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[MANGA] GE aka Good Ending

Guest ~fantasygurl~

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Guest ~fantasygurl~








GE - Good Ending




Manga By: Sasuga Kei

Volume: 16 (Complete) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=45881


Summary by me

Seiji Utsumi is an average and introverted guy. He is in love with his sempai, Shou Iketani, who is the tennis club and also the team captain. Izumi and Kurono are his friends and knowing about his love interest. Seiji refuses to confess to her because he doesn’t want to be rejected and he is happy to just admire her from a far. Yuki Kurokawa is in the same club as Shou and finds out Seiji’s feelings for Shou and sees Seiji as an admirable guy so she wants him to confess to Shou. Seiji joins the tennis club to get close to Shou in order step by step to one day tell her about his feelings while at the same time Yuki will be helping him.











Seiji Utsumi

Yuki Kurokawa

Shou Iketani










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Guest ~fantasygurl~

the ongoing chapters for this manga is really drving me nuts caz I don't know what is going on anymore but still waiting impatiently for something to occur...

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Guest shinhaku

This manga is getting more and more intersting. I almost dropped it when Utsumi decided to go out with Shou. But now it looks like Utsumi and Yuki are back together but they're facing another crisis >__< . Latest chapter is 150 which just got released in Japan. Here is link to the raw and summary of the chapter! http://www.vingle.net/posts/72050-GE-Good-Ending-Ch-150-Raw-Spoiler-Summary I just found it. So excited!!!

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

finished the manga a while back and i think the ending was rushed... the manga ka should have extended the ending at least -____-

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Guest nartan

I liked this manga alot, picked it up just for the tennis part, but it just ended up being sooo much more.
Gotta say, they could have ended it with a better last chapter, honestly it didn't really feel like a smooth closure ~

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