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Son Ye-Jin 손예진


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20 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

Son Ye Jin made homemade sandwich and soy sauce chicken


I see her C7 friend comments, what they say?


Wooow, a big portion
it's ok, next month you will busy shooting a new Kdrama

Please stay safe and healthy


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Son Ye-jin selected as a model for 'Skinceuticals'... Flawless pictorial released


Skinceuticals, a skincare brand for hospital sales, selected actress Son Ye-jin as an exclusive model and released a pictorial with Marie Claire for the first time.




In the published pictorial, Son Ye-jin showed off her beauty while overwhelming her eyes with her smooth and elastic flawless skin. She tied her trademark long straight hair and matched it with a black sleeveless dress to create a sophisticated yet professional atmosphere.


At the photo shoot, Son Ye-jin expressed her affection for the brand, saying, "I know that Skinceuticals is the most trusted brand by skin experts, and I feel very proud to be selected as a model for such a brand."


The premium antioxidant serum 'CE Ferrulic' is a representative product of Skinceuticals with 30 years of antioxidant research history. It provides a stronger antioxidant synergy effect by combining vitamins C and E and ferulic acid. It takes care of sensitive skin due to external stimuli and increases skin defense against harmful environments by 8 times.




A brand official said, "Actress Son Ye-jin's elegant and luxurious atmosphere and professionalism and trustworthy image matched well with Skinceuticals, a premium antioxidant brand, and was selected as a model. We plan to continue to deliver our beliefs and promises along with our models.”


Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin, the new model of Skinceuticals, is scheduled to appear in the JTBC drama 'Thirty, Nine' as Cha Mi-Jo, the director of a dermatology clinic in Gangnam, who grew up in a wealthy environment.



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Spackman Media Group press release


Son Ye-jin Of Spackman Media Group, An Associated Company Of Spackman Entertainment Group, Selected As Brand Ambassador For US Skin Care Brand, Skinceuticals


  • Son Ye-jin of Spackman Media Group, who starred in highly popular romance drama CRASH LANDING ON YOU (2020), endorses US skin care brand, Skinceuticals
  • Son Ye-jin set to headline in JTBC's new drama, 39, which will start filming in August 2021



SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 8 July 2021 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that Son Ye-jin represented by MSteam Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("MSteam"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited ("Spackman Media Group"), has been selected as brand ambassador for US skin care brand, Skinceuticals. Son Ye-jin, who starred in highly popular romance drama CRASH LANDING ON YOU (2020), is one of the flagship artists of Spackman Media Group.


As the exclusive model of Skinceuticals, Son Ye-jin released a pictorial with fashion magazine Marie Claire for the first time. 


Son Ye-jin is scheduled to star in JTBC's new drama, 39, which will start filming in August 2021. Directed by Kim Sang-ho of RUN ON (2020) and written by Yoo Young-ah of ENCOUNTER (2018) & KIM JI YOUNG, BORN IN 198239 is a 12-episode drama about the romance and everyday lives of three friends who are on the verge of turning 40. In the drama, Son Ye-jin takes on the role of Cha Mi-jo, a director of a dermatology clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, who grew up in a wealthy environment.


Son Ye-jin's latest tvN K-drama, CRASH LANDING ON YOU, achieved massive record-breaking viewership success in Korea and became a top hit in Japan, attaining #1 on Japan's Netflix for four months. The K-drama was one of the top 10 Most Watched Netflix Shows in the United States. Son Ye-jin was awarded the Hallyu Drama Best Actress Award at the 15th Seoul International Drama Awards for her role in CRASH LANDING ON YOU.


Her recent films include BE WITH YOU (2018), THE NEGOTIATION (2018) and THE LAST PRINCESS (2016)all of which were invested by the Group and/or Spackman Media Group. 


In 2018, Son Ye-jin's performance in BE WITH YOU, which broke the all-time first week box office historical record for romance film in Korea, clinched her the Best Actress Award at the Seoul Awards.  Son Ye-jin also received the Prime Minister's Commendations at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards and won the Best Actress for Hallyu Dramas at the 2018 Seoul International Drama Awards, underscoring her international status as an iconic Korean actress. 


Other than Son Ye-jin, MSteam also represents popular Korean actress Lee Min-jung, who won the Top Excellence Award for her role in ONCE AGAIN (2020), and rising Korean star Wi Ha-joon, who stars in upcoming webtoon film SHARK: THE BEGINNING and new Korean thriller film MIDNIGHT.




Skinceuticals sent Son Ye Jin flowers 




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Guess her role as SYJ's mom on SITR made her get hateful comments -> She was so strict mom on the show.



Gil Hae-yeon "Acting as Son Ye-jin and Han Ji-min's Mother and Daughter, Fond Heart" (Baek Ban-haeng) [The Eve Story]




il Hae-yeon of "Baek Ban-Haeng" talked about the actors she met as her children in the film.
9, televised tv chosun 'alum eccentricities of the scroungers Hur Young-man' (less than 'alum eccentricity') the TV drama '4 Boys' scene stealer actor and an impressive performance in Gangwon Province, is in the cool sea and gilhaeyeon donghae to left.

On this day, Heo Young-man asked Gil Hae-yeon, "Did you play a lot of roles as a mother?" "Who are the most memorable actors who played their children?" Gil Hae-yeon said, "Everything is actually affectionate. When I was acting with Han Ji-min in "Spring Night," I cried whenever I saw her. There was something like that. "Why do I feel sad when I see you?" He said that he worked with Han Ji-man.

She also said, "Son Ye-jin and Wi Ha-joon were my sons and daughters in 'Pretty Sister Who Treats Me Food'. "But I only loved my son Ha-joon," he said. "But in the movie 'Midnight', he is a serial killer and I appear as a deaf person," and confessed that he met actor Wi Ha-joon with a contrasting character.

Gil Hae-yeon said, "Jin Ki-joo and I are mother and daughter, and Wi Ha-joon are chasing us with an axe to kill us," and added, "If you call me 'Mom' while acting on the scene, I said 'Don't call me 'Mom'."


Gil Hae-yeon, "Hitting Son Ye-jin in the face and getting malicious comments."
Actor Gil Hae-yeon meets Heo Young-man, a gourmet.

Chosun, Gangwon Province, in 'alum eccentricities of the scroungers Hur Young-man' is broadcast at 8:00 p.m. on June 9 that tv gilhaeyeon donghae to leave. Gil Hae-yeon has released various episodes like a "daughter rich" who has been a mother of actors Son Ye-jin, Han Ji-min and Jin Ki-joo in the work.

Gil Hae-yeon, who played Son Ye-jin's mother in the drama "Something in the Rain," drew curiosity by saying, "I slapped Son Ye-jin's cheek and suffered from malicious comments." She also drew attention by sending a video letter to actress Han Ji-min, who was her daughter, in the drama "One Spring Night."
Translated with Papago by Naver**
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Son Ye Jin's SMART Hallyu Hangout was MC by Park Kyung Rim :) 


with WilBros who were there to film/record the live event. 








She shared a bit more of 39:




Some of the topics/of what she said I have posted below - I am just posting stuff she either hadn't talked about as of recently (she talked about dumplings, walking dog, she brought up Philippines again - she went with her family back then etc). A lot of what seem she talked about she had mentioned before. Sounded like a really good event though :) I will post some clips etc in next post later














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Son Ye Jin and her Skincentuals pictorials are in Marie Claire August issue


Her English :) 








She only looks herself up and check headlines /sns when she isnt on break:








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10 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

Son Ye Jin's SMART Hallyu Hangout was MC by Park Kyung Rim

Park Kyung Rim make interviews more live, even just audio

she did a lot of interviews with SYJ, such they did in MBS Radio 2016

10 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

She shared a bit more of 39:

I read the news, SYJ will be shooting in August-Jan for the 39 drama
I really hope the pandemic will end soon so that she could be filming in safety
Stay happy and healthy SYJ



She said she wants something similar to Renee Zellwegger’s role in the movie Judy

I like JUDY movie. I want to see SYJ act in a musical or dancing movie too

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@puan iryantie it was in a staff recruitment posting for props for the drama that was where it mentioned August-January. The props department being hired is contract for that long which is why it is also believe that is the filming period for the drama. SYJ doesnt want to do musical haha - it's the singing concept I think hahaa.





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Some of these facts we already knew but she had mentioned again in her SMART Hallyu Hangout:


Son Ye-Jin: 'Crash Landing' crush reveals 8 facts about her


MANILA, Philippines — Hallyu superstar Son Ye-jin sat with her fans for the Smart-hosted fan virtual event on its website, Smart Hallyu Hangouts, last Friday. She spoke with "Nonstop 2" star and popular comedian Park Kyung-lim. Korean expatriate and TV host Sam Oh served as host and translator in the Philippine livestream.


The "Crash Landing On You" star also revealed interesting facts and trivia about herself during the interview.

1. She had a stunt double and did the English dub for her Smart commercial.

Ye-jin found her experience working with Smart's TVC fascinating because there were two teams that made it possible. The Philippines and South Korea team worked remotely together to create the unforgettable commercial that stars her and her "CLOY" reel and real-life boyfriend Hyun Bin.


She had a stunt double for the motorcycle scene. The only real part in there was when she was in the act of riding the motorcycle.

2. The actress also revealed that she has been studying English for the last 15 years.

"I don't really speak them but I practice very, very hard to get the pronunciation for the TVC," she said.


She feels that she's "still in the same spot" after 15 years of studying how to speak English. Ye-jin said she's been busy working for 20 years with 30 projects to her name that somehow got in the way of her learning the language.

3. She was not sure if she could bring to life her character, Yoon Se-ri, on the small screen.

Make no mistake, Ye-jin has a lot of iconic characters in her two-decade career. Her longtime fans can name a handful, from her "The Classic" days to romantic-comedy series like her Lee Min-ho starrer "Personal Taste."


Yoon Se-ri, undoubtedly, is among the popular ones, especially those who are new to K-drama. But did you know: She wasn't sure about the project?


Ye-jin said that she found the script of "CLOY" so funny and she enjoyed it so much. She, however, felt a lot of pressure because she wasn't sure if she could bring the script to life and "do justice" for it.

Park Ji-eun was at the helm of its screenplay. She is the writer behind hit series "My Love From The Star" and "Legend of the Blue Sea." She also does a lot of scripts for variety shows in South Korea.


"The writer wrote for a comedy show so timing is very crucial," Ye-jin shared. She also recalled how she had a great chemistry acting out with Yang Kyung-won, who played Pyo Chi-su, one of the underlings of Capt. Ri (Hyun Bin).
Seri, a famous fashion designer in South Korea, finds herself trapped in North Korea after a paragliding incident. She lands in the home of Capt. Ri who has four underlings who help him hide and conceal Se-ri's real identity while finding ways for her to go back to South Korea.


Se-ri and Chi-su often found themselves at odds with each other because he is suspicious of South Koreans who enter his native North Korea.

4. She's naughty and playful.

Yes, most of her works may be melodramas, but Son is rather the opposite of her many characters.


"I think I like it best when I can make someone laugh. There's something about being able to do that to another person -- to be happy. I'm normally naughty, playful and I also like to laugh myself," Ye-jin answered when asked about the aspect of herself that she likes the most.


This also proves she's one of South Korea's best actresses although she chooses to downplay it, especially when she was asked during the event if she is Korea's best actress. She immediately answered no, but with the goading of Kyung-lim, she hesitantly said, "A little, maybe."

5. If given the chance to live again, she does not want to be reincarnated as Son Ye-jin.

Shocker! Even Sam Oh and Park Kyung-lim were surprised. But Ye-jin stood firm with her answer, saying that she's already lived that life. In her next life, she would want to be born with the ability to fly.

6. She totally blocks off social media when not working AND does not search her name on the Internet.

Unlike other famous people, Ye-jin does not spend her time Googling herself.

"When I'm working, maybe, I will check. If there is a new show out, I will check out what people are saying. But when I'm resting like right now, I will go the entire week sometimes without checking the news online. I'm committed to my resting period," she said.

7. Once a project is done, she does not rewatch herself on the screen again.

Never was her answer. She gets awkward and embarrassed so she immediately flips the channel when she sees herself on the screen.

8. She drinks real alcohol in her dramas.

Hats off to her for being professional! Ye-jin said she drinks them all —  beer and soju — because these actually help in her "drunk scenes."

She's a light drinker, though. She revealed that even one drink can turn her "red." She's also the hyper kind of drunk.




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Son Ye Jin wished Jane happy birthday :) So sweet and cute






Official news/Crashing Landing On You is getting an American remake. It was mentioned briefly before when Studio Dragon and Skydance news came about. Hotel Del Luna and The Cursed are other Studio Dragon kdramas that have been mentioned previously in news that are also getting remakes.


Studio Dragon is going to make a remake of "Crash Landing on You" that is speeding up its entry into the US




Studio Dragon, the leading producer of Korean Wave content, is expected to join hands with the US production company Sky Dance to produce a remake of "Crash Landing on You."

According to related industries on the 20th, Studio Dragon is working on a project to localize the US by utilizing the "Crash Landing Intellectual Property (IP)" of Love. A Studio Dragon official said, "There are several projects that are exchanging IP with Sky Dance, and the crash landing of love is also one of the projects under way." "Detailed production schedule, timing and direction have not been confirmed yet."

This is part of a collaboration project with Skydance, a US production company that signed a strategic partnership in February last year. Skydance is a production company that produced films such as "Terminator," "6 Underground," "Mission Impossible," dramas "Grace and Frankie," and "Ultimate Carbon."

Studio Dragon has been actively exchanging original IPs owned by both companies along with Sky Dance and has been promoting a number of joint planning and development projects. The crash landing of love is also being carried out as one of the joint planning and development projects. Prior to this, the two companies had confirmed the production of a remake of "Hotel Del Luna." Including this, four Studio Dragon IP works are currently being developed as remakes.

Not only Studio Dragon IP but also Sky Dance's IP is working together. Currently, the two companies are developing a series of script dramas called 'Queens of the Desserts' using the IP that has Sky Dance. It is also known that other original IP developments owned by Skydance are being discussed.

In addition, the two companies have confirmed series orders for Apple TV+Hyang original dramas, further enhancing cooperation on US projects. "The Big Door Prize," which has confirmed its production, is a 10-part human drama that combines fantasy and mystery genres, based on MO Walsh's novel of the same name. Beyond the sale of finished content or remake rights, Studio Dragon will be the first studio in Korea to produce a series of American dramas for global viewers.

"The reason why we are paying attention to Studio Dragon's entry into the US market is that the production cost of American dramas is similar to that of Korean dramas. It is equivalent to Studio Dragon's annual sales of five episodes a year and one season each, " an industry source said.

Meanwhile, Studio Dragon is planning a total of 18 projects, including "The Big Door Prize," which has confirmed production, and projects to localize successful IPs in Korea, including "Crash Landing On You" and "Hotel Del Luna."




*Translated on Papago by Naver


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Thanks for keeping this forum alive. Yejin has lots of fans but they are more active on twitter, IG,  and facebook. Glad to see that someone still maintains her page in soompi and post the latest news about her. Wieee. I'm so excited cause Yejin is going back to work next month. Waaahhhh. 

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Crash Landing On You is getting a documentary made in Japan




"Hand Sick" by Japan, the country of fanatics.

The popularity of Korean dramas in Japan with the drama "Crash Landing on You" has not cooled down for more than a year and a half. Rather, it is called the "third Korean Wave" and seems to expand its influence in all directions. Even a remake of a Korean drama is popular, and an exhibition of Korean dramas is held in the midst of Corona 19 in offline, drawing great popularity from local fans. Meanwhile, Netflix also gave specific figures that Japanese subscribers' time to watch Korean dramas has increased more than six times compared to a year ago. Although Korea-Japan relations are still frozen, multinational OTT, Internet and SNS, which are not affected by bilateral relations, are playing a new role, strengthening the continuity of the third Korean Wave.

According to drama production companies Studio Dragon (253450) and CJ ENM (035760), Japanese terrestrial Nippon TV (NTV) has been broadcasting season 2 of "Voice 110 Emergency Command Room," a remake of "Voice" since the 10th. The film has continued to show positive performance, with its first episode rating reaching 11.3 percent. "Voice" is a genre that tells the story of 112 reporting center directors and other members who have invitation power struggling to secure golden time at crime scenes. It has also succeeded in settling into a seasonal drama by securing a stable fixed fan base in Korea, and its fourth season is currently airing.

Earlier this January, a Japanese version of the Korean drama "Familiar Wife (2018)" was aired on Japanese terrestrial Fuji TV. It was scheduled at 10 p.m. every Thursday, the prime time, and ended with a stable ratings of 7 to 8 percent (based on the Gwandong district). The reality and boredom of married couples' lives were melted into a fantasy theme called Time Slip, which received favorable reviews when it aired in Korea. In April, the drama "How" was sold to Fuji TV and aired late at night.

As such, the popularity of Korean dramas in Japan is still on the rise. Japan's terrestrial TV Tokyo reported on the 13th that Netflix's Japanese users watched Korean dramas last year more than six times more than the previous year. Starting with "Crash Landing on You," dramas such as "Itaewon Class," "It's Okay to Not Be Okay," and "Vinsenzo" became popular in Japan.

Regarding the popularity of Korean dramas, TV Tokyo said, "Differentiated 'specific video expression' is the secret." "It is a natural result to realize the imagination as a video because the story is diversified and there are many stories beyond our imagination." The drama "Vinsenzo," which aired earlier this year, showed an example of a scene set in Italy using synthetic technology instead of going there.

Due to this popularity, "Studio Dragon Hallyu Drama Exhibition," an offline exhibition, has also been held in Tokyo since the 10th. The exhibition, jointly organized by Asahi TV, Japan's private broadcasting station, has three drama experience centers: "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?" starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young, "Start Up" by Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk, and "Vinsenzo" by Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin. The exhibition features photos and videos, as well as photo zones, reproduced sets, props and costumes.

The popularity of the drama "Crash Landing on You" which has set the stage for the third Korean Wave in Japan, has also been in progress for a year and a half since it ended. Since the drama was aired on Netflix, the main actor Hyun Bin has become a cover model for a leading weekly magazine and has become so popular that a special planning article has been released in the leading media. According to Studio Dragon, NHK, a Japanese public broadcaster, is preparing a documentary on the background of "Crash Landing on You" gaining popularity locally, the impact and reasons of the drama, in October this year. It is known that interviews including major actors, production staff and critics are included.

Source: https://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/22OZZN6TWL



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Valentino has finally been updating their social media with Son Ye Jin and their latest Roman Palazzo campaign - which also promotes the Supervee bag 


The latest CF film is finally on youtube 


instagram related posts:






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Son Ye Jin and Skinceuticals in Marie Claire - is now up!



Son Ye-jin, the new muse of Skinceuticals
Son Ye-jin's shining moments with Skinceuticals
Actress Son Ye-jin, who is loved for her outstanding acting skills and unwavering beauty, has become a muse for the premium antioxidant brandSkinceuticals. A dazzling beauty moment complete with soft charisma and professional attitude.


























Also instagram related posts from Marie Claire:



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