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[Variety] Good Sunday - Running Man 런닝맨

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Guest sandraxp

thanks for the information and videos guys!

waa, the next week will Lee Joon & Victoria?

I love Joon but.. Victoria irritates me xDD I don't like this girl, I prefer Luna *-*

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Guest chopper!

V Aw, dont bash other artistes D; & yes, Victoria of f(x) will be in next week's episode. This week, it's Lizzy of After School

thought this week will eunjung, jo kwon, and yonghwa?

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Guest UKiss1

I bet when people ask those questions they don't search first before asking. It would make sense to go the first page or look at previous pages -.-

So excited for Jokwon & Yong-hwas ep~

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Guest jokerfish

@ Ah^Junx I believe it replaced family outing two.

@ rigwarl Hey now, no need to use that kind of language. Just ignore those questions if they get you so upset.

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Guest green.teax

Aww I love Victoria <3

She's really sweet and nice, and a bit 4D lol. Her eggplant talk with G.O was funny :]

Can't wait for this weeks running man :]

Please be patient for the subs~

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Guest sunny_dance

RDRsubs subbing full jessica eps

Running Man Episode 4 w/ Jessica and Nickhun

cre Rdr Subs

RDRsubs have finally released the DL links to RM EP 4!

And please, no stealing or upping their videos.

RDRsubs would not appreciate a YourShineStar, part 2. <_<


you're at it again, i believe that was your second time? :lol:

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Does anyone know the song at 6:27 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDhyavkcQ8U when Jung Eum came out? Please tell me


You mean this song? Kim Jo Han - You Are My Girl.


yeah xD I just found about the song yesterday from my friend and I love it ^^

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Guest sandraxp

oh, is this week not Lizzy's episode? Then when is hers? Next week? :|

This week is Yonghwa, Jo Kwon and Eunjung.

I think that next week come Lee Joon, Victoria and other woman, but not Lizzy.

Anyway I'm not entirely sure. sorry.

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