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please share your exercise regimen(s) !

Guest iAM_Vindicated

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Guest iAM_Vindicated

male or female. doesnt matter.
now that it's the summer, share some of your routines/regimens with soompi. err, i need to lose some weight so maybe if you know a fast and effective way to lose weight, please tell me! spanks! :P

well for me, i just started going to ballys. im not seeing fast improvements but im patiently waiting. i really want to get toned! HAH' share please :P

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Guest AsOne

I lost 2 kilos in 2 days. I was pretty proud. Well considering i go to the gym, there isn't a routine that I do, but I make sure I use every single machine there is in there LOL. For the tread machines I run on it for 1 hour that's if nobody wants to use it lol. Then you sweat out like crazy and that's a good sign ^^.

When i'm at home, I do about 40 Situps and alot of stretching. Then i go outside and do some jogging and running for about 1 hour everyday. And drink alot of WATER!! It'll be your bestfriend =)

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erm... getting out of bed?... hahaha... sorry I'm lazy nowadays... :P

Used to read up on training material :wacko: ... so yeah

For losing fat, cardio exercise is a must... I recommend running... about 4km, 5 times a week...

To speed up fat burning, you should do weights (about 3 times a week after cardio) to complement the cardio workout. (You can go to the gym for this but personally, I think a set of suitable dumbbells is enough.) I usually did bicep curls, shoulder stuff(erm I dunno the name of the exercise) and lunges. Lunges is good for thighs and butt... and doing it with dumbbells increase the intensity.

Doing weights shape your muscles... so if you jus wanna tone, don't do heavy ones--increase the reps instead... if you wanna bulk, then yeah go for the heavier ones and less reps... (the weights used should be proportional to your body weight... so go check what weight you need)

Finally, do situps or crunches... whichever you prefer, for your abs...

Things to note:

--Eat Healthy! I recommend low fat, wholesome diet-- no processed flour and sugar. eat veg liberally, sufficient protein (lean meat), complex carbs (rice, noodles, bread)... and fresh fruits... watch the servings of fruit and carbs... cos excess carb and sugar are converted into fat to be stored... watch out for hidden killers like fattening dressings and sauces eg. mayo, pasta sauces... Granola bars and energy bars are not always as healthy as they claim... so watch it...

--Sleep well and drink up! These 2 factors are very important for weight loss... your body needs to be rested after every workout and toxins need to be flushed out with that H2O! Be obedient and lay off exercise on designated rest days... don't overexert... your muscles will cramp and fatigue, or even worse tear.

If you hit a plateau, change the intensity and length of your cardio. Example: instead of 4km, 5 times a week... maybe gradually increase to 6km, 3 times a week ... and do 10x400m sprints on the remaining 2 days...

Same for weights, vary the exercises... there are many different kinds that target the same areas...

The key is to mix it up and jolt the body into losing the flab -- the body adapts pretty fast hence the fat burning slows down.

Good luck! :)

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