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Guest tsukushi_makino

pls answer them for me
HI HI HI :) I live in the US and Im 17, still haven't got my permit.

Can anyone tell me how to get my permit/driver's lisence by steps? ( yea lil stupid, but i don kno anythin about it)

Is international driver's lisence good???

Is it good enough to replace a state driver's lisence???

Is it better to learn how to drive at a driver's school than having someone teach you???

How much should it cost ( approximately) if someone teaches you how to drive with their car???

cuz i have someone who can teach me how to drive with 140$+with his car. Im just wondering if its normal or too high or less.

thank you thank you -_-

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Guest hailing from ny

I believe if you have a foreign driver's license, all you have to do is fill out some papers and provide a certain amount of ID [passport, birth certificate, photo ID, etc] and you will be issued whatever state driver's license.

If you start from no driving whatsoever, then you need to take the written test, followed by a 6 month wait until you can take your road test. [may depend on state]

I'm not sure about the prices.. why don't you get someone you know to teach you for free? unless you're going for the small reduced insurance rates from Driver's Ed

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