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[Drama 2011] The Musical 더 뮤지컬


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GooHyeSun, DanielChoi, OckJooHyun, ParkKiWoong, KiEunSae, ParkGyungLim 33419_139359479413698_129277637088549_397023_8117082_n.jpg

Title : The Musical (더 뮤지컬)
Director : Kim Kyung Yong
Scriptwriter : Kim Hee Jae (Silmido, Public Enemy Returns)
Cast : Goo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, Ock Joo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, Ki Eun Sae, Park Gyung Lim
Production Company : FILMBOOK
Broadcast Station : SBS
First Broadcast : September 2, 2011
Broadcast Times : Friday at 9.55 pm
Number of Episodes : 16
Official Site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/musical/

Goo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, and Ock Joo Hyun form the love triangle at the center of The Musical, which follows the lives and dreams of aspiring musical stars.

ghs41y.jpgGo Eun Bi (Goo Hye Sun)
Go Eun Bi who attends well-known medical school but dreams of becoming a musical actress. Due to her passion for musicals, she takes a leave of absence from her medical school and tries for the musical acting. However, due to her special, low-pitch, vocal limitation, she even sets a record for failing 80 auditions. Then she heard about an audition to select male musical actors and tries for the part dressed as a man.

choidaniel.jpgHong Jay( Daniel Choi)
A cold yet passionate near-genius composer.

p00100742.gifBae Gang Hee (Ock Joo Hyun)
A musical diva with the pride of queen.

parkkiwoong.jpgYoo Jin (Park Ki Woong)
A cool-headed musical producer, and complicates romantic matters as the third leg of the love triangle with Go Eun Bi and Hong Jay.

20090914005700.jpgRa Gyung (Ki Eun Sae)
A professional woman who works hard to protect her love of Yoo Jin against Go Eun Bi.

qrf1.png(Park Gyung Lim)
A friend of Go Eun Bi who greatly influences her character as she develops her dream as a musical actress.

kimhyunsung.jpg(Kim Hyun Sung)
A musical actor along with Ok Joo Hyun.

jungyoungsook.jpg(Jung Young Sook)
Go Eun Bi's grandmother who has linen and drapery shop in the Suh-Moon Market, Dae-Goo.

1. Goo Hye Sun and Daniel Choi to star together in an upcoming drama?
2. Drama series The Musical casts its leads
3. The Musical heads to Broadway
4. Drama series The Musical begins filming
5. The drama The Musical meets the musical Maria, Maria
6. Goo Hye Sun and Park Kyung Lim changed to short hair cuts. Why?
7. Goo Hye Sun, Totally absorved in singing and dancing Training for The Musical
8. Choono's Park Ki Woong joins The Musical to create triangular relationship with Goo Hye Sun-Choi Daniel
9. Ghi Eun Se cast for The Musical to be part of the triangle with Goo Hye Sun-Park Ghi Woong
10. Goo Hye Sun is sailormoon?
11. Daniel Choi in rehearsals for The Musical
12. Drama The Musical is being filmed at the 'musical city', DaeGoo
13. Kim Hyun Sung joins The Musical
14. Goo Hye Sun, this time, she is 'Dancing Koo'...Revelation of her Dancing Skill


Main translator susAmerica @ GHS thread
Thanks to all members who contribute to the thread

Post will be updated as more information surfaces.



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sidudul thanks for THE MUSICAL Thread.

Can wait and excited for Ku Hye Sun Performance on stage hehehe :wub:

The drama <The Musical> meets the musical <Maria, Maria>


구혜선, 최다니엘, 옥주현 주연의 드라마 <더 뮤지컬>이 뮤지컬 <마리아 마리아>의 공연장에서 지난 4일 첫 촬영을 시작했다. 첫 촬영은 뮤지컬 배우 지망생 ‘고은비’(구혜선)가 무대 위에서 열창하는 화려한 디바 ‘배강희’(옥주현)를 바라보며 꿈을 향한 새로운 각오를 다지는 장면. This past July 4th, the drama started its first filming. The first filming involved musical actress-hopeful Go Eun Bi (GHS) is watching the diva character Bae Kwang Hee (Ok Joo Hyun) sing on stage.

촬영에 앞서 드라마에 삽입 될 뮤지컬 공연을 찾던 제작진은 국내 창작 뮤지컬로 최고의 성공을 거둔 <마리아 마리아>의 공연소식에 반색을 하며 촬영을 요청했다. <마리아 마리아>측도 <더 뮤지컬>이 뮤지컬을 소재로 하는 드라마라 기대가 된다며 흔쾌히 촬영에 응했고, <마리아 마리아>의 주연 배우인 조지훈도 촬영에 합류했다. <Maria, Maria> is the actual musical which will be inserted into the drama. The actual lead musical actor of <Maria,Maria> Jo Ji Hoon also participated.

<더 뮤지컬>의 첫 촬영장은 실제 뮤지컬 공연장처럼 열기로 가득했다. 엑스트라로 동원된 100여명의 관객들 앞에 선 옥주현이 <마리아 마리아>의 타이틀곡을 열창하기 시작하자 웅성대던 객석은 순식간에 조용해졌다. 뮤지컬 배우의 꿈을 가진 ‘고은비’ 역의 구혜선 역시 객석에 앉아 무대 위 화려한 디바에게 동경의 눈빛을 보내며 연기에 집중했다. 무대 위 옥주현의 노래가 최고조에 이르자 구혜선은 감격에 차 눈물을 글썽이며 고은비 캐릭터에 완전히 몰입한 모습을 보여줬다. The 100 xtras and GHS all became quiet and mesmerized as Ok Joo Hyun sang her song. GHS also played her part well, even tearing towards the end of the performance, to show her dream of becoming a musical actress.

<몬테크리스토>의 대구 공연이 얼마 전에 끝난 옥주현은 아직 컨디션이 회복되지 않았음에도 열정적인 연기를 선보여 스탭과 배우들에게 박수를 받았다. 구혜선은 휴식시간에도 한쪽에서 계속 노래 연습을 하며 고은비 캐릭터에 대한 각별한 애정을 드러냈다. 첫 촬영이 밤 늦게까지 이어졌지만 구혜선과 옥주현은 조금도 피곤한 기색 없이 캐릭터에만 집중하는 프로다운 모습을 보였고, 촬영이 끝난 후에는 서로에 대한 조언을 해주며 훈훈한 팀웍까지 과시했다. Ok Joo Hyun recently ended her performance for (monte cristo) with passionate acting that won much admiration. During the rest time, GHS did not stop researsing her singing. The first filming ended very late at night, however, GHS and OJH still gave each other feedback and talked nicely together as a team. They were true pro’s showing no signs of fatigue.

최고의 뮤지컬을 만들기 위해 뭉친 제작자, 작곡가 그리고 배우들의 뜨거운 열정과 로맨스가 화려하게 펼쳐질 <더 뮤지컬>은 뉴욕 브로드웨이 촬영을 거쳐 올해 하반기 시청자들과 만날 예정이다. 사진=필름북 The story of passion and romance glamorously unfurls in this drama among the producer/director, composer and actors who get together to make the best musical.The Musical plans to open in latter half of the year.

Credit Translation susAmerica@soompi.

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Goo Hye Sun and Daniel Choi to star together in an upcoming drama?

April 28, 2010 by Allkpop


It’s been revealed that actors Goo Hye Sun and Daniel Choi will most likely come together for an upcoming drama called The Musical. They are the first choice candidates at the moment and it looks like things will follow through.

Goo Hye Sun’s company YG Entertainment said, “The Musical is one of the projects that [Goo Hye Sun] has been offered and is looking over. She is choosing her next project at the moment.” Daniel Choi’s company said, “We are looking over it.”

The two attended the same show of the musical Monte Cristo. Ock Ju Hyun stars in this musical and she, too, has been offered a role in this upcoming drama.


Drama series The Musical casts its leads

May 25, 2010 by Dramabeans


The lineup is firming up for the upcoming drama series The Musical, with two members of its main cast confirmed and two others having made verbal agreements. The first two are Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers) and Daniel Choi (High Kick Through the Roof), while the latter two are musical actress Ok Joo-hyun and MC Park Kyung-lim.

This comes after Gu and Choi attended a musical together in April, which drew some notice and turns out to have been one of Ok’s performances in the musical Monte Cristo. The Musical has only been vaguely described as a “musical drama” that tells the story of the dreams and loves of musical actors.

A source explained that in addition to these name stars, the drama will feature talented new faces. The lead actors will attend an overnight MT (membership training) and workshop on May 27-28, which will be a bonding activity as well as a chance for them to discuss the finer points of the plot and characters.

This seems like a decent lineup, given the musical talents of those involved (I’m not sure of Daniel Choi, but I’m assuming he’s got a musical side). As you probably know, Gu Hye-sun intended to debut as a singer and has put out an album of new age music that she composed. Furthermore, her directorial effort Magic, which releases next month, is set in a school school for the arts with students who study music. After gaining her start as a pop singer of girl group Fin.K.L. in the ’90s, Ok Joo-hyun has successfully reinvented herself as a musical actress. If her casting is finalized, this would be her drama debut, though she has already accrued some stage experience in productions of Chicago, Cats and Monte Cristo. Park Kyung-lim had a successful run starring in a musical production of Hairspray last year.

Although The Musical doesn’t yet have a broadcast station or an airdate, it is looking to premiere in the latter half of the year on KBS.


The Musical heads to Broadway

June 27, 2010 by Dramabeans


Here are some more details regarding the upcoming drama series The Musical, which is the musical-theater-themed show starring Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers), Daniel Choi (High Kick Through the Roof), and Ok Joo-hyun (musical actress and former FinKL member).

Those three form the love triangle at the center of The Musical, which follows the lives and dreams of aspiring musical stars. This drama plans to set itself apart by filming on location on New York’s Broadway for early episodes, which is where the main characters meet.

Gu Hye-sun plays “Go Eun-bi,” a medical student who dreams of being a musical actor. Daniel Choi plays “Hong Jae-yi,” a talented songwriter. Ok Joo-hyun will portray “Bae Kang-hee” in her drama debut; the character is a “diva with the confidence of a queen.”

It’s also interesting that the writer is Kim Hee-jae, who wrote the films Silmido and Public Enemy Returns — both thrillers with a harder tone than one would expect of a musical-themed romance.

The drama will begin filming in mid-July, and plans to air later this year, though it doesn’t yet have a broadcaster.


Drama series The Musical begins filming

July 6, 2010 by Dramabeans


The drama series The Musical entered its first shoots on July 4, and here are stills of two if its stars, Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers) and Ok Joo-hyun (the musical Cats).

The first shoot had aspiring musical actress Go Eun-bi (Gu Hye-sun) watching “stage diva” Bae Kang-hee (Ok Joo-hyun) give an impassioned performance on stage. As she watches Kang-hee, enraptured with the musical, Eun-bi makes a decision to head closer to her dream.

The scene was actually filmed at a real live performance. Prior to the shoot, the producers had been in search of a real musical from which it could use insert footage, and requested permission from a successful show, Maria Maria. The musical was happy to agree, given that The Musical is a series centered in their world. As a result, Maria Maria’s lead actor Jo Ji-hoon also got screen time in the drama series.

To play the part of the audience, approximately 100 extras were used as Ok Joo-hyun took the stage to sing the title song from Maria Maria.

The drama features the “fiery passion and the romance of producers, songwriters, and actors who team together to make the best possible musical” and will include scenes shot in New York’s Broadway. The drama will air later this year.


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nat I can't wait too

:wub: I have nothing to do so I try to open a thread for The Musical :D

hope you wouldn't mind to be one of contributors for this thread.


originally posted by natali and translated by webby @ GHS thread on June 29, 2010

Ku Hye Sun and Choi Daniel is started Filming The Musical :unsure:


김희재 작가,김경용 감독, 구혜선,최다니엘 주연의 드라마 <더 뮤지컬> 크랭크인 하다..난 메이킹 찍으러 왔다. 첫날 해보니,,메이킹 재미없다ㅠ

Writer Kim Hee Jae, director Kim Kyung Yong, Goo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi's drama 'The Musical' cracking has started. I came because I was to film the 'making' video. Since it's the first day.. 'making' is not interesting (crying sign)



originally posted by minjee @ GHS thread on June 30, 2010

The Musical


저 요즘 왜 조용했나면요!ㅎㅎㅎ

짱구 굴리느라구요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

어쩜 좋아요, 너무 재밌어요 꺄악!!!

대본속 최다니엘과 봉그니엄마는 벌써 사랑에 빠졌어요 ㅋㅋㅋ

[출처] 대본속 최다니엘ㅋㅋ|작성자 봉그니엄마


originally posted by natali and translated by sue and webby @ GHS thread on July 2, 2010

드라마 더 뮤지컬 촬영장~ 구혜선님 삑사리 장면 촬영중~ 아직은 표정이 밝다 ㅋㅋ (@ 명보 아트홀)

In the middle of filming The Musical~It is GHS's *bbig-sah-ri* scene~Her expressions are still cheerful.


*bbig-sah-ri* = an embarrassing or amusing small error in speech or action

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Good Morning The Musical lovers :) :)

Siidudul thank you so much for starting this thread I really appreciate it.

I cant wait to see this drama, I miss her :( :(

Nat and Webby and sue for updates, pictures and translation :) :)

The Musical l♥ve always♥♥♥

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Guest samysamir

can't wait to watch this Drama. I believe that it's gonna a good drama coz it's a unique and different from the other Korean drama these days also I anticipated it coz it's HyeSun unnie drama after BOF, so I can't wait to see her in TV again.

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Guest betchay

GHS, comeback drama after BOF, sure I'm gonna wait and watch this. :w00t:

So curious about the plot.... seems interesting. :D

Thank you girls for all the info, esp to siidudul for starting the thread. :)

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Guest minjee

WOW! a thread for "The Musical" already! I'm super excited for this drama! thanks for making a thread for this siidudul :D :D



also one of the casts, Park Kyung Lim tweeted a pic of her on 7/8/2010 that she got a new boyish kkotminam haircut for a drama! :D I wonder how her role in the drama would be....She's funny! love her too! :D



cr:nate, twtkr.com/TalkinPark

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hello dahlia, samy, beth, yonghwa, jee


originally posted by natali and translated by minjee and sue @ GHS thread on May 27, 2010

(sorry I edited some words)

The Musical Character Relationship


in DC they are saying Hyesun will play Go Eun Bi 23 years old, Choi Daniel will play Jae 35 years old (Musical Director), Ock Jo Hyun will play Bae Kang Hee 31 years old (Musical Star).

I wonder who's the other male lead playing Yoojin 31 years old & another male character as Go Eun Bi's friend Hyun Gwang Su 23 years old. Those 3 male characters have a link loveline to Go Eun Bi's character.


Choi Daniel is cast as Jae, a 35 yo Musical Director. GHS most likely Eun Bi character and Ok Joo Hyun most likely 31 yo Gang Hee character who is the purple square above and who is a musical star and who is married to a musical caster.

Ku character is not poor but does deliver milk (GHS has been delivering milk in Pure 19 and BOF so some are upset).

Ku's character family seem normal and regularly visit New York...

The writer Kim Hee Jae, upon signing for this work, also plans to make the drama into an actual musical on stage after the drama ends.

Another person also read the synop and says that love line is 럽라인 레알 = real or rare (anyone?)

Another person thinks the drama could be a daebok or a hit. Another SunDuk!

In the above diagram, the red arrow mean negative relationship. So Eun Bi character and Gang Hee character are not friendly with each other.Blue line means friendly relationship.

Heart shape means love feeling, but you have to look at the direction of the arrow of the black line. Only black line that has two headed arrows is Eun Bi and Jae characters with heart shape in between. There is a one sided arrow with heart coming from Yoojin, the 31 yo investor/producer and another one from Hyun Gwang Suh who is a fellow medical student and who is also 23 yo like Eun Bi.

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Thanks siidudul for this thread and everyone for all updates and goodies.

I am so excited for hyesun's upcoming drama..hope that everything will be smooth-sailing and that it will be a success too. I

really miss seeing her onscreen after BOF

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Hello The Musical Lovers :) :)

siidudul thanks for the update, so there's more character coming up, I wonder who's is going to be Yoojin and Hyun Gwang Su character, ok I'm going to assume how about Yoojin character will Jae Hee he just came back from serving military I saw an article that he did a play while he was in the military, and then Hyun Gwan Su will be Jung Yong Wha as her best friend omg i can only wish lol anyway thanks siidudul and to everybody else updating this thread.

The Musical l♥ve always♥♥♥

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wow !! i just found out bout this drama today ~~~~ im excited ~~~~~

mostly because of choi daniel ~~~~` <3

hello yes the thread was just started yesterday by our dear friend siidudul, and welcome to the thread, I cant wait to see GHS and Choi Daniel as well :) :)


so cute


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thank you sidudul for opening this lovely thread and thank you for all sunnies who keep sharing a lot of news, videos, pictures and translations.. still waiting for more news about The Musical.. can't wait to watch this drama on TV!! :D

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Sidudul, big thanks to you for creating a new thread of The Musical. :wub:

I'm so excited for Hyesun new drama, can't wait for more news & updates. :)

I wonder, if Choi Daniel knows Hyesun before? Is he one of the signatures on the mugs at Manolin Cafe? :rolleyes:

The Musical Fighting!!! :D

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originally posted by siidudul and translated by susAmerica @ GHS thread on July 19, 2010

구혜선·박경림, 숏커트 변신..왜?

GHS and Park Kyung Lim changed to short hair cuts. Why?

스타뉴스 원문 기사전송 2010-07-15 08:57 Star News


배우 구혜선과 방송인 박경림이 최근 머리모양을 숏커트로 바꿔 눈길을 모으고 있다.

Actress GHS and MC Park Kyung Lim are attracting attention by having their hair cut short recently.

두 사람 모두 얼굴선이 훤히 드러나 보이는 마치 소년을 연상케 하는 짧은 길이의 머리모양으로 변신했다. 구혜선과 박경림이 숏커트 머리모양으로 변신한 이유는 드라마를 위함이다.

Both cut their hair short revealing their facial shapes more clearly and their cuts make us think of them more as boys. Both GHS and PKL changed their hair style for the drama.

두 사람은 최근 촬영이 시작된 드라마 '더 뮤지컬'에 동반 출연한다. 자신의 연기하는 드라마 캐릭터를 위해 여성스러운 모습을 벗고 톰보이로 이미지 변화를 시도했다고 관계자는 설명했다.

Both are cast for the drama called THE MUSICAL. For the drama characters, they both threw away their feminine image for the more tomboyish look, as explained by the associate of THE MUSICAL.

구혜선은 이 드라마에서 뮤지컬 배우를 꿈꾸는 주인공을 연기한다. 티없이 맑고 발랄한 성격의 소유자다.

GHS plays the lead actress who dreams of becoming a Musical actress in this drama. She plays a bright and lively character without any flaws. (Really? :mellow: I hope the character has some human quality! hehehe!)

드라마 관계자는 15일 머니투데이 스타뉴스에 "구혜선이 연기하는 인물은 외모가 뛰어나 눈길을 끄는 인물이 아니다"면서 "구혜선이 연기한 드라마 '꽃보다 남자'의 '금잔디'형 인물이다. '제2의 금잔디'가 될 것이다"고 설명했다.

The associate of THE MUSICAL mentioned on the 15th to the Star News that, <GHS plays a character that does not possess appealling body that attract the viewers. She plays a character that is more like the appearance of BOF's Geum Jan Di. (GHS did mention in Talk Show Rock that she will be playing the next, 2nd Geum Jandi. She was telling the truth!)

이어 "구혜선은 캐릭터를 보다 잘 소화해내기 위해 숏커트로 머리모양을 바꾸고 톰보이로 변신했다"고 덧붙였다.

That is why, the associate says that <GHS, to truly portray her character well, has cut her hair short, looking more tomboyish.> (on the side: It is somewhat ironic and funny that, once in a TV interview at the end of the High Kick Through The Roof sitcom, Daniel Choi said that his ideal female is someone who is more energetic and tomboyish! I wonder if he knew back then if he will be working on the next drama with GHS! :D Sorry I do not have any clips but it was on a MBC celebrity news program.)

박경림 역시 마찬가지. 5년 만에 이 드라마를 통해 안방극에 복귀하는 그는 이 드라마에서 구혜선의 친구로 등장해, 구혜선이 뮤지컬 배우로 성장하기까지 많은 영향을 미치는 인물은 연기한다.

It goes the same for Park Kyung Lim. It has been 5 years since PKL appeared in a drama. In this drama, PKL plays GHS's friend who greatly influences GHS's character as she develops her dream as a musical actress.

박 경림은 "드라마 캐릭터를 위해 숏커트를 했는데 남자 아이돌처럼 보인다"고 밝히며 자신의 트위터에 사진을 공개해 화제를 모았다.

PKL says in her tweeter along with a pix of her short hair: <I cut my hair short for the drama but I look like a male idol.>

한 편 '더 뮤지컬'은 최근 촬영이 시작됐으며 이달 말부터 본격적인 촬영에 돌입한다. 구혜선 최다니엘 옥주현 등이 출연한다.

THE MUSICAL alrady started filming and will officially start its full filming at the end of this month. GHS, Choi Daniel and Ok Joo HYun appear in the drama. (I still do not know which TV station is sponsoring this drama! :blink:

cr : http://news.nate.com/view/20100715n03620


originally posted bypink fairy and translated by susAmerica @ GHS thread on July 19, 2010



구혜선, 춤과 노래 삼매경 '뮤지컬 훈련중'

GHS, Totally absorved in singing and dancing <Training for Musical>

[OSEN=최나영 기자]=Osen=Reporter Choi Nah Young

배우 구혜선이 춤과 노래 삼매경에 빠졌다.

Actress GHS is totally absorbed in dancing and singing.

드라마 '열아홉 순정', '왕과 나', '꽃보다 남자'와 영화 '유쾌한 도우미', '요술' 등의 연출을 맡고 본인이 쓴 소설책을 출간하는가 하면, 미술전을 여는 등 만능 엔터테이너로서의 면모를 유감없이 발휘하고 있는 구혜선이 이번에는 드라마 속 뮤지컬 배우가 되기 위해 각별한 노력을 기울이고 있다.

(summary) The multi-entertainer with no regrets, GHS, is about to star in a drama called THe Musical and is putting various efforts into her new role.

하 반기 방송 예정인 드라마 '더 뮤지컬'에서 구혜선이 연기하는 고은비는 명문 의대생임에도 뮤지컬에 대한 꿈을 품고 사는 배우 지망생. 뮤지컬에 대한 열정 때문에 잘 다니던 의대에 휴학계까지 내고 뮤지컬 배우에 도전하지만, 특유의 저음 성대 때문에 80번 오디션 낙방이라는 기록을 세우기도 한다. 하지만 역경 속에서도 자신의 꿈을 포기하지 않고 도전을 이어간다.

The MUsical is expected to air the latter half of the year. GHS plays Go Eun Bi who attends well-known medical school but dreams of becoming a musical actress. Due to her passion for musicals, she takes a leave of absence from her medical school and tries for the muscial acting. However, due to her special, low-pitch, vocal limitation, she even sets a record for failing 80 auditions. Through the adversity, she does not give up on her dream and keeps on trying. (Sounds like GHS herself!!)

구혜선은 1, 2화 대본만 보고 출연을 확정지을 정도로 캐릭터의 매력에 흠뻑 빠졌다. 캐스팅이 확정된 직후부터 서울 한남동에 위치한 연습실에 하루도 빠지지 않고 들러 춤과 노래 연습에 매진 중이다.

After reviewing the first and the second scripts, GHS totally fell for her character~enough to sign up for the drama. As soon as she was confirmed for casting, GHS never failed to appear at the Seoul Han Nam Dong practicing room to train for dancing and singing.

영 화 개봉과 디지털 싱글 발매 등으로 쉴 틈 없는 스케줄 속에서도 매일 연습실에 들러 지칠 때까지 트레이닝을 하는 것으로 알려졌다. 얼마 전부터는 본격적인 촬영이 시작, 연습실에서 익힌 것들을 촬영 현장에서 틈틈이 복습하며 일상 속에서도 연습의 끈을 놓지 않는다는 후문.

Despite her busy activity schedule with opening of her movie, issuing her digital single and etc, she is known to practice and train everyday without fail. Not too long ago, the filming for the drama started. However, GHS would still review and prctice the trainings that she received during breaks from filming. She never stops practicing.

구혜선의 트레이닝을 지켜 본 제작진은 "타이트한 스케줄에도 불구하고 안무나 노래 선생님의 지도를 받을 때면 힘든 기색 없이 오히려 눈에서 반짝 빛이 난다"라고 그녀의 열정을 칭찬했다. 이 외에도 극중 최다니엘을 두고 삼각 러브라인을 펼치는 가수 겸 뮤지컬 배우 옥주현에게 다양한 어드바이스를 받고 있다고.

The producer, who has been observing GHS's training, praises her highly, <Despite her tight schedule, she never appeared tired while being taught her dance moves or during vocal training. Actually her eyes shined very brightly.> GHS also receives advice from Ok Joo Hyun, who is a musical actress in real life and who will play the love triangle role with GHS over Daniel Choi's role.

YG 엔터테인먼트의 소속 연기자인 구혜선은 본래 꿈이 가수였다고 방송을 통해 공개한 바 있다. 이번 작품이 그녀의 가수 꿈을 어느 정도 실현시켜줄 것으로 보인다.

GHS is a member of the YG Ent. and originally started out with a dream to become a singer. Through this new drama, it appears that GHS may make her original dream a reality.

한편 '더 뮤지컬'은 최고의 뮤지컬을 만들기 위해 뭉친 제작자, 작곡가, 그리고 배우들의 뜨거운 열정과 로맨스가 펼쳐지는 드라마. 최근 크랭크인을 하고 촬영 중이다. 뮤지컬의 본고장 뉴욕 브로드웨이 촬영을 거쳐 올 하반기 방송 예정이다.

To make the best musical, a producer, a composer and musical actors get together and the drama unfolds their passion and romance. The Musical already started filming in full force. After the team films at the New York's Broadway, the source of musicals, the drama plans to air the latter half of the year.


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