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♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥


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So our Khunnie had his Vlive and here are some things he had talked about :) Still can't find a full vid w/ eng subs though.

Vlive w/ Nichkhun


Khun just said should i speak english? Korean? Thai? Or Chinese? Sorry i cannot speak spanish

Lol it's alright even if you can't speak Spanish :) You already know a lot of languages already lol And how's your Chinese speaking skills? *cough cough* I see a fellow fan from the PH!


he keeps repeating everything he’s saying in like four languages pfjdnd i love this cutie


Khun: "I'd love to go to Canada"

Me: "Yes, you say that but whennnnn????"

Hands up to all the Canadian khuntorians here :)


Nichkhun: I didn't take Spanish in high school. I took French actually. Bonjour. Je m'appelle Khun. S'il vous plaît. Merci beaucoup. Au revoir! Je t'aime beaucoup petite... I don't know what I am saying.

I would love to hear him speaking in French! :wub:


cr to lien, dadtaec, Tuo_YH, just a fan


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BLACK + RED is the new in! lol :wink::wink: From cap to mask to jacket to phone case to power bank to shoes:glasses::blush:

02/24/18 Nichkhun






cr as tagged


6 years ago, on this same day, here is Khun at the airport as well sporting the RED + BLACK combination :wink:

120224 Incheon Airport



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[V Report] 2PM’s Nichkhun is totally down for fan meeting in California

Broadcast date: Feb. 23
Starring: Nichkhun of 2PM


Nichkhun of boy band 2PM said he would like to hold a fan meeting event in California in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Friday. 

At the beginning of the broadcast, the singer announced that he will hold a fan meeting event in Bangkok, Thailand on March 3. 

“If you can come abroad, you may come! But you will have to pay for the tickets yourself,” he said archly. “Junho and Chansung will also come. Come people! Thailand is good!”

Talking about fan meeting, a fan asked him to hold a fan meeting event also in California.

“I would love to go to California. Actually, my Cali friend -- my high school friend -- came over to my house yesterday. We were talking about Cali and … Oh my god I want to go!” he said. “Someday, soon, (we may hold a fan meeting event in California.)”


cr to kpopherald

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20180227 Nichkhun at Emquatier for Tao kae noi New Presenter Press Conference

Nichkhun said he was glad for having an opportunity to work with Tao Kae Noi team again. He felt they were like a family because 2PM had once been presenters for Tao Kae Noi.










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Who can forget Vic's outfit on all her Paris Fashion Week appearances? :):) Indeed a fashionista!

From Tencent Video Weibo, Victoria going to the Chanel show on March 6th Tencent will do an interview with Victoria on that day


cr to Yen

VictoriaSong’s Paris Fashion Week!

2016 - Dior


2016 - LEOWE


2017 - Saint Laurent


2018 - Chanel (COMING SOON)

cr to fxmalaysia

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Excited for her outfit!

Victora Song's schedule notice: Paris fashion week flight information: 03/03 AF185 HongKong (HKG) (T1) to Paris (CDG) (T2), Take off at 23:25 LT, Landed at 5:40 LT.03/07 AF188 Paris (CDG) (T2) to HongKong (HKG) (T1), Take off at 23:30 LT, Landed at 18:35 LT.Let’s looking forward



cr to WithQian

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Throwback Tuesday guys! :) So what can you say? :D cr to xxeln


[05/07/17] Spotted something in Nichkhun's album at JSTYLE's official weibo album?
and why on earth they inserted her photo in Nichkhun's album? I mean, yeah there might a mistake, i'm not that delu. But something telling me something *smirk* if you know what i mean

photo 18252414_279182249207702_250791910736658432_n 2.jpg

Ok so Chereen where did you get that? lol

photo 28158747_407473409723124_4231755921547591680_n.jpg

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