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long time no post here ... sorry T_T ... hi ilwoo_aein, hope you're doing well ^_^

Hyun Woo and Kim Min Ji are the new “Music Bank” MCs


After one year and 3 months on the job, actor Song Joong Ki and actress Seo Hyo Rim will be leaving their MC positions on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank.”

The two gave a disappointing message on the November 19th broadcast of the show by stating, “Today will be our last broadcast.”

Beginning on the 26th, Hyun Woo from MBC’s “Pasta” and Kim Min Ji will be taking their place. We’ll be looking forward to see what fresh elements the two MCs will bring!

source : Allkpop

I will mis Joong Ki a lot :tears: ... but good luck in this new adventure, Hyun Woo! :wub:

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Hi the girl who! ^^

Yeah, i feesl so excited to hear that the new KBS music bank MC is Hyun Woo..

Hopefully, he'll be a great replacement of Joong Ki and can bring 'new fresh air' to Music Bank..

Don't worry dear, you'll miss Joong Ki but you'll see Hyun Woo right? :D

Who doesn't want to see Hyunwoo's cute smile like in these pics below? :wub:



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Hyun Woo and Kim Min Ji sing ‘Nagging’ for Music Bank inauguration

December 3rd marked a brand new beginning for Music Bank, as they ushered in their new MC team of Hyun Woo and Kim Min Ji.

Originally scheduled to debut last week, they finally debuted on today’s Music Bank as they put on a special MC stage by performing IU and Seulong’s hit single, ‘Nagging.’

After finishing their performance, Hyun Woo stated, “I’d like to thank the singers for supporting our first stage. We were able to greet our viewers through this song. Although I’m nervous, I’m glad to be able to stand in this position as the MC.”

Kim Min Ji added, “Viewers, we promise to lead ‘Music Bank’ as great MCs.”

We wish them all the best on their new stint!

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/2010/12/hyun-woo-and-kim-min-ji-sing-nagging-for-music-bank-inauguration

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I found this news:

"Hyun Woo-MC and Musical Actor to-be: I'm worried but I'm happy."


Hyun Woo has an upcoming musical stage performance titled '진짜진짜 좋아해2' or 'Really Really Like 2'..

He said that he's worried about his performance on the stage since it's his first musical stage..But he'll try his best to do it and hope his fans will support him..

Here's the source:


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Hyun Woo joins Dal Shabet for ‘Supa Dupa Diva’ on Music Bank

Valentine’s Day may have already passed by this Monday, but KBS’s Music Bank wasn’t going to let it pass by so easily, by having their own post-Valentine’s Day special stages.

Girl group Dal Shabet has already charmed their way into the hearts of many with their debut single, ‘Supa Dupa Diva’, and for one night only, they teamed up with Music Bank’s main MC, Hyun Woo, for a special performance. It was a cute showing so check out their special stage below!


credit: allkpop

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