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New idol drama, “幸福最晴天” (roughly translates to Happiness Is Like Sunny Day) held their press conference yesterday at the Le Midi hotel located in Nantou. Both leads Mike He and Janine Chang, as well as special guest stars Ming Dao and Annie Chen (陳庭妮) showed up at the press conference.

For the new drama, Mike plays a young owner of the hotel and is involved in a relationship with Janine Chang, whose role is housekeeping at the hotel. Despite it's the first time that the two leads have worked with each other, they will have a bed scene at the presidential suite on a bed costing ten-million (NT), making both leads very nervous and cautious at the same time.

It has been a month since the drama began its filming so Mike and Janine have gotten to know each other. Since they are both spokespersons for various skin care products, they often chat about skin protection techniques. When Janine was asked to comment on her rumored boyfriend Mark Chao’s recent skin care product commercial where he went topless, Janine shyly replied, “I didn’t see it.”

In regards to Mike announcing on facebook that he had fired his manager, Mike showed a helpless expression. He then explained that he and former manager Wu Zi Yi never signed a formal contract, so now that they are going their separate ways, they are also not bounded by any legal matters.

He further explained that the reason they are going separate ways is because their views are too different and that they have been having communication problems. As for rumors about Mike signing a management contract with drama producer Cai Zhi Ping, he commented, “I’ve been in contact with Cai Jie (Sister Cai Zhi Ping) for a while now, but I still need a bit more time to think it over.”

The main filming location for “Happiness” is Le Midi Hotel, which is known for its beautiful scenery. The drama crew hopes that they can showcase this to the audience through the camera lens.

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new mike he drama! yaaay!!!

altho i do hope that he fixes his hairstyle from how it looks in calling for love... something long like in was in his old dramas would be nice (:

looking forward to this for sure!! glad to know he's back to provide us with more eye candy dramas ;D

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Guest chloe.c

omfg! I can't wait!! I love Janine and I love Mike too! AHHHHHHHH.


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Guest I_broke_a_nail!

I like Janine.

I like Mike He.

I don't like them together. They just don't work. Their chemistry is awkward and as charming as Mike He is, I don't get that melting feeling I usually get. Maybe its his character or something, but I think its because he and Janine do not have chemistry. And the plot is poorly constructed. There's no logical rationale to some of the things the characters do. But I must say, Janine's character is quick on her feet. Her lies are realistic and quick---which is new in the drama world.

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Guest AngelsTrumpet444

i love mike heeeeeeee <3

but you guys are right, i dont like mike and janine together :(

I like the drama and the story line so far (im on episode 18 !!)

but i feel like character development is kinda bad

but overall its gooooood !

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Guest chancy426

I tried so hard to finish this drama, but Mike's character wasn't very growing on me. He's visually appealing for a male lead, but none of his acting really catch me. I must say that I really liked Janine in here, her character pretty much stayed true to the character for as long as I was watching it. The ones I really liked in this story would be the brother and his girlfriend.

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I think this drama is pretty good. I like the story line because it's quite believable. Mainly because there's no super evil character n no super comical character, unlike the usual taiwanese drama formula.

I like how the events in this drama just flow but they don't drag. It's enjoyable n relaxing to watch.

Maybe the lack of dramatic plot is making it seems like the chemistry between the leads are lacking, but I have no complaints.

It really feels like am watching 2 real life people bonding n fall in love


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