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Interesting discussion re Cross. 


I read on twitter that the director came to meet with SYJ even before CLOY and wanted to cast her in The Cross.  Where did that info come from? Is it verified? How did he know of SYJ? Did he talk of why he wanted to film in Korea with a Korean actress in a presumably US-Korean co-production?  Is the script for The Cross completed?  Has the director talked in more detail about his idea for this film anywhere other than the few lines of synopsis I came across?  I did like Andrew Niccol's films like Gattaca and The Truman Show and he has an eye for interesting stories in the scifi dystopian genre so the idea of SYJ being in a film of his is intriguing, provided it actually happens. 


And I don't think SYJ has done a film in this genre before?  I am guessing the genre/story, the director, a character that is not simply a typical girlfriend/wife of male lead or stereotypical Asian character and of course the challenge of working in an English language production with a HW director and Western actors are reasons why SYJ is interested in this project. 


I agree that it sounds like the director is hoping for some Korean investors to come on board.  It seems like he's made more than one trip to South Korea for this film so he's trying to make it happen.  With covid impacting film releases, I imagine it's not so easy finding film investors these days.  Not sure even with SYJ agreeing to be in it is enough for Korean investors to get involved in this uncertain climate, especially as this kind of film looks like it would require a big budget.  Hard to happen without a major American or Korean studio backing?  Though I guess if they plan to film next year, it'll probably be around another year before it's ready for release. 


Does anyone know if the Parasite actor who was going to play the guard actually has another project lined up or it was just a polite excuse to decline?  And the news about Ethan Hawke being involved as well, did that come from a reliable source? 



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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

SYJ is legendary for her acting skills and  beauty...she has so many awards for her acting it's crazy. very well deserved too. HB is a man and most drama viewers are female so he's more popular I

@Seriya the mention of Andrew sending a love call to SYJ was mentioned in July when she was first in talks to star in the movie. He had visited Korea and was thinking of filming there. That was why the script had changed. Otherwise, Andrew was originally planning on filming the project in 2009. That was the last casting of the movie when Orlando Bloom was one of the actors attached to star in the movie. I guess it didn't work out and Andrew was busy on other projects ex. The Host etc that he had done later. So he didn't think much of the film till maybe last year or whenever he had time to develop the script more. I assume when he went to Korea and sent Jinnie a love call was when he had changed the script and the idea he originally had on the movie back then. That is why no news or update on casting with Sam or Ethan in Hollywood news on the movie is a bit confusing due to the old casting news in regards to that movie. Both Sam and Ethan seem to be busy now too filming (in regards to latest Hollywood news articles on their latest movies) - LSG is apparently filming a project right now which is why he is busy  and potentially didn't want to risk any delays on his current project. So he decided not to do the Cross. It is unclear whether that was his reason or if he has another project lined up that no one knows about yet. Ethan was mentioned in the latest update in regards to Andrew and team having arrived in Korea. Otherwise, Ethan's name was only in that article. So it is unclear what role he has or if they just put his name into it as Ethan had worked with Andrew in the past too - Good Kill (2014) / January Jones was in that movie - turns out she is a big fan of CLOY having recently watched. Also there was some confusion it seemed like Ethan was going to replace Sam or Sam is still attached. Not sure if it was lost in translation in some of the articles. 


Andrew may have watched some of her films or projects before CLOY premiered. Not sure. I know Philip Ivy who is part of his team did JDG's The Warriors Way. It also premiered at Busan International Film Festival in October 2010. Jinnie had attended PIFF back then. I am not sure if Phillip had also been to Korea that time for the film's premiere in Korea too but if anything I assume that could be another way they became known of her. I mean regardless I knew of Jinnie in A Moment to Remember and Classic. The Negotiation was also shown in America too and I think The Pirates? Sadly, since I was not that too big on action back then I only knew of Jinnie in A Moment to Remember and Classic.


It is unclear what kind of genre this movie will end up being. The team has done a lot of action /so it would be visually action like I assume in regards to the border related scenes. Andrew has also had strong female characters in the past too. Not sure if the genre is going to be similar in terms of filming like The Last Princess or something different. The Host, In Time and Anon were action/thriller. I haven't watched Good Kill yet.



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@ElectricHearts Your last post is a good summary of the status of The Cross. Worthington announced a new project after filming his current one. Hawke is finishing up his cable series. Neither of their agencies mention The Cross. It may be creative writing (taking tidbits of past information by a reporter to create a story) or mediaplay to attach recognizable names to a project. I have no doubt that SYJ may be curious about doing an English/Hollywood production but she is very detailed on how she picks her projects. She also has friends, such as MJ's husband, who can give her advice/pitfalls of working with foreign/Hollywood directors/companies.


@puan iryantie I read The Cross would take five months to shoot. That is about 60% longer than an average film shoot. The reason is that it is going to be shot 100% on location. Such a shoot may be difficult with weather and logistics. Based on the plot summary, SYJ as MFL would be on set for a majority of the filming.

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@ElectricHeartsThanks for all your info re Cross.  I was just curious where the info about Andrew Niccol seeking out SYJ came from so I could determine how reliable it was.  He probably has presented the proposed project in some detail to her, if not a completed script, for her to be interested to the point of her agency sending out positive signals of her potential involvement in it.  But it sure seems a lot is still up in the air at this point before there can be full confirmation that filming really will happen and who her costars will be.  Just wondering where the info that Sam Worthington/Ethan Hawke would be involved came from, directly from Niccol or just wishful thinking in puff pieces from the internet.


I don't think Cross would be like The Last Princess though, in genre or filming style, not sure what you mean? Scale?


Watched 2 more of SYJ's films. Pirates & My Wife Got Married.  I do appreciate the versatility in her filmography.


I did enjoy SYJ in the role of a female pirate, in an action role, and hope its not the last action role she takes on considering how fit she is.  But I would have liked the movie even more if her character got more development as the female lead, and if she had more scenes with the male lead.  Their repartee was fun and a strong element of the movie that should have been expanded on.  Their stranded together scenes were great but too little, too late in the movie imo.  Great chemistry again there between costars and I'm just amazed at how SYJ generates great chemistry consistently with her onscreen partners even though they appear to be vastly different actors and physically very different as well.  Good script and/or she has a knack for picking out strong actors as costars?  Flashback to her joke at The Negotiation's press conference where she was asked about being a chemie master and she joked that people always want her to be lovers with her costars after watching her works but it's tough being the lover of everybody lol.  And then there was a joke about the worries of HB being a lover growing even though he played her enemy in TN hehe.


After Pirates, I am now curious to watch SYJ's other project with KNG, Shark.  It wasn't a big hit though, right? Why? Weak script?  Pirates showed that both are talented actors with good chemistry.


As for MWGM, I was keen to watch it as SYJ got so many awards for her role in it.  First off, I like that SYJ wasn't afraid to pick a project like MWGM playing a possibly unlikable, unconventional female character.  MWGM had an interesting premise to explore; unfortunately, I felt the movie fell short in that respect.  And for a movie that revolved around a female character's unconventional choices, I was surprised to see the entire movie was from the husband's pov basically and offered less insight and focus on the female character and her motivations by comparison, which was a real lost opportunity to examine more deeply things from the female/unconventional pov on love and marriage.  And tonally, the movie didn't seem to be able to decide what it wanted to be.  Light comedy? But it was hard to find the laughs as the story evolved given the emotional cost on all the characters.   I did like the soccer analogies and on a shallow note, MWGM showed me that SYJ could play a more sensual character well.  And I liked her nerdier look too. 


Sad that her MWGM costar passed away in an accident, but kudos to both actors for portraying a completely different dynamic and characters in MWGM and TTB.






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@Seriya I was talking about filming style.. Since a lot of Andrew Niccol's movies are a mix or action or thriller/suspense. The movie involves the border in some form.. About crossing the border and SYJ's character is a mother with a son whose husband has passed away. It's unclear if the husband passed away because he was a soldier/trying to cross the border or something else lol.. Not sure what changes were made to make Korea and border important for his new script. I think it might still be in a dystopian world. In The Last Princess, she was trying to go back home but couldn't get back to Korea - denied reentry back into her own country. So that is why I brought up The Last Princess as a similarity to this project potentially. Large scale I was talking about production value if there were a lot of action scenes related to Sam's character or whoever the american lead actor ends up being lol. That will mean the budget for filming the movie needs to be more. So they would need more funding/investors. 

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@ElectricHearts I read this week that Worthington is going to start filming his new project, a western. Hawke was reportedly finishing a film, but he has committed to direct a Paul Newman documentary and to produce/direct an film adaptation of a Tennessee William's play. No mention of The Cross in either press release as a future project. So it may be wishful thinking or  hype to attach bankable stars to the project.


We mused that Niccol was in SK looking for Korean investors. Maybe he was thinking SYJ would invest in her own film. Alas, she did the smart (less risky) thing and instead bought a commercial building.

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I see.  I see TLP as a historical epic/biography kind of movie whereas I feel The Cross is something completely different, tonally, visually, shooting style etc.  The Cross sounds dark and dystopian, possibly futuristic, in a world we may not even recognise much, though obviously the border/wall will resonate with the NK/SK situation and the migrant/inequality crisis globally.  It may not necessarily contain a lot of action scenes though this kind of film will have to create a sense of a different world, different society that will require some budget.  Niccol seems to be a director who's more interested in examining socio-economic and political and futurism issues through more deliberate drama than big action set pieces.  But who knows, since we still know very little about The Cross.  An action movie may be a bigger draw at the box office, but you need the budget for that.  Some of the very best works in the scifi dystopian genre don't have much action in them, and I prefer it when action doesn't overwhelm the story or the characters.



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So many updates:


Bride and You is excited about Son Ye Jin being their first model they posted on it on both of their accounts :)




update on vanav account but not new pics:




Jennyhouse also made a donation:


Jenny House, donated 2,000'hand protector senitizers' to cosmetic Gangnam-gu public health center



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Her latest endorsement she filmed earlier in the month. It is for their new product Lacto Biome



Her agency website is getting an upgrade



Naver article talking about CLOY popularity again. This time mention again on January Jones wearing Yoon Seri coat


0000269080_003_20201024080103521.jpg?type=w430Original view

▲ January Jones (right) who lived after Yoon Se-ri's court. Source| January Jones InstagramSon Ye-jin, who showed a splendid fashion as a chaebol heiress character, captured the heart of a Hollywood actor. January Jones, famous for'Love Actually','X-Men: First Class', and'Mad Man', boasted that Bottega bought a Veneta coat following Yoon Se-ri's Son Ye-jin. January Jones recently released a picture of himself and Son Ye-jin wearing the same coat on his Instagram, saying, "I love Yoon Se-ri and Lee Jung-hyuk." He also posted a poster picture of'Crash Landing in Love' saying, "I've never been in love like this."


More in the article:


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APAN Star Awards Popularity vote information:


BTS, Kang Daniel → Hyunbin, Son Yejin, announce nominees for'Popularity Award' at the 2020 APAN Award

'2020 APAN AWARDS', which is regarded as the most prestigious awards ceremony by pop culture officials, announced the start of the all-time awards ceremony by unveiling a teaser poster and announcing the nominations for the Popularity Awards selected through popular voting.


'2020 APAN AWARDS', held on November 28th and 29th, is hosted and hosted by the Korea Entertainment Management Association in the form of untact and is broadcast live in over 200 countries around the world.


What attracts attention is the music awards ceremony'APAN Music AWARDS', which was established from this year. 'APAN STAR AWARDS', which started in 2012 as the first and only integrated drama awards ceremony in Korea for full-length and cable broadcasting, including terrestrial broadcasts, opened the music awards section, and K-Culture, which encompasses all popular culture such as drama and K-POP. It was possible to meet the protagonists in one place, and it was reborn as an awards ceremony dealing with all-round entertainment.


Previous grand prize winners were Sohn Hyun-ju (1 time), Song Hye-kyo (2 times), Jo In-seong (3 times), Kim Soo-hyun (4 times), and Song Joong-ki (5 times), and the 6th Grand Prize was won by Lee Byung-hun. I was honored with the award. '2020 APAN AWARDS', announcing a new start, announced the popularity award nominees with the release of a teaser poster set in an intense purple background on the 26th.


From October 27 to November 27, popularity is voted through the Idol Champ mobile app, and the popularity award winners are determined through 100% popularity vote excluding judges scores. The popularity awards of'MUSIC AWARDS' are held in 10 categories in total: Korean men and women solo, domestic men and women group, global men and women solo, global men and women group, and men and women entertainer awards.




Freshly Seven, rivers Daniel Bulletin, New East, more Boise, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Monster X, Jay Park, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Black, Pink, biwayi, stern, Seventeen, Super M, stray kids, IU, eyes circles (women ) Children, Girlfriend, Young Tak, Oh My Girl, Space Girl, Lim Young-woong, Lee Lee, Jang Min-ho, Jang Yoon-jung, Jeong Seung-hwan, Jesse, Cheongha, Taeyeon, Twice, Paul Kim, Ha Sungwoon, Hwasa, Haze, Wheein, ITZY (I have), NCT , SF9, and other top idol groups in Korea and popular solo artists were nominated.


In the actor category, the winner is determined through a popular vote, and the voting is divided into three categories: the male and female popularity award and the OST award. Kang Haeul, Go Ara, Kim Go Eun, Kim Dami, Kim Min Jae, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Hee Ae, Nam Gung Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, Moon Chae Won, Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, Park So Dam, Park Eun Bin, Park Min Young, Bae Bae Ji, Seo Kang Joon, Seo Ye Ji, Seol Hyun, Son Ye Jin, Youn Seok, Lee Min Ho, Dong Wook Lee , Lee Seong-gyeong, Lee Min-jung, Lee Seung-gi, Lee Jun-ki, Ki-Yong Ki, Jang Dong-yoon, Jeon Mi-do, Jeong Hae-in, Jo Bo-a, Jo Jung-seok, Ji Chang-wook, Joo-won, and Hyun-bin.


'APAN MUSIC AWARDS', which awards a total of 32 categories, including 10 teams of K-POP's top-notch artists who shined this year, Rookie Award, Album Award, and Popularity Award. In'APAN STAR AWARDS', which awards the aired drama, a high interest is gathering about who will be the main character of the topic that swept the Korean music industry and home theater. This year, awards will be awarded in a total of 27 categories by expanding the grand prize to the web/short drama category.



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By my unofficial count, in 2020 SYJ has had 12 CFs (endorsements). It is an extremely high number of deals which shows how popular she has become in the marketing industry. It also means that her income has surged this year which makes it less likely that she needs to quickly decide on her next film/TV project. I recall that Song Hye-Kyo took off about three years because she had so many endorsements (especially in China). My prediction is that SYJ will wait until the pandemic is under control before committing to her next project.

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