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[Drama 2010] Gloria 글로리아

Guest sayroo

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After reading this thread, someone please tell me I'm not the only one 'shipping Dong Ah (Lee Chun Hee) and Yoon Seo (So Yi Hyun)? There was something special and magical about their first meeting. Plus, I like the idea of them - I have since I read the summary of their characters.

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Guest yeohweping

Ep.6 summary

Yun Seo asks Dong Ah to take her out as she wants to be anywhere but here and ended up watching street dancing in a park.

Jung Nan scolds Kang Seok for treating himself like a dog to be going into a marriage to someone he doesn't loves at all. Kang Seok rebuked that he isn't going to live his life like his dad when she remarked that he's going to follow his dad's footsteps by marrying someone great and then have an affair with the person he loves later.

Yun Seo tells Dong Ah that she is a person that still can smile when he handed over the drink that she chooses and smiled at him. Both of them started to tell each other the lives that they went through before meeting. Yun Seo who had left the country for ballet when she was sixteen and Dong Ah who is embarrassed that he had been living his life using his fist. Dong Ah tells Yun Seo his real name when they part at her place while Yun Seo asks if they'll meet again.

Ji Seok was rejected by Yun Seo again when she rushed out to meet him after mistaken him for Dong Ah.

Jung Nan who was sad and angry became too drunk to go on stage and left without even singing on that day. Jin Jin was unable to follow her although she was worried due to an incident caused by Jin Joo (She tried to snatch away a diamond ring wore by one of the customers) and she had to cover for Jung Nan's absent spot. Jin Jin started singing a sad song for practice after work and she thought about the past again.

Dong Ah goes to Yun Seo's place after work but he didn't get to see her as she had gone out with her mom.

Jin Jin called Kang Seok that she had sent Jung Nan to the hospital after she over-drank and faints. Kang Seok tells Jin Jin that she can leave since he's already here but Jin Jin insisted on staying until Jung Nan wakes up and gets so much on Kang Seok's nerves when she kept commenting on how expensive his clothes and kept nagging on how he shouldn't treat his mom like that. Kang Seok left his mom in the hospital after he quarrels with her the moment she woke up.

Jin Jin returns home after sending away in a taxi while Dong Ah returns home at daybreak without seeing Yun Seo. Jin Jin forgets to go for her papers delivery job while Jung Nan tells Kang Seok's dad that both of them should just die together so that Kang Seok can get to live a normal life.

Ji Seok got a shock when he found out that Yun Seo is the girl that Kang Seok is going to marry and corners him at home asking if he loves Yun Seo. Meanwhile Dong Ah appears in front of Yun Seo's place after getting into a fight and hugs Yun Seo unexpectedly when she was trying to explain that no one was home yesterday when he came.

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At the moment, I am wondering who is the main male character, Dong Ah or Kang Suk. There seem to be many things to discover and develop about KS and he's supposed to be the mysterious/deeply-wounded guy (aka the more attractive guy) but I don't know, I just can't connect with him. I don't feel any of his pain or his whatever emotion to anyone, even his mom. Under a similar situation, but Yoon Seo is conveying her inner pain better than him, and I can develop much sympathy for her and her quietness, while KS's quietness, and his occasional outbursts, just drives me away. I am not a picky person, you guys, because even the very pale vulnerability that Ji Suk displays, due to the fact that he wasn't born by a loved mother, touches me. That's why it disturbs me that all I can see in KS, supposed to be main male character, is boredom and tiresomeness.

By the way, I need to say that I love Dong Ah. He's like the heart of "Gloria" to me. He's active, lively, dorky and crazy who provides all the ppl he cares about with his manly protection. I love his interaction with both JJ and YS, and whoever he chooses is fine with me. I just hope he will not be a third wheel to any love relationship. The one he loves with all his heart should love him back with all her heart, come what may. Please, please, please...

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After reading this thread, someone please tell me I'm not the only one 'shipping Dong Ah (Lee Chun Hee) and Yoon Seo (So Yi Hyun)? There was something special and magical about their first meeting. Plus, I like the idea of them - I have since I read the summary of their characters.

Count me in!  I've loved this couple from the first time they met.  They seem to bring out the good in each other and is good for each other.  Yesterday, I was thinking how wonderful it would be if the world left them alone.:)

Thank you yeohweping for the spoilers.  You save my sanity every time.:D:D

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Guest kazenai

Is it just me or are the two main characters Dong Ah and Jin Jin...each with their own love interest. I actually like this...instead of just Jin Jin and KS being main characters....I prefer the separate stories that merge as one ^_^

I'm still happy with DA & YS! We need more JJ & KS now ^_^

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Guest Dangermousie

I have recently started Gloria and now I am totally obsessed with the Dong Ah/Yoon Seo couple. In fact, I am so obsessed, I watched ep 6 without subs for them. I also took some caps of their scenes in that ep.

I love the way he looks at her, as if she is on a pedestal.




And this scene was wonderful - the actors really have great chemistry together.







And I love how he makes her smile.




But my favorite scene was at the end of the ep. I have no idea what she as saying, but I was totally swooning for them!














I really want to see this scene from the preview!


I think I like them so much together because they are such opposites - from backgrounds to personalities to physical appearance.

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semi-fly: I know. What happened between JJ and KS in the last 6 eps showcases typical clues that they will end up together, of course not before surfing through all kinds of possible obstacles. That's why I suppose KS is the main guy because JJ is indisputably the main girl. However, this is exactly my point above. I feel that I'm supposed to be attracted by him or at least interested in him, but I'm not, so I'm a little uncomfortable because I'm certainly reluctant to follow a drama whose main couple doesn't charm me.

kazenai: I actually like your idea that DA and JJ are "separated" main characters but it's very likely untrue, haha. Should it do come true, it'll be very interesting, though.

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Guest jjsweeter0211

Tonight the main casts will appear in Come To Play talk show ^+++^

Here are the teaser photos


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JJ's solo, in ep. 6, was the most moving performance that I've seen in awhile.  :tears::(

I almost wanted to scream, "Where are the social service agencies?!"  Then, I realized that wasn't the solution either because any social service agency would immediately separate the sisters.tongue2.gif

I find it ironic that the people who has a half-full glass, such as KS and his mother, YS and her mother, JS and his mother, keeps alluding to their own death because of what they don't have.  :crazy:

Yet, the people who has an empty glass, such as everyone working at the club, struggles just to survive each day.  If anyone should have reason for a death wish, it would be the struggling to survive group. 

I'm beginning to loose patience and have little sympathy for the people in the two 'rich' families; especially for the three mothers.:crazy:tongue2.gif  They really need to grow up and get on with living.  Instead of focusing on what they don't have, they should consider how much more they have to loose.tongue2.gifphew.gif

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@Auntie Mame: totally agree with you. I am getting frustrated with the sorrows and miseries KS and YS try to deliver. tongue2.gif Huh, they are pitiful? They have both parents mother and father and rich life. I am moved each time JJ is with her sister while turn crazy when I see no-emotion KS's face. crazy.gif

I also think that JJ and DA are separate leads. I have no sympathy for the man called KS if not say that he made me so angry. It seems he'll pair with JJ. KS character has something in common with the Jun Suk (actor Park shi hoo) in How to meet a perfect neighbor, but just hope he is not as feeble as Jun Suk. Wondering how long will i have to wait until this guy start growing on me?????? :wacko:

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it is easy to get attracted to Dong Ah and Yoon Seo couple ..because they seem lure to each other by thread of destiny and so much more details given to them then the other couple pairing of jin jin and kang seok ( i sure hope the writer can make the other pair meet more often ..i need to see more sparks ) and please do cut down on showing me scenes of KS working out his frustration!I KNOW the man is angry ! but can he just do something ..go and discover a new talent ...aka Gloria! ..yes i know your ilegitimate statu make you unable to know if you should love or hate you parents ..you keep this building inside you for 20 years ..it is time to let it explode...and really go for what you want ..

on the other hnd dong ah is so full of power ..but he is always so loud and open with what he hates or defend ...yet there are silent moments when he need somone to lean on .and it just so happen .strangely this girl Yoon Seo make him ..do that ..

btw Lee Chun Hee was so great in conspriacy of the court.. i was abit disappointed he didnt have more exciting roles ..in You Simle ..so here in Gloria . i hope to see more exciting things ..from him

the writer always start with characters who are broken ..so everyone has their own wounds but the more hidden it is , the more you have to dig ..but jin jin is somewhat different ..her wounds i can see so clearly because i see her bravery to deal with it ..because of her sister ..so she cant die any eariler then her ..that kind of determination always win me over ..but now she is also learning to live for herself ..

anyway i love the solo part in esp 6 .


esp 6

esp 7 preview

esp 7

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