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[Drama 2010] Flames of Desire 욕망의 불꽃

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] YooSeungHo,SeoWoo,LeeSoonJae,LeeHyoChun,JoMinKi,ShinEunKyung
Date of airing : Weekend special planning drama - 2nd Oct'10 ~ April 2011

Official MBC site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/desire/index.html

Official MBC English Intro.site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/10/1774789_34781.html

Eps: 50

Planning : Ulsan MBC President - 소원영 So Won Young

Executive Producer: 김진만 Kim Jin Man

Scriptwriter: 정하연 Jung Ha Yeon

PD: 김도훈 Kim Do Hun

First filming : Ulsan's Tae Hwa River on 13th Jun'10


Cast : Yoo Seung Ho, Seo Woo, Lee Soon Jae, Lee Hyo Chun, Jo Min Ki, Shin Eun Kyung, Lee Ho Jae

Kim Byung Ki, Lee Bo Hee, Jo Sung Ha, Kim Hee Jung, Jo Jin Woong, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Seung Hyun, Baek Jong Min,

Son Eun Seo

Story : A family slowly heading towards destruction because of their human desires of endless greed, thirst for power, wealth,contempt and passion. Will their end be stopped by their last remaining of feelings of love and humanity or will the family be completely destroyed by their own hands?

Trivial: This first Ulsan drama production will be filmed in Ulsan. There will be a scene shooting in Ulsan for a big swimming competition. And it'll be loosely based on the Hyun Dai family's history.

Yoo Seung Ho and Shin Eun Kyung will be playing a pair of mother and son.

Kim Yoo Jung will be playing the childhood version of both characters played by Shin Eun Kyung and Seo Woo.





Kim Young Min : Kim Min Jae's father (Jo Min Ki), 42 Years old

The 1st generation son of a conglomerate family who is born as the third son of Kim Tae Jin.

All that he had wished for is just to become a college professor but it changed the moment he entered a family arranged marriage with Yoon Na Young. Although he has the power to oppose his father and live the life he wants, he chose not to leave. Unlike his ambitious wife "Na Young", Young Min is a kind-hearted man and father who believes that the family must stay united to be strong, he has a deeper understanding and compassion for others unlike his siblings but he finds himself fallen when the secret of his son's real birth-rights is revealed.

4_1.jpg - Child, Joo Han Ha


Yoon Na Young : Kim Min Jae's mom (Shin Eun Kyung), 41 years old

She is a person who hides her evil intentions under her smiling face and have a chameleon sort of personality. Upon seeing how her mother lives her life by giving in, Na Young became more determined to live her life the way she wants. She is the type of person who strongly believes that you have to fight ruthlessly even for your own happiness and for that she made a decision that would later haunt her at her later part of her life. She didn't planned to have In Ki as her daughter in-law in the path that she had paved for her son, Min Jae to walk on.

1_1.jpg - Child, Yoon Na Young


Kim Min Jae (Yoo Seung Ho), 21 years old

The 2nd generation son of a conglomerate family. He is someone with a pure soul and has a habit of dancing out all his sweat and pain until he falls whenever he feels lonely or having a hard time to get rid of his unhappiness.

He is compassionate towards the woman that he loves despite her ugly past and will even give her a warm hug when she needs it. As the owner of his own fate, he doesn't have to change the way he is even if the secret of his birth is disclosed.

3_1.jpg - Shin Dong Woo


Hye Jin(Seo Woo) Nickname : Popular Baek, Baek In ki, 22 years old

She is the hidden daughter of Yoon Na Young who become one of the most popular movie actress in the nation, thus earning herself the nickname of "Baek Inki". As many fans as she have, she have that much anti-fans as well.

She is woman running towards success while running away from her past. She managed to get married to Min Jae when a large scandal occurred when they were caught in a scandalize position. The destruction of love and fame just seems like a game for her and she believes that winning it will mean happiness for her.

01.jpg - Child, Hye Jin (Kim Yoo Jung)

Kim Family


Kim Tae Jin (Lee Soon Jae): Kim Young Min's father, The Atlantic Group's Company Chairman

He is a self-made man who built his local Civil Engineering company business empire from scatch and with his excellent interpersonal skills and affinity, he is liken to be like the korean "Don Quixote", thus gaining popularity for his excellent character and determination as well. But as a strong charismatic father with four sons and a daughter, The Atlantic Group's Company Chairman finds himself facing another challenge in life as his children fought to become his empire's successor with the most aggressive person being Yoon Na Young, the wife of his third son and the daughter of an old friend who will stop at nothing to push her husband and son to the top of his succession list.


Kang Geum Hwa : Kim Tae Jin's 2nd wife (Lee Hyo Chun)

As she believes that she has the rights for the ownership of the company,Geum Hwa makes small moves behind the back of her husband to make sure that her real sons gains the sole succession to Atlantic Group while "shoving away" her step-son, Young Dae further away from the ownership.


Kim Young Dae (Kim Byung Ki) : Eldest Son

He is the son of Kim Tae Jin and his first wife "Song Bok Soon" who is known to have the carbon copy looks of his father but his heart is as cold and ruthless as a poisonous snake.


Cha Soon Ja(Lee Bo Hee) : Eldest daughter in-law

The daughter of a family business associate who married Young Dae in an arranged marriage.


Kim Young Joon (Jo Sung Ha) : Second Son

The first born son between Kim Tae Jin and Kang Geum Hwa. With the ability to look through other people's hearts and thoughts with his eyes, he often acts cautiously with quick calculations although he may look dense in front of the others.


Nam Ae Ri (Sung Hyun Ah) : Second daughter in-law

She is the daughter of high ranking minister.


Kim Mi Jin (Son Eun Seo) : Fourth daughter

The illegitimate daughter of Kim Tae Jin and a popular actress outside his marriage to Kang Geum Hwa.

She has a sexy outer appearance and a wanton personality along with it as well. As though as she is taking revenge for her "lowly birth and status in the family", there are always numerous scandals produced by her daily to shame the family.


Kim Young Shik (Kim Seung Hyun) : Youngest son

He is the only child in the Kim family who doesn't know his real mother is. Although he may look sharp and impressive on the outside, he is actually a very gentle and sweet person.


Kim Sung Jae (Baek Jong Min) : The son of Kim Young Joon and Nam Ae Ri

He has a freewheeling nature and is a well-known playboy/flirt

Yoon family


Yoon Sang Hun (Lee Ho Jae) : The father of Na Young and Jung Suk

Yoon Sang Hun is the childhood friend of President Kim from the same hometown. He was caught in a love triangle with Kim Tae Jin and his wife in their youth. As a person who values love over money, he was unable to escape his whole life of poverty.


Yoon Jung Suk (Kim Hee Jung) : Kim Min Jae's Aunt, Na Young's sister

Jung Suk was supposed to marry Young Min in the arranged marriage agreement between the two families until an extremely disastrous event befalls on her, causing Na Young to take over her place in the marriage.

Now, she is Hye Jin's foster mother who will never blame anyone nor others for any misfortunes that fall on them. Having a kind heart, she hangs on to her beliefs that she will never abandoned the faith even once even if the people around her changes fundamentally.


Kang Jun Gu (Jo Jin Woong) : Yoon Jung Suk's husband

He will even commit murder to keep the woman that he loves



Yang In Suk (Uhm Soo Jung): Young Min's first love and Min Jae's real mother.


Son Jin Ho (Park Chan Hwan): In Suk's husband

A lousy bum who harasses and extort money from In Suk as payment.


Park Deok Sung (Lee Se Chang) : Na Young's first love

He is the son of a Bus company president who has the personality just like a sly and cunning fox.


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Guest sayroo

WOW! Is this serious? All star cast + Jung Ha Yeon will be writing it?

Will this be the one that'll replace Kim Soo Ro? Looks awesome.

It's kinda weird to see Kim Nam Joo to possibly star in both dramas both in 2010.

Hope this one would push through with those actors.

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Guest yeohweping

Side note: Should love-time be life-time?

Thanks for reminding me.. Haven't been thinking too well lately because of the heat.

This will be a Ulsan MBC production which is one of the province branches of the MBC. So just like the drama special "My sister's march" which was produced by Masan MBC. There is a possibility, that it'll air on a different later date on the Main MBC station which is in seoul unless there is an official news that it will showing on the same time as the Ulsan MBC station.

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Guest ore0_gal

Hi, I'm a bit confused, is this suppose to be Queen of Housewives' sequel? Queen of Tears?

Kim Nam Joo is definitely playing in Queen of Tears (that will be airing on mon-tues time slot), she can't possibly in acting in two dramas airing at the same time rite?

Anyways, excited <3

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Guest yeohweping

This is a different drama not to be confuse with the other weekday drama (Mon/tue slots). Special weekend planning drama "Women only love once in a lifetime" is a big first in-house production that's why they need a stronger cast to attract viewers.

Stars/cast can appear/film in different dramas/filming at the same time by arranging their filming schedule.

For example: Star "A" can film for drama "A" for 3 days and then drama "B" for the rest of the week. It all depends on how the cast arranges their filming schedules.


First filming pic on 13th jun'10



This is the first drama scene which centers on the Tae hwa river swimming competition filmed in Ulsan.

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Guest toggi

I wonder it. Park Shin Hye and Yoo Seung Ho, that would be interesting.

What is the drama’s genre?

Do you know airing hours? It will be air on Saturday and Sunday, isn’t it?

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Guest kazenai

So is this MBC's anniversary project?

I Always look forward to those.

An awesome stellar cast, I love every single one of them, even the older generation actors here.

WithS2 will sub this eh >>>YAYYYYYY :D

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Guest yeohweping

Yoo Seung-ho to return to small screen in October



Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho will be returning to the small screen in October as the male lead in an upcoming drama.

An industry source told Sports Today over the phone, "It has been confirmed that Yoo Seung-ho has been cast for the new MBC weekend drama tentatively titled 'You Only Love a Girl Once in Your Life.'"

The official added that the show's producer will make an official announcement in early September.

"Girl," to also star Korean actress Shin Eun-kyoung, is a 50-part series about the legacy of a son of a conglomerate family. It is written by famed scenarist Jung Ha-youn, whose works include "The Last Empress," "La Dolce Vita" and "Sindon."

Yoo made his debut at the early age of 10, starring in the MBC TV series "Daddy Fish" (2000) and his film debut in "The Way Home" (2002). He has appeared in numerous dramas including "Love Letter" (MBC, 2003), "Queen Seon-duk" (MBC, 2009) and "Master of Study" (KBS2, 2010) and movie "Don't Tell Papa" (2004) and "Unforgettable" (2008).

He recently released a digital single with Korean songstress IU titled "I Believe in Love," which has fared well on various music charts since its release in early August.



Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho will be playing a pair of married couple despite their age differences of eight years.

Seo Woo plays the movie actress "Baek Soo Bin", an actress who is known to be cute and sexy at the same time. She gets into scandals with Kim Min Jae (Yoo Seung Ho), the 2nd generation son of a conglomerate family with a large enterprise founded by Min Jae's grandfather "Kim Tae Jin" when they unexpectedly got into scandals as she is a national actress and they eventually forced to get married.



Jo Min Ki joins the cast of "Flames of Desire" as Kim Young Min who is both the son of President "Kim Tae Jin" (Lee Soon Jae) and the father of Kim Min Jae (Yoo Seung Ho).

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Guest yeohweping

Official poster



MBC reveals "Flames of desire" poster which showcases the four different charisma of the four leads played by Shin Eun Kyung, Jo Min Ki, Yoo Seung Ho and Seo Woo.

Shin Eun Kyung steps in her role as Yoon Na Young, a chameleon-like woman who plays a hand in the destinies and fates of her husband "Kim Young Min" (Jo Min Ki), the third son of President Kim Tae Jin and her son "Kim Min Jae".

http://mbcinfo.imbc.com/data/photo/201009081510321.JPG - Bigger pic. version

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Shin Eun Kyung face looks much fuller than before so I'm not sure if that is her in the poster.:blink:   She was really thin and guant by the end of White Lies. I am very glad that she now looks healthy and beautiful but still she looks very different.  Is that her for real? :unsure:

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Guest yeohweping

Lee Soon Jae will be showing his acting change on MBC "Flame of desire"




Lee Soon Jae : Shin Eun Kyung is among the few actresses that I have ever praised



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Drama seems interesting! However, I'm still a bit skeptical about Yoo Seung ho pairing with Seo woo. He's looks too young in my view. However, this drama will be on my list. :) I just love Seung ho that much. I'll be anticipating how the character's acting will be like, especially Seung ho, but as I notice, the first beginning half of the drama will focus on the parents, and then the next generation will be the kids. Now this is something...a full scale drama. Cross my hands I will not be disappointed!

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I'm in because of Seo Woo and seems like there will be a love line beetween sblings since Seo Woo is the hidden daughter of Shin Eun Kyung and will be married to SEK's son .....INTERESTING ^^

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