang Dong Won will lead the movie "Our Happy Time"

11/3/05 – Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Eric's girlfriend Park Si Yun and Lee Joon Gi will costar in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "My Girl"

TV Rating (10/31/05 – 11/6/05)

November 06, 2005 - Korean Weekly News - 11/6

November 7, 2005 - Actress Bae Jong-ok Wins Award at Bulgarian Festival

Bae Yong-joon Conquers China

AMTR still going strong in Japan Box Office 5 - 6 Nov 2005

Nov 8, 2005 - Won Bin to hold benefit photo exhibition in Japan

'Corpse Bride' in Surprise Korean Box Office Triumph

Pantech inks deal with pop star, Rain

A Moment To Remember tamed Corpse Bride in Japan

November 9th, 2005 - SO JI SUB, following after the 'The Steps of Yonsama'

Actor Jang Dong-kun on the cover of U.S. current affairs magazine Time's latest Asia edition

11.09.2005 - More Than a Pretty Face (Jung Jae Young & HWang Jung Min)

Good Acting Proves More Important Than Being Traditionally 'Handsome'

Page 10

November 10, 2005 - S. Korea-Japan Film Festival to Open Friday

Article - JDG on Time Magazine

Rural Men Seek Uzbek Brides

Taiwanese star Alec Su to give press conference along with Jang Nara

Jang Dong-gun appears on cover of Time magazine

November 10, 2005 - 2nd Highest Price Paid for Domestic Film

November 11, 2005 - Why Prague can't beat Paris in romance

New Poster of 'Arts of Seduction' released in Korea

Overseas distribution rights of Shadowless Sword exceeded US$10 million

S. Korean actor Bae Yong-joon visits China

11.13.2005 - Tough Guy Yang Dong Gun Gets Geeked Up

November 13, 2005 - Korean Weekly News - 11/13

Nominations for the 26th Blue Dragon Award

2005.11.14 - Bae Yong-jun provided with top-class security in China

11/13/05 – Jung Ryu Won decides not to lead the drama "Wolf" scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2006

TV Rating (11/7/05 – 11/13/05)

Page 11


November 14, 2005 - Winter Sonata star talks about April Snow

Nominations list of 26th Blue Dragon Award

"Son Ye jin versus Song Hye Kyo" in the Christmas season

2005/11/13 - Lee Byung-hun made the contract with Hollywood's biggest agency

November 15, 2005 - Shadowless Sword Press Screening Report

Romance, comedy light up My Little Bride!

11.15.2005 - 'Shadowless Sword' Takes Stab at Global Audience

Page 12

Japanese imperial couple invites tenor Lim Hyung-ju

November 15, 2005 - MBC in Second Male Nudity Shock

Hallyu Stars to Meet Hu Jintao

Nov 16, 2005 - Tickets to Kim Rae-won's fan meeting sold out in three minutes in Japan

Keeping up 'addiction to Korean TV dramas'

'Unforgiven' Casts Cold Eye on Army Life

11/14/05 – Ji Jin Hee and Yum Jung Ah will lead the movie "Aged Garden (오래된 정원)"

11/14/05 – Go Soo, Kim Hyun Joo, Son Tae Young, and Yoon Sang Hyun attended the press conference of the weekend drama "Marry a Millionaire"

Box office Top 10 (11/7/05 – 11/13/05)

NOVEMBER 17 - "Let's Give Them All the Action We've Got"

'Shadowless Sword' packs martial art, yet lacks historical identity

2005.11.16 - Korean films strengthening influence in Asia

Page 13

Nov 17, 2005 - Ji Jin-hee launches Asian tour

AMTR maintained strong box office before Harry invades Japan on 19 Nov

Nov.18, 2005 - 'Shadowless Sword' Delivers Formulaic Fun

Box Office (Nov. 11 ~ 17, 2005)

Seeking a man? Hire a detective

11.19.2005 - Movie Awards to Celebrate Year's End

November 20, 2005 - Nominations for the 26th Blue Dragon Awards Announced

Nov. 21, 2005 - Actress Kim Hee-seon at the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals

Nov. 20, 2005 - Rain Announces Global Ambitions on CNN

Nov. 14 - Asia Rivals' Ugly Images Best Sellers in Japan

11/20/05 – On 11/18, Choi Ji Woo attends the press conference of her first Japanese drama "Dance Music - Rondo" held at Japan TBS

11/17/05 – Kim Joon Sung will costar with Shim Hye Jin, Jang Dong Jik, and Oh Yoon Ah in the Friday drama "That Woman"

11/17/05 – Lee Jung Jae renews the CF contract (500 million Won / 1 year) with "Basic House" as the spokesperson for its business casual brand

11/16/05 – Shin Seung Woo and Park Yeh Jin will collaborate in MBC's Best Theater -- "May, June" scheculed to be aired on 12/10

TV Rating (11/14/05 – 11/20/05)

2005.11.21 - Rain appears on CNN's "Talk Asia"

Korean Weekly News - 11/21

Terrestrial TV Viewer Ratings Plummet

2005/11/19 - "Parang Love" - "My Girl and I" to be sold abroad in US$4 million

November 22nd, 2005 - Han Ji Min will be reunited with Uhm Tae Woong at "Wolf"

Nov.22, 2005 - Kim Yun-jin Returns Home

Page 14

November 22, 2005 - 'Korean Wave to Promote Peace in East Asia'

11.23.2005 - New Thriller Deals With Bullying in School

11/23/05 - The posters of the movie "Green Alert" starring Song Hye Gyo and Cha Tae Hyun released

11/23/05 – To promote his Chinese movie "The Promise", Jang Dong Gun will visit many Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia

11/22/05 – On 11/21, Jae Hee, Lee Na Young, Jang Dong Gun, and Soo Ae attend the "Handprint" event sponsored by the 26th "Blue Dragon Film Awards"

11/22/05 – Han Ji Min will costar with Eric and Uhm Tae Woong in the drama "Wolf" scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2006

11/22/05 – Sung Yoo Ri (24) will lead the 18-episodes drama "Spring Waltz" scheduled to be aired in early March of 2006

11/22/05 -- The production company "CK Media Works" announces that Go So Young and Jae Hee are selected to lead its produced drama "사랑하지...않아" scheduled to be aired in the first half of 2006

11/22/05 – Gam Woo Sung (35) plans to marry Kang Min Ah (강민아, 34) in January of 2006

Box office Top 10 (11/14/05 – 11/20/05)

Nov.23, 2005 - 30-Something Men Embrace Unisex Cosmetics

Son Ye Jin, Post "Hallyu Queen"

November 24, 2005 - 'Brown-eyed Brad Pitt' attacks TV screen (Dennis Joseph O'Neil & Daniel Henney)

2005.11.23 - Shadowless Sword to open worldwide in 2006

2005.11.24 - Nominations announced for Blue Dragon Awards

11.24.2005 - Movies Go to The Dogs

2005.11.25 - Typhoon to open on a record 513 screens

24.11.2005 - Male Love: Instinct and Innocence

S. Korean movie star Jang Dong-gun earns nearly 7 bln won

Hyunbin to Become Esquire Hong Kong's Cover Boy

Favorite Korean Stars in China

Prague Becomes a Star on Korean TV

November 28, 2005 - Agents ride crest of Korean wave

11/28/05 – Lee Suh Jin is selected to lead the Korea-Turkey collaborated drama "Speed" scheduled to be aired in the first half of 2006

11/25/05 – The wedding of Chae Jung Ahn (28) and Kim Sang Chul (30) will be held at "Coax Center Grand Ball Room" on 12/16

TV Rating (11/21/05 – 11/27/05)

2005.11.28 - Yonsama subway launched in Tokyo

November 29, 2005 - KOREAN MOVIES Big stars, yet no sparkle

Art exhibition boosting Korean Wave

29th November - Won Bin's army life begins

Page 15

November 29, 2005 Director Kim Wins Italian Film Award

11.29.2005 - Won Bin: Celebrity trainee

Photos: The results of the 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards (11/29/05)

Nov.29, 2005 - Won Bin Dons Fatigues for Mandatory Role

The 41th Baek Sang Art Awards results

2005/11/29 - Lee Young-ae wins best actress at Blue Dragon Film Awards

'Jewel in the Palace' the latest craze

Nov.30 - Lee Young-ae Snaps String of Bad Lack at Movie Awards

'Lady Vengeance' Bags Korea's Top Movie Honors

"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" wins Best Picture Award

Nov 29, Gangsters Reunited for 'My Boss, My Hero'

Korean Weekly News - 11/28

Page 16

2005.11.25 - Typhoon to open on a record 513 screens

December 01, 2005 - Jang Dong-gun finds success a double-edged sword

U.S. Channel to Air Hit Drama 'Winter Sonata'

CTH topping the netizen votes on who will make the most interesting boyfriend

Official Arts of Seduction Poster unveiled

Rain to participate in Community Chest of Korea

12/1/05 – Lee Suh Jin and Park Han Byul are selected to lead the drama "Freeze"

11/29/05 – Jun Do Yun signs a CF contract (500 million Won / 1 year) with "Chungkwang Construction" as the spokesperson for its apartment brand

Box office Top 10 (11/21/05 – 11/27/05)

DECEMBER 02, 2005 - Adultery Is Secret of Dramas' Success

'Winter Sonata' Heading to US

Hye Kyo Power! 'Wind Wave Advisory' Reaped 4.2 Million Dollars in Asia

Dec.2, 2005 - Park Ji-sung, Lee Hyo-lee Koreans With Most Brand Power

Page 17

December 02, 2005 - The Art of Seduction Theatrical Trailer Released

Box Office in Seoul (Nov. 25 - Dec. 1)

Results: Korean Film Awards

Dec. 4, 2005 - For Jung Ryeo-won, It's Time to Kick Back

December 5, 2005 - "Welcome to Dongmakgol" Wins 6 Korean Film Awards

12/5/05 - Jang Suh Hee is selected to perform in the 30-episodes Chinese historical drama "Kyungja Suh Kyung Gi"

12/2/05 - Kim Jung Eun awarded "The Best Actress of Drama" in the "2005 Asian Television Awards" held at National University of Singapore on 12/1

12/2/05 - The representative of MBC announces that the drama "I'm Not Good" starring Go Hyun Jung is canceled due to internal coordination problem

TV Rating (11/28/05 – 12/4/05)

2005.12.05 - Several celebrities named spokespersons for Life Ethics Committee

Artist makes floral tribute to celebrities

Korean Weekly News - 12/05

December 5, 2005 - Ji Jin-Hee Tests His Pulling Power in Southeast Asia

Rise of Multiethnic TV Stars

Page 18

12.05.2005 - Andre Kim to Hold Fashion Show for Children With AIDS

Pusan Film Fest Director Kim Dong-ho Honored

Korean Celebrity Makes Debut as a Video Game Model

DECEMBER 06, 2005 - Apology from MBC is Not Enough

Dec 6, 2005 - Lee Dong-gun enraptures Japanese fans at hallyu star meeting

12.06.2005 - 'Typhoon' Ready to Hit Nation

2005/12/06 - Lee Byung Hun, Lee Young-ae and Kim Rae Won to participate in the charity event of 13th

Park Chan-Wook's (Cyborg Girl) Casts Leads

Dec 7, 2005 - Lee Ji-hoon to hold movie promotion and fan meeting in Japan

Park Shin-yang joins ranks of hallyu stars

December 06, 2005 - Korean Box Office Report - December 2/4

December 07, 2005 - Korean Critics Pick Best of the Year

Lee Byung-hun to Meet Hilton Sisters

12/6/05 – Lee Tae Ran will appear in the movie "My Boss, My Student" as a guest star

12/5/05 – On 12/4, Kim Rae Won attends his fan meeting held at "Well City Tokyo" of Japan

12/5/05 – In order to play the role as a K-1 fighter in Wednesday-Thursday drama "사랑하지...않아" on SBS in February of 2006, Jae Hee is trying to gain 12kg weight

Page 19

2005.12.09 - Cho Hyun-jae to advance to Japan

Cho Seung-woo joins ranks of hallyu stars

'Typhoon' Puts Action Above Character Development

Kim Ah-jung Brings Living Beauty to Barbie Exhibition

DECEMBER 08, 2005 - "Memories of Love and Heartache Led Me to the Screen"

2005.12.09 - Kang Ta honored by Ban

Dec.11, 2005 - Korea Wave Hits Middle East

Blockbuster Films Heat up December

12/11/05 – On 12/10, the homepage of "2005 Performance Award (2005년 연기대상)" at SBS is opened

12/11/05 – MBC decides to end the Monday-Tuesday drama "Sweet Spy" on 12/27

12/8/05 – During the year of 2005, dramas broadcasted by KBS recorded high TV ratings

12/6/05 – Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye are selected to lead the drama "Tree of Heaven" scheduled to be aired by SBS in February of 2006

TV Rating (12/5/05 – 12/11/05)

Son Ye jin receiving an award of commendation

Page 20

December 12, 2005 - An 'irresistible trickster' to meet viewers in 'My Girl'

New ABS-CBN Koreanovela

Dec.12, 2005 - Kim Hee-sun Plans Fan Meet-N-Greet in Japan

Ko So-young to make big-screen comeback in horror movie

"Computer Game Modelled on Actor Lee Byeong-heon" Introduced in Tokyo

December 13, 2005 - 'Eric's girl' Park Si-yeon makes a leap to acting

Actor Kim Jae-won to Hold Hand-Shaking Event in Japan Dec. 16

2005/12/12 - S. Korean critics pick 'Duelist' as best film

12-13-2005 - 'Typhoon' Star Up to New Challenges

Star Director's Book Recalls His Days as a Failure

2005.12.14 - Chun Ji-hyun picked as "Elle" cover model in 6 Asian countries

Korean Weekly News - 12/12

December 14, 2005 - Actor Park Shin-yang makes literary debut

Korean Actress to be Featured Elle Cover

'The Promise' Nominated for Golden Globe

'Typhoon' lacks creative energy

12/14/05 – Kim Ok Bin will lead the Monday-Tuesday drama "How Are You, God" scheduled to be aired by KBS2

12/13/05 - In "The 25th Film Critics Awards" on 12/12, Lee Byung Hun and Jun Do Yunawarded the "Actor Perfromace Award" and the "Actress Performance Award"

12/12/05 - Lee Bo Young is nominated by both KBS and SBS in the categories of "New Actor/Actress Award" and "New Star Award" respectively

12/12/05 - On 12/11, Jang Dong Gun, director Chen Kaige, lead actress Cecilia Cheung and Japanese actor Sanada Hiroyuki attend promotional events for their Chinese movie "The Promise"

Box office Top 10 (12/5/05 – 12/11/05)

Page 21

Dec.14, 2005 - Celebrity Couple Adopts 'God-Sent' Addition to Family

2005.12.15 - Lim Eun-kyung Cast as Lead Actress for Chinese TV Drama

Allure of Korean dramas

"Typhoon" draws 280,000 viewers on opening day

Southeast Asian viewers want new twists from Korean dramas

December 16, 2005 - Seasoned singer, Lee Hyun-woo's season's greetings

2005.12.14 - A Moment to Remember breaks Japanese record

12/15/05 - Yoo Gun will costar with Kim Ok Bin and Lee Jong Hyuk in Monday-Tuesday drama "How Are You, God"

Dec.15, 2005 - Celebrity Couple Sets Example to Follow

Page 22

Drama Project starring Song Seong-Hun, Yoon Kye-Sang, Won Bin

Not the guy next door - Actor Jang is handsome but that hasn't kept him from tackling non-heroic roles

Kangta and his bandmembers visit the Save our Souls (SOS) school at kilometre six on the National southern


December 18, 2005 - Korean film industry continues to produce major hits

12/19/05 – Eric arrives at Narita Airport of Japan on 12/18

12/17/05 – Cha Tae Hyun will lead the movie "Fool", adapted from the popular internet comic of the same name

12/17/05 – Jang Dong Gun's two movies "Typhoon" and "The Promise (China)" have attracted more than 1 million moviegoers in Asian countries only in one day

12/16/05 – Oh Ji Ho will lead the weekend drama "Thank for Life" scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 1/7

12/15/05 – New actor Soh Do Young will costar with Sung Yoo Ri and Daniel Henney in the 18-episodes drama "Spring Waltz"

TV Rating (12/12/05 – 12/18/05)

2005.12.16 - Chae Jung Ahn got married on Friday

December 19, 2005 - 'Typhoon' sets five-day box office record for 2005

S. Korean pop star in Japan (Eric)

New romantic comedy (SYJ)

Getting Serious About Clowning

Actor Gam Woo-sung Stars in Upcoming Film 'King and the Clown'

Page 23

Dec.19, 2005 - Huge Crowds Greet Eric's Arrival in Tokyo

Chinese director hopes 'The Promise' will appeal to Westerners

Korean Weekly News - 12/19

Lee Young-ae Named Korea's Promotion Queen

December 20, 2005 [YEAR-END REVIEW]

Blockbusters boosted musical industry

Dec 20, 2005 - Actress Choi Ji-woo Stars in Joint Korean-Japanese TV Drama

December 19, 2005 - Korean Box Office Report - December 16/18

December 20, 2005 - Blockbuster 'Typhoon' to Hit U.S. Next Year

Shinhwa's Eric draws Japanese media spotlight

December 21, 2005 - Melodrama flick 'My Girl and I' less impressive than Japanese version

[YEAR-END REVIEW]'Boorish' women knocked out 'Cinderellas'

Film "Typhoon" to Be Distributed in U.S. thru DreamWorks SKG

Celebrities in Wax

12.21.2005 - Actress LYA Gains Popularity in Asia

Page 24

12/21/05 – Lee So Yun will costar with Soh Do Young, Sung Yoo Ri, and Daniel Henney in the 18-episodes drama "Spring Waltz" scheduled to be aired in early March of 2006

12/21/05 - The poster of the movie "The First Love of Millionaire" starring Hyun Bin and Lee Yun Hee is released

Box office Top 10 (12/12/05 – 12/18/05)

12-22-2005 'Blue Swallow' Faces Turbulence

A Giant Leap for Song Hye-gyo?

List of Nominees for the KBS 2005 Drama Awards

2005.12.23 - Cha In-pyo, Shin Ae-ra Support 10 Foreign Children

Dec.23, 2005 - The Five (Plus One) Best Movie Scenes of 2005

Nominations for KBS 연기대상 (KBS Drama Awards) Announced

Page 25

12.25.2005 - Kim Sam-soon Syndrome

Page 26

Top 9 Rated Kdramas of All Time

Top 10 Rated Kdramas of 2004

List of All time High-Rated Kseries

2005.12.26 - [YEAR-END REVIEW]

Shocks, embarrassments, disappointments

December 25, 2005 - 도마뱀 (Lizard) Teaser Trailer Released

December 24th - Yoo Jae Suk picks up a win at the KBS Entertainment Award

Dec 26, 2005 - Actor Kwon Sang-woo Invited as VIP Guest to "Martial Arts Fighting" in Japan

12/25/05 – Han Hyo Joo replaces Sung Yoo Ri as the lead actress of the drama "Spring Waltz" scheduled to be aired in early March of 2006

12/23/05 – On 12/22, Kim Ho Jin, Ryu Soo Young, Soh Yoo Jin, Han Eun Jung, and Park Sang Myun attend the press conference of KBS1 large-scale weekend drama "Seoul 1945"

12/23/05 – Yoo Ho Jung and Kang Soo Jung will act in the weekend drama "Thank for Life" scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 1/7

12/23/05 – On 12/19, the filming team of the movie "Monopoly" leaves for Phi Phi Island of Thailand

12/22/05 – Son Yeh Jin, Bae Yong Joon, Go So Young, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Hee Sun, and Lee Jung Jae, stars of big screen, will perform in small screen in 2006

TV Rating (12/19/05 – 12/25/05)

December 26, 2005 - Mongolia Hospital Named After Actress Kim Jung-eun

12.26.2005 - Top Movie Posters of 2005

Page 27

Dec. 27, 2005 - Images of Korean stars in a photo exhibition titled "Korean Wave to the World" at the Gwanghwamun subway station in Seoul on Monday

Korean actress Kim Ji-ho sells goods at a charity bazaar hosted by the Global Adoption Information and Post Service

December 27, 2005 [YEAR-END REVIEW]

Superstars make 2005 their own year

12.26.2005 - Culture Ministry Honors PIFF

Actor Kwon Sang-woo to become "A Man of $10 Million"

Dec.27, 2005 - A Year of Big Changes and Small Setbacks for Korean TV

Movie industry matures as production workers unionize

Actress Kim Sun-a in Top 10 List

December 28, 2005 - Blue swallow set to soar onto screen

Film 'Typhoon' Stays King for 2nd Week

Films Starring Sohn Ye-jin Attract 10 Mil. Viewers in Korea, Japan

12.28.2005 - 10 Hot Culture Issues in 2005

December 29, 2005 - Slack record market pushes singers into new career

12/27/05 - Song Il Kook is selected to lead the large-scale 50-episode historical drama "The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong" scheduled to be aired by MBC in April of 2006

12/26/05 - Lee Yo Won signs a CF contract (1 billion Won / 1 year) with "CC Club" as the spokesperson for its attire brand

Box office Top 10 (12/19/05 – 12/25/05)

Plays, Films Feel Synergy Effect

Los Angeles' famous house of wax relocates to Korea

DECEMBER 29, 2005 - Jang Jin-young Flying in Pursuit of Her Dreams

Jang Dong-gun's "The Promise" starring selected top-100 movie in China

Page 28

Korean Box Office Report - December 23/25

12.29.2005 - Korean Wave Just a Ripple in Japan: Survey

Japanese Still Can't Get Enough of Korean Stars

December 30, 2005 - TOP 10 LIFE & STYLE STORIES OF 2005

2005/12/30 - Oslo theater to screen Korean films

Young Korean directors present Directors' Cut Awards

Calendars Featuring Actor Bae Yong-joon Become Best Sellers in Japan

12.30.2005 - New Faces of 2006

Results & Photos: 2005 MBC Performance Award Ceremony (2005 MBC 연기대상, 12/30/2005)

Results & Photos: Winners of KBS 2005 year-end Performance Awards (12/31/2005)

Results & Photos: Winners of SBS 2005 year-end Performance Awards (12/31/2005)

December 31, 2005 - [2005 YEAR IN REVIEW] Part 1: Korean TV Dramas

Page 29

Photos: SBS 2005 year-end Performance Awards (12/31/2005)

TV Networks Hand Out Awards

Singer Kim Jong-kook Sweeps Music Prizes From Broadcasters


JANUARY 02 - Stars Born in the Year of the Dog

1/2/06 - Han Hye Jin is selected to costar with Song Il Kook in the large-scale 50-episode historical drama "The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong"

12/29/05 - Kim Tae Hee is scheduled to leave for China on 12/30 to film the film "Midair"

TV Rating (12/26/05 – 1/1/06)

Actress Lee Young-ae Tops Hong Kong Chart as "Woman of the Year"

The Invisible Korean Behind U.S. Hit Drama

Jang Nara cancels press conference in China

January 02, 2006 - Korean Box Office Report - January 1

01.03.2006 - Born in the Year of the Dog

Rain to Star in 'Old Boy' Director's New Film

Talk Asia Rates Interview with Rain One of 2005's Best Five

Page 30

January 3, 2006 - 4 Films Invited to Palm Springs Festival

'The King and the Clown' Bursts With Sheer Energy

01.04.2006 - Hit Drama Details Art of Seduction

Heartthrobs Run 'Wild'

Kwon Sang-woo, Yoo Ji-tae Team Up for Crime Thriller 'Running Wild'

Rain to Star in Park Chan-wook's Much-Awaited 'Cyborg'

'Lost Love' goes beyond drama stereotyping

1/3/06 - On 1/3, Oh Ji Ho, Park Yeh Jin, Yoo Ho Jung, Kim Yoo Suk, and Kim Yoon Suk attend the press conference of the weekend drama "Thanks for Life"

Box office Top 10 (12/26/05 – 1/1/06)

JANUARY 05, 2006 - Wild Beasts Lurk in the Hearts of Men

'The Art of Fighting' showcases actor Baek's charm

Kim Hee-sun set to launch official fan club in Japan

Busan Shows Midas Touch as Movie Location

Park Hae il getting married to his girlfriend of 5 years on 12th March

2006.01.06 - Lee Joon-gi emerges as rising star

Movie Stars File Appeal for Protesters

Behind Rise of Korean Films

Star Actor Won Bin Volunteers for Frontline Army Post

Jan.7, 2006 - Asia Goes Crazy Over Korean Pop Culture

Page 31

Jan. 8, 2006 - 135 Mln Movie Tickets Sold in Korea, Up 3.8% from Last Year

Sky's the Limit for Han Ji-min

Jan 9, 2006 - Actress Jun Ji-hyun Likely to Focus on Foreign Market for the Time Being

KBS documentary to show glimpse of Lee Byung-heon's private life

Stars and Their Personal Blogs

Celebrities Find Weblogs to Be Both Help and Hindrance to Career

1/6/06 - SYJ will be paid 50 million Won per episode (basic guarantee + extra) to lead the 16-episodes drama "Period of Love"

1/5/06 – Lee Dong Gun will lead the movie "Race"

1/5/06 – Ha Ji Won will costar with Cha Tae Hyun in the movie "Fool"

TV Rating (1/2/06 – 1/8/06)

2006/01/10 - 'Lady Vengeance' star selected for jury of Berlin film festival

Actress Lee Young-ae Invited to Berlin Film Festival as Juror

01.10.2006 - Singers, Actors Get Draft Notices

Baek Shows 'Art of Acting'

TV drama gets arty: Actress Yoon Eun-hye and actor Joo Ji-hoon shoot a scene for the MBC drama "Kung (Palace)" at Seoul Art Museum, Seoul

Jan. 8, 2006 - Son Ye Jin: an actress that radiates an angelic image

Twitch's Korean Box Office Report 6 - 8 Jan 2006

Page 32

2006.01.10 - Won Bin heads for frontline army post

'April Snow' to Open Vesoul Film Festival

01-11-2006 - New Film Shows Penal System Is No 'Holiday'

Internet Becomes Path to Stardom

January 12, 2006 - New action flicks highlight unfair social system

1/10/06 - Eric, Han Ji Min, Uhm Tae Woong, and Lee Eun attend the press conference of the Monday-Tuesday drama "Wolf" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 1/16

1/10/06 – Kim Jae Won will lead the movie "Lad". He plays the role "Smith Lee" who is a military priest working in the warfare support devision of a naval brigade

1/10/06 - Kwon Sang Woo, Yoo Ji Tae, and more than 400 fans of theirs will attend the premiere party of the movie "Running Wild" in "River City" Café located at Ahpkijungdong, Seoul on 1/13

1/9/06 – Jo Seung Woo will costar with Baek Yoon Shik and Kim Hye Soo in the movie "Tajja"

Box office Top 10 (1/2/06 – 1/8/06)

Jan.11, 2006 - Unintentional Cameo in 'Old Boy' Leads to Lawsuit

JANUARY 12, 2006 - "I Have the Perfect Playboy Glare"

Go Ah Ra will be replacing Lee Hyori for the role of Kim Hee Ae's daughter in MBC's oct'06 drama "Snow Flakes"

Taiwan and China are in rare agreement in a backlash against the Korean Wave that has seen their television channels swamped with Korean soap operas

Jan.12, 2006 - Fresh Wave of Choi Ji-woo Fever Grips Japan

Won Bin Dispatched to Face the Enemy

Star-Filled 'Running Wild' Tamed by Conventions

Jan 13, 2006 - Actor Kim Rae-won Plans More Activities in Japan

KBS to tap into satellite TV market in Japan

01.15.2006 - Based on a True Story?

Recent Films Use Fictional Elements to Help Recount Real Events

Page 33

Drama news - Jang Dong Gun, Kwon Sang Woo, and Lee Jung Jae... Who is Kim Hee Sun's man?

2006.01.16 - TV drama starring Choi Ji-woo records 20.6% viewership in Japan

Hallyu Phenomenon Faces Backlash in East Asia

Choi Ji-woo Sets her Sights on Hong Kong

January 17, 2006 - Heartthrobs head for Army service

2006.01.14 - 8 Korean films sold over 3 million tickets each in '05

Jan 17, 2006 - Ryoo Su-young joins ranks of hallyu stars in Taiwan

Favorite Films of Directors, Actors to Be Screened

Big budget movies dying at the box office

Coming Soon to theaters in Singapore

[PHIL.] An article on "Jewel in the Palace"

Jan 18, 2006 - Hong Kong Media Praise Actress Choi Ji-woo for Good Manners

Joo Hyun, an actor as friendly as a family member

Actor Uhm Tae-woong Steps Out of Pop Singer Sister's Shadow

Comedy Sequel Touches on Serious Social Issues

'My Boss, My Teacher' sticks to same formula

1/18/06 - Lee Moon Shik and Lee Joon Gi and will co-lead the movie "Fly, Daddy, Fly"

1/18/06 - Moon Geun Young will visit Japan on 2/3 to promote her movie "Innocent Steps"

1/17/06 - Dennis O’Neil signs a CF contract (300 million Won / 6 months) with "Hanaro Telecom"

Lee Da Hae signs a CF contract (300 million Won) with "ShinYoung Wacoal" to advertise its "Venus" underwear

1/16/06 - Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye film their new drama "Tree of Heaven" in Nagano, Japan

1/13/06 - Song Sun Mi (31)'s wedding is scheduled in the second half of 2006.

TV Rating (1/9/06 – 1/15/06)

Box office Top 10 (1/9/06 – 1/15/06)

Jan 19, 2006 - Belgian Association Names '3-Iron' Best Film

2006.01.19 - A Review of Korean Cinema in 2005

January 18, 2006 - 'King and the Clown' hits 5-million-viewer mark

Page 34

2006/01/19 - Joint-production fantasy film 'The Promise' shows freedom, destiny

01.20.2006 - 'The Promise' Mixed With Asian Cultures

Jang Dong-kun Draws Stellar Praise for 'Promise'

Jiwoo appointed as Christian Dior spokesperson again on 20th in Seoul

Choi Ji Woo plans to return to performing in Korean drama in autumn

Korean Entertainment Market Considered Recession Proof

2006/01/21 - President Roh views acclaimed movie in downtown Seoul

January 22, 2006 - Moon Jung-Hyuk Suffers Serious Injury

January 22, 2006 - These kings of the cinema aren't clowning around

'The King and the Clown' marching ahead on box office

Jan 23, 2006 - Actress Kim Hee-sun Holds 1st Fan Meeting in Japan

1/23/06 - Eric and Han Ji Min are hit by a car around 1:00a.m. of 1/22

1/20/06 - "J & H Film (J & H필름)" agency signs a two-year contract with Lee Yo Won with highest offer

1/19/06 - "Korea Gallup (한국갤럽)" surveyed 1502 adults from 12/5 to 12/16/05 on the subject "2005 The Most Shinning Actor/Talent", and Choi Jin Shil receives most votes

1/19/06 - On 1/19, "Phantom Entertainment (팬텀엔터테인먼트)" and PD Kim Jong Hak (김종학) announce that they will co-produce at least three dramas in 2006

1/19/06 - The poster of the movie "Interlocked Branches (연리지, 連理枝)" is released

TV Rating (1/16/06 – 1/22/06)

01.23.2006 - Moon Hospitalized After Car Accident

Eric Hurt in Gallant Attempt to Save Han Ji-min

Kim Hee-seon Sends Letter of Encouragement to Japanese Fan

2006.01.24 - Jang Dong-gun named as most impressive actor

Stars of TV drama 'Wolf' injured in car accident

Big budget S.Korean film breaks new ground

Page 35

New image for sassy Girl

Jan. 24 - Korean heartthrob Bae Yong-joon is featured on the cover of the Februrary issue of Chinese fashion magazine Cosmopolitan

Actor Yoo Ji-tae Invited as Juror for "Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival"

Dutch Media Ranks '3-Iron' 8th Best Film

Revisiting Gay Theme on Big Screen

Korean Weekly News - January 24

Variety Mag: Making Waves

Korean dramas wash up on webs worldwide

Jan.25, 2006 - A Black-and-White Prison Drama from Recent History

2006.01.26 - 'Lost in Love' depicts lovers lacking courage to tell truth

1/25/06 - On 1/24, Park Shin Yang arrives at Haneda Airport of Japan around 4:00p.m.

1/24/06 - Lee Min Gi will costar with Eugene in the weekend drama "Really Really Like You" scheduled to be aired by MBC in April

1/24/06 - On 1/24, Jung Hye Young gives birth to a baby daughter at 11:00a.m.

Box office Top 10 (1/16/06 – 1/22/06)

Shoo from former group SES and Lee Dong Wook (from My Girl) have been a couple

Korean Stars: a Metabolism to Die For

January 26, 2006 - Filmmakers Pledge to Fight Quota Cut

S. Korea's movie industry shocked at decision to cut quota

S. Korea's movie industry dismayed at decision to cut quota

'Film Quota Cut Poses Long-term Risk'

Chronology of events leading to decision to cut screen quota

Jan.26, 2006 - Jekyll & Hyde' Fever Grips Korea & Japan

Moon So-Ri Cast in TV Blockbuster The Four Gods

Kim Rae Won going back to the screen in MBC March drama, Princess airing after Wolf

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Page 36

Jan 27, 2006 - Actor Jang Dong-gun to Meet Fans at Ten Theaters in Seoul

S. Korea vows to inject massive funds into film industry

Filmmakers Lukewarm to Planned Subsidy

January 26, 2006 - Kim Ki-duk latest film "3-Iron" gets rave reviews

January 28, 2006 - South Korean films embrace defectors

Jan.27, 2006 - Moviegoers to Pay for Film Industry Support Plan

Eric's Condition More Serious Than Expected, Drama Emergency

1/27/06 - Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryu Won will colead the Monday-Tuesday drama "Princess" scheduled to be aired by MBC following the final episode of "Wolf"

1/26/06 - Daniel Henney and Jung Ryu Won each will lead a drama scheduled to be aired in March.

1/25/06 - On 1/25, "Star Entertainment" announces that Han Yeh Seul, Nam Goong Min, and Gong Hyun Joo will costar in the drama "Skyland, Starland"

January 30, 2006 - Han reserves seat as next 'Jiwoohime'

January 31, 2006 - Movie Industry Plans Screen Quota Rally

Japanese Marketers Bank on Gorgeous Korean 'Villain' Kim Tae-hee

February 1 - 'The Promise' reaches new heights

'King and the Clown' Hits 8 Million Viewers

Actor Go Soo (28) enlists in the army on March 2nd.

Feb. 1 - Ji Sung, Honorary ambassador for conscription

Filmmakers begin sit-in against screen quota cut

2/1/06 - After the final episode of the drama "My Girl" scheduled on 2/2, the leads Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, and Lee Joon Gi each scheduled to go abroad to film for CF or magazine

2/1/06 - Go Soo will start his military service on 3/2

2/1/06 - Bi's drama "Let's Go to School, Sangdoo! (MBC)" and Ahn Jae Wook's drama "Oh Bil Seung Bong Soon Young (aka "Oh! Feel Young", KBS2)" will be broadcasted in Thailand in February

1/31/06 - Kim Tae Hee meets her younger brother Lee Wan in Japan

TV Rating (1/23/06 – 1/29/06)

Box office Top 10 (1/23/06 – 1/29/06)

Rain, The Ambassador

2006/02/02 - Korean films dominate box office in January

Page 37

Feb.2, 2006 - Big-Budget Korean Movies Flop

Korean Filmmakers Protest against Screen Quota Cut

Kang Hye-Jung Drops Out of Park's Cyborg Girl

February 03 - Singing ¡®King and the Clown' in the works

Actor/singer Ahn Jae-wook to Debut in Japan

Singer K Poised to Advance into Asian Market

Film "Love So Divine" Tops Oricon Chart of Japan

New York Welcomes Korea's Rain

2006/02/02 - Foreign activists team up with Korean movie industry for quota

Out of Big Stars' Shadow

February 4 - Korean Superstar Who Smiles and Says, 'I'm Lonely'

Film stars to stage protest against cutting of screen quota

One-man protest against reduced screen quota

Rain's Sold-Out New York Gig Could Take K-Pop Global

February 6 - Rain debut draws far from positive reviews

'SanFrancisco' - story of two siblings seperation when they were young

S. Korean film market contracts for first time in 2005

Fan stampede forces star to halt protest over quota cut

Page 38

February 6 - Jang stages one-man protest against screen quota cut

Ahn Jae Wook makes a TV comeback in the drama, Mister Goodbye on KBS after Spring Waltz is done airing.

2/6/06 - Park Ji Yoon (24) and Park Shi Hoo will costar with Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryu Won in the Monday-Tuesday drama "Princess"

2/2/06 - MBC decides to temporarily suspend the broadcasting of the Monday-Tuesday drama "Wolf"

TV Rating (1/30/06 – 2/5/06)

2006.02.07 - One-man protest against reduced screen quota

Actor Kim Seung-woo to Act in Japanese Film

"King And The Clown" Sweeps Over Filmdom

'Old Boy' star returns medal to government in protest of quota cut

Internet Survey: JO HYUN JAE, I want to spend Valentine Day with this star

Stars Fight Losing Battle Against Screen Quota Cut

Musical 'Winter Sonata' moves audience in winter wonderland

South Korean hit film centres on homosexual theme in conservative country

Actress Son Sook to Host Talk Shows

The desperate search for future stars

2/8/06 - Han Hye Jin will visit Taiwan on 2/8 to promote her MBC drama "Tough Geum Soon"

2/8/06 - Ryu Soo Young will visit Taiwan on 2/15 to promote his KBS2 drama "18 vs. 29"

2/7/06 - Yang Dong Geun and Han Ga In will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Doctor Kkaeng (닥터 깽)" scheduled to be aired by MBC following the final episode of "Palace"

Box office Top 10 (1/30/06 – 2/5/06)

2/8/06 PHOTOS: Movie stars attending the "Screen Quota Protest Demonstration"

Kang Ji Hwan will lead the weekend drama "Exhibition of Fire Work" scheduled to be aired by MBC in May following the final episode of "Shindon"

Aside From Film Quota Cut, Industry Faces Challenges

February 9 - Word of Mouth Triumphs over Blockbuster Hype

Lawmakers seek legislation to block government's screen quota cut

'A Millionaire's First Love' offers melodrama for Valentine's Day couples

Page 39

2/9/06 - Korean Men in Grip of Plastic Surgery Craze

Kim Ok-bin: 'greedy' actress

Korea creatives use Berlin for pic protest

Outraged filmmakers speak out against screen quotas

Feb.10, 2006 - Lee Young-ae Walks Red Carpet in Berlin

Teen actress Moon Geun-yeong, 19 during a Gwangju Kukje High School graduation ceremony

Hallyuwood to keep Korean Wave alive

2006.02.10 - New Park Chan-wook Movie to Shoot Late March

'The King and the Clown' Draws 10 Million Viewers

Actor Won Bin Performs Military Duties at DMZ

Documentary for Hit Drama "Revenge" Being Produced in Japan

Filmmakers stage massive rally against screen quota cut

Park Chan-Wook Finds His Cyborg Girl

FEBRUARY 09 - Kim Tae-gyun's Movies Have Teen Appeal

'Vampire Cop Ricky' Lacks Bite

2006/02/11 - 'The King and the Clown' ushers in new era for local film industry

Director of 'The King and the Clown' protests screen quota cut

2006/02/12 - Rising movie star Lee Joon-gi protests screen quota cut

Page 40

February 12, 2006 - What's the next step for musical producers? Unite

February 13, 2006 - [HERALD INTERVIEW] Television drama producer finds stage just as rewarding

The mega hit success of a low-budget film under the screen quota

More Than 50% Oppose Screen Quota Cut

2/13/06 - Kim Joon Sung and Lee Moon Shik will costar with Park Sun Young in the weekend drama "She's Too Perfect" scheduled to be aired by SBS in April

2/10/06 - Kim Myung Min and Han Chae Young will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Bad Family" scheduled to be aired by SBS on 3/8

2/9/06 - Kim Rae Won, Jung Ryu Won, and Park Shi Hoo leave for Brisbane of Australia to film their new drama "Princess"

TV Rating (2/6/06 – 2/12/06)

2006.02.13 - Anti-Screen Quota Reduction Protests Continue

Feb. 14, 2006 - Jang Dong-gun at the Berlin International Film Festival, with Chen Kaige and Hiroyuki Sanada

'The King and the Clown' tops 10 million viewers at box office

Alec Baldwin Stars in Forbidden City. Pre-production thriller "The Forbidden City" officially announced during a press conference held Friday in Beijing

Actor Kang Dong-won to Release Photo Album in Japan

"The Promise" Starring Jang Dong-kun Ranks 4th in Japan

Korean director to protest Korea-U.S. FTA in Berlin

Films That Fill Off-Season Niche

Feb. 15, 2006 - Moon Geun-young pledges allegiance to the nation during an award ceremony for 21st century leaders held in Seoul

Police prevent Park Chan-ok, the director of the film 'Jealousy is My Middle Name,' from staging a one-man protest

Screen Quota Cut Boon for Distributors

Namu Actors Management company, former management company of the late lee eun joo, scheduling a memorial performance for her 1 year death anniversary on 22 Feb 2006

Altar Boyz

KBS: The rumours of seven princesses

S. Korean movie director's protest in Berlin

Page 41

Sitcom Soulmate will be airing on Monday nights at 11.05 p.m after Hello Franceska ends

2006.02.16 - 'Ad-like' dramas dominate TV screens

Koreanovela Princess back on ABS-CBN

2/14/06 - On 2/15, Eric will receive laser surgery on the upper part of his waist

2/14/06 - Lee Tae Ran will lead the weekend drama "Seven/Chil Princesses" scheduled on KBS2 on 4/1 following the final episode of "Thanks for Life"

Box office Top 10 (2/6/06 – 2/12/06)

02.15.2006 - Can K-Pop Stars Go Beyond Asia?

2006.02.16 - English Premiere Lady Vengeance

Actor Lee Byung-hun Named Envoy for French Culture

Seoul, Paris to Mark 120 Anniversary of Ties

TV Heartthrob Hyun Bin Makes Move to the Big Screen

Andre Kim's Fashion Graces Hawaii

February 17, 2006 - Will 'King and the Clown' be No. 1 hit?

The popular group, DBSG, will be casted in a drama series

Making it in the big time: K-pop wants U.S. air play

Young talents set model to juveniles

Kim So-yeon, 26, star of 'Seven Sword' graduated with her bachelor's degree after 7 long years

Actress Park Sol-mi's Piano Music CD to Be Released in Japan

Lee Byung-hun Named Honorary Ambassador of French Culture


Movie stars, farmers protest against market-opening measures

February 18, 2006 - Protestors hold pickets denouncing government for cutting screen quota

'The Promise' at no. 4

2/19/06 - On 2/19, Lee Da Hae attends Lee Dong Wook's fan meeting held at Yonsei University of Seoul

2/18/06 - Kim Min's wedding is scheduled in April

2/17/06 - On 2/20, Eugene and Ryu Jin will start filming their new weekend drama "Really Really Like You" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 4/1

2/16/06 - On 2/16, Cha Tae Hyun (30) announces that his wedding is scheduled in June

2/16/06 - The filming of MBC drama "Wolf" is scheduled to resume on 3/10

TV Rating (2/13/06 – 2/19/06)

Page 42

Shin Dong Yup and PD Sun Hye Yoon will be having their wedding ceremony on May 27th

Feb 20, 2006 - Bae Yong-joon Set to Begin Shooting "The Four Gods"

TV Goes Nostalgic

Korean Weekly News - February 20

TV Drama "Spring Waltz" Sold in 8 Countries

Court Injunction Filed Against 'King and the Clown'

02.21.2006 - Luring Moviegoers in Just Few Minutes

Feb. 22, 2006 - Pictures commemorate the movie star Lee Eun-ju on Tuesday ahead of the anniversary of her suicide on Feb. 22, 2005

2/20/06 - Kim Rae Won will lead the action movie "Sunflower"

2/20/06 - Choi Shi Won, one of the members of the music group "Super Junior", will act in the Monday-Tuesday drama "Spring Waltz"

Box office Top 10 (2/13/06 – 2/19/06)

FEBRUARY 23, 2006 - Actor Daniel Henney Learning Korean On-the-Fly

Feb. 23, 2006 - Film "Sad Movie" Ranks 5th on Hong Kong Box-Office Charts

Feb. 24, 2005 - Korean teen movie star Moon Geun-young cheers Korean skaters in the Paravela rink in Turin, Italy

'Hallyu' Brings New Travel Trend to Korea

Tourism agency to show Korean movies for free

20 February 2006 - 'The Art of Seduction' Premiere in Hong Kong

Feb 24, 2006 - Actor Jang Dong-kun, Other Celebrities to Perform in Los Angeles

TV Drama "Rondo" Starring Choi Ji-woo Suffers Low Viewer Ratings

The power of the Korean Wave is increasing, particularly through actresses - Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Gyo and Choi Ji Woo

GongYoo, LeeYeonHee, SungYuRi To Be In San Francisco Starting April

2006.02.22 - Korean Presence at Berlinale

Drama Breaks From the Traditional

Page 43

2006/02/24 - 'Korean Wave' fails to lead to improvement in competitiveness

Japanese-Born TV Star in 'Reverse Export'

Kim Ki-Duk's 타임 (Time) Wraps Up

Bae Yong joon in period drama

French culture ambassador

Missing - movie review

02.26.2006 - Hallyu, Cultural Coexistence or Imperialism?

TV dramas continue to show off power overseas

Korean Weekly News - February 27

2/24/06 - Lee Yun Hee will costar with Gong Yoo and Sung Yoo Ri in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "San Francisco" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 5/17

2/24/06 - Lee Jong Hyuk will costar with Yang Dong Geun and Han Ga In in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Doctor Gang"

2/23/06 - Park Jin Woo will costar with Kim Myung Min and Han Chae Young in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Bad Family"

TV Rating (2/20/06 – 2/26/06)

February 28, 2006 - Big money, popularity of TV luring Korean stars back to the small screen

2006.02.27 - An Jae-wook Plans to Sweep Americas

Feb 28, 2006 - Song Hye-kyo, Cha Tae-hyun Promote "My Girl and I" in Hong Kong

Actor Jang Dong-kun Meets 1,000 Fans from 14 Countries

Moon Keun-young, 19-year-old actress matriculated at Sungkyunkwan University's Suwon campus, outside of Seoul, Tuesday

Yun Seok-ho Completes His Four Seasons of Love

2006.03.01 - 'Tree of Heaven': a new tryout for a resurgence of Korean Wave

Directors clash with daily over screening quota cut

Korean Box Office Report - February 24/26

2006/03/01 - Korean movie 'Mimong' portrays a woman's desire in 1930s

Oldest Korean Film Has Historical Value

Will 'Spring Waltz' Deliver for Henney and Its Producer?

K-pop star Rain in a bid for US stardom

Page 44

3/1/06 - Kim Hae Sook (50) will act in the movie "Sunflower", playing Kim Rae Won's character Dae Shik's mother

2/28/06 - MBC decides to extend the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Palace" for 4 more episodes

2/28/06 - Park Shi Eun (26) will costar with Yang Dong Geun and Han Ga In in drama "Doctor Gang"

2/27/06 - In her new drama "Dr. Gang", Han Ga In plays an intelligent doctor Kim Yoo Na

Box office Top 10 (2/20/06 – 2/26/06)

Korean Films Praised at the Berlin Film Festival

Mar 2, 2006 - Actor Hyun Bin Becomes Top Hallyu Star in Japan

Lee Joon-ki to Flog Phones for Performance-Related Pay

March 3 - S Korean actors' fan meeting in Bangkok, SHK & CTH

Seven Korean Films to Be Shown on American TV

'King' to Claim All-Time Box Office Title

'King and the Clown' to Become No. 1 Hit

2006.03.03 - Blood Rain Takes Top Prize in Japan

Korean cinema spotlighted in Mexico City

Entertainers in Military Stir Debate

2006/03/04 - Movie audience numbers in Seoul fall sharply in February

03.05.2006 - More Than One Reason to See the Movie

Is It Good News for Korean Films?

March 6, 2006 - Star of "Phantom"

March 05, 2006 - The Clowns Become Kings

'The King and the Clown' makes S. Korean box office history

2006/03/06 - Korean characters on American drama receive thumbs up

Shim Eun ha delivered a 3.2 kg baby girl on 3 March 2006 at 7:40pm

Ahn Jae Wook and Lee Bo Young are in talks to star in the KBS drama, Wild Beast and the Witch

3/6/06 - The representative of Eric's agency reveals that Eric checked out of the hospital on 3/4

3/5/06 - The movie "King and the Clown" breaks the box office record held by the movie "Tae Guk Gi"

All-Time Korean Movie Box Office TOP 10

3/1/06 - Ahn Jae Wook and Park Sun Young will each lead a drama scheduled to be aired in May

TV Rating (2/27/06 – 3/5/06)

Mar.6, 2006 - Press in Frenzy Ahead of Won Bin's First Army Leave

Page 45

Korean Weekly News - March 6

Korean Box Office Report - March 3/5

2006/03/07 - Cabinet OKs halving of screen quota

Film industry staff launch 24-hour sit-in against quota cut

2006.03.07 - KWON Sang-woo and KIM Ha-neul reunite

King and the Clown beats Taegukgi

Drama "Trees in Heaven" to Air in Japan

'King' to Open in Japan Next Spring

Moon Geun-Young Chooses New Film

Tide Begins to Turn on Korean Wave

Japan Airing More S. Korean TV Dramas

Korean wave grips Egyptian people

S. Korea confirms reduced quota for local movies amid protest

Lee Joon Ki from "The King and The Clown" In A Contest Of Honor With Jo Hyun Jae from "Seo Dong's Song"

Mar 8, 2006 - Jun Ji-hyun, Jung Woo-Sung to Visit Japan to Promote 'Daisy'

March 8, 2006 - Korean Pop Culture to Spread to SoCal

Thinking Out of the Box Proves a Success for Hit Drama "Palace"

A Good Time for Gay Movies in East and West

March 07, 2006 - "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" Wins Best Film Award in Portugal

3/7/06 - Sung Yoo Ri will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "San Francisco" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 5/31

Box office Top 10 (2/27/06 – 3/5/06)

Mar. 6, 2006 - Korean 'Gangster 3' ready to roll

Shu steeping in after Zhang passes on role

Gold Circle plans 'Daisy' reflowering

Lau-helmed pic will feature 'Sassy' star Jeon

'Daisy' depicts tragic love triangle

Pretty 'Daisy' Pretty Flimsy

Lee Do-hyun aims to become 'inspiring' actress

Page 46

March 09, 2006 - Jo Jae-Hyun Leads 100th Im Kwon-Taek

MARCH 10, 2006 - Daisy

Box Office in Seoul (March 3 ~ 9, 2006)

2006.03.10 - Eric Expresses Feelings after Discharge from Hospital

Actor Kim Jung-hoon Seeks to Captivate Japanese Fans

Box Office 'King' Creates 8,200 Jobs

KBS Drama on Legendary Admiral Yi Sun-shin Honored

More than kimchi: Korean dramas invade Pinoy TV

'Grain in Ear' director defends the oppressed and their hopes

Mar 11, 2006 - The implications of naming the new developer for the Hallyuwood complex

2006.03.10 - 20 Korean films to be showcased in Tokyo

Daisies for JEON Ji-hyun

King and the Clown gets Royal Treatment

2006/03/11 - Popular South Korean comedian dies of heart failure

Comedian Kim Dies of Heart Attack

Park Haeli got married to girlfriend whom he had been dating for 5 years

2006/03/12 - 'The King and the Clown' continues to break records

After Big Screen Success Son Ye-jin Returns to TV

12 March 2006 - Movie "Our Happy Time" First Public Press Conference - Kang Dong Won, Lee Na Young, and Director Song Hae Sung

Alone in Love Production Meeting Report

Korean Weekly News - March 13

3/13/06 - Song Yoon Ah and Lee Dong Wook will lead the movie "I Forgot to Say"

3/10/06 - Choi Soo Jong will lead the large-scale historical drama "Dae Jo Young" on KBS1 in August following the final episode of "Seoul 1945"

3/9/06 - Ahn Yun Hong will costar with Sung Yoo Ri, Gong Yoo, and Lee Yun Hee in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "One Fine Day" aka "San Francisco"

3/9/06 - Lee Joon Gi will have a large-scale fan meeting with more than 12,000 fans scheduled to be held at "Jamsil Sports Complex" of Seoul on 5/21

TV Rating (3/6/06 – 3/12/06)

Mar 13, 2006 - Jang Dong-kun to Give Exclusive Interview on Japanese TV

Jang Dong-kun on His Family's Experience of Division

Actor Lee Byung-hun to Meet 50,000 Fans at Tokyo Dome

Page 47

Director Cho Chang-ho poses with the Lotus jury prize for his movie "The Peter Pan Formula" on Sunday, at France's annual Asian Film Festival in Deauville

With 'Chonnyonhak' Im Kwon-taek Reaches 100 Films

Korean Box Office Report - March 10/12

2006/03/14 - Dramas lead rising exports of S. Korean broadcasts

Mar 14, 2006 - Film "Daisy" Draws Largest Audience over Weekend

'Jekyll and Hyde' Debuts in Japan

Actor/Singer Ryu Si-won to Tour Japan

Award-Winning Actress Moon So-ri Thrives on Risks and Versatility

MARCH 13, 2006 - Comedian's Last Request: Happier TV

[2006 KOREAN CINEMA PREVIEWS] Kim Hae-Gon's 보고싶은 얼굴 (The Face I Miss)

2006/03/15 - Korean language textbooks to feature dramas for Asian readers

March. 14, 2006 - Kim Do-heon leaves a funeral ceremony for his father, the comedian Kim Hyeong-gon

Director Cho Chang-ho poses with the Lotus jury prize for his movie "The Peter Pan Formula" on Sunday, at France's annual Asian Film Festival in Deauville

Movie director-comedian Shim Hyung-rae, designer Andre Kim, Gyeonggi Province Governor Sohn Hak-kyu, K-pop singer Shoo cut the cake to celebrate a memorandum of understanding to establish "Hallyuwood"

3/15/06 - Lee Eun Woo, Lee Tae Ran, Kim Hye Sun, and Choi Jung Won attend the poster photo shoots for their new weekend drama "Seven/Chil Princess"

3/15/06 - Oh Yun Soo (35) plays Song Il Kook (35)'s mother in the large-scale 50-episode Monday-Tuesday historical drama "The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong"scheduled to be aired by MBC in May

3/14/05 - In March and April, three major TV stations are broadcasting competitive dramas; Princess, Spring Waltz and Period of Love

Box office Top 10 (3/6/06 – 3/12/06)

The second lead of "One Fine Day" confirmed to be Nam Gong Min

2006.03.17 - Actress Kim Min-hee enjoys limelight again

Mar.16, 2006 - A Japanese Wave in Korean Movie Theaters?

Lovebirds - Dear Heaven

King & the Clown Tops Korean Film of All Time

Page 48

2006.03.17 - Kim Jae-won to Appear in Charity Concert In Japan

Box Office (March 10 - 16, 2006)

Actress Ha Ji-won Praised in France as "Pearl of Asia"

KBS TV's "Gag Concert" to Be Held in Japan

2006.03.16 - Korean Syndrome dramas and films to be integrated into Korean language textbooks

3/15/06 - BYJ-Choi Jiwoo, Korean Current stars chosen by Asian reporters

Film 'Classic' to be made into a TV animation

March 13, 2006 - Korean soap-opera craze reaches United States

March 18, 2006 - Korean Actress LYA Appears in Chinese Ads

Jeon Ji Hyun Returns To The Big Screen In Surefire Hit Daisy

2006.03.13 - JJH and KJE are very much like a couple

Mar.19, 2006 - Jun Ji-hyun Vehicle Aims Straight for the Tear Ducts

Yiruma to Hold Concert Before Military Service

3/20/06 - Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Sung Jae will lead the 16-episode drama "Stranger than Paradise"

3/17/06 - Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan will be a guest star in his colleague Lee Min Woo's new movie "Angel of Round-table"

3/16/06 - Jang Dong Gun shows up in the "Taegukgi Ceremony" held after Korean baseball team beats Japanese team in the second round match of the "World Baseball Classic" held at "Angel Stadium" of Anaheim, California

3/16/06 - Daniel Henney and Uhm Jung Hwa will lead the movie "Hitting on Keanu"

3/15/06 - MBC will broadcast a 90-minute special program "Palace Season 1.5" at 11:05p.m. on 3/30 after the final episode of "Palace Season 1" is wrapped up

TV Rating (3/13/06 – 3/19/06)

2006.03.20 - Singer Rain, Actress Lim Soo-jung to Act Together in New Film

Korean Weekly News - March 20

Mar 21, 2006 - Actress Kim Min-sun to Attend Mayenne Film Festival

Popular Gadget Turns Users Into Movie File Thieves

2006.03.17 - 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' Selected Best Foreign Film in Hong Kong

2006.03.20 - France, Mexico Host Korean Film Shows

Page 49

Two stars of the hit series Jewel in the Palace visiting the Philippines on Mar. 22

Korean Version of Japanese "The Convoy Show" to Be Produced

March 22, 2006 - Celebrities sign up as organ donors

Talent agencies say army is 'using' stars

Lawsuit threatened over military 'entertainment unit'

Korean Box Office Report - March 17/19

Mar 22, 2006 - Ko Hyun-jung to Make Film Debut

Korean-Chinese Director Wins Grand Prix at Cinema Novo Film Festival

Now, Just Where Do These Similarities End...? Movie - After School

March. 23, 2006 - Actor Choi Min-sik joins film students to protest against a cut in the screen quota at Jongmyo Park in Seoul

Mexican director alerts S. Korea to aftermath of screen quota cut

'Almost Love' mixes romantic comedy with melodrama

Help Asia's Poor Get Access to Clean Drinking Water

3/21/06 - Ahn Jae Wook, Lee Bo Young and Oh Yoon Ah will costar in the Monday-Tuesday romance-comedy drama "Wild Beast and Witch" aka "Mr. Goodbye" on KBS2 on 5/15 after "Spring Walltz"

Box office Top 10 (3/13/06 – 3/19/06)

MARCH 23, 2006 - Chemistry; KSW and KHN's new movie preview

"A Jewel In the Palace" Concerts to Be Held in Korea, Japan

Film "Duelist" to Be Screened in France, Japan

March 24, 2006 - Im Kwon-taek's 100th film

Top Actresses to Appear on Big Screen

Animation Update: The Classic

KFC Publishes Promotional Brochures for Korean Directors

Culture Ministry, KOCCA Pledge 10 Bil. Won to Export Cultural Content

March 26, 2006 - What nude scenes mean for actresses

Page 50

Korean wave crosses the pacific

2006/03/27 - Scorsese says S. Korean movie industry needs protecting

Musical brings Korean horrors home

March 27, 2006 - Korean films highlighted at festivals

Prime Entertainment Expands

Duelist to Screen in Japan and France

2006.03.28 - Actor Lee Byung-hun to Act in New Film "A Summer's Tale"

S. Korea's new culture minister to promote exchanges with Asia

Choi Jiwoo will be back with a Korean drama in September this year

'Korean Wave' needs makeover to stand test of time: experts

Lee Byung-Heon Goes Back to Melodrama

2006/03/29 - Park Chan-wook starts shooting movie 'Cyborg' starring Bi

2006/03/29 - 'Korean Wave' draws rising number of female tourists to S. Korea

Mar 29, 2006 - Korean Animation "MISA" to be Exported to Japan

Film "Swiri" to Be Adapted into 20-Episode TV Drama in Japan

Actor Song Il-gook to Meet Fans

Ha Ji won and Lee Dong Gun will be pairing for the first time in SBS drama, "Smile Again" to be shot in Switzerland

Mar.29, 2006 - Daniel Henney and the Women

03.22.2006 - Celebrity Couple Donates W100 Mil. to Relief Group

Korean Weekly News - March 29

Korean Box Office Report - March 24/26

All Time Box Office Top 20 (Korean Films)

2006/03/30 - US show biz daily expands coverage of South Korean pop culture

Actor/Singer Ahn Jae-wook Set to Captivate Japan

Actor Bae to Appear in Japanese Textbook

Page 51

Mar.29, 2006 - Oscar Wins Failing to Draw Big Audiences in Korea

March 31, 2006 - Is Korean Wave a domestic money-maker?

3/31/06 - Actress Chae Rim (27) and Singer Lee Seung Hwan (41) decide to divorce after their 3 years marriage

3/30/06 - Lee Dong Gun will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Smile Again"

TV Rating (3/20/06 – 3/26/06)

Box office Top 10 (3/20/06 – 3/26/06)

Jewel in the Palace fever hits Manila

Great Inheritance on KBS starring Han Ji Min and Jae Hee, on 3/5/06

March 31, 2006 - Gay-Themed Film Gives Closet Door a Tug

April 1, 2006 - Stalking Keanu

Rivals (Rain, Jay Chou)

March 31, 2006 - Yonsama to Appear in Japanese Textbook

Apr 3, 2006 - New York Times Introduces Korean Film "King and the Clown"

4/3/06 - KBS2 and MBC starts their new weekend dramas, first episode of "Chil Princess" aired by KBS2 on 4/1 scored TV rating over 20%

4/3/06 - The movie "Almost Love" starring Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul has been at the first place of box office for the second consecutive week

4/1/06 - Soh Ji Sup's new homepage is opened on 3/31

TV Rating (3/27/06 – 4/2/06)

04.03.2006 - Star Couple Tackles Love on Big Screen (Love Phobia)

Korean TV Commercial Wave Hits Asia

Apr 4, 2006 - Stardom: Chance for new life?

Korean Box Office Report - March 31/April 2

Korean Film Directors series published by KOFIC

The Korean connection

Actor Daniel Henney Works as "Messenger of Hallyu Culture"

Actor on a roll but still hungry [HERALD INTERVIEW - Park Yong-woo]

Korean Weekly News - April 4

04.04.2006 - Shanghai to Host Korean Wave Festival in Sept.

Page 52

Apr 5, 2006 - Lee Jun-gi Captivates China

Korean stars add glamor to fashion show in China

Apr. 3, 2006 - Royal production values for 'Princess'

Aesthetics often cited as key draw for younger viewers

South Korea: Utilizing local drama, smaller nets tighten race

Han Chae-young will play an 'old maid' who works in disguise to avenge the betrayal of her former lover in MBC's Fireworks

2006.04.05 - Dramas Starring Uhm Tae-woong to Air in Japan

Usama Cho Seung-woo sweeps Japan

Melodrama Princess (CJW) Back With New Movie

Andre Kim Opens 'Preview in Shanghai'

Chinese Fans Can't Get Enough of Lee Joon-ki

Apr.5, 2006 - Choi Ji-woo Remains Huge Box-Office Draw in Japan

"8th Women's Film Festival in Seoul" to Be Held Apr. 6-14

Shin Min-ah cast in new Kwak Jae-yong film

Florence hosts 'Samsung Korea Film Fest'

Apr 6, 2006 - 'Winter Sonata' Exported to South America

Actor Lee Seo-jin's 1st Fan Meeting in Japan Sold Out

4/6/06 - Goo Hye Sun will costar with Lee Min Woo in the daily drama "Pure 19" scheduled to be aired by KBS on 5/22

4/6/06 - Agency "Namoo Actors" announces that they just signed exclusive management contracts with Kim So Yun and Kim Hyo Jin

4/6/06 - Agency "E21" signs an exclusive management contract with Han Hye Jin who is popular due to her drama "Tough Geum Soon"

4/4/06 - Bae Yong Joon's agency "BOF" signs an exclusive two-year management contract with Lee Na Young on 4/3

Movie review - 'Scary' Turns Love Comedy on Its Head

2006.04.07 - Actress Goh Ah-ra Cast in Joint Movie by Japan and Mongolia

Andre Kim's fashion show held in Shanghai

2006.04.07 - Actor Lee Byung-hun Ranked on "Favorite Actors" List in Japan

Film "The Love Tree" Starring Choi Ji-woo Previewed in Tokyo

April 7, 2006 - 'Hanbok' rediscovered on screen

Page 53

Apr.7, 2006 - Multiplexes Take Over Korean Film World

Lee Byung-hun Among Japan's All-Time Favorite Actors

4/7/06 - Kim Hee Sun will costar with Lee Dong Gun in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Smile Again" scheduled to be aired by SBS on 5/17 following the final episode of "Bad Family"

Box office Top 10 (3/27/06 – 4/2/06)

2006/04/08 - Lee Byung Hun and Su Ae will co-star in melodrama

2006/04/10 - Park Chan-wook master of absurd in Korean, Asian way: NYT

4/10/06 - Choi Jin Shil will lead the suspense thriller movie "Disappearance (실종)"

TV Rating (4/3/06 - 4/9/06)

Korean Weekly News - April 9

2006.04.10 - Hyun Young, Hsu Chi to Meet in Korean Movie

"The King and The Clown" Launches Licensing Business

Choi Jin-Shil Returns to Chungmuro

Love Phobia, Love in Two Kinds of World

Director KWAK to Adapt Japanese Novel

Bae Doo-na: Acting Without a Pretty Face On

April 11, 2006 - 'Older woman' twosomes are advertising's new face

Korean Box Office Report - April 7/9

Actor Ji Jin-hee Visits Thailand to Promote Film "Perhaps Love"

Lee Mi-Sook Returns To Tv with 위대한 유산 (The Great Inheritance)

April 12, 2006 - Shin Sang-Ok Passes Away

Production of TV Drama "Spring Waltz" Hits Snag

'King and the Clown' to be made into a comic book

4/12/06 - The broadcasting of the Monday-Tuesday KBS2 drama "Spring Waltz" is temporarily suspended for one week

4/11/06 - Kim Jae Won and Han Ji Min will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "The Greatest Inheritance" scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 5/3 following the final episode of "Goodbye Solo"

Box office Top 10 (4/3/06 – 4/9/06)

04.13.2006 - 'Yeonriji' Depends Heavily on 'Ji-woo Hime'

Last Interview (of Dir. Shin Sang-ok)

Page 54

Korea's Young Women Want a Man for His Body (Daniel Henney)

April 12, 2006 - Shin Sang-ok, Pioneer of Korean Cinema, Passes Away

Domestic Release The Peter Pan Formula

LJ Film and Focus Features Join Hands

2006.04.14 - Film "Love Tree" attracts Japanese Tourists to Woodo Island

Teen Actress Prioritizes Study Over Stardom

Results & Photos: The 42nd Baeksang Awards Ceremony (제42회 백상예술대상, 4/14/2006)

04.16.2006 - Blockbuster 'King and the Clown' Ends 112th Run Tuesday

Late Director Shin Sang-ok's Life to Be Made Into Film

Korean Weekly News - Easter Edition

Apr.17, 2006 - Go Hyun-jeong Poised for Belated Big-Screen Debut

Korean Box Office Report - April 14/16

APRIL 18, 2006 - Bed Scenes (Go Hyun-jeong)

Kang Dong-won, Ha Ji-won Promote Film "Duelist" in Japan

'The King and the Clown' closes as new box-office king

2006.04.19 - American Variety Magazine Gives Acclaim to TV Drama "Princess Hours"

4/18/06 - Kang Ji Hwan and Han Chae Young will lead the weekend drama "Exhibition of Fireworks" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 5/13 following the final episode of "Shindon"

4/18/06 - The 6-month filming of the movie "Midair (중천)" in China is wrapped up

APRIL 20, 2006 - Real Hwang (Jung Min)

Actor Ji Jin-hee Emerges as Hallyu Star in Thailand

Sentimental Plot Sinks 'Mr. Underground'

Page 55

2006.04.19 - Janggeum's Dream - now comes in character dolls

2006.04.20 - Toast with Hallyu star, Lee Young-ae

Eric Receives Highest Ever Drama Pay Offered

2006.04.21 - Actress Lee Young-ae to Visit Japan

Actress Yoon Eun-hye to Act as Fashion Model

Jeonju film festival to highlight indie spirit

Box Office in Seoul (April 14 - 20, 2006)

2006, April 19 - Top three Korean couples most likely to fall in love chosen by audience

Designer Lee Young-hee promotes Korean color

Page 56

2006, April 23 - BYJ-So Ji Sub, 'The Korean Current top stars are in one place'

A War of Films This Spring - Local Human Dramas Compete With Hollywood Blockbusters

2006, April 24 - Movie "Sweet, Scary Lover" tops box office for three weeks

Kwon Sang-woo to Help Earthquake Victims in Japan

2006, April 18 - The most popular actors for the first half of 2006: Jang Dong-gun and Jeon Ji-hyun

The most suitable star for CF model

JDG made 2 donations in March

2006, April 24 - Hyun Bin Joins top stars baseball team "Playboys"

Pitcher Jang Dong Gun of stars baseball team "Playboys" becomes a hot topic

4/23/06 - Song Seung Hun, Bae Yong Joon, and Soh Ji Sup attend the large-scale wedding of SSH's manager Lee Yong Gyoo held at Arirang Hall of Han River Citizen's Park of Seoul.

TV Rating (4/17/06 – 4/23/06)

April 25th, 2006 - HONG Sangsoo Shoots 7th Feature

King and the Clown Retires After Hit Run

Shin Hyun-jun Redeems Himself in Another Intense Part

Apr 26, 2006 - Won Bin Undergoes Surgery in Military

Actor Cho Han-sun Appointed "Goodwill Ambassador for Switzerland"

Stamps featuring Lee Young-ae to Be Released in Japan

Korean Films Receive Hot Spotlight at Udine

Kim Yun-jin from "Lost" appearing in a campaign for the Red Cross in America

Kang Hye-jung on Acting With Her Own Boyfriend

Page 57

4/25/06 – "Lee Kim Production", the production company of "Smile Again" led by Lee Dong Gun and Kim Hee Sun, announces that BYJ, "IMX", and "Softbank" would invest 300 million Won in the production of the drama

Jae Hee and Han Chae Young will visit Japan on 5/1 to meet their Japanese fans

Box office Top 10 (4/17/06 – 4/23/06)

April 26, 2006 - Korean Invasion

Objection to U.S.-S. Korea FTA (Actor Choi Min Sik)

Apr. 27, 2006 - Korean pic tackles sensitive topic: Kim will helm Gwangju massacre pic

Japan's Miyazaki Tries to Attract Korean Film and Drama Companies

Movie review - 'Tie' Bloody Well Worth Watching

Movie review - Stars Make It Difficult Not to Like 'Phobia'

Movie review - Go South

2006.04.28 - Comic star's melodramatic acting in 'South of the Border'

Dance Battle - new drama about dancing starting 2006.07.26 after One Fine Day ends

Apr.27, 2006 - Looking Down on the Whole of Seoul

MBC New September drama "여우야 뭐하니" staring Hyun Bin

29 April 2006 - Kim Min & Lee Ji Ho's wedding

Top stars Eric and Lee Jun Ki are scheduled to feature in the same drama, an upcoming action drama (planned to be released in October) called 'The Time of the Dog and Wolf'

Box Office in Seoul (April 21 - 27, 2006)

Page 58

2006, April 30 - Stars Shine at Seoul Collection

'South Over the Border,' touching romance of N.Korean defectors

Rain Makes TIME World 100 List

5/1/06 – On 5/8, MBC will air the special documentary program of the upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama "Joo Mong" starring Song Il Kook and Han Hye Jin

5/1/06 – On 5/8, Bi will attend the "Time 100" event held at New York Lincoln Center

Lee Joon Gi will visit Taiwan on 5/6 to promote his movie "King and the Clown", staying there for 2 days 1 night

4/27/06 – Suh Ji Hye (22) and Kim Ok Bin (20) will costar in the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Dance Battle" scheduled to be aired by MBC in the summer

2006, May 1 - 'Rain,' medical doctor, Michelle Wie honored in Time's list

TIME 100 List

Three Korean Names Make This Year's Time 100'

April 28, 2006 - Film director teaches art of action genre (Dir. Ryoo Seung-wan)

May 02, 2006 - Nice girl' Ko teams with 'bad boy' director Hong

TV Dramas Revisit Koguryo Kingdom

Actor Kang Dong-won Receives Favorable Response from Japanese News Media

Han Chae-young, Jae Hee Hold Fan Meeting in Tokyo

RYOO Seung-wan Joins in HD Film Project of CJ Entertainment

1980 Gwangju Incident Film

Bong, Joon-Ho's new film, The Host, invited for screening at the Cannes Film Festival

May 2, 2006 - Hong Kong Hankers for 'Spirit of Janggeum' in Classroom

2006, May 3 - Lee Jun-gi to Visit Taiwan to Promote "The King and The Clown"

"Daisy" Ready to Top Chinese Box-Office

Singer, Fany/Hwan Hee from Ftts is to star in the MBC's July drama " Dance Battle"

Kim Ok Bin, the lead of "Dance battle" going through tough training of singing and break dancing

Shim Eun Kyung of the popular movie " My Wife is a Gangster 1&2" will be staring in a new SBS september drama "Hot blooded bride"

More Asianovelas on ABS-CBN 2

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May 3rd 2006 - When Yon-sama and Lee Youngae meet, join hands and drive Korean Current

Asian Representation Weak at Cannes

Song Hye Gyo is selected to lead the movie "Hwang Jin Yi"

Box office Top 10 (4/24/06 – 4/30/06)

Movie review - Sad movie, but pretty faces

2006, May 04 - Lee Byung-hun Most Popular Korean Star in Fan Meeting

K-Film News & Box Office [2006, May 4]

50 most important figures in Chungmuro

Fans Crowd Tokyo Dome to Meet Korean Idol

MAY 05, 2006 - Byung-hun Fever

Rain Invited to ABC TV Headquarters in New York

Hwan Hee, one of the members of the music group "Fly To The Sky" is selected to lead the 16-episode Wednesday-Thursday drama "Over The Rainbow" aka "Dance Battle"

On 5/7, Jo Hyun Jae, his domestic and overseas fans celebrate his 26th birthday (5/9) in advance at Kwangwoon University of Seoul

On 5/4, Lee Dong Gun films scenes of his new Wednesday-Thursday drama "Smile Again" at Rigi Kaltbad of Switzerland

5/5/06 – Lee Yo Won will costar with Ahn Sung Gi, Cha In Pyo (cameo), Song Jae Ho, and Na Moon Hee in the movie “Splendid Holiday"

TV Rating (5/1/06 – 5/7/06)

May 8, 2006 - Korean-American golfer Michelle Wie with model Dennis O at an event organized by Nike Golf

May 09, 2006 - Fan clubs to the fore in influencing decisions

Lee Jun Ki will be guest staring in the first ep. of SBS 101 proposal which starts after Alone in Love ends

2006/05/09 - ABC plans TV documentary on S. Korean pop singer Rain

Actress Lee Young-ae Captivates Japanese Fans' Hearts

Sets of Drama "The Four Gods" Attract Japanese Tourists

K-Film News & Box Office [2006, May 9]

Korean TV Drama Hub [News/Ratings/Info]

Page 60

May 9, 2006 - Rain Walks Red Carpet as One of the Time 100

Thousands Come Out to Meet Lee Young-ae in Japan

A drama about B-boy will be aired on Mnet

May 10, 2006 - Asiana Airlines flying high on 'Korea Wave'

'Daejanggeum-ho' ready to fly in Asian skies

'Time 100' party

Actor Song Seung-heon to Send Message to SG Wannabe's Concert in Japan

Uhm Breaks Stereotype in New Movie

Actor Choi Min-sik gives a lecture to students of Kuro High School in Kuro-gu, expressing his opposition to South Korea's free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States and a screen quota cut

MAY 11, 2006 - Movie Soup (movie review)

5/9/06 – Lee Joon Gi will appear as a guest star (cameo) in the first episode of the Monday-Tuesday drama "The 101st Propose" aka "She's Too Perfect", scheduled to be aired by SBS on 5/29

5/8/06 – Yoon Son Ha who has been active in Japanese dramas for 6 years since 2000, is invited to lead the 4-episode drama "Her Cerebral Hemorrhage Story"

Box office Top 10 (5/1/06 – 5/7/06)

May 11, 2006 - Japanese Wave Flows Warm

Singer/Actor Choi Jung-won to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

2006.05.12 - Welcome To Dongmakgol wins Audience Award at Udine

Documentary Between to receive theatrical release

Film "Typhoon" to Be Shown at American Theaters

My Sassy Girl Remake

Korean entertainer Ryu Si-won sings before Japanese fans in an open-air concert in Tokyo on Friday

ABC Plans Documentary on Korean Pop Singer

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May 15, 2006 - Internet film-fest opens in Seoul

5/14 – Top stars' baseball team "Playboys" plays its first game at Kyunggido

TV Rating (5/8/06 – 5/14/06)

05/15 - S. Korean movie workers to protest FTA with U.S. in Cannes

Ryu Si-won Promises to Abstain from Dating

Second wave of Korean top stars crossing over to Japan

Baseball brings together top entertainers

Film noir showcases duo's martial arts skills

[K-Film News & Box Office] May 15

May 16 - Actor Lee Joon-ki's Fan Meeting Likely to Attract 12,000 Asian Fans

Drama "Sorry, I Love You" to Air on Japanese TV

Korean toon is a 'Classic': Jin-cheol will helm tube adaptation

May 17 - Fire Breaks Out at Actor Bae Yong-joon's House

Thai TV broadcasting company's advertising income soars with Jewel In The Palace

5/17 – Hong Soo Ah to act in the Monday-Tuesday drama "The 101st Propose" aired by SBS on 5/29

5/16 – Oh Ji Ho will costar with Taiwanese actress Shu Qi, Korean actor Lee Bum Soo and actress Hyun Young in the movie "My Wife is a Gangster 3"

Movie Review 05-18-2006: 'Family' Plays by Its Own Wonderful Rules

Photos of Kim Jung Hwa singing (?)

05/18 - S. Korea, China agree to cooperate on copyrights

05/19 - Director Shin Dong-il's "A Visitor" Invited to Seattle International Film Festival

Page 62

May 21, 2006 - Koreans, French Fight Hollywood Domination

Kim Ki-duk's Film Will Open Karlovy Film Festival

The London Korean Film Festival

Movie review: Film sees love, not blood ties, key for family

05/22 - Cannes backs Korean protest against cut in domestic film quota

Korean stars accessible via mobile phones in Japan

5/21 – Kim Ha Neul (28) and Kim Joo Hyuk (34) are selected to lead the drama "Lovers" scheduled to be aired by SBS in September

5/20 – Wedding of Lee Ah Hyun (34), who played the elder sister of the role KSS in the drama "My Name is Kim Sam Soon", held at "Grand Hyatt Hotel Grand Ball Room" of Seoul

5/19 – On 5/18, the production company "Yoon & Joon" announces that Kim Sun Ah is selected to lead the movie "Thursday's Child"

5/18 – Kim Jung Wook selected to lead the 4-episode drama "Her Cerebral Hemorrhage Story"scheduled to be aired by MBC in July following the final episode of "The Exhibition of Fireworks"

5/18 – On 5/11, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Hyo Ri, and Lee Joon Gi had photo shoots for fashion brand "Giordano" catalogue in a studio located at Sansoodong of Seoul

TV Rating (5/15/06 – 5/21/06)

May 22 - Rising Actress Goh A-ra Introduced in Japan

[K-Film News & Box Office] May 22

Max from DBSK is going to be staring in Snow flakes/flowers

May 23, 2006 - "A Summer Story" Starring Lee Byung-hun to Be Exported to Japan

Korean Movie 'The Unforgiven' Wins Applause at Cannes Review from Cannes

Drama Review: Are you 'Alone in Love'?

Now: Who really matters in Korea?

Five players making a global impact now.

05/23 - S. Korea's culture industry grows 10 pct annually

Auds ignore quota cuts

Biz now eyes foreign fields as local pics continue B.O. run

Eric returning to the small screen in Sept/Oct in MBC weekend drama" Sweet Guy" with Lee Da Hae

Page 63

May 21, 2006 - Next: Who will matter in Korea in the future?

May 24 - Animation "My Beautiful Girl, Mari" to Be Aired on NHK

Hong Kong's Film Noir "A Better Tomorrow" to Be Remade in Korea

KBS World to Sign Transmission Contract with Thai Network

Kim Hee Soon and Park Ji Yoon acting as Geishas in a later part of the year MBC drama "Hae Eo Hwa"

May 24 - Son Ye-Jin Cast in Lee Sung-Gang's New Film

Movie Review - 'Violence' is freak-out for hardcore action film geeks

May 24 - Bae Yong-joon Laments the Price of Fame

5/23 – Ha Ji Won and Im Chang Jung will lead the movie "Miracle on The 1st Street"

5/23 – Entertainment company "Star Max" announces that Kim Hee Sun and Park Ji Yoon are selected to costar in the 24-episode historical drama "Haeuhwa - Beautiful Woman" on MBC

5/22 – Cha In Pyo will lead the Korea-China collaborated drama "Kind Heart in the War"

Jumong Appeal

May 25 - Korean Action Film Sold to 20 Nations (City of Violence)

Actor Cha Tae-hyun to Marry on June 1

Wedding photos of Cha Tae Hyun

May 25 - Film "The Host" Likely to Achieve Highest Export Amount

Movie review - 'My Piano,' Neither Good Nor Bad

Korean Movie 'The Host' Received Well

SIM Entertainment submerged into Popcorn Film, A Movie Producer

May 26 - Thais choose Lee Young-ae and Song Seung-heon as Favorite Korean Actors

Page 64

Director Kim Ki-deok's "Time" Previewed

An Emotional Tour de Force for Uhm Jung-hwa

BoA at Cannes

TYPHOON will open in US-select cities on June 2, 2006

Bae Do na, Chae Rim, Kim Seung Soo and Oh Yoon Ah will be co-starring in the new MBC 16 eps drama "Some day"

Kim Ki-duk's Time to Open Karlovy Vary Fest

May 29 - Stars from the 1990s back in the game (Ko So Young, Go Hyun Jung)

[K-Film News & Box Office] May 29

May 30 - Actors sign eco-handbags

Korean Line-up New York Asian Film Festival

Cannes Backs Anti-screen Quota Cut Protests

Page 65

June 01, 2006 - New York Times interviews Korean director Bong, Joon-Ho

Kim Min Joon has been added to the cast of Someday

June 2 - Actor Won Bin to Be Discharged from Military

Actor So Ji-sub Receives Cheers from Japanese, Chinese Fans

06/02 - Hanbando Deals with Unification

Korean cinema at Cannes 2006

S. Korean films hit new low at box office in May

Ha Ji-won Cleared of Share Price Manipulation

Star Discharged After Brief Stint With Frontline Unit (Won Bin)

June 03, 2006: Choi Wan Gyu's new historical drama focuses on a Goguryeo hero

Joo Ji Hoon's update

Harvard Business School Students To Learn "Hallyu"

Shin Hye Jin and Park Jin Hee will be co-starring in SBS "Come back, Soon Ae"

June 3 - Washington Post Hails Movie 'Typhoon'

June 5 - Actor Yoo Ji-tae's Directed Work Invited to Japanese Film Festival

Actor Lee Seo-jin to Hold First Fan Meeting in Japan

The Return of Soon-Ae

Page 66

June 05, 2006: To Know Korea, Understand the War

6/2 - Eric is selected to lead the drama "Sweet Guy (스위트 가이)" scheduled to be aired by MBC in September

6/2 - The production company "Yellow Film" announces that Bae Doo Na, Kim Min Joon, Kim Sung Soo, and Oh Yoon Ah are selected to lead the 16-episode drama "Someday"

6/2 - KBS2 announces that Yoo Oh Sung is selected to lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo scheduled to be aired on 7/5

TV Rating (5/29/06 – 6/4/06)

June 05: K-Film News & Box Office update from Twitch

June 6 - History Attests to Korean Stars' All-Natural Looks

MBC's Sageuk 주몽 (Jumong) Becomes Major Hit

Photos of Won Bin's military release

June 7 - Rain to Perform in Vietnam

Actor Won Bin Discharged from Military Service Due to Illness

Injured Star Discharged from Military Service

Too Handsome (Jo In Sung)

06/08 'Korean Wave Grand Exhibition' in Japan features Korean stars

Rising Star (Kim Hye-ok)

06/09 - Weekend Screenings Korean War Films at KOFA

LEE Myung-se to Direct Horror Melodrama

Actor/Singer Ryoo Si-won to Tour Japan

Seoul 1945: TV Drama Stirs Ideological Controversy

June 9 - Kim Tae-hee Goes After Online Slanderers

Conservatives Slam 'Biased' KBS History Drama (Seoul 1945)

Yoon Se-Ah cast in the upcoming MBC Daily Morning Drama "That's The Way I Like It"

Add to the Pile, 'A Tale of Two Sisters'

Page 67

June 09 - Actress Hwang Sin-hye Holds 1st Fan Meeting in Japan

Philippines to Step Up Marketing Campaigns (Eugene selected as tourism envoy)

06/11 - 'Host' Is a Fight Against Prejudice, Director Says

6/9 – Kim Jung Hwa is selected to lead the movie "Blue Bicycle"

6/7 – Yoo Dong Geun, Lee Tae Gon, and Hwang In Young will costar in the large-scale historical drama "Yun Gae So Moon" scheduled to be aired by SBS in early July

TV Rating (6/5/06 – 6/11/06)

06/12 - British brothers to remake Korean thriller 'A Tale of Two Sisters'

Remake of "A Tale of Two Sisters" to Begin Shooting

06/12 - Full House's Song, Hye-kyo sets foot in Japan

06/12 - Summer of Horror (movies)

Yoon Eun-Hye cast in KBS2's new Mon/Tue Drama "The Vineyard Man", which starts broadcasting on 7/24

June 13 - "Love Talk" Advances to Competition Division of "Karlovy Vary Film Festival"

K-Film News & Box Office update from Twitch

The Invisible Man

KOFIC supports release of Korean films in Japan

Ha Ji-Won has become the top choice for the upcoming Gisaeng Drama 'Hwang Jin-Yi'

World Cup: South Korea vs. Togo yields total viewership of 73.7%

Joo Jin Mo - Lee Bo Young will be traveling to New Zealand together in August to shoot their new SBS weekend drama 'Queen of the Game'

Jeong Woong In returns to tv drama through new SBS drama 'Come back Ms. Soon-Ae'

12 June - 25 Most Beautiful Face 2006

Singer Rain to Perform to Repay Fans

June 14 - A DVD set as hefty as the flick itself (King and the Clown)

June 14 - Chung Doo-hong, best martial arts movie director in Korea

Page 68

June 14, 2006: Monster Flick Ups Hype With Five-Poster Campaign

The New York Asian Film Festival 2006 (June 16 – July 1)

June 15 - Park Shin-hye Invited to Photo Exhibition for Korean Top Stars

Flawed 'Carnival' Still Worth Price of Admission

06/15 - S. Korean movie marketing firm sues file-swapping sites for assisting free download

Actress Lee Young-ah, the 2006 goodwill ambassador for blood donation

Song and Jeon are Lee Chang-Dong's Secret Sunshine

6/15 - Kim Nam Joo and Sul Kyung Goo will lead the movie "His Voice"

6/12 - Yoo Ho Jung will lead the weekend drama "Desperate Housewife" scheduled to be aired by MBC

June 16, 2006: Escape artists: Korean directors head overseas to find audiences

S. Koreans Get Ready for a Summer of Horror

Drama "Snow Flower" to Be Shot in September

Jo In-sung Is Back in 'Dirty Carnival'

June 16, 2006: Hallyu Flagbeare Winter Sonata Will be a Film

Han Young Sook dies at age 55, debuting 1970, recently appeared in MBC 'Dae Jang Geum' and SBS 'That Woman'

The first Seoul Drama Awards (SDA) will be presented on August 29, 2006 at KBS hall

Lee Se Chang & Ji Soo Won star in upcoming 4-episode drama 'finding Dorothy' to air on MBC on July 15th

June 16, 2006: Korean Films at Shanghai Int. Film Festival

DreamWorks to Shoot Two Sisters Remake

Shanghai Int'l Film Festival Welcomes S. Korea

Washington Post Highly Recommends Typhoon

Newspaper Ad of "A Love To Kill" in the Philippines

6/17 - Kim Rae Won and Kim Kang Woo are each selected to lead the drama and movie "Trencherman" respectively

6/16 - Lee Sung Jae in Monday-Tuesday drama "Stranger than Paradise" scheduled to be aired by SBS

TV Rating (6/12/06 – 6/18/06)

Page 69

2006-06-19: "April Snow" to Be Re-Released in Japan

K-Film News & Box Office update from Twitch

Star known for brashness takes on a softer character (Jang Young Ran)

"King and Clown" nominated for 15 categories of Daejong award

43rd Grand Bell Awards Nominations Announced

Kim Hye-soo Voted Korea's Most Beautiful Face

06-21: Song Hye-gyo to Release Video Album

The Host to Be Released in 250 Theaters in Japan

TV Dramas Obsessed With Blood Ties

June 21 - The Host Getting Wide Release in Japan

Hanbando¡ and the Nationalist Rage of Kang Woo-suk

June 19 - Innovative Korean Film "Host & Guest" Sweeps Seattle International Film Festival

New MBC weekend drama "Sister" which was first named as "The woman that I miss" in the middle of August after "I really, really love you" ends with Song Yun Ah and Heo Yeong Ran playing the female leads

6/21 – Song Yun Ah will lead the weekend drama "Elder Sister" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 8/12 following the final episode of "Really Really Like You"

6/19 – Shim Hye Jin, Park Jin Hee, Lee Jae Hwang and Yoon Da Hoon will co-lead drama "Come Back, Miss Soon Ae" scheduled to be aired by SBS on 7/12

6/19 – Joo Jin Mo and Lee Bo Young will lead the weekend drama "Queen of Game" to be aired by SBS around the end of November following the final episode of "Love and Ambition"

A Dirty Carnival Beats X-Men

June 22 - Less 'Formidable,' But Enjoyable (movie review)

June 24 - Something truly scary: a slashing of property value (movie - Apartment)

06/25 - Filmmaker Cho Named Best New Director in Durban

June 25 - Scatological Animation to Hit Screens After Eight Years

6/26 – Lee Da Hae visits Taiwan on 6/26 to promote her drama "My Girl" currently aired by Taiwan GTV

6/26 – Ahn Yun Hong selected to act in the weekend drama "Elder Sister " to be aired by MBC on 8/12

6/24 – Jung Woong In selected to lead the weekend drama "Rude Women" aka "Desperate Housewife by MBC

6/22 – Kang Dong Won will costar with Kim Nam Joo and Sul Kyung Goo in the movie "His Voice"

The poster of KDW's movie "Our Happy Time" is released on 6/26

6/21 – Yoo Ji Tae is selected to lead the movie "Hwang Jin Yi " co-starring with Song Hye Gyo

TV Rating (6/19/06 – 6/25/06)

Page 70

June 26, 2006: Korean Broadcasts to Be Exported to Eastern Europe

Actress Lee Da-hae to Visit Taiwan

New Book Pinpoints Fallacies of Star Marketing

New actor Oh Man Seok will be co-starring with Yoon Eun Hye in KBS July drama "The Vineyard man"

Ohn Joo-wan Awarded for Best Performance at South African Film Festival

06/26: MBC's Drama "Prince of the Legend" is driven to broadcast in Japan TV

CHUNGMURO NEWS (updates from Twitch)

June 27 - Nostalgia for the bad old days of B-movies

06/26 - Chinese TV channel launches a Korean-learning program using Korean films

Jang Na-ra Recognized by Jackie Chan for Success in China

Lee Ki Woo has been added to the cast of Desperate Housewives

06/27 - 'Hanbando' Strikes Nationalistic Nerve

Im Sang-Soo and Hong Sang-Soo Going to Venice

Korean Horror Moves to New Haunted Territory


06/28 - Hong Kyung-min to Make Japanese Debut

Jun 28 - "Winter Sonata The Musical" to be Staged Again in Japan

June 28 - 'Hanbando' makes viewers feel uneasy

6/27 – Director Park Chan Wook and Bi (Jung Ji Hoon) are invited to exhibit their new movie "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" in the 63rd International Venice Film Festival - August 30th to September 9th, 2006

6/27 – Lee Gi Woo will costar with Yoo Ho Jung in the weekend drama "Rude Women" aka "Desperate Housewife"

6/27 – Ryu Jin's "10 Years Debut Fan Meeting" will be held at 2:00p.m. in "Funky House" of Myungdong, Seoul on 7/30

6/27 - Kim Sung Soo starts the filming for his new drama "Someday" at Kyunggido on 6/26

6/26 - Yoon Eun Hye (22) and Oh Man Suk (30) will lead the Monday-Tuesday drama "That Man of Vineyard"

Page 71

2006-06-29: Director Bong Joon-ho Expresses Confidence in Korean Movies

TV Drama "Firebird" to Air in Japan from July

'Arang' Interesting But Falls Short

Screen Quota Cut Begins Saturday

Movies About Koguryo Strain Sino-Korean Relations

June 29, 2006: Surprising Comeback of a Reserved Star (Ko So Young)

Matching Hairstyles for Your Facial Shape

06/30 - Movie "My Girl and I" to Be Exported to Japan

June 30 - Gov't to Cut Domestic Screen Quota

07/01 - S. Korean movie workers to take to streets to rap free trade deal with U.S.

PHOTOS from the protest rally


06/30 - Buddhist monks speak out against cut in domestic film quota

Twitch updates

July 2 - Chain of violence in 'Dirty Carnival'

Adult Animation Has Arrived (Aachi & Ssipak)

U.S. turning to Korean films for remakes

6/30 - Eric, Lee Dong Gun, Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Jin Hee, and Soh Ji Sup participate in the recording of the music compilation album "Sympathy" Volume 4

6/29 - The wedding of actress Song Sun Mi (31) is held at "Dynasty Hall" of Shilla Hotel of Seoul on 6/29

TV Rating (6/26/06 – 7/2/06)

Page 72

2006, July 03: Korean movie My Sassy Girl to Be Dramatized in China

Kim Yun-jin to Appear on "David Letterman Show'

July 03 - Im Sang-Soo Going French

Photos from the Screen Quota Cut protest rally last Saturday (01/07/06)

July 3 - Cho In-sung arrives at a turning point

Puchon Fantasy Film Fest Promises Access for All

MBC will be investing 42 million Korean Won in Eric's new drama "Sweet Guy"

S. Korea's veteran director urges Seoul to retract movie policy forced by U.S

Jul 4, 2006: Film Director Park Chan-wook to Judge at 63rd Venice Film Festival

Yoon Son-ha to Tie Knot in September

The Host to Open on 250 Screens in Japan

Peter Pan Formula Wins in South Africa

07/04 - Bong Joon-ho creates a sympathetic monster in 'The Host'

Page 73

07-06-2006: 'Apartment' Seems Eerily Familiar

Korea's action man plans to scrub the grit off the screen (Shin Jae-myeong)

'Stranger than Paradise' to start its broadcasting from the end of July

07/07 - Actor Kim Jeong-hoon Named Most Prince-like Korean Actor in China

Korean Cinema to Open in Japan

TV actress to get married (Yoon Son-ha)

Son of First President Sues TV Drama 'Seoul 1945'

Hyun Young Swaps TV Studio for Courtroom

July 8 - Hanbok fashion show to be staged in Hanok village in Seoul

July 9 - Big-budget historical dramas popular

July 10 - Korean Movie "The Host" Be Invited to Sitges International Film Festival

July 11 - 'Hanbando' director merges fact, fiction and fear of Japan

'Hanbando' Role Was Patriotic Duty for Cha In-pyo

7/06 – Park Sol Mi (28) leads the movie "Homicide Case on Paradise with actor is Park Hae Il.

7/06 – Son Yeh Jin and Gam Woo Sung, the leads of the drama "Alone in Love" will visit Japan on 7/14 to attend the launching promotion of the product 'Synergy Soap"

TV Rating (7/3/06 – 7/9/06)

MBC Drama, Jumong has been sold to 5 Asian countries (Taiwan, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)

The Bridge at No Gun Ri movie in the making, from Twitch.net

July 11 - Lee Wan's Fan Meeting Draw 2,000 Japanese Fans

07/11 - Blockbusters Vie in the Heat of Summer

Guns blazing, in a Korean sort of way (Typhoon)

Page 74

07/11 - Popular sitcom Francesca is now an animated film

07/12 - The Host comes with cartoon and games

JULY 10 - New line of HD-shot action films planned

PARK Chan-wook named jury member at Venice

Chinese Spinoff of My Sassy Girl

Jul 12 - Ahn Jae-wook to Hold Summer Camp for Fans

Korean Royal Family Exhibit Is a Hit

7/11 - Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan selected to lead the movie "That Day's Atmosphere"

7/11 – Lee Joo Hyun to act in large-scale historical drama "Yun Gae So Moon"

Box office Top 10 (7/3/06 – 7/9/06)

July 13 - Lim Soo-jung and child actress Kim Yu-jeong pose to promote the film "Lump of Sugar"

07/12 - 10th PiFan Attempts a New Start

New Version of April Snow Breaks Record in Japan

Time and The Host Compete in Spain

S. Korean singer shines big in Japan (RSW)

Ryoo Shi-won Enraptures Fans in Japan

Jul 13, 2006: Yoon Seok-ho's Seasonal Series Dramas to Become Films

Lee Kyung-Young is coming back

Hanbando Ends Hollywood's Box Office Domination?

How Do You Say The Host in English?

Horror Film Series to Hit Television

July 13 - Cinemas Showcase Heroes, American- and Korean-Style

07/14 - Actress Lee Young-ae holds Autograph Session in Japan

Child star, Lee In Sung from the hit sitcom "Hello, Franceska" will be acting as Lee Bum Soo's childhood character in the oncoming September drama "Sweet Guy"

07/13 - Nationalistic 'Hanbando' Lacks Healthy Perspective

07/14 - Lady of royal lineage tries her hand at acting

Page 75

2006.07.14 - Lee Joon-ik's Radio Star wraps up shooting

Successful First Half for Korean Film Industry

Park Shi-yeon from 'My Girl' to play the role of 'cheon-gwan-nyeo' in SBS period drama 'yeon ge so mun

Kim Ok-bin in upcoming MBC drama 'over the rainbow' playing an aspiring singer and dancer has been spending three hours a day at the dance academy

Shim Eun-kyeong (age 10) to play the young version of 'hwang jin' in the upcoming KBS drama about famous joseon era gisaeng

July 14 - Ha Ji-won to Play Famous Chosun-Era Entertainer

July 16 - Forbidden love in 'One Fine Day'

July 17 - New Zealand effects experts advise Korean moviemakers

That river creature is his baby: Meet the maker of 'Host'

'My Wife Is a Gangster 3' Takes New Direction With Hong Kong Actress

Japanese models on the rise in Korean show business

Lee Bo-Young and Yoo Jeong-Hyeon to host the 43rd Grand Bell Awards

'Jumong' surpasses the 40% viewership mark faster than 'Dae Jang Geum' did

Jang Naracast to star in new Korea-China joint drama 'Good Morning Shanghai'

Ha Hee-Ra stars in new MBC morning drama 'Be Good While I'm Here" starts the drama with low viewership

Jul 18 - Lee Byung-heon Falls Victim to Malicious Rumors in Japan

Korean Wave Star Takes Love Affair Rumor to Court

Domestic Film Tops Box Office

Domestic Movie Invited to Swiss Film Festival

July 14, 2006: Actress Competition between Hye Gyo & Ji Won Has Begun

Lee Jun cast as 'Eun ho' in in upcoming KBS2 drama 'Hwang Jini'

Lee In-Hye cast as 'Gae ddong-ee' in KBS2 drama 'Hwang Jini'

Lee Yoon-Mi and Joo Young-Hoon to wed on October 29th, 2006

July 18, 2006: Righteous Ties Teaser Trailer Released

JULY 20: Musical Actress Sonya to Go to Broadway

Film "Dirty Carnival" Draws 2 million viewers

JULY 21 - Actors Sohn Tae-yung and Lee Ki-woo to Visit Thailand

Fans Flock to See Bae Yong-jun during His Secret Visit to Japan

Song Seung-heon's Japanese Fan Club Site Server Frozen

July 19-21: Acting Range (Lee Sung Jae)

Students Feel Power of Korean Wave First Hand

Two More Top Film Fests Await Kim Tae-woo

Song Kang-ho Conquers Fear of Monsters

KBS Drama Picked as Best Drama in 2006

Freeze written by Lee Jin-Woo and produced by Jung Jae-Hoon, has sold broadcast rights to Japan for 150 Million Yen (1.2 Billion Won)

Page 76

Jeon Mi-Seon cast as Ha Ji-Won's mother in upcoming drama 'Hwang Jini'

Im Seong-Eon cast in sbs period drama 'Yeon Gae So Moon' as Kim Yoo-Shin (Lee Jong-Su)'s sister Bo-Hee

TV Viewership Top 15: July 10 - July 16, 2006

July 24, 2006: 'King and the Clown' wins 7 Taejong film awards

MBC is going to produce a new 60 eps drama 'Air City' to celebrate the 5th anniversary of In-cheon Airport

PHOTOS: The 43rd Daejong Awards Ceremony (7/21/2006)

Lee Soo Kyung will be replacing Nam Sang Mi as the new MC for SBS Entertainment news

TV Rating (7/17/06 – 7/23/06)

Crazy over 'Julian' - My Girl's Lee Dong-Wook has become 'one of us'

Bad news on the 'Someday, one of the most promising Dramas of late 2006 has gone from MBC to Cable

'King and the Clown' Wins 7 Grand Bell Awards

July 24, 2006: Bae Yong-joon, Businessman Extraordinaire

Kim Yun-jin in Sexy Eiffel Tower Photo Shoot

Hanaro Launches Internet TV Service (Kim Jung Eun)

Hong Su-Hyeon, Park Ye-Jinwill play the women of Choi Su-Jong in upcoming KBS period drama 'Dae Jo Young'

Lee Jong-Su cast as Shilla's top general 'Kim Yoo Shin' in the SBS drama 'Yeon Gae So Mun'

Jul 25, 2006: Tickets for Film "Fly Daddy" Sold Out before Opening

'Lump of Sugar' Goes Down Well

Local Movies Thrive on Nationalism

Page 77

Jul 26, 2006 - "Time" to Be Released Domestically

[movie REVIEW] Bong's film reveals monster in all of us

July 25 - Choi Soo Jong, "When else would I feel the joy of founding a country if not in a historical drama"

July 26 - Filmmakers' Protest over Screen Quota to End Sunday

July 27 - Horse Film (Im So Jung)

43rd Crowns King and the Clown

Film Adaptations Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart

Director Bong Joon-Ho's 'The Host' will be played on record-setting number of screens

Kong Hyun-joo Recognized in Chinese Portal

South Korean movie market ranks 9th in world: study

July 27 - King and Clown Star Works Hard for Little Pay

'Host' Rewrites Sci-Fi Film History

Lee Joon-ki Picks 'Fly' to Repeat Success

Movie 'The Host' Draws Global Attention

Premiere of 'Stranger than Paradise' (Uhm TaeWoong and Lee SungJae)

July 28: 'The Host' gathers 450,000 on first day, breaking 'TaeGukGi' opening record

The Host opens on a record 620 screens

KIM Hae-gon debuts as a director

Downpours gone, "The Host" comes

Animated version of "I Am Sorry But I Love You" to be simultaneously released both in Korea and Japan in early August

Page 78

July 31, 2006: Foreign Backdrop Makes Song Hye-kyo Even Hotter

Traditional Dramas Beat Trendy Ones

[HERALD INTERVIEW] Everyone wants a piece of Daniel Henney

S. Korean movie workers to stage protest outside Roh's office

"The Host" Stomps to Multiple Box Office Records

Newest tearjerker on daytime TV

2006-07-31: Jo In Sung, "Next piece is going to be a melodrama, want to take a break from action"

August 1: 'HK Citizens Associate Pop Culture with S. Korea'

'The Host' sets new local box office record

Film "The Host" Draws Most Viewers on Weekdays

TV Spot Pitches Korea's Sexiest Against Each Other (Lee Hyori, Jeon Ji Hyun)

Domestic Film Exports Drop in H1 2006

Aug 2: Got a good idea for a movie? Now there's a place to sell it

'The Host' sets new short-term local box office record

"Rae Won fighting", Japanese fans gather at set of Kim Rae Won's new movie

'King and Clown' to Screen at Tokyo Fest

"King and the Clown" Invited to Tokyo Film Festival

Aug 2 : Lee Byung-heon's Fans Hold Charity Bazaar for Flood Victims

'Host' Breaks 3 Million Viewer Record in 6 Days

'Host' Director Embarks on Whirlwind World Tour

AUGUST 3: Dasepo Girl

Dodging bullets and bad metaphors (movie: Daisy)

Page 79

2006-08-02: Hong Kong, "Korea leads to Hallyu dramas"

2006-08-03: Lee Seo-jin to Publicize Korean Alphabet in Japan

Korean Pop Culture Spreads to Paraguay

Inspired by hit movie, groups refocus attention on pollution by U.S. military

'Daddy' Can't Fly Beyond Expectation

S. Korean students to launch cross-country march to protest reduced screen quota

Kim Yun-jin Basks in Admiration of U.S. Fans

The Host 's licensing projects 'heat up the Japan"

Shinhwa already gathering popularity in Japan, first album topped pre-order rankings

August 4: Chang Seo-hee Invited to Shanghai Korean Film Festival

Kong Yoo to Hold Fan Meetings in Japan

"The Birth Of A Family" Invited to Toronto Film Festival

Ordinary Man Hits the Big Time (Lee Moon Sik)

AUGUST 5: Speaking Her Mind (Kim Ok Bin)

'Hanbando' overdoses on nationalism: movie review

08/06: No. of 'The Host' viewers tops 6 million in first 11 days

Popular Internet Comic Is Made Into Film (Daesaepo Naughty Girls)

8/2 – Kim Min Jong will lead the drama "Hyena" scheduled, broadcasted by the cable channel TVN in October

8/2 - Entertainment agency "Olive Nine" signs an exclusive contract with Chae Rim whose primary performing stage has been in China

Hyun Bin will be acting in KBS2 November drama "The Snow Queen " previously known as "Knocking on Heaven's door"

Aug 7: Choi Ji-woo Named Korea's Greatest Acting Beauty

Page 80

August 7: 'Host' breaks 6-million-viewer mark

Ryu Soo Young will be acting in KBS drama "Sting" in mid-september after Vineyard man ends

Song Seung-heon Draws Attention in Japan before Discharge

Fans Bet Kim Tae-hee's the Marrying Kind

Hyun Bin, casted in KBS 'Noon Eui Yeo Wang (Queen of Snow)'

August 8: Director keeps raunchy film secret from his parents

Ahn Jae-wook's Summer Camp Ends Successfully

Tormented Film Director Laments Rejection at Home (Dir. Kim Ki Duk)

"Come see me," Rain (Bi) reveals self-camera photos on mini-homepage

AUGUST 9: Art Films

Film Director Kim Announces 'His Funeral'

08/09 - Nationalism Weakens 'Hallyu'

Actresses venture to show their other side on TV

Director Bong, Joon-Ho raises need for minor film quota system

Kim Jeong-eun and Eugene, prepared mixed-dishes with love

Aug 10 - Hallyu hopefuls strut, sing and prance for the judges

No Hyeon-Jeong to wed Hyundai Group's Jeong Dae-Seon, the 3rd son of Jeong Mong-Woo, past president of Hyundai group

Son Tae-Yeong added to the cast of SBS 'Yeon Ge So Mun ' playing the role of "Hong Bul-Hwa"

Kang Ye-Sol, 2006 Miss Chun-Hyang has been cast in upcoming drama 'Hwang Jini' starring Ha ji-Won

Aug 10 - Fly Daddy

"Lump of Sugar" Released to Challenge "The Host"

Kwon Sang-woo Visits Japan for Movie Premiere

Page 81

Aug 10: 'Sugar' Is Sweet but Not Delicious (movie review)

Lee Jun Gi releases digital album 'My Jun'

Aug 11: Ji Jin-hee Transforms into Tough Guy

Seoul to Host Int'l TV Drama Awarding Ceremonies

Seoul to Hold First International TV Drama Awards

Aug 11: U.S. Army Keeping Close Eye on Han River Monster

Ice Princess, Hyundai Heir Formally Announce Wedding Date

Song Seung Heon fan meeting, over 4,000 Japanese fans register in first 3 days

KFEST 2 Hawaii: August 25 to August 27

Korean Films Left Out of Global Power Games

Aug 13: 'Don't Look Back' Wins Awards at Locarno Festival

Aug 9: Another Anchorwoman Marries into Chaebol

Aug13: 'Dasepo' Invited to Berlinale Fest

Aug 14: Korean Stars Praised for Generosity in Japan

8/14 - Jung Joon Ho will costar with John Cho in the Korea-Hollywood collaborated movie "West 32nd"

8/11 - MBC announces that the historical drama "Joo Mong" has been exported to Japan, China, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand

8/11 - Hwang Jung Min and Im Soo Jung will lead the movie "Happiness"

8/9- Son Tae Young and Park Shi Yun to act in 100-episode historical drama "Yun Gae So Moon"

TV Rating (8/7/06 – 8/13/06)

Aug 13: Tale of two movies

Page 82

Aug 14: Park Ji-Yoon (announcer)to replace No Hyeon-Jeong as new MC for KBS 'Star Golden Bell'

Park Ji-Yoon (actress) to appear as a gisaeng in upcoming drama Hae Eo Hwa scheduled next January

Kim Yoon-Jin of ABC miniseries 'Lost' appears as cover model for Sep/Oct issue of 'Golf For Women' magazine

Remake of Korean Movie to Hit Theater

Song Yun-a Gets First Billing at Last

Film students give letter to Roh protesting reduced quota for local movies

Aug 15: 'Don't Look Back' Wins 2 Awards at Locarno Film Fest

Former singer, Choi Jung Won from the group "UN" cast as Choi Seon, the younger brother of Choi Kang in the SBS drama "The Masters of String Pulling

Aug 16: Family ties and feminine heartstrings (movie review)

Chu Sang-Mi (33) announces her boyfriend of 4 years is musical stage actor Lee Seok-Joon (32)

Lee Jae-Hwang to showcase his hidden talent through sbs drama 'Come Back Soonae'

Lee Deok-Hwa discharged from hospital after 10 days of receiving treatment for his severe wounds he acquired during shooting of drama 'Dae Jo Yeong' on August 4th

Aug 16: 'The Host' breaks 10-million mark, raises debate on screen monopoly

PIFF Awards Foreigners for Promoting Korean Films

Pusan film festival names three foreign winners of meritorious awards

'Host' Reaches Ten Million Viewer Mark

Im Jung Eun & Han Ji Jye cast as the female leads of the KBS drama " East of Eden"

Aug 16: Moon So-ri to Sit on Pusan Film Fest Jury

New 'love-ful' Koreanovela on GMA

An article on "Love Story in Harvard" in the Philippines

Aug 15: Shinhwa's Moon Jeong Hyeok, "Will carefully choose next role shortly"

Aug 17: Korean TV Dramas to Air in Indonesia

Page 83

Aug 16: Director Bong: "I am looking forward to seeing how the Mecca of monster films would respond to my movie"

Aug 17: 'Fly High,' Outdated Melodrama

8/16 - Eric will costar with Han Ji Min, Shin Seung Woo and Choi Jung Won in the SBS drama "Invincible Parachute Personnel"

8/16 - Im Jung Eun will costar with Han Ji Hye in the drama "East of Eden" on KBS2

Kim Jung Eun will be the female lead of the november SBS drama "Lovers" after Kim Ha Neul backed out to do a movie with Kang Ji Hwan

Aug 17: Lee Jun Gi threatened by 'The Host'

Aug 18: Film "Don't Look Back" Invited to International Film Festivals

Movie review: Time

Goh Hyung-jeon: More at Ease in Her 30s

Jeon Ji-hyun Turns Into Rock Bride

K-Wave Star 'Has No Plans to Wed' (Kwon Sang Woo)

Aug 19: Korean star Eugene Kim thanks 'kapamilyas'

Aug 20: Monster Film Success Soothes S. Korea's Worried Cinema Industry

Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Min Sun will co-host the 7th Seoul Film Festival

An Old Actor's Physical Challenge (Ju Hyun)

Aug 21: A Serious Man for a Serious Job: Shin Ha-Gyun

Son Ye Jin & Sol Kyung Kyu is going to co-star together in a 24 episodes, 2007 new drama "Agent Zero"

Kim Tae-hee Becomes Highest-Paid Cosmetics Model

Cho In-sung Visits Japan for Fan Meeting

"Let's see Jo In Seong," 800 Japanese fans gather at Haneda Airport

Another promising S. Korean soap opera to debut in Japan

Aug 21: "Full House" to Be Exported to Japan

Page 84

8/18 - Shin Sung Woo (38) and Won Tae Hee will costar with Eric in the drama "Invincible Parachute Personnel"

8/18 - Yoo In Young and Kim Tae Hyun will costar with Hyun Bin in the drama "Queen of Snow"

TV Rating (8/14/06 – 8/20/06)

Aug 21: Kim Ki-duk Eats Humble Pie for Dissing Korean Viewers

Seol Kyeong-Gu and Son Ye-Jin cast as male and female leads in upcoming drama 'Agent Zero'

'Speed' featuring Lee Seo-Jin - Lee Da-Hae deferred

KBS drama starring Ha Ji-Won began shooting on August 17th, with actress Shim Eun-Kyeong playing the younger version of Hwang Jini

08-22: Actress Ko Back With First Film

TV Presenters in Hot Water Over Sexy Photo Spread

Jo In Sung, "Disappointed that nobody recognized me in Japan"

Hong Kyeong-Min to star in 4-episode drama on KBS2 titled 'Fugitive, Lee Du-Yong'

Lee Yoo-Ha (23), Yoon Seong-Hoon (23) and Kwak Ji-Min (21) cast in cable channel drama 'Series: Dasepo Girls'

August 22: Seol Kyung-Gu Moving To Television in Agent Zero!

Film festival for children (Cha In Pyo)

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa in MBC new weekend drama "Fantasy/Imaginary Couple"

Aug 23: Hong Kong Daily Hails "Married to Mafia 3"

Aug 24: Film Noir (No Mercy for the Rude - Shin Ha Kyun)

Page 85

Aug 22: SK, GS, S-Oil Use Star Power for Recognition (SYJ)

Aug 24: "The Host" Expected to Become Box Office Hit in Japan

Promo Cartoon Portrays 'King and Clown' Star's Life

'No Mercy' Leaves Audience Hanging

Stars Highlight 1st Sino-Korean TV Drama "You're My Life" (Yoon Ju-Yeong)

Aug 25: Japanese Newspaper Praises Song Gang-ho

Japanese Media to Cover Lee Byung-heon's Film Shoot

Interview: Oh, Se-Yeong, producer of Seoul Drama Awards

Kim Yun-jin Featured on Cover of U.S. TV Guide

The Newsreader as Star of the Show

August 25: HONG Sang-soo's Woman on the Beach

Production companies to form new hub outside of Seoul

Aug 27: Noh Hyun Jung's wedding photos

Seo Ji Hye currently in the drama " Over the Rainbow" has been chosen as female lead of Kim Rae Won's last drama "Trencherman" before he enters the army

Aug 28: Actress Chae Rim Returns to Korea from China

Japanese Fans to Throw Birthday Party for Bae Yong-jun

There's More to Life Than Acting, Says Shin Ae-ra

Kwon Sang-woo to Give His Name to S'pore Orchid

Bae Yong-joon Drama Set Becomes Top Tourist Site

August 29: World Premier of IM's The Old Garden at San Sebastian

Legendary Director Releases Collection of Five Movies

Hollywood recycling Korean box office hits

Agency for BoA and TVXQ Searches for New Talent

Poll result about 'Which celebrity u want to date most on July 7th' (hyunBin, Son Ye Jin)

Aug 28: KBS World Advances into Southeast Asian Market

Page 86

Aug 28: Actor Park Yong-woo, No More 'Good Guy'

Aug 31: Eric

Reaching for the Stars (child actors)

A Korean in our midst (Eugene)

A Mellower Hong Sang-soo (Woman on the Beach)

Korean Box Office Results: August 25-27, 2006

Aug 30: Gong Yoo Will Portray a Sniper in Japanese Movie "Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku)"

Aug 31: Seoul Drama Awards - 'My Lovely Sam-Soon,' Best Mini Series Award

Agent Zero will be broadcasted on OCN next year after filming is complete

Sept 1: "Happy Time" to Open in Japan Next Year

"The Host" to Break Box Office Record

'The Host' Set for All-Time Box-Office Record

Daniel Henney Stuns With Innate Language Skills

Troubled Oh Hyung-kyung 'Headed for Stability'

"Invincible Parachutists" Actresses

Kim Seung Woo, "Don't want to leave the house because of daughter"

'The Host' breaks S. Korean box office record

Sept 2: CJ China Film Festival kicks off in Seoul

Korean money pours into RP tourism

RP's beautiful spots dazzle Korean idol (Eugene)

Page 87

Aug 30: Miyake (V6) on stage with Korean actress, Kim Kyu Ri

9/1 - Han Ji Hye and Shin Dong Wook will lead drama "Cloud Stairway" aka "East of Eden" on KBS2

9/1 - Jang Geun Suk will costar with Ha Ji Won in the 30-episode drama "Hwang Jin Yi"

Sept 3: Monster Takes Millions to Theaters

Kim Jung Hoon, Fan Bing Bing Joins Lee Seung Hyun's Newest Chinese-Korean Drama

Lee Seo Jin and Jung Chan are confirmed as the first and second male leads of SBS drama "Lovers"

Sept 4: Filming of first S. Korean-U.S. movie completed (Never Forever)

First Hollywood Remake of Korean Film Opens (The Lake House)

The movie version of "식객" (food customers) starring new stars, Lee Ha Neul and Kim Kang Soo has began filming

"The Host," "King and the Clown" to Compete Overseas

U.S. Daily Reports on Asia's Drama-fed Korea Obsession

In Japan, a yen among women for 'Seoulmate'

Sept 5: Fueled by Japan, star shines his light on Asia (Kwon Sang Woo)

9/4 - Kim Yoo Mi and Yoon Sang Hyun will costar with Yoo Sun, Moon Jung Hee and Lee Hyun Woo in the 16-episode drama "Common Single"

9/4 - Lee Dong Wook will costar with Hyun Young in the movie "The All-powerful Romance"

9/4 - Nam Goong Min (28) started his military service on 8/31

9/3 - Kwon Sang Woo visits Indonesia and Singapore on 9/2 and 9/3 for his "2006 Asia Promotion Tour"

TV Rating (8/28/06 – 9/3/06)

Ryu Jin (33) to wed girlfriend of 6 years on October 29, 2006

Sept 5: Orchid in Singapore Named after Kwon Sang-woo

Film on Love and Capital Punishment (Our Happy Time)

Japan's First Lady-to-Be an Avid Korean Wave Fan

Director Ryoo Is Sole Presence at Venice (City of Violence)

Kang Dong Won & Lee Na Yeong, confident in unique love story

Sept 6: Love Story (The Unbearable Lightness of Love)

'Tailor-Made' Role for SHIN Ae-ra (Ice Candy)

KIM Ki-duk's Time to screen in Seoul with English subtitles

Page 88

Sept 6: Bae Yong-jun's Fans Mesmerized with Actor's New Role

Japanese Magazine Admits False Reporting on Lee Byung-heon

Happy Hours and Two Complex Stars

Japanese publisher officially apologizes for reporting false Lee Byeong Heon scandal

Photo of Ryu Jin's bride, Lee Hye-seon

Lee Da Hae chosen as most suitable to play the character mary (played by cameron diaz) in Korean version of "There's Something about Mary"

'Love and Hate,' Stuck in Between

Sept 7: Kim Tae-hee Takes Action Against Cyber-Terror

Entertainers with many antis VS entertainers without anti

Actress Jang Shin Young marrying the Director of BOF on the 8th of November

Sept 8: Actor Lee Beom-soo to Make Promotional Visit to Japan

Oh Ji Ho will be co-starring with Uhm Jung Hwa in "Fantasy/Imaginary Couple"

Heatthrob's Fan-Meet Spells Airline Emergency (SSH)

Kim Yun-jin in Sexy Spread for U.K. Arena

KBS2 has announced its decision to change upcoming drama 'Hwang Jini' from 30 to 24 episodes

Lee Si-Hwan [28]cast as "hwang jini's man' in upcoming KBS2 'Hwang Jini'

PIFF to Screen Restored SHIN Sang-ok Classic

The Host Tops King and the Clown

9/9 - Kim Kyu Ri will costar with Kim Jung Eun and Lee Suh Jin in the drama "Lovers"

9/8 - Jang Shin Young's (22) wedding held in November, to Wee Seung Chul (29) the marketing sector director of BOF

9/6 - Song Ji Hyo is selected to play Joo Mong's first wife "Madam Yhe" the historical drama "Joo Mong"

TV Rating (9/4/06 – 9/10/06)

Page 89

Sept 11: Japanese Fans Flock to See Song Seung-heon

Three Films Vie for Foreign Film Oscars

Director Kim Ki-deok's "Bow" to Screen in Japan

Sept 10: Best "Autumn Men" chosen by female stars

K-Film Box Weekend Box Office Top Ten: September 1-3, 2006

"This is 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (Legend)'", Bae Yong Joon and Moon Sori revealed in costume

Sept 12: Gwangju movie set unveiled

"The Host" Most Popular Korean Film in Singapore

Originators of Korean Wave Still Loved in Japan

Pusan film festival organizers unveil entry list

Kim's 'Trace of Love' to Start PIFF

Actress takes off mask in 'Woman on the Beach' (Goh Hyun Jung)

KBS, Azerbaijan's ITV Sign Broadcast Agreement

"Japan's best Hallyu Stars are Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo after all"

"Billie Jean, look at me" aired around December starring Lee Ji Hoon, Park Hee Bon

Sept 13: Are Korean Movie Stars Too Expensive?

Shin Hyeon Joon, to capture Korea and Japan simultaneously with the movie 'Gamun' series

Anchor Paek Ji-yeon to Take Catwalk at Korea Expo

Sept 14: Time Tripper (Choi Soo Jong)

Actress Lim So-young, showcases BMW’s Z4 Coupe

Page 90

Sept 14, 2006: A Superior Weepie About the Meaning of Compassion (Our Happy Time)

9/15 – Oh Ji Ho and Han Yeh Seul in the weekend drama "Couple of Fantasy"

9/13 – Jae Hee, Shin Yi and Park Shi Yun selected to lead the movie "The Single Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence"

9/12 – Shin Ae Ra is selected to lead the SBS Friday drama "La La La House"

Box office Top 10 (9/4/06 – 9/10/06)

Sept 15: Kang Dong-won to Appear in Lee Myung-se's New Movie

Busan Aims to Become City of Films by 2008

December MBC drama: Billie Jean, look at me

9/18 - Production company "Yoon's Color" announces Sung Yoo Ri and Hyun Bin for drama "Queen of Snow"

9/15 - Yum Jung Ah (34)'s wedding held at "Vista Hall" of Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel on 12/30

TV Rating (9/11/06 - 9/16/06)

Sept 18: Forgetfulness (Invisible Man Jangsu)

S. Korean movie star gets married (Yun Son-ha)

Korean pop star's worldwide performance tour (Rain)

China Draws up Drama-Based 'Weird Korean Customs' List

Sept 19: S. Korea faces tough decision to pick its choice for foreign film Oscar

Kim Jae-won Captivates Japanese Fans

Choi Jin Shil will starring in MBC's new november daily drama 'Bad Woman, Good Woman'

Chinese Star Ziyi Zhang Says She Wants to Work With Lee Young-ae

Chinese director Feng Xiaogang says martial arts epics are key to commercial success

Director Kim explores inner beauty (movie- 200 pound beauty)

Latest Update on Won Bin

Zhang Ziyi Discloses Namdaemun Shopping Habit

Son Ye Jin Voted 'Ms 2006 Korea Jewelry Lady'

Sept 20: Pusan Festival Film Tickets Sold Out in 2 Min

Page 91


Pusan Fest to Set Sail Next Month

Programmers' Choice at Pusan Film Festival

Lim Soo Jeong & Jeong Ji Hoon's 'Cyborg jiman gwenchanah (Cyborg but okay)' teaser poster revealed

9/20 - Production company "Yellow Film" announces Cha In Pyo (39) will costar with Son Ye Jin (24) and Sul Kyung Goo (38) in the 24-episode drama "Agent Zero"

9/19 - Choi Jin Shil will lead daily drama "Bad Woman" by MBC in November

Box office Top 10 (9/11/06 – 9/17/06)

Sept 21 - Cardshark (War of Flower)

'The King and the Clown' meets the Oscars

2006 Korea Film Festival Opens in London

'The King and the Clown' picked as Korean contender for foreign film Oscar

Lee Jun-ki Appears in Korea-Japan Joint Film

Lee Jun Gi, first take in melodrama through Korea/Japan joint production 'Cheotnoon (First Snow)'

War of Flowers CHOI Dong-hoon's 2nd film

Sept 22 - 'Mafia,' Out of Fashion, Business

Park Yong-ha Ranks Second on Oricon Single Chart

9/23 - Trio Son Hyun Joo, Ahn Sun Young and Kwon Hae Hyo of MBC drama "Rosy Life" collaborate in MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama "What’s Up, Fox?" again

9/23 - In addition to movie "That Day's Atmosphere", Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan selected to lead the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama9 "0 Days, Time for Love"

9/21 - Im Joo Hwan (24) will costar with Sung Yoo Ri and Hyun Bin in "Queen of Snow"

TV Rating (9/18/06 – 9/24/06)

Sept 22 - Ha Ji-won's Agonizing Road to Period Drama

Sept 25 - Bae Yong Joon autographed LP, to be displayed in 'Gosireh' of Japan

Shin Hyun Joon will be in town for HIFF

Hyun Bin Have Been Casted for the New Drama 'The Snow Queen'

Spoilt for Movie Choice During Long Chuseok Break

Sept 25 - Kang Ho-dong to tie knot

Average Korean Film Production Cost W4 Billion

Film Director to Create 50 Bln Won Movie Fund

Sept 26 - Child actors come of age in Korea

Page 92

Sept 26, 2006 - Korean Wave Makes Inroads into India

Chinese Netizens: KBS among Top 10 Firms

Video Can't Kill This Radio Star

Guided tour to the world premiers at the Pusan International Film Festival

'Noon eui Yeo Wang (The Snow Queen)' Hyun Bin, calluses on hand from boxing training

Sept 27 - Busan Rolls Up its Sleeve for PIFF

Korean Pop Culture's Impact on China

Sept 27 - Korea's 'Lost' Star to Lure Kids to Disneyland

Drama 'Hwangjiny,' targets international market with Ha Ji Won poster

Sept 28 - Jeon Ji-hyun Snapped With Mystery Male Companion

Will Se7en's Acting Be Successful?

3rd Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival to be Held

Lovers - Romance, Korean style

'High Rollers' Gives High Thrill

Another Cerebral Treat From Choi Dong-hoon (War of Flowers)

'Marrying the Mafia III: Gamuneui Buhwal' invited to Hawaii International Film Festival

Sept 29 - Ha Ji-won's Beauty to Brighten Walls in Cannes

Jeong Hye-Yeong comes back to acting after giving birth last year, through MBC '90 Days, Time of Love'

Rain (Bi) opens membership for fan club prior to world tour

Oct 02 - Heroine (Kim Jung Eun)

Oct 03 - 'The Host' meets with sell-out crowd at Vancouver festival

Page 93

'Winter Sonata' on QTV-11

Oct 2 - KBS TV Drama Wins Global Recognition

Pusan festival adds Asian film market

Los Angeles Korea Center opens

Oct 3 - TV screens more ajumma dramas

Ahn Jae Wook to release special album in Japan

Hallyu Concert Closes Formula 1 in Shanghai

Oct 4 - Movies for Long Chusok Holiday

Boys Will Be Boys, Friends Will Be Friends (movie previews)

Rain Vows to Take the World by Storm

Jo In Sung returns to the TV screen in two years as a cold-hearted detective

Korean Films Hit New Market Share Record

10/5 - Lee Suh Jin, Son Tae Young and Park Han Byul's 5-episode mini series "Freeze" scheduled to be broadcasted by the cable channel CGV from 10/27 to 10/31

9/28 - Cha Tae Hyun and Lee So Yun selected to lead the movie "Mask Dal Ho"

Dong Bang Shin Gi, 'Feels like debuting again'

Oct 6 - Asian talent lights up PIFF guest list

Pusan film festival lifts Southeast Asian cinema

'Winter Sonata,' targets Japan with musical


Oct 8 - 8 strong K-films in Hawai'i film fest lineup

Kim Ki Bum from Super Junior taking over the role of Go Ara's boyfriend in SBS Nov drama "Snow flowers"


INDEX FOR 2007 UPDATES HERE (page 112)

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Page 94

Oct 9, 2006: Competition to Cast Song Seung-heon Heats Up

Kwon Sang-woo Blasts Japanese Media

Soundtrack album reflects 10 years of Pusan film fest

'Trace of Love' actors hold press conference

'Hello Brother' Wins Prize at Lucas Film Festival

Oct 10: "Little Brother" Tops Children's Film Fest in Germany

The Vineyard Man learns he can also break hearts

11th Pusan International Film Festival starts on the 12th

Rain's World Premier Tour Begins in Seoul

JUNG Woo-sung in The Restless

Oct 11: Rain, Won Bin, Kang Dong-won Join Hands

Leaner Busan Film Fest to Open Thursday

PIFF to Set Sail

Bae Yong-joon's 'April Snow' Re-released in Japan

13/10/2006: 7th Pusan Film Critics Association Award results

Wanna Meet the Stars? Here's How

Actor Lee Jung Jae cast as the male lead for MBC large scale production drama "Air City"

2,000 film industry leaders to converge at PIFF market, director says

10/12/06: First episode of the KBS2 drama “Hwang Jin Yi” scored good TV rating at 20.1% on 10/11

10/11/06: Lee Yun Hee will costar with Kang Dong Won in the movie “M”.

10/10/06: Lee Chang Hoon will costar with Shin Ae Ra to lead the 20-episode Friday drama “My Love”

Pusan film festival opens

PIFF gets off to tragic start with 'Traces of Love'

photos - Stars attending “The 11th Pusan International Film Festival” on 10/12

Page 95

October 12, 2006: Lee Chang-dong Back in the Saddle (began shooting Secret Sunshine in September)


PIFF opening film director stages lone protest over S. Korea's movie deal with U.S.

Fresh ideas expected to be main factor in PIFF's choice for competitive section

Pusan International Film Festival

Asian movie stars meet at film festival

Film director protests reduced Korean film screen quota at festival

Chinese actor at Pusan International Film Festival

Oct 8: Thespians aim for Hollywood (Jeon Ji Hyun, Lee Byung Hun)

Oct 12: Korean fare takes big bite out of Hollywood

Oct 14: Hollywood Distributors to Merge in Onslaught on Korean Film

Oct 16: Chinese, Korean Stars Hit It Off in Busan

Mass visit to Korea by 3,000 Hallyu fans, "Want to meet Ryu Shi Won, Shin Seung Hoon..."

CJ Entertainment Chief Wins World Business Award

A Rosy Life premieres on Monday (Philippines updates)

Oct 15: HERALD INTERVIEW - Andy Lau urges Asian films to experiment

Oct 16: HERALD INTERVIEW - Jang Jin breathes life into gangster film

Actress Ha Ji Won joins film festival lineup (HIFF)

PIFF - Lee Byeong Heon, Jo In Sung, Hallyu star popularity still in present progressive form

Oct 17: Korean actors, beyond Hallyu and advance into Hollywood

Pre-wedding photos - Ryu Jin & Lee Hye-Seon

Has Kim Tae-hee Found a Part That Suits Her at Last?

10/16/06: Singer Se7en, Huh Yi Jae, Kangdu and Park Shin Hye selected to lead the drama “Palace 2”

10/16/06: Kim Hee Ae, Kim Gi Bum, Go Ah Ra, Kim Bo Yun, and Lee Jae Ryong attend the press conference of SBS drama “Snowflake”

Oct 18: Korean, Taiwanese Stars to Compete at Korean Box Office

New mobile phone (Kim Tae Hee CF Pic)

Ahn Jae Wook, Osaka concert tickets sold out in 7 minutes

Page 96

Oct 19, 2006: The Times Exclusive Hails Korean Culture

Top Dog (movie 'Maumy')

Song Seung-hun to Be on Fuji TV

Oct 20: Fuji TV Producing Special on Korean Wave Star

Meet Bae Yong Joon in Japan through mobile services

Korea Film Festival to Be Held in China

Oct 21: Ha Ji-won Speaks Up for Chosun-Era Gisaeng

Oct 23: "War of Flower" Enters Box-office's Top-10

Plans to promote film industry

S. Korea unveils blueprint to boost local cinema industry to top 5 worldwide

CJ Angers London Film Fans

Captivating Glimpse Inside 'Restless'

Winter Sonata the second time around (Philippines updates)

Oct 23: Korea Drama Fest Opens in Chinju

Oct 24: Film market fosters Asian industry networks

'Anti-fans' force managers to increase stars' security

Gisaeng Becomes Cultural Icon of 2006

MC Mong, "All I ever did was move to where Bae Yong Joon used to live..."

New Sitcom " High Kick" to start on the 6th of Nov.

Picture Album of Choi Ji-woo to Go Mobile

Oct 25: Horror debut drowns in stale images

Bae Yong Joon and 300 Asian stars' Photo Book on sale for Charity

Page 97

Oct 25, 2006: Kisaeng Revisited in Modern Dramas, Musicals and Films

US Hallyu: Korean-American Roles Become More Visible in Hollywood

Oct 26: Need Love? No (Moon Geun Young)

Lee Jun-ki: Proof that the K-Wave Rolls On

Korea drama fest kicks off today

Rain to Meet with U.N. Secretary General-elect Ban Ki-moon

Park Jin-young to Represent Asia at U.N. Youth Summit

Glamour Couple Talk About New Simple Life Together (Noh Hyun Jung, Chung Dae Sun)

'Traces' Leaves Not Much to Follow

Korean popster Se7en, a jack of all trades

Oct 27: Eom Ji-won Rediscovered

France supports S. Korea's screen quota system with medal on ex-culture minister

Former Culture Minister Lee Honored by French

Hwang Soo Jung makes a comeback

Oct 28: Han Ye-seul Wins Over Detractors as Amnesiac Heiress

The reason Korean dramas are loved in China

Global Cultural Industry Forum Opens in Seoul

S. Korea, France sign accord to boost film co-productio

Oct 29, 2006: Photos - Ryu Jin & Lee Hye-Seon's wedding

Stars at Ryu Jin's Wedding (Shilla Hotel, Seoul, 10/29/06)

MBC " White tower" is to be shown after Jumong in 2007

Page 98

Oct 30, 2006: Over 80 Korean films to be shown at American Film Market

Oct 31: 'The Host' and 3 other Korean movies invited to AFI FEST

Kim Jung-hoon Gives Concert in Japan

Signboards Featuring Ko A-ra to be Installed in Tokyo

"Our Happy Times" Beats Record For Melodramas

Korean Film "War of Flowers" Joins Top Ten

'Cruel Winter Blues,' a poignant story of a gangster and his enemy's mother

Gisaeng beguile Korea's producers

Ads Pit Jeon Ji-hyun Against Lee Hyo-lee

10/30/06: Gong Hyo Jin will costar with Kang Dong Won and Lee Yun Hee in the movie “M”

10/24/06: Actor Lee Jae Ryong and actress Sung Hyun Ah will join Choi Jin Shil in MBC drama “Bad Woman, Good Woman” January 2007

Oct 31: Prince charming (Kim Jeong Hoon)

Actress Tries Comeback Five Years After Drug Bust (Hwang Soo Jung)

Nov 1: Korean High-Schooler to Grace Giant Tokyo Posters (Ara)

Cho Seung-woo and Sister Join Musical

Stars of "Sad Movie" Visit Japan for Promotion

S. Korean movie emerges as cultural symbol after years of illegal screening in China

Nov 2: Commission warns drama makers to tone down sensational content

Choi Ja-hye cast as lead role in upcoming KBS1 tv novela 'Soon-ok'

So Ji Sub, a 'meaningful' birthday party

Hwang Soo-jung 'Better than Ever' After Five-Year Break

Singer Rain Poses for Unfortunate Children

"Welcome to Dongmakgol" Ranks 10th in Japan

Pre-wedding photos - Kang Ho-dong &Lee Hyo-jin

Nov 3: The very best Korean films ever - maybe

Page 99

Nov 2: 'Kidnappers' Needs Education to Be Funny

Lee Min-Yeong and Lee Chan (real name: Kwak Hyeon-Shik) to marry on December 10, 2006

Lee Jae-Ryeong and Yoo Ho-Jeong couple received thanks for their annual donation of 50 million won to Seoul University Children's Hospital

Nov 3: Hot Blood (actor Seol Kyung Gu)

Chun Ji-hyun to Debut in Hollywood

Copyright for Remake of "The Host" Sold to Universal

Nov 6: Watching movies is favorite weekend pastime for S. Koreans - survey

S. Korea Broadens its Global Cinema Market Share

New film - Love Me Not; Hot Blooded Boy

Hallyu Expo Will Commence in Jeju This Coming Nov

Nov 7: Sibling stars join up to sing for their Rent

"Sad Movie" Selected as Opening Movie for Asian Film Festival

Back with 'The Road,' director Bae Chang-ho tells of life's choices, regrets

Korean Films’ Share Triples in 8 Years

'If You Were Me 3' takes on human rights in S. Korea

Nov 8: Bae Yong-jun Releases Classical Album in Japan

Sul Kyung-gu: no Ordinary Action Hero

S. Korea, Japan need to bridge cultural gap for joint film production, critic says

Nov 9: Good Sequels

Vengeance trilogy director Park Chan-wook returns with romantic comedy starring Rain

Ahn Jae-wook Gives Concert at Budokan

The L.A. Times Headlines covered with Korean Films at American Films Market

'Hwang Jin-i boom' sheds light on role, life of 'gisaeng'

Page 100

Nov 9, 2006: 'Korean Wave' now testing U.S. waters

Bi (Rain) Jung Ji Hoon, "Filled with a message of hope"

Nov 10: Rain Gets a Baby Shower

Kim Hye-soo Selected Best Actress by Aspiring Actors

'War of Flowers' Biggest Hit This Autumn

Actor Threatened by Organized Crime Boss (Kwon Sang Woo)

11/10/06: Hyun Bin to visit Tokyo, Japan on 11/21 to promote “The First Love of Millionaire"

11/7/06: Park Eun Hye to costar with Choi Jin Shil, Lee Jae Ryong, and Sung Hyun Ah in MBC drama “Bad Woman, Good Woman” January 2007

2007 upcoming dramas: KBS 'Flowers bloom when Spring Comes'with Park Si Yeon, Park Keon Hyeong

SBS 'Crazy for Love'with Lee Mi Yeon, Yoon Kye Sung

SBS 'Angel (Lobbyist)' with Kim Tae Hee

MBC adapting Japanese movie "Rainbow Song" into drama for 2007

Kim Dong Wan acting in SBS 2007 Drama "Turtle" before he joins the army

Jo In Sung acting in a drama from a Japanese comic adaption "Shaking Land Mine" (Jiraishin) in 2007

Nov 12: HERALD INTERVIEW - Korean TV drama makes notable debut in Africa (All In)

Dec 2006: Get Sudsy (The Korean Soap Operas) by Jamie S Rich

Nov 13: Kang Ho-dong's wedding day

Nov 14: Director Park Chan-wook tries new genre (I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK)

Lee Hyo-lee Becomes Highest Paid Female Singer

Asian Press Gears up for Star's Release from Army

Jo In Sung, first Best Actor Award after making a screen debut

Historical Dramas Boost Sales of Herbal Cosmetics

New KTF Add Throws Political Correctness Overboard

Korea at American Film Market

New Projects from KIM and KIM

JUN Ji-hyun Joins Blood Project

Page 101

Nov 14, 2006: It's Time for 'Byunsama'(Lee Byung Hun)

Nov 15: Song Seung-heon, Chang Hyuk Discharged from Military

The Season's Great Movie Kisses

The Philippine Daily Inquirer - Lifestyle Section articles

'Ad-lib Night,' subtle drama of woman in early 20s, leaves questions

11/15/06: Song Seung Hun finishes his 24-month military service and welcomed by 700 fans from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong & Taiwan

On the same day, Jang Hyuk also completed his military service

"My Wife is a Gangster 3" Sold at AFM

Cho Seung-woo's 'Rent' sells out in 25 minutes

Nov 16: 'The Host' Ends Record-Breaking Run

North Korea lauds S. Korean movie 'The Host' for anti-American stance

Actor Rain

11/13/06:Park Kun Hyung selected to lead drama “When Spring Comes” on KBS2, January 2007

Six creative films in one (If You Were Me 3)

Nov 17: Which Korean Stars Have the Greatest Pulling Power? (list from Chosun.com)

Drama 'Hwangjiny' licensed to 4 countries including China

Seats to Hallyu Expo in Short Supply

Outsider director Shin Dong-il conveys voice of outcasts in 'Host & Guest'

Page 102

Nov 17, 2006: Company Accused of False Viewer Ratings

Successful KBS Cultural Promo in NY

'Two Men' Lacks Story to Tell (review How the Lack of Love Affects Two Men)

Oh Yoon Ah getting marry on 5th January, 2007

Nov 19: Hallyu Star Blunders On Military Issue (Song Seung Hun)

HERALD INTERVIEW - Lee Byung-hun eyes Hollywood

Korean Song to be Used for Hollywood Movie

Nov 20: Wall Painting Poster of "The Restless" Unveiled

Two Friends to Co-Star in New Movie (Kim Su-ro, Gam Woo-sung)

5th Korean Film Awards best actor & actress (Jo In Sung, Jang Jin Young)

Byeol Emerges as Hallyu Star in China

Page 103

Nov 21, 2006: A director's guide to salvation and love (Cyborg Girl)

Japanese Media Covers Actor Kim Rae-won's Fan Meeting

The 5th Korea Film Awards sponsored by MBC (11/19/2006 Result & Photos)

11/20/06: Bae Yong Joon attended a fan meeting at Cheju Island in conjunction with “Korean Wave Expo in ASIA”

11/17/06: Oh Yoon Ah’s wedding held at “Imperial Palace Hotel” on 1/5/2007

11/16/06: Myung Se Bin to collaborate with Se7en, Huh Yi Jae, Kangdu and Park Shin Hye in MBC drama “Palace S – Prince House”

Nov 22: Hallyu Stars Boost Country's Tourism Industry

Ryu Si-won to Appear on NHK Drama

'King' Win Honors at Cape Town Film Fest

Part 2 of Philippine Daily Inquirer - Lifestyle Section's Korean special

Yet another Korean invasion

Harisu to marry boyfriend

Nov 23: First Love (Once in a Summer)

Actor Choi Si-won Set to Become Next-Generation Korean Star

Star Yoo Begins Love With TV Announcer (Yoo Jae Suk)

Kim Dong Won, Park Eun Hye, Han Eun Jung and Jo Dong Hyuk in SBS 2007 Drama " I'll not love"

TVXQ Invited to Asia Pacific Film Festival

Rain’s debut film to be released in December

Lee Min Ki & Chae Lim in KBS 2007 drama "Oh Tal Ja's Spring"

Actress Hwang Soo Jung's comeback to the small screen in SBS 2007 drama " Salt Doll"

Nov 24: Chae Lim to Return to TV

"The Palace" Season II gets a new name

Sandara Park breaks barriers in ‘Super Noypi’

Song Hye-kyo Gets a Visit from her friend, Rain

New movie 'Solace' appeals with open ending

Page 104

Nov 25, 2006: Heartthrob Daniel Henney Confesses Early Sins

11/24/06: Chae Rim in Wednesday-Thursday drama "Oh Dal Ja’s Spring” on KBS2 after “Huang Jin Yi"

Iranian, South Korean films dominate 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival awards

Overseas Sales of Tickets to Rain's Concert in Seoul Surge

The Host Screenings Ended, Success Continues

Nov 26: First 'Heavy' Role for Slim Actress (Kim Ah Jung)

Bubble Show Features Movie Star Lee Sung Jae

MOVIE REVIEW - 'Solace' twists melodrama to its advantage

11/24/06: Huang Soo Jung to lead the Friday SBS drama “Salt Doll” with actors Kim Young Ho & Kim Yoo Suk

Sohn Ye-jin Wins 1st Best Lead Actress Award

Nov 27: Japanese Flock to Jeju to See Korean Stars

SBS sets up 'Korea channel' in Taiwan

Look Similar? They Pretty Much Are

Song Seung Hun and Han Ga In in MBC 2007 March Drama " The City Of God"

With its star power, 'Seducing Mr. Perfect' is a feel-good comedy

Korean drama series roundup in the Philippines

11/27/06 – Movie star Lee Bum Soo tolead the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee”

Korean wave arrives in Central, South America

Nov 28: 'Dear Pyongyang' a moving tale of a family and country divided

Nov 29: Comedy-maker Cho directs tear-jerker set in dictatorial regime (preview Once in a Summer)

New drama's concept has passed its time

Page 105

Nov 28, 2006: Preparations for 'Hallyu Expo in Asia'

First Korean Wave Expo kicks off in Jeju

Daniel Henney as 'Mr. Perfect'

Nov 29: Local Cable TV Produces Dramas

Hallyu Expo in Asia: Yon-sama in Jeju Island

Daniel Henney speaks of troubled past on eve of big-screen debut

Lee Byeong Heon, "Want to express irreversible compassion"

Yonsama Brings K-Wave Expo Opener to a Halt

Actress Moon getting married to director Jang Joon Hwan on December 24th, Christmas Eve

Han Hyo Joo and Park Hae Jin in KBS1 2007 daily drama "As sky as ground"

Cyborg and The Restless Pre-Sales at AFM

King and the Clown Wins Big in Cape Town

Weekend Box Office 11.24 - 11.26

Eric received a proposal to play a leading role in Hollywood movie "Iron Man"

Nov 30: Lee Wan to Appear on Japanese Drama

Bae Yong-joon Japan's All-Time Favorite Son-in-Law

Actress Moon So Ri to Wed Film Director

'Once in a Summer' Travels in Time for Love

Couple Clinic (Couple Clinic-Love and War)

11/30/06: Han Hyo Joo selected to lead the drama “By Land and Sky"

11/30/06: Yoon Jung Hee in KBS2 weekend drama “Blissful Woman"

11/29/06 – Lee Wan in Japanese mellow drama “Magnolia Flower” produced by Fuji TV

TV Rating (11/20/06 – 11/26/06)

Singers-Turned-Actors: the Best and the Worst

Lim Soo-jung: 39 kg, but That's Okay

Fresh From the Army, Song Seung-hun Heads to Japan

Page 106

Dec 2, 2006: Korean movie director makes glorious return with romance comedy (Park Chan Wook)

Jung Ji Hoon, "Wanted to take director's abilities"

Asian TV Awards Pick SBS as Best Channel

Two KBS Programs Tops at Asian Television Awards

President Roh given 'fruits of love' brooch by relief group (actress Cha Si Ra)

Intrigues almost made Sandara Park quit showbiz

Box Office: November 24- 26, 2006

12/4/06: Kim Suk Hoon & Yoon Jung Hee in KBS2 weekend drama “Blissful Woman”

11/30/06: Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi in KBS2 drama “Time between Dog and Wolf” March 2007

TV Rating (11/27/06 – 12/3/06)

Dec 4: PARK Chan-wook Unveils as Anticipation Grows

The Host's Rare Inclusion in Hollywood Dominated 'Must-See' List

Korea Wins Six at Asia Pacific Film Fest

Family Ties Takes Top Prize in Greece

Lee Jun-ki to Promote “The King and the Clown” in Japan

The Korea Herald EDITORIAL: Sustaining Hallyu

Dec 5: Mr. Vengeance back for romance

SFCC awards go to UN chief, blockbuster movie and LG (Bong Joon Ho)

Japan's NTT DoCoMo to provide mobile contents on S. Korean actor (Bae Yong Jun)

Yoon Eun-hye Offered Role in Taiwanese Drama

Busan Shapes Up as Another Hong Kong

Song Il Guk Becomes Honorary Citizen of Tongyong

Hallyu marketing in Hong Kong (Kim Tae Hee)

Screen sirens vie to win first place on film's hit list

Lee Jun-ki to Promote The King and the Clown in Japan

'Princess Hours,' 'Marine Blues' Selected Best Comic Work and Character

Song Seung-hun Likely Next Favorite of Japanese

Page 107

Dec 5, 2006: Late Bloomer Yoo Jae-suk

Dec 6: For Rain, 'Cyborg' may prove a stepping stone to world fame

Hong depicts humanity as weakness (Woman on the Beach)

'April Snow' to Begin 3rd Run in Japan

Jang Dong-gun to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

Yoon Kye Sung Discharged From Military

Journey From Starstruck to Stardom

Dec 7: '200 Pound Beauty' holds heavyweight lessons

Joongchun (The Restless/Midair)

Commercial Vs. Avant-Garde: Park Chan-wook on ®Cyborg

Producers heed online responses to movie names

'World of Silence' Induces Sigh

Hong Kong movie star Shu Qi in Seoul

Photos: Prelude to the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Jung Gyung Ho and Lee Jun Gi, fateful rivalry in upcoming drama

Hallyu is new growth engine in culture industry

Dec 8: S. Korean director says he agonized over 100th film (Im Kwon Taek)

Promotional Film Concert to Be Held in Japan

Dec 9: Korean Movies' Success Here no Cause for Complacency

Yoon Kye Sang, speaks of feelings in a video after completing military service

Dec 11: Veteran actress Lee Kyung Hee receives Lifetime Achievement Award at FWF

Page 108

Dec 10, 2006: HERALD INTERVIEW - Actor Lee Seo-jin seeks versatility

Actor Lee Chan and cctress Lee Min Young got married on Dec 10, 2006

Hwang Soo-jung Is Back, Beautiful as Ever

Dec 11: Downloading Movies Now Legal With Numerous Options

Rain Set to Make His Name As Actor

Martin campbell: "Jang Dong Gun & Won Bin are impressive"

Rain (Bi)'s debut movie 'Cyborg, but okay' ranks 1st in box office

Dec 12: Director Park Chan-wook to receive presidential award for raising Korea's profile abroad

Craig ㅡ Most Human James Bond

Fashion show at Angkor Wat temple (Kim Rae Won, Kim Hee Sun)

Andre Kim fashion show brings more fantasy into Angkor Wat

Song Seung-hun Visits Japan

Lee Hyo-lee Signs Another Lucrative Deal With Samsung

77 Koreans Enlighten the World

12/8/06: Lee Yo Won with movie star Lee Bum Soo in SBS drama “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee"

12/4/06: Lee Hyun Woo, Chae Rim and Lee Min Gi in KBS2 drama “Oh Dal Ja’s Spring”

TNS list of top 10 dramas of 2006 based on average TV ratings

Supermodel-Turned-Actresses Taking Over Airwaves

MBC: " War of money"

12/12/06: Lee Mi Yun and Yoon Kye Sang in SBS weekend drama “Crazy for You”

12/11/06: Park Shin Yang and Park Jin Hee in MBC drama “Money’s Warfare"

Page 109

Dec 13, 2006: Innocent Star Goes Sexy for KTF Commercial (Moon Geun Young)

Actor Labels Kim Tae-hee an 'Ostrich'

Son Ye Jin's Motherly Affections

The Most Popular Actors in 2nd half of 2006 are Jang Dong-gun and Han Ga-in

MOVIE REVIEW - 'Old Miss Diary': A quest for a young man

Sundance Selects Driving with My Wife's Lover

Dec 14: Beauty? (200-pound beauty)

"Duelist" Released in Egypt

Jang, Han Top Actors of 2nd Half

Im's film 'Thousand Year Crane' set to soar

University Film Festival to Be Held in Seoul

Korean Short Films Selected for Clermont Ferrand Film Festival

2006 -- 10 dramas with lowest viewership ratings

'200 Pound' Is Fun, Light Comedy

Gina Kim's Never Forever to Compete at Sundance

Korean Actor Ahn to Appear as Model for Ford Motor Company

'My Wife Is a Gangster 3' tests heroine Shu Qi's charm

12/13/06: Nominees of “Top Excellent Actor Award” of 2006 MBC Performance Awards/Daesang

Dec 15: "Like a Virgin" Invited to Berlin International Film Festival

Promotion ambassadors for Year of Korea-China Exchanges (Jang Na Ra, Kang Ta)

Singer Lee Seung Chul getting married to business woman Park Hyeon Jung on January 26, 2007

Go Hyeon Jung to return to another MBC drama in 2007

Kim Hee Ae returns to sageuk (historical) drama after 15 years

The World of Silence's Strong Cast

12/15/06: Result & photos - The 27th “Blue Dragon Film Awards"

Page 110

Dec 17, 2006: Fantasy 'The Restless' delivers, but characters are weak

'Restless' Creates Visually Superb Epic

Dragons bow to monsters in 'Host'

S. Korean firm partially owned by actor Bae Yong-joon to enter Japanese stock market

Rain Named Goodwill Ambassador Again

Dec 18: Kwon Sang-woo Visits Taiwan and the Philippines

Bae Yong-joon Enters Japanese Stock Market

12/13/06: Production company “Samhwa Production” announces that Kim Hee Ae will be the lead in the drama “Unfortunate Mrs. Lee Bang Ja”

TV Rating (12/11/06 – 12/17/06)

Dec 18: Lee Dong-gun Plans to Focus on Films

MOVIE REVIEW - 'The Restless' offers unprecedented graphic works

Once Bitten but Not Twice Shy

Disgraced Actresses Ready Comebacks on the Small Screen in 2007

Hallyu Phenomenon Attracts Scholars

Dec 19: 'The Old Garden' revives doomed love of 1980s

Jae Hee and Dennis O in the SBS 2007 drama "Witch amusement" in March, 2007

Celebrity is not a problem for comedian in a sweat (Chung Seong-ho)

Fans Are Source of Energy for Park Geon-hyeong

Lee Seo Jin and Lee Da Hye co-hosting SBS Tv Drama Awards on 31st Dec'06

S. Korea's actress Ye Ji-won

JDG and Son Ye-jin 'the most wanted to make phone call to at Christmas'

The emergence of a Korean hero

Page 111

Dec 19, 2006: Korean TV dramas take a nosedive in Asia

Dec 20: Semi-retired Korean actress' comeback to entertainment world

Int'l institute names S. Korean actor as ambassador (Jung Jun Ho)

'Winter Sonata' to Re-air Across Japan

Ko So-young looks for image change

"The Restless" to Be Released in 450 Theaters

"My Wife is a Gangster 3" to Be Released in Hong Kong in February

Dec 21: Modern Love (Chae Rim)

12/20/06:Han Ga In, Dennis O’Neil and Jae Hee in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Witch Yoo Hee”

Ahn, Seong-Ki and Park, Joong-Hoon: happy when working together

Dec 21: BONG's Host Takes Top Prize at Blue Dragon

Park Chan-wook's new movie 'Cyborg' fails to appeal at box office

'Restless' Satisfies Eyes, Not Heart

Hallyu Stars Spread Holiday Giving Spirit (Lee Young Ae, Lee Jun Ki)

"200-Pound Beauty" is Korea's latest box office hit

Dec 22: Hong Sang-soo Named Best Director

S. Korea's up-and-coming actors (Im Joo Hwan, Lee Sun-ho)

The Korean Stars of the Year 2006

'Dr. Gang' Dal Goh – Yoo Na couple and others voted 2006 Characters of the Year

2 Top Actors Become Fashion CEOs (Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung)

Protagonists of new S. Korean movie (The Old Garden)

'Cyborg' Gets Invited to Berlinale

Bong, Tae-Gyu and Jeong, Ryeo-Won will star in "Hello, Ani"

A father-daughter version drama of "Eraser in My Head"

So Ji Sub, donates 30 million won to charity

Dec 24: Melodrama Queen Back as 10-Year-old Girl (Son Ye Jin)

Page 112

Dec 24, 2006: Congratulations to Moon So-ri & Jang Joon-hwan's wedding

Dec 25: Director Im Sang-soo returns with romantic, yet political, drama of 1980s

Foreign films dominate year-end box office

Dec 26: Women's film awards suggest that Korean cinema is changing

Love and mothers are in but dried seafood is out

For actress, fiction imitates real life (Choi Jin Sil)

Korean Wave Waning in Asian Nations

YEAR-END REVIEW - Looking back on Korean culture scene

Duelist in Egyptian Cinemas

Kwon Sang Woo's Visit Vietnam 2007 Schedule

Dec 27: Drama on woman with disability, 'Herb' shines with fine acting (Kang Hye Jung)

Jun Ji-hyun Makes Brief Return Home

"The Old Garden" to Be Released in France

Kangta Lands Role in 2nd Chinese Drama

12/25/06: Han Ji Min, Jo Min Gi and Ohn Joo Wan in movie “Anatomy Classroom”

TV Rating (12/18/06 – 12/24/06)

Dec 28: Ahn Sung Ki's Film Scores in China (Battle of Wits)

Andy Lau to Meet Korean Fans

'My Wife 3' Spins in Different Orbit

Lee Min-yeong and Lee Chan divorcing after 12 days of marriage

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance's Dutch Premiere

Moon's a hit (Moon Geun Young)

Korea's 30 Most Influential Pop Culture Figures Released

Song Hye-gyo, Rain Top Popularity Charts

12/30/06: Actor Yoon Tae Young and actress Im Yoo Jin plan to have their wedding on 2/14/2007

Pair win top prizes at Korean Critics' Choice, Directors' Cut awards

'My Sassy Girl' Director to Shoot Film in Japan

WSJ: Korean Film Booms Despite Lower Screen Quota

S. Korean actress, Wang Bit Na engaged

Kang Ta hits home TVs in China

Page 113

Dec 29, 2006: Kim Jae Won Charity Meeting in Japan

U.S. Daily Comments on Success of Korean Films

Charity contribution to UNICEF (Ahn Sung Ki)

Dec 30: Korean film industry has lost some sparkle

Rain, Jeon Ji-hyun Top on Fantasy Spouse List

'A Battle of Wits'press conference

Healing Movies

Mafia Wife

YEAR-END REVIEW - Prominent figures in arts, entertainment

Dec 31: After 'Battle,' Andy Lau Sets Sight on Korean Film

Result & Photos:

2006 MBC Performance Award Ceremony (2006 MBC 연기대상, 12/30/2006)

2006 KBS Performance Awards (2006 KBS 연기대상, 12/31/2006)

2006 SBS Performance Awards (2006 SBS 연기대상, 12/31/2006)


Box office Top 10 (9/26/05 – 10/2/05)

1. You are My Sunshine (Jun Do Yun, Hwang Jung Min)

2. Marrying the Mafia 2 (Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Won Hee)

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter)

4. Mister Housewife (Han Suk Gyoo, Shin Eun Kyung)

5. Never to Lose (Kim Min Joon, Huh Joon Ho)

6. Seven Swords (Leon Lai, Charlie Young)

7. Close to You (Shin Ha Gyoon, Jung Jae Young)

8. Welcome to Dongmakgol (Shin Ha Kyun, Jung Jae Young)

9. Cinderella Man (Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger)

10. Hollywood Ending (Woody Allen, Tea Leoni)



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Guest lee ji woo

Jang Nara invited to World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention as VIP


Hallyu star Jang Nara has been invited as a VIP to the 8th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, an event attended annually by 120 million businesspeople of Chinese descent from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

Jang will attend the opening ceremony of the event slated for Oct. 10 at the COEX Convention Hall in Seoul. A person from Warner Music, Jangs agency, said the singer will participate as a member of the Korean-Chinese Cultural Exchange Committee.

Other celebrities who have been invited to the convention include actors Jang Dong-gun, Choi Su-jong and Ha Hee-ra, among others. But unlike other hallyu stars, Jang was invited directly by the Chinese side. The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce invited the singer for her great contributions to promote cultural and economic exchange between Korea and China since 2004.

Some 4,000 Korean and foreign business leaders are expected to attend the event, including Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Lee Hee-beom, Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries Kang Shin-ho, Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Park Yong-sung, executives from the Samsung, SK and LG Groups, the chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and various chairmen from Chinese entrepreneurs conventions in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

source: KBS Global

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Guest lee ji woo

"April Snow" draws one million viewers in shortest period of time


The movie "April Snow," starring Bae Yong-jun and Son Ye-jin, drew one million viewers in the shortest period of time among all Korean movies ever shown in Japan.

The Japanese daily Sankei Sports quoted UIP, the movie's distributor in Japan, as saying that the number of people who have seen "April Snow" since its nationwide opening at 400 theaters on Sept. 17 had exceeded one million as of Sept. 28, the 12th day of the movie's screening.

So far, only two Korean movies -- "Swiri," starring Han Seok-kyu, and "Windstruck," starring Chun Ji-hyun -- managed to draw more than one million viewers in Japan. Sankei Sports also noted that "April Snow" broke the record of "Windstruck," which took 22 days to draw one million viewers, and once again attested the feat to Bae's unrivaled popularity in Japan.

"April Snow" is well on track to bringing in 1.5 billion yen (about 15 billion won) in ticket sales by this weekend, and is likely to easily meet the distributor's goal of 3 billion yen, said Japanese sources.

UIP is confident that "April Snow" will break the box-office record of "Windstruck," which grossed a total of 2 billion yen, as more young women are coming to see the movie these days.

Meanwhile, the movie's lead actor, Bae, said in a message sent via UIP that he was happy to hear the news that the movie had drawn more than one million viewers, and added that he was impressed to receive a positive response from Japanese audiences, as "April Snow" symbolized a new challenge for his acting skills.

source: KBS Global

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Guest lee ji woo

Jewel In The Palace enthralls Chinese viewers


More Chinese households are ordering additional TV channels these days to watch the Korean historical TV drama Jewel In The Palace (Daejanggeum), according to Chinese sources on Sept. 27.

Households in Beijings poorer neighborhoods are unable to watch the series, which is aired by Chinas Hunan Satellite TV. An increasing number of such households are willing to pay 80-130 yuan (about 12,000-20,000 won) to have the required channel installed, mainly to watch Jewel In The Palace.

The newspapers also reported that TV transmission firms have been flooded with calls from viewers recently as residents of aged apartment buildings are currently only able to watch about 20 channels -- 15 CCTV channels (covering news, economy, living, sports, art, movies, TV dramas, music, childrens programs and overseas programs), Beijing TV (BTV) and several satellite channels.

Transmission firms based in the vicinity of downtown Beijing have seen their revenues soar on the popularity of Jewel In The Palace, while viewers have been having more channels installed to watch the series and enjoy a wide range of other programs as well.

source:KBS Global

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Guest miyawoks

Jang Nara invited to World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention as VIP


Hallyu star Jang Nara has been invited as a VIP to the 8th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, an event attended annually by 120 million businesspeople of Chinese descent from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

Jang will attend the opening ceremony of the event slated for Oct. 10 at the COEX Convention Hall in Seoul. A person from Warner Music, Jang’s agency, said the singer will participate as a member of the Korean-Chinese Cultural Exchange Committee.

Other celebrities who have been invited to the convention include actors Jang Dong-gun, Choi Su-jong and Ha Hee-ra, among others. But unlike other hallyu stars, Jang was invited directly by the Chinese side. The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce invited the singer for her great contributions to promote cultural and economic exchange between Korea and China since 2004.

Some 4,000 Korean and foreign business leaders are expected to attend the event, including Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Lee Hee-beom, Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries Kang Shin-ho, Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Park Yong-sung, executives from the Samsung, SK and LG Groups, the chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and various chairmen from Chinese entrepreneurs conventions in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

source: KBS Global

thanks for the nara news !! :)

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'Mafia' Sequel Hits 5-Million Viewer Mark


The romantic gangster comedy ``Marrying the Mafia 2’’ hit the 5-million-viewer mark on Monday. It is the 10th domestic film to reach that mark in history.

The film, which opened Sept. 8, was seen by 4.96 million people by Sunday and went over the 5-million mark the next day, according to its distributor Showbox.

Aside from ``Marrying the Mafia 2,’’ two other films brought in over 5 million viewers this year: ``Running Boy’’ and ``Welcome to Dongmakgol.’’

Previously, only seven films have ever surpassed that mark. The first to do so was ``Shiri’’ in 1999, which was seen by 6.2 million people. Last year, ``Tae Guk Ki’’ and ``Silmido’’ made history by becoming the first films to go over the 11-million-viewer mark.


10-04-2005 19:09

Source: The Korea Times


Poster from TAEWON Entertainment


Thursday, October 6, 2005

PIFF aims high in its 10th year

Busan, Korea's biggest port city, will see more celebrities of the world's film industry than ever during the 10th annual Pusan International Film Festival, which kicks off a nine-day-run tonight in its beautiful sea village of Haeundae and downtown Nampo-dong.

Inaugurated in 1996 as the nation's first-ever international film festival, PIFF has overcome the initial skepticism of many film fans and critics and established a reputation among professionals to grow up as one of Asia's major film festivals in such a short time.

For this year's event, a total of 307 films from 73 countries, classified into nine categories including "Windows of Asia," "New Waves," "World Cinema" and "A Retrospective Show of Korean Films," will be shown in the newly-opening outdoor cinema inside the Haeundae Yachting Center and 30 other indoor and outdoor venues around the city. Some 5,000 domestic and foreign stars, film producers, as well as about 200,000 viewers are expected to attend the film festival.

"At the beginning, we had to spend big to attract more people, but now we're worrying about not enough seats for those who are willing to purchase tickets to join the festival," Kim Dong-ho, the director of the festival, who has been associated with this event ever since its inception, said in an interview. "The number of world-premiers has steeply increased from last year's 40 to 63 this year. But we will keep working on introducing more new films through the upcoming festival."

Among the celebrities to visit the city during the festival are Korean actors Jang Dong-gun and Jung Wu-sung and actresses Kim Hee-sun and Jun Ji-hyun.

In addition to the main events and the opening and closing ceremonies, the PIFF will hold a variety of auxiliary events such as the Pusan Promotion Plan, the biggest free market event in Asian cinema, a hand printing event and reception parties for the participating stars and producers.

The opening ceremony will be held at the Yachting Race Venue in the Bay of Suyong at 8:00 p.m. Taiwanese film "Three Times: Best of Our Times" (2005), directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien, will be shown as the opening film. The film shows different love stories in three different times, 1911, 1966 and 2005 by the same actor and actress but in different characters.

The closing ceremony will be held at the same site on Oct. 14, 8:00 p.m., with Korean director Hwang Byung-kook's "My Wedding Campaign" (2005), a melodrama about two single male farmers looking for wives in Uzbekistan, being premiered.

Ten years ago, one of the festival's major goals was finding new Asian film directors, and the goal has been achieved to some degree, as such acclaimed film directors as Korea's Kim Ki-duk and Fruit Chan from Hong Kong made their names through the past festivals.

Other special events include Directors' Choice Troopers and Actors' Choice Troopers, in which moviegoers can meet directors and actors to discuss film in depth. Director Kim Ji-woon of "A Bittersweet Life" and Choi Dong-hoon of "The Big Swindle" will participate in the sessions along with actors and actresses including Moon So-ri of "A Good Lawyer's Wife" and Yoo Ji-tae of "Antarctic Journal."

Other renowned guests expected to visit the festival include British filmmaker Peter Greenaway, Japanese director Seijun Suzuki, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami and actor Jackie Chan.

For more information about the 10th Pusan International Film Festival, call (051) 747-3010 / (02) 3675-5097 or visit its official Web site: www.piff.org


By Lee Yong-sung


Source: The Korea Herald


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Guest adikkeluangman

Lee Byung-hun to set up fan club in Japan



Actor Lee Byung-hun, nicknamed “Byonsama” in Japan, will soon launch a fan club

in that country in a joint effort with Hakuhodo DY, a subsidiary of the influential

Japanese advertisement agency, Hakuhodo. The firm has agreed to provide

active support to set up a fan club for Lee, who is often described as “a hallyu

blue chip.”

The club, entitled “Lee Byung Hun Japan Official,” will be unveiled in November.

Hakuhodo DY, which highly regards the actor’s popularity in Japan, will take

charge of the club’s founding and overall management by capitalizing on its

extensive marketing knowledge.

Although the operation of Lee’s unofficial fan Web site has been suspended ahead

of the club’s launch, the number of its visitors has exceeded 10 million recently,

attesting to the actor’s skyrocketing popularity in Japan.

Meanwhile, Hakuhodo DY has staged various pre-launch marketing events

recently, such as posting advertisement banners on Tokyo’s downtown buses and

running ads in the press in a bid to publicize the creation of Lee’s official fan club. ”

c: KBS Global News

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Guest Airine Pratama

'Duelist' invited to Frankfurt Book Fair (2005/10/02)

The film 'Duelist' (directed by Lee Myeong-se)is invited to the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse), an annual grand gathering for booksellers, publishers and readers, taking place from October 19 to 23 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's biggest international event for literacy, is joined by over 7,000 exhibitors from about 110 countries to not only display and sell publications and related products, but also introduce its general culture, arts, performances and exhibitions.

'Duelist' is invited to 'Korean Film Gala Screening' starting on October 21, and in that Korea is designated as the Guest of Honor of this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, it is more meaningful.

The Source : Koreacontent News Team

Source : www.koreancontent.org... ( English Korean )

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Pusan Int'l Film Festival Kicks Off

By Kim Tae-jong

Staff Reporter

The 10th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) kicked off yesterday with a gala opening ceremony at the Yachting Center in Haeundae.

The pre-ceremony created a warm festive mood by screening video clips of congratulatory messages from celebrities and a short documentary outlining the history of the festival over the past ten years.

When popular actors such as Lee Byung-hun, Kang Dong-won and Ha Ji-won made their way on the red carpet to the venue, the atmosphere was heated as some 7,000 audience members burst into cheers.

Security concerns were higher than in previous years as the festival takes place prior to the APEC Summit in Pusan in November. All guests and visitors had to walk through metal detectors at the entrance gates to the venue and there were many security guards and policemen in the area. But the outdoor theater, which added 2,000 more seats this year, was soon filled without any incident.

At the main ceremony, hosted by popular local actor Han Suk-kyu and actress Kang Soo-yoen, festival chairman and Pusan City Mayor Hur Nam-sik announced the official opening of the festival and delivered a speech to commemorate the festival’s 10th anniversary.

Popular local singer BoA also made an appearance on the stage to sing two songs for the audience. That performance was then followed by the feature film ``Three Times’’ by Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao Hsien, who also attended the ceremony with the main actors of the opening film.

The festival, which has become the largest and most important film festival in Asia within a short time, will continue through Oct. 14 showing 307 films from 73 countries.


Korean Version of Hit “Love Actually” Features Six Couples In Love


“Let’s make a Korean version of ‘Love Actually. What sort of love stories should we bring together? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a man and a woman who are mutual enemies end up falling in love? Since the economy is so bad these days, a story about a couple keeping their love alive in the face of poverty would appeal to many. Let’s balance out the generations by including a romance between middle-aged lovers. But romantic love isn’t the only kind of love there is. Right, let’s portray inter-generational love between an unwed mother and her daughter. Well… That’s all good, but it seems a little ordinary so far. Isn’t there something provocative to really spice up the movie? How about the love of a nun? That would invite too much criticism. Not if we make her a novice preparing for the life of a nun. We need some homosexual romance as well. But nothing that goes too far—we’re not trying to spark controversy here. We should make it sweet and touching, like ‘Love Actually’ was. We should make the audience laugh in the beginning, then wring their tears at the end. If it wraps up too nice and happy, it would be too bland for Korean sensibilities. Sounds good! We’ll give them sugar, and then salt. Laughter, then tears!”

This is the sort of brainstorming session that might have given birth to “The Most Beautiful Week of My Life,” which opens nationwide on October 6. The film is a designed product that genetically alters “Love Actually” to suit Korean palates.

A Gift of Love that Weaves Together Six Different Colors—

The film weaves together six different love stories over a one-week period. A love-hate relationship between hapless old bachelor Detective Nah (Hwang Jeong-min) and divorced psychiatrist Yu-jeong (Eom Jeong-hwa); a love that perseveres through poverty between Chang-hu (Im Chang-jeong) and Seon-ae (Seo Yeong-hi); an inter-generational love between immature bachelor Seong-won (Kim Su-ro) and a precocious six-year-old (Kim Yu-jeong); a precarious romance between nun-in-training Su-gyeong (Yun Jin-seo) and singer Jeong-hun (Jeong Gyeong-ho); a December romance between middle-aged theater owner Gwak (Ju Heon) and chronically vain Oh (Oh Mi-hi); and the forbidden love between lonely divorcé Jo (Cheon Ho-jin) and his male housekeeper (Kim Tae-hyeon). These are the romantic pieces that come together to complete the film’s larger mosaic of love.

Hwang Jeong-min’s Laugh-Out-Loud Dialect and Eom Jeong-hwa’s All-Out Acting—

This movie will succeed in drawing a response from the audience thanks to the diversity of its ensemble cast alone, but there’s something missing, and that prevents it from being the perfect gift box of love.

What makes a great mixed gift basket? The candies, cookies, and pastries that compose it must each have their unique identities and flavors. But in “The Best Week of My Life,” candies, cookies, and pastries alike seem fixated on being everything at once. In other words, rather than crafting each episode to retain its distinctive flavor, the film opts for bringing into clear relief a set number of definitive emotional through-lines. The diversity of its subject matter does not translate to a corresponding diversity of emotions; instead, everything falls into the category of happy or sad. But this is not a mistake. It is a deliberate choice that the film makes. Because of all the care poured into molding episodes that carry strong emotional through-lines, many of them (like the inter-generational and homosexual romances) come across as under-explained, as if too many of the details in their stories ended up on the cutting room floor.

Hwang Jeong-min is now at the peak of his craft. His Gyeongsang provincial dialect in this film will have you clutching your stomach in laughter. And the audience always appreciates Eom Jeong-hwa’s selfless immersion in her roles. Yun Jin-seo, whose character drools all over her lover’s cheek, is a master at portraying “mad love.” But Im Chang-jeong’s tearjerker storyline of “love and hope in the face of poverty” is becoming a bit stale.

“The Best Week of My Life” is the second full-length feature by director Min Gyu-dong, who helmed “Horror at a Girls’ School II.” For audiences ages 15 and up.


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Guest knightdevil

“The Best Week of My Life” is the second full-length feature by director Min Gyu-dong...

This looks interesting but isn't "Sad Movie" quite similar as well? And when's the release date or is it showing now?

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This looks interesting but isn't "Sad Movie" quite similar as well? And when's the release date or is it showing now?

yes~` they are quite similar in style but i think this one is more in a happy mode .i like the .trailer ..the entire cast sing in it..

official site (it open on 7 Oct )



TODAY IS PIFF OPENING !! ..............



..ah i saw one very sexy picture of ha ji won


and bin siii..!!




What Makes PIFF a Hit?

10 Reasons Behind the Rise of the Pusan International Film Festival

By Kim Ki-tae

Staff Reporter

When the nation’s first international film festival was envisioned in Pusan, few expected it to be as big as it is now. With a relatively brief history of 10 years, it has grown into Asia’s biggest and the world’s most dynamic movie festivals. Then, what first propelled PIFF? The Korea Times gets a glimpse at the 10 engines behind the fast drive of the 10-year-old festival.

1. Thirst for Non-Hollywood Films

The launching of PIFF in 1996 was in sync with a new trend in the theatergoing customs in Korea. Fed up with Hollywood films, many Korean film lovers began to turn their eyes to something different. Some even went as far as getting English-subtitled, pirated videotapes of films from the Middle East or Eastern Europe. Reflecting such a thirst, Andrei Tarkovsky’s cryptic ``The Sacrifice’’ drew more than 30,000 viewers to a single art house cinema in 1995, even causing critic’s jaws to drop.

When the first PIFF opened, it was great news to film fanatics. No wonder they crowded Nampo-dong and Haeundae and, in response, the festival showered them with 170 films from 27 nations. The cautious launching became an immediate hit. Since then, it has become fashionable for some young Koreans to see four or five films a day in Pusan, while sleeping at a tacky motel or a relative’s house.

2. Rise of Korean Films

PIFF’s history coincides with the rise of the Korean film industry. According to Korean Film Council, Korean films combined accounted for only 15.9 percent of the domestic film market in 1993, then marking a 10-year record low, but since that year it showed a stable increase to reach 53.5 percent in 2003. And located in the very middle of the rising curve is the nation’s first international film festival.

``The development of Korean films have backed up and bolstered PIFF,’’ said Kim Mee-hyun, officials at the Council said.

On the other hand, however, some contend that it is PIFF that contributed to rather than benefited from the booming Korean film industry.

Or, maybe you can say that both have mutually benefited each other.

3. Film Magazines

Another unnoticed but remarkable factor behind PIFF’s success seems to be a number of film weeklies, mostly founded since 1995. In particular, the nation has three major film-only weeklies, easily seen on subway vendors’ stands. Though seemingly remote from PIFF’s success, the weeklies are viewed as having contributed significantly to familiarizing art house films with young generations. Thanks to them, such names as Abbas Kiarostami or Krzysztof Kieslowski are not at all foreign to some young Koreans.

These trend-setting magazines make visiting PIFF most fashionable among the youth.

4. Short and Sweet Ceremonies

Big events often feature big wheels, and often drawn out speeches or boring ceremonies. PIFF does not have any kind of those, except a brief opening by its organizing committee chairman, the host city’s mayor.

With the festival’s success, many jostle to bathe in the glorious spotlight of the opening ceremonies. For example, during the last presidential elections, candidates were known to be eager to take to the podium, but were turned away. The committee has kept a strict policy to keep the festival as a platform for film lovers only.

5. Kim Dong-ho

When Kim Dong-ho was appointed as head of the now Korea Film Council in 1988, the Korean filmmaking circle openly objected ``this unprofessional figure’’ at the post. Now 17 years later, few, probably none, would dispute pointing to Kim as the biggest engine behind PIFF’s success.

His magnetic charisma has played a critical role in directing PIFF through thick and thin, forming harmony within the organizing committee and setting up a global network in the international film industry. A committee official’s private comment that she has never lost respect for him for even a minute during the 10-straight years seems no exaggeration.

6. Riding on the Wave of Asian Films

Since the 80s, a row of Chinese and Taiwanese filmmakers created stirs at Western major film festivals, raising interests in Asian films in the other hemisphere.

However, few Asian film events effectively served as a window to the continent’s film scenes until PIFF positioned itself as an Asia-oriented festivity. One film industry insider even argues that PIFF somehow owes a lot to the Chinese filmmakers, at least in the first few years of its success. PIFF also aptly has made most of its role bridging between lesser known Asian film circles and international reviewers.

7. Port Full of Cinephiles

``Once visiting Pusan, they are coming back.’’ If there is any formula concerning PIFF, it could be one. Foreign directors and producers often became so impressed and agape by the audience’s fever they quickly make promises to return. And they do.

For example, Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul was once quoted by a local daily saying that back in his homeland, few recognize him on streets, but in Pusan, he occasionally has to stop to sign autographs for his Korean fans.

PIFF does not have glamorous Hollywood stars or dogged paparazzi but boasts a number of passionate cinephiles bombarding with questions directors love to answer.

8. Let Them Come Back

There are many film markets in major international film festivals that deal with completed films. Seeking a niche market, PIFF has come up with the Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) to connect investors and directors from the early planning phase of a film.

The new concept succeeded in drawing numerous promising filmmakers and deep pockets around the world. Now, many investors see the PPP as a chance to ``procure’’ the cream of the crop of Asian cinema. In response, many Asian filmmakers, even world-renowned directors like Fruit Chan and Kim Ki-duk, are coming to Pusan with their new projects.

9. Clever Positioning

Since its outset, PIFF has defined itself as a non-competitive film festival, except for its minor New Currents section. And it turned out to be a clever positioning. While most of other Asian competition film festivals were in vain trying to get fine films premiered in their home ahead of other giants like Venice, Berlin or Cannes, PIFF could effectively consolidate its status as an uncompetitive but Asia-focused festival by avoiding competition with Western powerhouses.

10. `Piffle’

The organizing committee affectionately call people involved in the festival ``Piffle,’’ a combination of PIFF and people. There are many Piffle who have sweated behind every scene for the 10 years. To name a few, Lee Yong-kwan, vice director, was known to be the one who persuaded Kim Dong-ho to join the festival from its outset and has played an instrumental role since the beginning.

Programmers Kim Ji-seok and Jay Jeon are known to be the first to come up with the idea of the nation’s first international film festival. They have also served as messengers venturing to every corner of the Asian film scene to deliver the finest products to Pusan over the 10 years.

Few can deny that the passionate staffers of the organizing committee, without any reported major internal friction, account for much of PIFF’s successful decade.

And of course, we can’t forget the volunteers. This year alone, more than 3,000 cinephiles apply for 529 openings.

When asked what most contributes to the success, Lee So-young, the committee’s general affairs manager said briefly but succinctly, ``It’s people. Really, it’s people.’’

Other reasons for the festival’s success include Pusan City’s financially supporting the event but refraining from bureaucratic intervention in order to keep the festive mood alive despite its financial support. Some also say that the festival’s location at the port city also gives also romantic and festive mood to the now 10-year-old event.

Other suggest that energetic but usually pent-up Koreans somehow need some excuse to go mad like they did during the World Cup and PIFF successfully gives such a rare opportunity for them to vent their energy.


10-06-2005 18:59

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