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No I don't think Son Ye Jin will take any years off from work unless she is married and pregnant. Only when ex. pregnant and want to focus on family life would she actually take years off. She is so use to travelling and working. So right now, I am sure she is also restless too but now is getting more comfortable staying at home and realizing the difference it can be by not working and enjoying time with friends and family.


Right now, I think her mindset is to do one more project and then potentially focus more of the future family life but we shall see. Since covid can really change people's thoughts right now.


I don't think SHK took years off she was busy working on Chinese films. Similar with Ha Ji Won and Han Ji Min, they do work but aren't a cow like SYJ was. They tend to work on less projects each year. However, they work in some form by either doing CFs or fan meetings. Otherwise, they are also travelling too. 




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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

SYJ is legendary for her acting skills and  beauty...she has so many awards for her acting it's crazy. very well deserved too. HB is a man and most drama viewers are female so he's more popular I

On 11/23/2005 at 8:31 PM, Guest yellow roses said:

this is the translated interview regarding SYJ's part in the reunification of the North and South Korea.





SYJ is at an industrial park in North Korea filming a short clip “Reunification of North and South Korea” and is currently being interviewed by some reporters.



SYJ said that she hopes to contribute in the national reunification, even if it is only for a little bit.



On that day, SYJ told the reporters that because this was the first time she is filming inNorth Korea, she felt overwhelmingly touched.


Q: What kind of feelings do you have regarding this project?


A: In order to show the hope for reunification in this press conference, this point is extremely relevant and meaning. I hope that both South and North Korea will know that we wholeheartedly hope for a reunion and are willingly to put in our best effort.


A: Have you been to Pyongyang before?


A: Never before, and I also never interacted with North Koreans before, only when I occasionally see it on tv. That is why when I first thought of seeing North Korea, I was overwhelmed.


Q: it is heard that you are not being paid for this?


A: (laughs) Yes, not a cent. Because this is a very meaningful thing, much more compared to previous films so I will do my best. Thus I happily receive all suggestions.



Q: How much do you understand about this industrial park?


A: I know this park allows South and North Koreans to work and cooperate together hand in hand and this makes me feel ecstatic.


Q: What hopes do you have for North Korea?


A: For every Korean to have a want for reunification. Normally I don’t feel so deeply towards this issue but after the filming my perceptions start to change. I wish our country will reunite as one and if this small clip can help in any way, which will be great. So I have a extremely optimistic attitude while working on this project.





okay, she's a great actress and mature, honest person for her age AND cares about national matters...


i'll not be surprised if she becomes a household name in korea! emoticons/default_smile.png.1a17920c0f0ac6da5e6bf86100ef353d.png

This interview from 15 years ago....YeJin so mature and Cloy seems like fate.

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I have been following Son Ye Jin for decades and she would have an average of 5-6 endorsements + print ads pictorials along with 1-2 movies per year and 1 drama (every two years except in 2013-2018 when she focused more on making movies) and she never had to take sometime off. Hence, the nickname So Ye Jin.


Song Hye Kyo did not take 3 years off either, those years she was not visible in Korean cinema/ tv, she took advantage of her popularity in China and tried her luck in big screen there doing supporting roles in big Chinese/ HK movies because she hasn't been very successful in Chungmoro. Perhaps, she did not want to be stereotyped in drama only.

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On 10/23/2020 at 4:17 AM, welh11 said:

@ElectricHearts I read this week that Worthington is going to start filming his new project, a western. Hawke was reportedly finishing a film, but he has committed to direct a Paul Newman documentary and to produce/direct an film adaptation of a Tennessee William's play. No mention of The Cross in either press release as a future project. So it may be wishful thinking or  hype to attach bankable stars to the project.


We mused that Niccol was in SK looking for Korean investors. Maybe he was thinking SYJ would invest in her own film. Alas, she did the smart (less risky) thing and instead bought a commercial building.

Many producers queue to invest in Son Ye Jin films and dramas (She's been awarded the producers choice in 2014 and chosen as no. 1 actress  by  top Korea's movie promoters/ producers  as the actress whose projects the latter can confidently put their investment in. The actress with the strongest ticketing power in 2017). Niccol does not have to trick Son Ye Jin to make her invest in her own film because a lot of producers are willing to invest in her projects  anyway, especially now that her popularity has soared even higher not only in Asia but in the whole world because of Netflix and other worldwide streaming services. In fact, she has declined many projects.  Son Ye Jin only invested directly in one of her films, The Last Princess (not because no investor would invest but because the production cost rose unexpectedly). It was initially funded by some investors but the film production cost rose than the estimated budget hence SYJ offered her own personal money in the middle of filming to avoid delay and give the production staff a better working condition.  The budget for the film Cross has been set years ago, it's the script that kept changing. Why would you say that it would be a wishful thinking or hype to attach bankable stars to the film Cross when Orlando Bloom and Olga Kurylenko (James Bond's Girl/ Quantum of Solace) already agreed to do the film years ago? Son Ye Jin investing in real estate has nothing to do with her movie The Cross... she's had invested in real estate and there's nothing new to that. And I don't think the money she invested in real estate is her only money (in case she chooses to invest in other things as well).

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SMART cakes to Jane 






Son Ye Jin on Preview Magazine


International Celebrity Son Ye Jin Has Stayed Simple and Authentic Throughout Her Career



No true blue K-drama fan is unfamiliar with the work of Son Ye Jin. Her 20-year career has blessed our screens with TV and movie gems like The Classic, Summer Scent, Something in the Rain, and international hit Crash Landing On You. Not only is she a talented actor as evidenced by her many awards, but she’s also one of our favorite Korean style icons.


Photo courtesy of Smart Signature

Son Ye Jin, the A-List Actress

Ye Jin made her debut as an actress when she was just 18 in a movie titled Secret Tears that was released in the year 2000. From then on, she tirelessly jumped from project to project, making the most of every opportunity that came her way.

It’s this eagerness and drive to excel that led her colleagues to tease her for working as hard as a farm animal. During a panel interview at the 2016 Busan International Film Festival, she shared that colleagues would tease and call her “So Ye Jin,” “so” meaning cow in Korean. But this only flattered the actress who prizes professionalism and hard work above all.

Ye Jin quickly earned a reputation for playing lead roles in romance-dramas. But not one to be type casted, she took on diverse roles that veered away from her established image. Those who’ve seen her in The Art of Seduction, Open City, and My Wife Got Married can attest to the actress’ range and flexibility.

It was her work for the latter that ultimately led Ye Jin to win her first Blue Dragon Film Best Leading Actress award. Of course, she would go on to bag numerous acting awards from other prestigious organizations, such as the Baeksang Arts Awards and Grand Bell Awards, not to mention awards she had received for popularity and style.


Photo courtesy of Smart Signature

But even Ye Jin could not have foreseen the global fame that came when she crash-landed on our screens as Yoon Se Ri in Crash Landing On You. Addressing her fans in an interview, she shared, “I’m so amazed and grateful that Crash Landing On You has created a lot of international fans. Your support gives me so much strength, and I’m always grateful. Thank you for sending me so many letters, flowers, cakes, gifts, and many more. I will surely repay you with another good project!”

The Superstar is All of Us

It’s hard to imagine how someone who has top-billed so many dramas and films, as well as graced magazine covers could manage to stay down-to-earth, but it’s surprisingly the case with Ye Jin. When asked how she keeps herself grounded, the actress says she doesn’t even consider herself a global star. “There’s really nothing special about me. In front of the camera, I’m always in character with the given role so I tend to stick to it. But behind the camera, I think I’m just ordinary.”

Away from the spotlight as filming schedules have been pushed back because of the global pandemic, the Hallyu star shares that she’s been spending more time at home. Unable to travel and see her friends, she says the one thing she’s realized about herself during this time is how much she misses being on the road. “I now see how frustrated I feel when I can’t go anywhere to travel. I miss friends living abroad the most.”


Photo courtesy of Smart Signature

Given the situation, Ye Jin is enjoying her downtime at home binge-watching her favorite shows. The Korean celebrity perfectly captured our collective quarantine mood when she said, “All I need is a sofa and a TV on my day off. And also my smartphone.”

Did the pandemic change her digital routine? She admits that she has been spending much more time on her phone. The actress claims that she uses her camera app a lot and that she relies on her connection to listen to music and study English.

A Smart Match

It is this humility in light of her many accomplishments that caught the particular attention of Smart Communications President and CEO Alfred Panlilio, who thought her image fitting for the telecom giant’s new campaign. “She’s composed, very empowered, confident, and at the same time, she’s also very simple and genuine. The brand promise of ‘Simple. Smart ako.’ fits her very well,” says Panlilio, who’s had the chance to meet and chat with the actress via Zoom.

A few months after Smart launched its ‘Simple, Smart Ako’ campaign in May featuring her CLOY leading man, we saw Ye Jin join the Smart family as the new ambassador for Smart Signature. And as Smart Signature is the telecom’s postpaid plan designed to help go-getters like Ye Jin achieve their goals, it couldn’t have been a better match.



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On 10/27/2020 at 3:40 PM, Cala Taksin said:

This interview from 15 years ago....YeJin so mature and Cloy seems like fate.

Oh thank you! I've been wanting to read this since I knew that she participated in this project. Is the clip of her at the NK location available anywhere? What a big deal and how meaningful for her to have been asked by govt to participate at her young age then.  Unfortunately, I think that NK/SK factory has been bombed this year.   For anyone who does visit SK, I do recommend the US tour to go to the DMZ, and not just for CLOY reasons. 


I really hope SYJ can capitalise on her wave of popularity, acclaim and interest from CLOY not just with endorsements, but with a fantastic high quality next project, but covid does factor in a lot of uncertainty.  If not for covid, maybe she would have confirmed her next project by now.  I feel SYJ still feels there is a lot more she wants to accomplish as an actor, she's still hungry and ambitious for more great roles, so I hope CLOY can be a springboard to that.  I hope she can have a film project in the near future that takes her career to new heights like CLOY/SITR did in terms of her drama work, where everything just comes together both in terms of critical and popular reaction.  I would love for her to have a film that is the calibre of Parasite on her film resume and film work where she can play a fully realised character like Yoon Seri. 


A miniseries or anthology type show or even a film released on netflix might not be a bad choice in covid times.  It seemed CLOY filming really exhausted SYJ so maybe a 6 episode type show (are they common in SK?) would be a good fit, though I'm sure she'll do another traditional length drama like CLOY in time. 


I had hoped for more media articles and in depth interviews of her discussing CLOY given CLOY's popularity but it seems just mostly Filipino media/endorsement related articles?  

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2 hours ago, puan iryantie said:

agree with you

she is smart to choice her next project safely


Anyone knows how was cinema in SK during covid?


I read on here that people have been attending. There are also drive in screenings but shortly after the film gets released it is decided to be distributed and shown online ex. Netflix. So a lot of films that have been released are also considering to be shown online for international audiences. Otherwise, releases have been pushed as well but not by that much a month or 2. Anyone who had taken on earlier projects in the year to be filmed before summer - those projects are either indefinitely postpone or filmed a few weeks later - so who knows if some of those projects that were postponed or dropped will be happening in new year. If they are, it could also be an entirely different cast due to those actors having picked up new work. 


Crash Landing On You won in the VOD category at the Cable Broadcast Awards:



In addition, 'The Cross of North Gando ( CBS TV )' and 'Beyond Confrontation (Arirang International Broadcasting)' for the liberal arts/document awards ,'The Choir (Daegyo Children's TV )' for children , and the music awards for ')','Gyeongsul Gukchi, About Shame ( TBS )' as the target, 'Welcome, this is the first time in Korea ( MBC Every1)' for the global award , and'Crash Landing on Love ( tvN )' for the VOD category . 




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Majority of films in SoKor are based on Netflix etc , due to the pandemic the cinema is suffering. But she is been non stop working with 2 projects on a year , I feel the fact CLOY was a big success , the pandemic etc contributed to her getting some time off and recharging . She is doing a lot of endorsements as well . She has a big Hollywood ambitious project coming so she is been extra careful not to wore herself down prior to it . 



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South Korea was the #4 market for movie theater releases.


In 2019, 909 movie releases grossed $11.36 billion (US).


In 2020, 382 movie releases grossed $1.9 billion (US).


South Korea is on pace to have less than 45 percent of normal number of movie releases

and less than 20 percent of normal box office sales due to the pandemic.

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finally the official announcement

Chong Kun Dang Health selects actor Son Ye-jin as a model for microbiome-based skin lactic acid bacteria'lactobiome skin'

0000712109_001_20201104141903913.jpg?type=w430Original view

[Sports Seoul Reporter Kim Soo] Chong Kun Dang Health's premium skin lactic acid bacteria brand'Lactobacillus' based on intestinal microbiome announced that actor Son Ye-jin was selected as a model.

CKD Lactobacillus biome brand health is the newly launched the 'meaning of lactic acid bacteria LACTO' and 'intestinal micro biome BIOME' is a premium high functional probiotics brand finished with a combination of a compound word, intestinal micro biome technology of CKD health.

Along with this,'Lactobiome Skin', which was introduced as the first line by Lactobam, is a product that has acquired the most five-fold functions in Korea such as skin moisturizing, skin health, and bowel health by containing HY 7714, the only skin beauty functional probiotic in Korea recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. .

Actor Son Ye-jin is a premium high school that aims for'basic health care starting from the field' as LactoBiome's'basic health care starting from the field' as actor Son Ye-jin maintains a long shiny beauty and healthy skin with perfect self-management, and is loved as a representative'premium' actor in Korea through constant work activities. It is explained that the image of functional lactobacillus and Son Ye-jin's healthy and luxurious image were well harmonized, and he was selected as a model.

Accordingly, Lactobiome is currently raising expectations by releasing an interview video of Son Ye-jin's advertisement shooting site, and plans to increase the awareness of the Lactobiome brand through various activities by starting full-scale modeling activities from November.

An official from Lactobam explained, "We expect that the actor Son Ye-jin, who has been loved by the public for a long time with his brilliant beauty and acting skills, completed through constant self-management, and Lactobiome, a premium high-functional probiotic brand, will produce synergies." On the other hand, on November 1, the first launching broadcast of CJ O Shopping , Lactobiome Skin sold out for 6 months and successfully launched. The second broadcast of Lactobiome Skin is scheduled to be broadcast at 7:35 pm on Friday, November 13 at NS Home Shopping.




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7 Cinderellas reunion (well on instagram that is lol) The met up for lunch yesterday.


Lee Jung-hyun, Son Ye-jin, Gong Hyo-jin, and Oh Yoon-ah invited'Extra Meal'.. Lee Min-jung "It was awesome Hyun~~~" 



0004304776_001_20201106181647946.png?type=w430Original view

[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] Actor Lee Jung-hyun showed off his golden-handed housewife's cooking skills. In particular, the face of the guests invited to the dinner is gorgeous.

On the 6th, Lee Jung-hyun posted a post on his Instagram on the 6th, saying, "Happy dinner with them after a long time.. Again... there is no photo to eat... Thank you for eating deliciously."

At the same time, they mentioned the accounts of actors Lee Min-jung, Gong Hyo-jin, Son Ye-jin, Umji Won, and Oh Yoon-ah, and they were invited to attract fans' attention.

In the released photo, Lee Jung-hyun is wearing an apron and exuding a graceful beauty while preparing a meal on the table. A neat and splendid dinner with various vegetables, beef, broth, fruit, and champagne. The plating skill is also excellent.

The faces of the invited actors did not appear, and only arms and hands were exposed, adding to curiosity. There are also reactions such as "Please release only one picture".

0004304776_002_20201106181648025.jpg?type=w430Original view

In addition, celebrities' admiration comments followed. Actor Bang Eun-jin said, "Oh, it's great," Lee Min-jung, who was a guest, said, "It was awesome. Hyun~~~", expressing satisfaction.

Noh Hee-young, a big hand in the restaurant industry, sent a thumbs up, saying, "It's cool, and Jung-hyun," Lee replied, "I'll invite you soon."

Designer Yoni P wrote "Wa setting visual" and also wore a thumb emoticon. 

On the other hand, Lee Jung-hyun, after having a wedding with an orthopedic surgeon in a university hospital who is three years younger than 3 years old in April, has appeared in movies and entertainment programs and is actively engaged in activities. He met audiences by appearing in the movies'Pinando' and'Night of Immortal Humans', and the movie'Limit' is about to be released.

0004304776_003_20201106181648054.jpg?type=w430Original view

In particular, Lee Jung-hyun appeared on KBS 2TV's entertainment show'New Release Edition' and showed off his unique food skills. "I remember the food I ate deliciously while eating out, and then make sure to make it my own style at home," said Lee Jung-hyun.



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with english subtitles: 



2020 Apan Awards - currently CLOY nominated for Best Drama and she is also on the list of names for the grand prize




Son Ye Jin is featured in Elle Korea December edition. Her name is on the cover



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Son Ye-jin "Twenty Years of Debut, Pride That Passion Has Not Stopped" (pictorial)
[Daily Economy Star Today Intern Reporter Kim Bo-mi] The

December issue of'Elle' was released, featuring the charming appearance of Son Ye-jin, a pronoun of elegance.

Actor Son Ye-jin, who once again fascinated fans not only in Korea but also overseas with his extreme acting skills in this year's hottest drama'Crash Landing on Love'. In this pictorial with'Bride&U', she showed her elegant beauty by digesting simple yet classic mood outfits. Son Ye-jin was selected as the first muse of BRIDE&U on its 10th anniversary.

Son Ye-jin has always transformed into the best actor for over 20 years. In an interview that was held together, he said, “Even if I accidentally took a break while waiting for a work, I seldom took a break on purpose. It's also the part where I am proud of myself. The fact that I can consistently show off my work, and that my passion did not stop myself. I was tired from moment to moment and there was a slump, but fortunately I was able to overcome it through the work."

I could also confirm the rumors about overseas expansion that I heard continuously. Son Ye-jin, who is discussing appearance in the Hollywood movie'Cross,' said, “In fact, I had no special greed before that. I was too much to do Korean works, but I was afraid that I could be good at acting in foreign languages.”

“But now, I think when can I take this challenge? If a good opportunity is given to me, I would like to try hard and willingly. While bumping into it, I have an expectation that I will get a lot of things.” She expressed her excitement for a new challenge.

More pictorials and interviews of actor Son Ye-jin can be found in the December issue of'Elle' and'Elle' website. Photo courtesy of





photoshoot video on Elle Korea/BAU by Bride and You



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