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少女時代 Girls' Generation / SNSD (소녀시대) Official Thread [Ver.3] GIRLS 6ENERAT10N | HYO 4th Single "Dessert"


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SNSD 소녀시대 Yoo Quiz on the Block 유퀴즈 [Full Preview]




Tiffany: It's been a year since we gathered like this.
Seohyun: At unnie's birthday party!
Tiffany: That's right, that was a year ago...
Yuri: (It's been 4 years on broadcast) What are you saying? Not for broadcast. Snap out of it!
Yoo Jaesuk: Is there an introduction (of a song) that you think you did exceptionally well?
Taeyeon: I think Lion Heart...
Sooyoung: She knows she's pretty! 


Other highlights: 
- Seho saying Seohyun looks more like a successful businesswoman than maknae now
- Sooyoung describing their debut stage for ITNW 
- Yoona (on reading comments): "I read one that said SNSD's skinny jean were pants their mom used to wear"


Translated by SonexStella

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