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♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥


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On 2/5/2018 at 5:15 PM, little bunny said:

Suddenly I missed to see Nichkhun and Victoria together in one frame again. It's been ages since the last time we saw them in tv. 2013?

Actually i became like khuntoria not during the broadcast, probably around 2 years after the show. 


Lately I watched them again and fell in love with this pair again and again. Not sure what happened to them after 2014 mess/


Anyway I just came from winnie site and found something interesting.  Not sure if it already shared or not.

1. From 2pm making video "private photobook in Okinawa, around 2016 perhaps? not sure it's 2016 or 2017. 

    The members of 2pm have glass art workshop in Japan. Nichkhun was making a sail boat. After sometimes he asked Junk  to see his craft. You can check this video, started from 13:05 ( pay attention to the color he used, black, red and blue) and when he went to Jun K and Junho was on 16:25


Nichkhun made sail boat and said he wanted to go to Maldive


Nichkhun : " ( Look) It's mine..( showing to Jun K his glass craft result)

Jun K        :"  Whoaa....so cute. Sail boat."

Junho       : " Where are the sailboat going to?"

Jun K        : " Where it will go?"

Nichkhun : ( turn around, touch his nose, answer in low voice and held smile ) " Na? I'm going to Maldives " 

Jun K        : " Go to Maldives and have some cocktail there.."

NOTE: the translation is not accurate since it translated from Chinese.


Huahahahaa...can't help but smile when i watch this. After all this years khuntoria memories in Maldives still in their heart?

Why I felt Jun K knew something going on? Remember when he mentioned Victoria in his interview? And why he would answer go to Maldives and have cocktail? Since all we know that Nichkhun and Victoria once had cocktail games in Maldives.


And that's not all, winnie also noticed during the 2pm shooting in Melbourne for Wild Beat, Nichkhun said something that will make you remember about khuntoria.

Remember the epiode when Khuntoria went a trip and sat on camp fire where Vic said that it's ok they could not see the star since she had the brightest star beside her aka Nichkhun. Check this video around  02:32


Nichkhun said we saw stars now, they're here. 2pm


Not sure what they were talking about at the beginning..


Nichkhun :".......right now we can see the stars.."

Taec          : " Where? where?.."

Nichkhun  :" It's like this ( waved his hand around 2pm members saying that they're the stars )

2pm members  : ...............................................................

 Taec         : " Ooooo...." ( pay attention to Taec and Junho expression LOL)

Junho        : as he held on not to burst out laugh since he was drinking when he heard Nichkhun words

Jun K        : " Aah..so it's like that..."


probably it just me who thinking too much, you know, Jun K's song " Thinking about you" and "Ocean waves" why the songs lyrics have description for khuntoria? you know their story? Beside Khun posted many post in his medsos about this song lately. His insta story twice if i not mistaken. weibo and twitter during the released. And ocean waves when he posted a video probably he captured during Jun K visited Hua Hin.


Anyway although i hope Vic and Khun one day will find way to back each other again, if they are meant to be together.  right now hope they're always happy where ever they are.



Hi there @little bunny! Welcome to the thread! And by the way thank you for posting this analysis coz I'm quite sure this was not posted in here and I have no idea about this one! Maldives sure has a very special place for both of them and VIc talked about Maldives again just quite recently. I envy you coz you've got to visit Winnie's site because I always got lost whenever I try to browse about our couple. Don't worry, you're not over-analyzing anything :) IF you're a Khuntorian it's just ok if you think that way coz it do reminds us of them :)


What happened to them after 2014? Well after the Khunf**y news, it's quite bittersweet actually. The evidence of them caught dating on the same restaurant by dispatch? Naah, Khuntorians (Winnies actually) have analysis on the pictures released & that alone will really make anyone question those 2. During I guess more than a year since the news was released there were a lot of things that happened. The thread of the other couple was as dead as ever compared to ours, (knowing that they are the one who should be rejoicing) coz they have nothing to post. 2pm and GG have been in the same public events and of course they would post anything regarding the 2 being on the same event but nothing REALLY SPECIAL happens during those times. Few glances and all, but we need more than that just to break our spirits. :wink::wink: Bittersweet because even though publicly they are known to be together (just the thought of it sucks) what was surprising is that there were also a lot of hints from Khun & Vic themselves that's why our thread was actually active during those times, not to mention the once in a while intruder here. Anyway, if you will review this thread during that time you can see what I'm talking about. :wink:

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Hi guys! Happy birthday to 2pm's maknae Chansung! And congratulations to Wooyoung on his solo concert! Khun and other members were present to support him and our appa is wearing a mickey shirt! Brings back memories!


[021118] 2PM IG: Hottest are Love







credits to owners


Mickey love :heart::heart:


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[02/15/18] Victoria Weibo post #빅토리아: 今天大年三十啦~祝大家狗年大吉,爱情旺事业旺家庭旺身体旺,事事顺 2017感谢有你们陪伴,2018继续努力往前冲


Eng trans: 30 years old today~wish the best in the year of dog, good luck and brightful in love, work, family, health succeed in everything thanks for your accompany in 2017, go on even harder in 2018

cr to f(x) Cambodia

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On 1/27/2018 at 9:19 PM, twinkies20 said:

Hi everyone!!! Not sure if you still remember me coz it's been ages since I last posted here on our beloved thread! I'm so sorry I weren't able to update at all. Finally, I graduated in med school and now I'm on my internship preparing for the board exam so there goes why I've been so busy. By the way a million thanks to @Elle1997 @pucca_chan @snixxNKV for still posting once in a while. I don't know if you are still visiting the thread but if you do I hope you read my post. I can't promise anything but rest assured I'm still and will always be a Khuntorian even though I rarely got the opportunity to visit here. Hope you are all doing fine! Khuntoria forever!



You are one of the people who was warmly greeted me when the first time I posted here. And yes, I am completely understand and Congratulations on your graduation!!! I'm sorry too, I've been busy all this time and still busy bcs I am preparing for my thesis bcs hopefully (finger's crossed) this year I will graduate from college :')


So on my behalf, I apologize if maybe you, @Elle1997 @pucca_chan and others think that I rarely post here bcs I get bored of khuntoria--no, I will never xD It's just the time is not right and I hope I can post here regularly like i used to. Maybe posting my analysis; my edits or even just talk to you guys <3


And btw, @twinkies20 what thing you knew about the two of them these days? I have some but idk if you already knew or not. And I'm not sure if the information that I got is reliable enough for me to post in this thread. And I'm sure there are lots of vietnamese Khuntoria here and I hope they can help us :D

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On 2/14/2018 at 10:16 PM, twinkies20 said:

Sporting the same style as always! :wink: :wink:

cr to owners



The first picture tho! LOL That's why I thought that I've seen the style that Vic's wore somewhere in someone then that picture hit me hard like a train. That someone who usually wore hat and sweater is none other than Nichkhun himself xD ahahaha

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