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[Drama 2010] Gloria 글로리아

Guest sayroo

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Guest yeohweping

Ep.2 summary

Jin Jin gets lock up in the detention room along with Jin Joo while Dong Ah goes back home to get the compensation money but he was rejected by the wife of the beaten man for bringing not enough money. He caught sight of Yun Seo again on his way out of the hospital room. While commenting that the man was asking for too much money, Dong Ah got the information that Yun Seo is the daughter of a rich man and she was brought in for committing suicide.

Yun Seo tells her step-mom that she has been taking the medicine all along in states before she came back and she is unable to acknowledge her as her mom no matter how hard she tried.

Jin Jin pinched Dong Ah when he kept mentioning to Kang Seok that he shouldn't make things difficult for Jin Jin when he came back to the police station to retrieve his stolen wallet.

Kang Seok got a shock at the company when he finds out that Ji Seok has been promoted to Vice-president while he got transferred to Double sharp ent., a sub-business owned by their family.

Dong Ah collected enough money to pay out the beaten man by forcing Jin Jin's landlord to return her rent deposit. He followed Yun Seo to the rooftop upon seeing her again and he kept replying that he is nobody at when she kept asking who he is. He tells Yun Seo to tell him why she wanted to die if she is thankful to him for returning her bracelet and encourages her to carry on living.

Jin Jin begins to beat the hell of Dong Ah when she found out what he did to get her out of jail and thus, was forced to move into his place with Jin Joo.

Upon hearing that Kang Seok was demoted to another place from Madam Song, Jung Nan decided to stay in Seoul instead of going to Hong Kong to spite Mr.Lee and she told her friend to employ her as a singer at his nightclub.

Jin Jin who was fired from her job because of the fight, finds herself singing for the first time as the replacement at the nightclub.

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Guest lucky_moon

Thanks to yeohweping for the spoiler for the first 2 eps, I just finished ep1, it was good & JJ is such a bold and a strong girl, she's trying to live honestly to support her sister Jin Joo, I hope I got it right, but they're living with the granny, little boy and DA, then what's the relation between the granny, little boy and DA?

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Guest kazenai

I am guessing Haru2Subs will be subbing this when it airs on MBC America? Looking forward to softsubs :D

In anycase, I LOOOOOVED Episode 2. The singing scene was touching :'( I wonder what I'd do if I was Jin Jin.

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i think kang seok and Yun Seo suppose to be getting into marrige arrangment but both will end up wishing fo another person to appear ..aka KS with jin jin and YS with DA


the first encounter as usual doesnt leave a good impression. but he has a good reason since an accident had ocurred



her morning routine include delvering newspaper and selling kimbap ..make by the next door granny lol who told her the costs will have to be increased now with the prices of things going up ~ lol


the litte kid keep calling jin joo by her name .jin jin told him off that he shouldnt be calling her that .but jin joo say she like it ~


the kid lol is quick witted ..the uncle cant win him with words


he indeed always seem to make more trouble when he try to help jin jin




but he is a good friend .to even kneel


the mother was upset how this son seem to prefer to call the other woman as mother and not her .~

she wanted to see the father actually the phonecall that the father received was from her .that why he send the son to go take charge of the mother and send her home ..she seem to be drunk


the ahjuma was callingjin joo crazy woman .that why jin jin was so upset ~


he wanted to reach out to hold her



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Guest lucky_moon

I am guessing Haru2Subs will be subbing this when it airs on MBC America? Looking forward to softsubs :D

In anycase, I LOOOOOVED Episode 2. The singing scene was touching :'( I wonder what I'd do if I was Jin Jin.

We have our own Team (Translators, Timers, Editors) so we didn't consider using MBCA but will work hard to releases sub as soon as we can, so please support Haru2subS and wait patiently for the subtitles.

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In anycase, I LOOOOOVED Episode 2. The singing scene was touching :'( I wonder what I'd do if I was Jin Jin.

the flashback was unexpected .but ahh so young and she had to take charge of her sister .~

the singing scene + preview of esp 3

esp 2 singing scene + preview for esp 3

ke ,that expression on KS's face ~



lol he fainted

esp 2


she was so worried .and asked if he is okay the moment he open his eyes ..her punch wasnt targeted at him

and she so sorry abt it


lol and when kang seok asked where is this .the dong ah ..was like did you lost your memory!! LOL




the two ahjushi wanted to avoid the donaton drive ...lol


but our cute litle kid bring his piggy bank .


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Guest sayroo

Hey, everyone! Just posting here to inform everyone that Haru2subS will be working on this drama. [And don't worry, we won't use MBC America so, delays may be just a little.] Just looking at the posts here it looks like it's fun and refreshing. Since we have quite a number of projects on our list. We're recruiting additional Korean & Chinese translators for this show. Timers & Editors are still closed, but we'll post we're in need. Please e-mail us if you can help us out! :wub:

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After watching ep. 2, I'm totally hooked on this drama. The advantage to watching the raw is that I have to focus on the visual, since I don't understand the Korean language. The acting by all the main leads is very strong.  Even the acting from most of the supporting cast is very strong. :D

And, "Parang" is still his lovable self ... getting into everyone's business and just as vocal with his opinions. (An adult in a little man's body.) :rolleyes::lol:

I hope the writer or the netizens will not derail the story line, which looks promising with laughter, tears, human kindness and jealousy, pettiness, etc.  All in the name of surviving another day.:rolleyes:

Yay! GLORIA!! For you, youngsters, it may not mean much.  But, for us, oldies, this song certainly brings back memories...:tears::P:D

Thank you to Shirley and yeohweping for the spoilers and goodies.  

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Guest adorkiable

You're my hero. <3

I watched the first episode raw and I have to admit, this drama is promising and really good. Each actor/actress deliver their performance well and is convincing in their role. I'm looking forward to the subs. ^^ Thansk Haru2subS!

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Guest jjsweeter0211

hahaha I just gonna post it like in a minute =)). YAY for the rating :D. I hope it keeps going up in the next episodes

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Guest kazenai

Sayroo, if you guys ever need some spotting you can always check it on Viikii :/

There's such a big lack of translators these days. They are all on vacation :L

IN terms of songs/OST

LOVE ITTTTTT, I am absolutely in love with the ending song. It was a bit too 'old' for me at first but tehn I got addicted to the retro/trot vibe of it!

P.S, Arie's version of GLORIA was voiced over Jin Jin's singing scene in that 10 minute preview right? Waiting for the song to be released hope they'll play it next week.

One thing I am glad though is that they do not over use songs, although this was just the first week... We didn't hear Gloria more than 2 times , and 1 was in the background.

In addition, that Nighclub seems so live...I would love to go to a place as retro and colourful as there. It reminds me of the extremely old-word Vegas where every decorations were done by light bulbs in different patterns and images.

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Guest jobogae

I can't wait to watch this. I miss Bae Doo Na. This looks like a genre I can watch. Thanks for the uploads all. I can't believe I'm watching 3 drama series, each with 50 episodes ..... wow.

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[REVIEW] TV series "Gloria" - Premiere episode


Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong

Editor : Lynn Kim


Korean actress Bae Doo-na in a scene from new TV series "Gloria" [MBC]

"Gloria" - First and second episodes (MBC TV, 7:55 PM)

The child of a concubine in a conglomerate family who has deep wounds in his heart and the poor woman who has to struggle desperately to survive and provide for her burdening family. The plot of TV series "Gloria" is openly cliche. The characters are familiarly placed in the drama like standardized options -- from the friend of the female lead who is too caring that it is hard to tell whether he is a friend or a brother, to the young child who is smarter than adults and the conglomerate family members who act indifferent and arrogant. The show's settings -- the bustling single-room apartment in a poor neighborhood and the nightclub on the city's outskirts -- look so outdated that they feel almost unfamiliar. When one gets kicked out of the building by the landlord, it always rains outside. And the male lead who tries to soothe his own distressed heart throws his fist at a mirror, of course.

It is interesting, however, that after laying out all the worn-out and run-down scenes, what "Gloria" ultimately wants to tell is a story about 'dreams.' Of course, numerous dramas have already shown the story about women who failed at their family life achieving success in society. But the dream of Na Jin-jin (played by Bae Doo-na), the heroine of "Gloria," is not a substitute for a successful family life. At the end of the second episode, the woman who, at the age of thirty, discovers her talent by chance and tastes her second happy moment, eventually realizes that one needs not only bread but also roses in life. And that is when the drama finally explains Jin-jin's personality, which had been somewhat exaggerated.

The energy is already abundant in the series. What the drama will show from now on is where it will direct that energy. The combination of writer Jung Ji-woo who prefers particularly nice stories and director Kim Min-sik, whose talent lies in telling a story about small, comfortable things, makes one predict that they may not be able to show Jin-jin's challenge as something unprecedently radical or progressive. But even if the show takes a predictable step, "Gloria" can become a pretty good production if it does not lose the value of dreams. The reason being that, in a time slot that often plays dramas about affairs and divorces, choosing a subject theme that is different from the rest is, in itself, a dream and a challenge.

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong nine@

Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>



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" Gloria" reminds me during the 80s was so popular musical film "FlashDance"

Niteclub , cabaret, glittering outfit and who knows SJS's mum (YJN) may play dual role singer / Mamasan ^^.

Look forward to this family drama ^^ :wub:

Thkz hweping ^^

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We have our own Team (Translators, Timers, Editors) so we didn't consider using MBCA but will work hard to releases sub as soon as we can, so please support Haru2subS and wait patiently for the subtitles.

Oh, good!  I'm glad that one of the fan-sub groups is picking up this drama.  I know that 50 episode dramas are a 'bear' to sub.  So, you have my gratitude and support.  I'm looking forward to your subs.

Thank you!:D

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