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I wonder if SYJ's food post was inspired by Korean variety-celebrity cooking show FUN RESTAURANT. Her friends, Lee Jung Hyun and Oh Yoon Ah,  have many times been featured guests on the show. It is a highly competitive and informational show. The last episodes featured participants making menus with dumplings. 

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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

17 hours ago, welh11 said:

It is a highly competitive and informational show. The last episodes featured participants making menus with dumplings. 

I love this show


It will be exciting if she is a guest or joins cooking with Oh Yoona Ah in a Fun Staurant 

I really enjoy watching her variety show in master in the house
I hope she has time to join the variety show again.



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The new teaser for The Actor is Present



new headshot was added :) 





the seperate teaser of SYJ golfing for next week. It will be in 3 parts. They are usually 30 mins each. So we will get the first part on June 23



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Son Ye Jin posted on cooking again! The food looks really good :)



Lee Jung Hyun left comment :) Wow, it looks delicious


Just a couple of the many articles 



"What can't you do?"... 'Hyun Bin ♥' Son Ye-jin, a golf goddess smile

Actress Son Ye-jin appears on the YouTube channel and shows off her golf skills that she has honed in the past.  /Photo = Capture of YouTube channel 'Imjin Han Class'
Actress Son Ye-jin appears on the YouTube channel and shows off her golf skills that she has honed in the past. /Photo = Capture of YouTube channel 'Imjin Han Class'
Actress Son Ye-jin boasted the appearance of a golf goddess. Recently, on the YouTube channel 'Imjin Han Class' specialized in golf lessons, 'For the first time! A video titled 'What's the golf skill of a pretty older sister who buys you food?'

In the video, Son Ye-jin caught the eye by appearing in an innocent look wearing a white golf suit. To Ye-jin Son, who showed off her perfect driver's full swing, Jin-han Lim praised her, saying, "I can't tell you to come out if my form is bad."

Son Ye-jin said to the viewers, "It's a process where I keep learning with the same heart as you. Looking at me, I hope that people with skills similar to mine will exert a little more energy and become an upgraded golfer.”
Son Ye-jin is famous for enjoying golf as a hobby. A "golf course date" with Hyun Bin, who is currently dating, was seen, and the two reportedly became closer while building friendship through golf. Son Ye-jin's episode of "Imjin Class" will be released on the 23rd.

Photo = Son Ye-jin's Instagram

Actress Son Ye-jin showed off her cooking skills.


Son Ye-jin posted on her Instagram on the 21st, "Have a good dinner". The photos and videos posted together show the appearance of dumpling mushroom hotpot, tteokbokki, and fish cake soup. Judging by the same induction and pot, you can guess that Son Ye-jin cooked it herself. Son Ye-jin's high-level cooking skills are admiring. Son Ye-jin recently revealed the pretty dumplings she made herself.

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, who worked together through the tvN drama 'Crash Landing on You', started dating publicly in January.



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22 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

The food looks really good

Yummy... if I have dinner like this so I must fast in next day :joy:


22 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

Son Ye-jin, a golf goddess smile


look his eye smile make me happy :hooray2:

I like her last interview with W Korea and now waiting for her next video interview :issohappy:

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Son Ye Jin golfing for over 3 years and Lim Jihan pro taught her himself :) She really learns from the best!! That's also another reason she finally agreed to do this. Also, nice as she knows we haven't seen her on "TV" in a while due to pandemic. So cute how she shared she plays better with him lol. She's often competitive when playing golf hahaa. Even as her teacher, he does bets with her too hahaa. Looking forward to part 2 :) 

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Yes, Son Ye Jin has a very good swing for a beginner. But professional lessons do help novices grasp the fundamentals of the game. As she said, she knows what she does wrong when she makes a bad shot. She likes the game because it has so many variables to be a compelling challenge. It fits well with her personality. Also, many of her friends have taken up the sport. Uhm Ji Won stated on her YT channel that she started golf last year. She showed herself taking indoor lessons in the middle of winter. Professional lessons are not inexpensive; students usually take them once or twice a week. Obsessed new golfers take even more.


Lim Jin Han was an accomplished Korean professional golfer. He won the KPGA Championship in 1983 and 1984.

His extroverted personality and clear explanations goes well for teaching amateurs about the game. SYJ credits him for improving her game skills. They said they played many rounds together. Normally, in the US, teaching pros use the practice range as the main method of instructing their students. But on-course teaching rounds do make some sense since it takes next shot strategy into the lessons. Lim called Ye Jin "a long hitter." She can drive the ball 200 yards which is pretty good from the ladies tees.


SYJ's visor said "South Cape." South Cape is an island luxury resort SE of Busan on Namhae Island.  It is listed as the Best Course in South Korea. It has been compared to Pebble Creek in California for its scenic views and course layout. A round of golf at South Cape can cost more than $500 US per person. Golf Magazine sent a reporter to the course and he was blown away by the service and amenities. Generally, golf is not a cheap sport to play. 


Golf has always been a major hobby in South Korea. It is so popular that the SBS Network has its own 24 hour golf channel. One of its popular programs is an unscripted show called "The Real Course" where a group of Korean LPGA pros are filmed having a friendly round of golf. No third party commentary, just like the viewer is riding along from a caddy perspective. It is a very relaxing show, like the many network camping shows that popped up during the pandemic.


What is also very trendy now is golf fashion in Korea. The spill over from celebrity popularity to golf fashion seems like a no-brainer endorsement opportunity. 



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A lot of Koreans wear golf brands when golfing - Oh Yoon Ah, Uhm Ji Won and Lee Jung Hyun - wear a lot of Fair Liar - UJW and OYA often are all in Fair Liar except shoes. Otherwise they usually mix and match with other golf brands or casual/yoga clothes


Son Ye Jin's golf gloves and shoes are not Southcape. Southcape is also one of the best golf resorts in Korea - they have more than just the golf clothes especially as of last year. She wore other brands. Her recent sighting or old pic that came out a few days ago - she is wearing Malbon golf - well known golf brand in LA.


SMART Live event is on July 16




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Son Ye Jin officially confirmed for 39 and it will be filming sometime in August.


**Cross most likely got postponed but until we get an official update if it was due to covid. January update also had mentioned they weren't sure it would film in September.


Son Ye-jin has confirmed her next film, Thirty, Nine.JTBC drama returns in three years.



Actor Son Ye-jin has decided to make the next drama "30, 9," which is scheduled to be aired on JTBC. It is JTBC's first comeback in three years following "Something in the Rain."

Thirty, Nine is a real-life human romance that deals with in-depth stories about friendship, love and life of three friends who are about to turn 40, and is a 12-part mini-series co-produced by Lotte Culture Works and JTBC Studios.

It will be written by Yoo Young-ah, who has created several box office hits, including the drama "Encounter" films "Kim Ji-young Born in 1982" and "Miracle in Cell No. 7" and directed by Kim Sang-ho of "Run On."

Son Ye-jin plays Cha Mi-jo, the head of the Gangnam dermatology clinic who grew up in a well-to-do environment that is not to be envied as a central figure who leads the story of the three women. The role of Jeong Chan-young, Cha Mi-jo's best friend and another of the three women, will be played by Jeon Mi-do of "Wise Doctor Life."

In particular, Son Ye-jin, who has a powerful Korean Wave fandom after the end of "Crash Landing on You," is drawing keen attention not only at home but also abroad as it is a comeback film chosen in a year.

The drama '39' will begin filming around August after confirming the rest of the cast.



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Three women, nearing 40, talk in 'Thirty, Nine'


June 30, 2021



Actor Son Ye-jin is to star in JTBC drama series, "Thirty, Nine," (translated) MSTeam Entertainment said Wednesday. Son's last drama was "Crash Landing on You" (2019-2020). 

"Thirty, Nine" is a "12-episode romance-human-drama miniseries," according to JTBC. It revolves around three women who are single and friends and on the verge of turning 40. The drama will be co-produced with Lotte Culture Works. 

Son will be playing the role of Cha Mi-jo, who has no tragic family background and no mystery childhood secrets. She has had everything she could ask for. But she still feels an emptiness, and the three friends talk about their lives and empathize with each other. 

Jeong Chan-young, one of the three friends, will be played by actor Jeon Mi-do, who is currently starring in the second season of tvN's "Hospital Playlist." 

The drama will be written by Yoo Young-ah, who was the scriptwriter on a number of hits, including "Kim Ji Young, Born In 1982" (2019) and "Miracle in Cell No. 7"(2012). It will be directed by Kim Sang-ho.



BY YIM SEUNG-HYE [yim.seunghye@joongang.co.kr]



Actress Son Ye-jin to star in new JTBC drama 'Thirty, Nine'

By Dong Sun-hwa | 2021-06-30

Actress Son Ye-jin / Courtesy of MS Team Entertainment

Actress Son Ye-jin is set to star in the new JTBC drama tentatively titled, "Thirty, Nine," according to her management company MS Team Entertainment Wednesday. 

"Thirty, Nine" is a 12-part TV series that revolves around three single women nearing 40. In the drama, Son will play the role of Cha Mi-jo, the chief dermatologist at a clinic in the posh Gangnam district of southern Seoul, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. 

Actress Jeon Mi-do, best known for her performance in the popular tvN drama, "Hospital Playlist," will play Jeong Chan-young, one of the three protagonists. More cast members will be announced later. 

"Thirty, Nine" will be directed by Kim Sang-ho, who recently took the helm of the JTBC soap opera, "Run On," starring A-list actors Im Si-wan and Shin Se-kyung. The writer of this series is Yoo Young-ah, who was behind the success of the films, "Miracle in Cell No. 7" (2012) and "Kim Ji Young, Born in 1982" (2019).

The filming of "Thirty, Nine" is scheduled to begin in August. It is Son's first drama since her appearance on the smash-hit series, "Crash Landing on You," (2019-20) a romantic comedy following South Korean conglomerate heiress Yoon Se-ri (Son) and high-ranking North Korean officer Ri Jong-hyok (Hyun Bin). In the drama, the two meet by accident in the reclusive state after a paraglider carrying Yoon makes an emergency landing there. "Crash Landing on You" created a splash at home and beyond ― it scored high viewership ratings in Korea and took the No. 1 spot on Netflix Japan's top 10 list.

Son, whose real name is Son Eon-jin, made her showbiz debut via a TV commercial in 1999 and rose to fame after appearing in a range of movies and dramas, such as "The Classic" (2003), "Summer Scent" (2003), "Personal Taste" (2010) and "Something in the Rain" (2018). In January, the actress confirmed that she was dating fellow actor Hyun Bin. 

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Korean 200 update with global campaign displays and Cannes promotions.


Yoon Yeo-jeong, Song Joong-ki, Son Ye-jin... Digital exhibition of 'KOREAN ACTORS 200'


The 'KOREAN ACTORS 200' campaign, conducted by the Korean Film Council (Chairman Kim Young-jin, hereafter referred to as Young Jin-wi) for global publicity and archiving of credible content for Korean movie actors, will reveal a list of 200 participating actors.

At 5 pm on the 30th, you can check the list of 200 Korean actors who will 'touch the world' on the special site of this campaign. The 200 Korean actors who participated in the campaign range from 'All-Time Icon', which has been active as the face of Korean cinema for decades beyond the times, to 'Rising Star', which adds new vitality to the Korean film industry.

The 'KOREAN ACTORS 200' campaign, which was released every week through the special site from March 15th, draws the attention of Korean movie fans at home and abroad through intense portraits, in-depth actor theory, set sketches, and moving trailers where you can check out the masterpieces at a glance. did it

In particular, the number of pageviews on the special site exceeded 1 million, the total number of views of the moving trailer exceeded 1 million, and the number of #KOREAN ACTORS 200 hashtag posts on Weibo, the representative SNS in China, generated explosive responses so far, exceeding 430,000. It was possible to confirm the favorable feeling of the global audience about the actor.

With the 74th Cannes Film Festival as a starting point, the Youngjin Committee is spurring a full-fledged global publicity campaign. In addition to promoting the campaign during the Cannes Film Festival, an offline photo exhibition of 'The Actor is Present' will be held simultaneously in Korea and North America.


Ahead of a full-scale global publicity campaign, from this day on, digital exhibitions will be held first through large domestic landmark digital media. In the digital exhibition 'The Actor is Present', which is held at the Dosan Park intersection in Gangnam, Seoul and COEX in Samseong-dong, you can see the best cuts selected by the actors in addition to the photos selected by Kim Jung-man and Ahn Seong-jin, who photographed 200 actors.


Park Hye-eun, editor-in-chief of 'The Screen', who oversaw the campaign, said, "In this digital exhibition, the actor's introduction comment, which drew sympathy from many fans, will be released in the official Korean version in addition to the existing English version. Prior to the global promotion of this campaign, it is a special event to be held as a reward for domestic fans who have shown their enthusiastic support.”


In this digital exhibition, 20 male and female actors, a total of 40 actors, are revealed by week according to the order of disclosure of the special site, which started in early March.


The digital exhibition to be launched on the 30th is the longest in the landmark outdoor media 'Signature Dosan' near Dosan Park, the indoor large platform 'Signature COEX' at Megabox COEX, and the core digital media 'Edge Column' and 'Big Bridge' at the COEX exhibition hall in Samseong-dong. released for 3 months. Through this digital exhibition, it is expected that you will be able to feel the deep emotion of the 'extra large photos' of the representative actors of Korea that could not be experienced on the special site more strongly.


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Part 2 of Lim Jinhan Class is up! 


She already knew she was going to do 39 then when she filmed this end of May. The drama will be filming end of August


She also talked about how she first learned golf. She first took 5 golf lessons in her 20s but she had found it boring at the time. So when she learned again 3 years ago, she didn't find it boring anymore. It's not easy to master golf. So it's challenging for her :) She also learned as a hobby as it's good to exercise and mingle with friends at same time.


Her character in 39 is also obsessed with golf 



The link to watch:


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official Spackman press release on Son Ye Jin's casting in 39


Son Ye-jin Of Spackman Media Group, An Associated Company Of Spackman Entertainment Group, To Star In JTBC's New Drama, 39

  • Son Ye-jin of Spackman Media Group, who starred in highly popular romance drama CRASH LANDING ON YOU (2020), to headline in JTBC's new drama, 39
  • Directed by Kim Sang-ho of RUN ON (2020) and written by Yoo Young-ah of ENCOUNTER (2018) & KIM JI YOUNG, BORN IN 1982, 39 will start filming in August 2021


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 30 June 2021 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that Son Ye-jin represented by MSteam Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("MSteam"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited ("Spackman Media Group"), is set to star in JTBC's new drama, 39. Son Ye-jin  is one of the flagship artists of Spackman Media Group.


Directed by Kim Sang-ho of RUN ON (2020) and written by Yoo Young-ah of ENCOUNTER (2018) & KIM JI YOUNG, BORN IN 1982, 39 will start filming in August 2021.


39 is a 12-episode drama about the romance and everyday lives of three friends who are on the verge of turning 40.


Previously, Son Ye-jin was selected as Valentino's muse and she was the face of Crocodile's woman apparel and Smart Communications Inc., a leading telecommunications service provider in the Philippines.


Son Ye-jin's latest tvN K-drama, CRASH LANDING ON YOU, achieved massive record-breaking viewership success in Korea and became a top hit in Japan, attaining #1 on Japan's Netflix for four months. The K-drama was one of the top 10 Most Watched Netflix Shows in the United States. Son Ye-jin was awarded the Hallyu Drama Best Actress Award at the 15th Seoul International Drama Awards for her role in CRASH LANDING ON YOU.


Her recent films include BE WITH YOU (2018), THE NEGOTIATION (2018) and THE LAST PRINCESS (2016)all of which were invested by the Group and/or Spackman Media Group. 


In 2018, Son Ye-jin's performance in BE WITH YOU, which broke the all-time first week box office historical record for romance film in Korea, clinched her the Best Actress Award at the Seoul Awards.  Son Ye-jin also received the Prime Minister's Commendations at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards and won the Best Actress for Hallyu Dramas at the 2018 Seoul International Drama Awards, underscoring her international status as an iconic Korean actress. 


Other than Son Ye-jin, MSteam also represents popular Korean actress Lee Min-jung, who won the Top Excellence Award for her role in ONCE AGAIN (2020), and rising Korean star Wi Ha-joon, who stars in upcoming webtoon film SHARK: THE BEGINNING and new Korean thriller film MIDNIGHT.


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2 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

Son Ye-jin of Spackman Media Group, who starred in highly popular romance drama CRASH LANDING ON YOU (2020), to headline in JTBC's new drama, 39

Yay! I've been waiting for this news ever since finishing CLOY about one year ago. Since then I've watched everything else she's been in at least once. Although for me the plot of 39 doesn't look as interesting as CLOY, Yejin always makes the shows come alive.

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On 6/30/2021 at 6:44 AM, Helena said:

She has had everything she could ask for. But she still feels an emptiness, and the three friends talk about their lives and empathize with each other. 


What kind of conflict interest could be in "Thirty, Nine"? I am looking forward that 



On 6/30/2021 at 6:41 AM, ElectricHearts said:

Kim Ji-young Born in 1982" and "Miracle in Cell No. 7"

 I like "Kim Ji Young, Born In 1982" (2019) and "Miracle in Cell No. 7"(2012) movie, the writer of these movies is Yoo Young-ah. 


I am also watching and like "my annoying brother" by Yoo Young-ah too. Every article about "Thirty, Nine" never mentions "my annoying brother" movie, so I don't know if she is the same person?

This movie hit the box office and has received many awards



On 7/1/2021 at 10:38 PM, ElectricHearts said:

will start filming in August 2021.

I hope to see you on small the screen soon  :approves:

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@puan iryantie she's the same writer. She also was script editor for The Tower - the movie SYJ is in. She worked on many other movies like Wedding Dress and As One too. You can find more on her Kofic filmography page: https://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/eng/films/index/peopleView2.jsp?peopleCd=20125804


Son Ye Jin made homemade sandwich and soy sauce chicken





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