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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

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Oh man. Sorry you guys. Sometimes I scroll through news of them and forget to put it on here.

Jaejoong is in a new online variety show about photography.



Vlive of Jaejoong heading to Manhole's wrap up party




Yunho visiting Changmin during his MV filming.

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The Vlive has started.




-Yunho and Changmin feeding each other and putting food into each other's bowls (Changmin is keeping his word on taking care of Yunho)

-If I read correctly, they planned for another Vlive so yay!

-Shared food tips

-Yunho's mini meltdown over the video thingy they had to do (hope y'all like mushrooms)

-Changmin was okay with the video thing, but he wants people to run/exercise

-Changmin again taking digs at his company 

-Changmin taking over the grilling because Yunho was burning his meat (he was distracted from talking to the fans)

-Yunho promoting Melo Holic (woops again forgot to post  about this: https://www.soompi.com/2017/09/28/tvxq-member-yunhos-comeback-drama-melo-holic-confirms-air-date/)

-Yunho pointing out that the PD want to leave and also calling them greedy for wanting individual video shots instead of having them do it together


Oh also Yunho was talking about a PD that is a Cassie (not sure if it was for the Vlive or for his MV or something else...didn't catch it.

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TVXQ's fanmeet/concert is today as well. I think I will be asleep by then so for updates on what's happening at the concert/fanmeet check out these twitter accounts:



https://twitter.com/Melodia_Muse (she's actually going to be at the concert/fanmeet and will probably provide live updates for y'all)


If I'm still awake, I'll post the live stream links available here. I'm sure at least one of the twitter accounts above will provide info on a stream available though.

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Okay, here's a huge update. 

TVXQ performed on a music show in Japan! Here's someone's cute tweet about their performance.



Fanmeet/Concert Tweets:

Changmin reacting to Yunho's "Gashina" (so cute!)

Changmin is doing a trendy phrase and actiton popularized from Park Jihoon (Produce 101), which apparently was modified from Shugo Chara...hahaha.


More Changmin cuteness:


Changmin dancing to "Signal" by Twice


Original MV for comparison:


Yunho dancing to "Gashina"

Original MV for comparison:

Changmin dancing to "Red Flavor" by Red Velvet (a girl group under SM--they're a cute group)

Original MV:

Yunho dancing to "Rookie" by Red Velvet



Post is getting too long. Will split into another post. In the meantime some other info:

Jaejoong Info:

Yunho Drama Update:


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OST for a J-drama

Jaejoong's Vlive:


Follow this channel for updates: http://channels.vlive.tv/E7E2E9/video


Meloholic Teaser 2


And Ask Us Anything got subbed yesterday! You can check it out on OnDemandKorea (legal subs). It was a good episode! 

I don't think I'm going to make any posts on this thread for a while. 


The twitter accounts posted in the previous posts should be good resources to stay updated on the members.

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I was watching 20th Century Boy and Girl, and one of the characters is a flight attendant for Jeju Air, which TVXQ endorse. 

At SMTOWN's Halloween Party, Changmin dressed as a Jeju Air Pilot while Yunho was Zoro from One Piece. Guess both of them are fans of One Piece. It's funny that Changmin is an air pilot. Fits well with the drama reference posted above. Haha.

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Let's Eat Dinner Together is out subbed. I don't think I'm allowed to post the link the for eng subs, but if you search for it, it should be there!


It was a really good episode! Yunho and Changmin both found places really quickly. From the episodes I've seen before, it usually takes a while to find a house that meets the requirements. There were really cute interactions with the residents of Yangju and TVXQ!

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