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love hurts...i dont want to look back anymore

Guest Elee

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2 new blends by me
this one is very simple...i kinda dont like it :sweatingbullets: but oh well..i just gotta bear with it!


the fonts...i dont know if it really matches the picture/blend, but it was the only fonts i could find:( i couldnt find any at any font sites, so yeah! finally done...


c/c are well appreciated^_^ im just a newbie to this, so please bear with me!

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Guest BhUterFly05

pretty gud actually... i like the second one better though... wow...ur improving friend! anyweiz keep up the gud work and try doing some colored graphic for a change...it looks very sad seeing that sum of ur work is black.white. gray.

ive learned from people's advise and i should say it to u too...it's helpful

ur texts should be somehow all together in a huge graphic... (don't overcrowd them though, but also don;t neglect ur texts either) there should be about enough space to get ur sub texts and ur main text in there. it looks a lot better if u try to put it all in one line or two

but i like how u change the text fonts in certain words...it's very classy.

i dunno...im not sure if im making sense. hehehe :sweatingbullets::lol:

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