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Guest mezzed

I'm a stalker, I really am.

Your photos are just so smexxxaaahhhh.

I want your dslr so bad.

I also love the ones of Kitt.

So gorgeous.

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Guest mizzdeejaylily

*whistles* I really like, love your photographs. *_*

Will be stalking this thread often. xD

I wish I was good at you.. But I'm terrible at still-life/macro. :s

I can't stop staring at the photos. 0.0

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Thanks everybody LOL

Here's some more pictures. The first set is for my friend's senior pictures. The second set is just because I wanted to take pictures of my other friend.

(BTW, please excuse the ugly watermark. I'm still working on it hahaha)





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Guest sweet_love_23

I love your photos. they are really pretty!!

haha I wish I can take good photos like that.

keep doing ur thing!!

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Thanks everybody! No pictures today, although I am taking another friend's senior pictures today. And no soo_bak3, I'm not a professional. LOL I only really started getting into photography about a year and a half ago in my junior year in high school when I took my traditional black and white photo class. I'm hoping I'll become a "pro" though.

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Thank you ximenaw!

Here are some more senior portraits I did the other day. A very important tip: always perfect whatever you can before you take that shot. You might end up taking HOURS fixing it in photoshop. Stupid fly-aways...


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