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Time to revive my thread! Follow my tumblr for quicker updates on my photography! http://cheenengthao.tumblr.com

Latest image


September 24

August 16 - Portraits!!

August 13

August 10 - Portraits!!

August 9

August 6

July 31 - Portraits!!

July 20

July 9

July 1


Hello :)

Take a look and comment possibly? Thanks!

Virgo Series



Vigilante Series



I Could Use A Wish Right Now Series


I Never Went Back


My friend Kitt


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Guest meenalee

I couldn't help but post a reply to your thread. You're really talented. I hope you post more soon so I can admire em and feel inspired :)

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Thanks everybody! :)

I went camping earlier this week and although I took a bunch of snapshots of my friends, there was an opportunity to properly compose a good a picture when I found my friend sleeping on the picnic table after staying up the whole night.


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Guest rawrasaur

Wow I love your photographs! Seem to have a lot of thought behind them. For the flower pictures, i love the contrast between the colorful flowers and the light background.

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Guest Atmosphere.

Wow your friend Kitt is very pretty, I LOVE HER EYES!!

Wow how did you do the water shot!? Dang whats the camera you are using!!

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:) Thanks rawrasaur and Atmosphere. Those "water shots" are taken by putting flowers into a jar of liquid. All I did was zoom up as close as possible, which was at 55mm and literally inches away from the jar. I used a Nikon D3000 with a Nikkor 18-55mm lens.
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