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On 3/10/2020 at 6:59 AM, thi2018 said:

This is the interview for the movie "The Tower" with actors Sol Kyun Gu (one of her besties husband), and Kim Sang Kyun. 


She and Sol Kyung-gu went way back, they were cast in a huge production in 2006. 

He’s one of Korean cinema’s greatest actors of all-time, he was best known in Lee Chang-dong’s “peppermint candy” & “Oasis”, ‘Silmido’ (Korea’s 1st movie to sell more than 10 million tickets), “Public Enemy”, etc...

 [during that era, Choi Min-shik (Old Boy), Sol Kyung-gu, and Han Seok-kyu were considered the 3 best actors of Korea. I remember CMS & SKG, not exactly sure if HSK was the other name..think so though.]


Seol Kyung-Gu Moving To Television in Agent Zero!

[Twitch / August 22, 2006]  Seol Kyung-Gu (first TV Drama appearance) and Son Ye-Jin have just signed for a 15 Billion Won CSI-style police procedural TV Drama called 'Agent Zero'. Season based (first 24 Eps should be aired in early 2007), written by Kim Hee-Jae of Silmido, Holiday etc. in partnership with some of the writing/adaptation team of City of Violence and the writer who helped Park Chan-Wook write Oldboy (they do a couple eps a piece, American style). Other parts will be shot in Tokyo and other Asian countries so probably a pretty global project. Producers are Yellow Film of Alone in Love.



After preparing for quite some time, it ended up not being made (common in tv/film industry). [i don’t remember the exact details anymore]. They became friends; he appeared in a documentary about SYJ back then.  When he did 2009 movie ‘Haeundae’, he and the cast hung out; he contacted her to come and join them. (I read about this in her interview)


For “The Tower’ (2012), Sol Kyung-gu said that it took a lot of efforts to get Ye-Jin to join the cast. In order to get her to appear in the film, SKG and director Kim Ji-hoon had to do all sorts of tricks. After eating with her for the 1st time, they took the representatives to go for the 2nd time. She was filming “Spellbound” at that time, director Kim went to that set almost every day to invite her to eat. When she’s in Seoul, both SKG and director Kim invited her.  Overall, being able to have her to appear in this film was really not easy (he said).



[Ye-Jin mentioned in interviews that she chose her projects based on (1) the script and (2) character, director & cast come later. That’s why she worked with many 1st time directors; considered one of the very few actresses in Chungmuro with box office drawing power, many famous directors tried casting her in their productions but couldn’t]


2017 Grand Bell Film Awards: Ye-Jin presented Best Actor to Sol Kyung-gu for ‘The Merciless’.  He won all sorts of acting awards over the years.





She’s very in-demand; she’s one of the very few actresses in Chungmuro with drawing power.  Even before CLOY, she had more than 10 scripts to review and choose from.  She needs time to pick projects, there is no need to worry.  :)

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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

SYJ is legendary for her acting skills and  beauty...she has so many awards for her acting it's crazy. very well deserved too. HB is a man and most drama viewers are female so he's more popular I

Koreans Vote For Stars They Want To Gift Candy On White Day



A new survey has revealed which celebrities people most want to gift with candy on White Day this year!


In Korea, many people celebrate Valentine’s Day as a holiday on which females traditionally give males chocolate as gifts. On White Day, which takes place each year on March 14, males respond by giving females gifts of their own.


From February 12 to March 11, online academy Seven Edu conducted a poll that asked participants to choose “the star you want to gift with candy on White Day.”


“Crash Landing on You” star Son Ye Jin came in second with 20.7 percent.



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heres son ye jin with seol kyung gu and yoona who also played song yoon ah (seol kyung gu wife) daughter in drama.




eundong actor jung sang literaly can be ye jin son if shes married at 20's and have kids :D,hes only 18 years old this year lol.

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That’s one of her interviews from March 2018 (during Be With You promotions), there’s a similar one here:




Top actress calls #MeToo 'good pain'


By Park Si-soo | March 18, 2018 

#MeToo is all the rage in Korea. Hardly a day has passed in recent weeks without fresh accusations. And the film industry is at the core of the storm.

Multiple award-winning actors and directors, including Kim Ki-duk and Cho Jae-hyun, have crashed from grace with some awaiting investigation over alleged sexual misconduct. The shocking suicide of veteran actor Jo Min-ki, accused of molesting his students, was its culmination, at least so far. 


A recent survey hinted that there are many more victims under the surface ― 62 percent of 749 actresses, female writers and staff members said they experienced unwanted physical contact from male colleagues.

How far #MeToo will go? And what kind of changes will it bring? 

Asked about the issue, popular actress Son Ye-jin did not answer immediately. She paused with her head down and right hand holding her chin. After several seconds, she spoke in a low and serious tone. It was a striking departure from the vivaciousness she showed when greeting this reporter for a recent interview at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Seoul. 

"It would be a good pain for our society," Son said. "I hope this campaign will change the outdated male-centered perspective about women once and for all...and also bring down all the practices harmful to women." 

She said she admired any women who spoke out about their humiliating past at the risk of revealing their identities.

"I would like to give a big hand to their braveness," the actress said.

I felt tempted to go deeper with follow-up questions exploring her first-hand experiences as a victim, if any, or that of her female colleagues, but I held back because such a question could be offensive. 

So the following question could not ― again ― be straightforward: "What is the legacy of male-centered culture in the movie industry?" 

Son pointed out a typical cinematic storyline in which a man fights against all odds to achieve a goal while his female partner is left helpless waiting for his help. 

"That's a typical frame in action flicks," she complained. "Why is it so difficult to have films seeing the world from women's perspective like 'Thelma and Louise'?" 

Research in 2016 took issue with what she called the "unfair" frame, arguing that it only enhanced the social bias against women. But little has been done to change the situation. 

It was not easy to ask a question that could elicit a headline-grabbing reply, while avoiding possible criticism for being too straightforward. The actress also seemed uncomfortable with being asked about issues that had nothing to do with her new film, for which the interview was arranged.

'Be With You' 

Son's new film "Be With You" has had robust ticket box sales since being released on Mar. 14. The romance drew nearly 610,000 viewers in four days, topping the domestic box office. At the current pace, reaching the breakeven point of 2 million viewers is considered a matter of time.

The film is a remake of a 2004 Japanese film of the same title, about a woman who dies and leaves behind her son and husband. She then returns a year later, putting her fate as a spirit on the line for the sake of her earthly family. Son plays the mother and So Ji-sub her husband. 

"Be With You" will be released in Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore next month.

She has built her fame on romance films ― "A Moment to Remember" (2004), "The Classic" (2003) and "Lover's Concerto" (2002). And the new film seems unlikely to be much different. 

Asked about her nickname "Queen of melodrama," she said, "It's not so much that I wanted to sustain my nickname 'Melodrama Queen,' as that the genre has always been something that I wanted to do.

"As a cinemagoer, I missed the beautiful images and music, and as an actor, I've been thirsty for such roles."

Son is 37, so it was natural to ask about her romantic interests.

She said she did not have a boyfriend. Asked why she was not dating and did not have any romantic scandals, she jokingly replied, "It's simply because I'm bad at dating.

"In order to date, you need to make up your mind to date, meet many people, and have blind dates offered to you, but that's not easy.

"It's more difficult as you get older. I don't think it's possible to do something by force either. However, I'm waiting for a good match to show up." 

As for marriage, she said, "Nothing is set in stone yet." Asked if she's worried marriage would affect her acting career, she said, "I think all actresses are worried about that at some point.

"When I look around me, people who are married are unable to do all the work they want to do.

"Being a mother and wife are big roles. I would like to spend a lot of time for my family, but I think I'm still immature. I don't know if I'll be able to do that." 

However, she emphasized that personal happiness was just as important as being ambitious about work.

"It's always agonizing to separate my life as an actress and personal life," she said. "Just because I'm happy with my acting life doesn't mean I'm happy with my personal life.

"I'm always making an effort to balance between the two. I'm enjoying my work more than before, so I'm under less stress now." 



ChunsungIm & Veespn: everyone seems to know everyone. 


With song yoon-ah, many of us loved her tv drama ‘Hotelier’ (2001) so much back then; her role’s in a love triangle with Bae Yong-joon (this was before Winter Sonata) & Kim Seung-woo, both pairings were likable. I saw it several times over the years. 


Some old pics of ye-jin during drama Spotlight (2008) which was an occupational drama about news reporters (without focusing on romance like most dramas); She didn’t wear makeup, but looked so  pretty still (many always say that she looks best with minimal or no  makeup). She & Ji Jin-hee (10 years older than her) looked great together too, many of us loved him in Jewel in the Palace. We woke up early to stream the drama together and hung out  on the drama thread on Soompi at that time. 


Actor Ji Jin-hee and actress Son Ye-jin

[April 28, 2008] SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korean actor Ji Jin-hee (L) and actress Son Ye-jin will play main roles in a new MBC drama, "Spotlight" that will depict the lives of broadcast reporters and begin May 14. (Yonhap)












Actor Ji Jin-hee and actress Son Ye-jin

[May 8, 2008] SEOUL, South Korea -- Popular South Korean actor Ji Jin-hee (L) and actress Son Ye-jin pose for a photo during a press conference on May 8 for the new drama "Spotlight" to be aired by the MBC TV network. (Yonhap)




[May 8, 2008] SEOUL, South Korea -- Popular South Korean actress Son Ye-jin poses for a photo during a press conference on May 8 for the new drama "Spotlight" to be aired by the MBC TV network beginning next week. Son was cast for the role of a reporter covering social affairs. (Yonhap)







Drama 'Spotlight'

[May 27, 2008] GOYANG, South Korea -- Popular South Korean actress Son Ye-jin (L) and actor Ji Jin-hee pose for a photo while filming "Spotlight," an MBC TV network drama that depicts the lives of broadcast reporters, in Ilsan, west of Seoul, on May 27. (Yonhap)













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Regarding Personal Taste, Actor Kim Ji Suk who played 2nd male lead said:



In the interview in 2011 when he was asked the question, “ who was the most beautiful actress you have worked with so far?” He answered, “I recently worked with Son Ye Jin and she was the prettiest.”



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@thi2018 On the ng of Personal Taste I founded their interactions so cute :wub:.

I always wished that they had a second work together ( in fact I always wanna that she worked again with almost all of her partners 'cause she had chemistry with all of them :joy:.)




Ps: I always how she manged to makes everyone on set comfortable around her.

Look at her interactions with LMH as well :wub: just proof why our angel it's so loved by everybody that she works with it xD.

LMH also said on a interview ( I don't remember now if was the must fun or if was about the actress that he liked to work the most) but he said that Yejin was the second one among all xD.

Sadly I'm not finding this article but if I founded it I'll gonna post here xD .

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“Crash Landing On You” Actor Reveals How Son Ye Jin Treats Her Co-Stars Off Screen And On Screen

by Katie Kim

He dished on the details!


Actor Yang Kyung Won held an interview about his scene-stealing role on Crash Landing On You, and how his chemistry with Son Ye Jin stole the hearts of the viewers!


Yang Kyung Won played the role of Pyo Chi Soo, the North Korean soldier who often bickered with Son Ye Jin’s character (Yoon Se Ri) as he cutely tried to mask his affection with failed insults.


He opened up about what it was like working closely with a top actress like Son Ye Jin. He confessed that she was a “celebrity” to him, so he often felt “nervous” whenever they were on-camera or off-camera.


But Son Ye Jin helped him calm down and perform his best by being considerate to her colleagues and solely treating him as Pyo Chi Soo when on-camera to help him feel more comfortable.

She’s deeply considerate to her co-stars, and she’s an actor that I very much respect.


When we were filming, she would turn into the real Se Ri and treat me only as Pyo Chi Soo. So all I had to do was depend on Se Ri and nothing else.


— Yang Kyung Won

Yang Kyung Won praised Son Ye Jin as the main reason why his character got so much love for his chemistry with Yoon Se Ri. He explained that his recent fame and popularity was all thanks to Son Ye Jin!

I want to tell others that this can happen to you when you meet good co-stars.


— Yang Kyung Won

Despite being one of the most popular actresses in Korea, Son Ye Jin time and time again proves that she’s earned her status by being humble, kind, and considerate to everyone who she works with!



Source: My Daily




[May 8, 2008] SEOUL, South Korea -- Son Ye-jin at press conference of MBC drama "Spotlight".





credits: on images

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11 hours ago, LoverboyBin said:

Hi! I'm new to this thread. I just watched Be With You. The tears did not stop. It was so nice and their acting was just spot on. :cold_sweat:

I’m glad you liked it.
New fans might not know that So Ji-sub was known for his melodramatic roles, KBS drama Misa (
Mianhada, Saranghanda / I’m sorry I love you) made him a top star and won him Best TV actor at 2005 Baeksang Arts Awards; he made a major transformation when he did Master of the Sun (2013).  It was with so much anticipation when he and ye-Jin teamed up for a melodrama; it didn’t disappoint at all.


The director (his debut), So Ji-sub, and Ye-Jin









So Ji-sub’s known for having a great character (he wants to be remembered as a good person even more than a good actor). Everyone’s happy that he has someone now (his 1st acknowledgement ever), hope the same for ye-jin.






‘The Classic’ appeared on JBTC drama ‘When the Weather is Fine’ whose PD Han Ji-Seung directed Son Ye-Jin in SBS drama Alone in Love (2006).


Credits: Screen caps from


(News article)

[JTBC PLUS | 2020. 03. 16. 2:23 AM]

.....The new episode of the Mon-Tue drama ''When The Weather Is Fine'' to be aired at 9:30 pm (KST) March 16 will reveal the scene of Park Min Young (as Mok Hae Won) and Seo Kang Joon (as Im Eun Seop) exchanging passionate gaze while waltzing. It is an incredibly beautiful night of the lead couple. Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon sit together and watch a movie at the Good Night bookstore. On the screen, the two main characters of the film "Classic" are learning the waltz....


Reporter Hwang So Young /hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr

Photo = Ace Factory

Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive



the song in the movie was a different version 


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Hi everyone! Just want to introduce myself. I just became a fan of Ye Jin the past three weeks after watching Crash Landing on You. As I'm typing this, I'm watching CLOY for the second time haha. 


I was soooo impressed with Yejin's acting in CLOY. I could feel her every emotion - from her loneliness of being an accomplished but unloved CEO and heiress, her happiness finding real friends and relationships in the DPRK, her overbearing but comical bossiness, to her deep love for Jung Hyuk - GOD Yejin is just so good. She can be both the confident CEO AND the vulnerable Seri. 


Honestly, the script for CLOY is very generic,  it's still a good drama but it's something we've seen before just packaged differently. But CLOY has all the successful elements of a Hallyu K-drama hit. A new theme (DPRK vs ROK) good looking cast, nice outfits and sceneries, etc. and the acting of not just Yejin but the entire cast just make the show very watchable for me. It's now my favorite Korean drama. 


Funny thing is, I had NO idea Seri was Son Yejin until halfway through the show I decided to Google it haha Regretfully, the only production I've seen her in was April Snow. I watched it when it came out so it was a looong time ago. 


Since CLOY, I have watched The Negotiation, The Last Princess, The Classic, and A Moment to Remember. She is phenomenal in all of them! But I'd have to say none of the movies so far have "captured" me story and production wise. The Negotiation, obviously we know SYJ and Hyun Bin had crazy chemistry there already, but the story line fell flat halfway through. The Classic and A Moment to Remember were good, but maybe I'm watching it with a 2020 lens, so it came off a bit cheesy for me. As for The Last Princess, I was SO looking forward to it, and Yejin was phenomenal in it. She blew me away! But I felt like the story didn't really focus on her enough even though the title is named after her character. I hated how it was told through the perspective of the male friend. 


After watching her other movies, I would say that compared to her previous roles, Yoon Seri isn't particularly a difficult role to play. I think that for Yejin's acting level right now, playing Seri was a piece of cake. But she still gave more than 100% and brought Seri to life. 


Anyways, the next movies on my list are (in no particular order): Spellbound, Be With You, The Truth Beneath, The Art of Seduction, The Pirates, and her only Chinese movie Bad Guys Must Die. I'm trying to watch them in chronological order so I can witness more of her growth as an actress and reasoning for choosing the roles.


I have trouble finding My Wife Got Married, The Tower, and Blood and Ties (of which the synopsis is really intriguing). If someone has a link, please do share :D I will try watching Something in the Rain later when I have more time.


I hope Yejin is resting well. I'm sure filming CLOY was really physically demanding. I hope to see more of her and Hyun Bin but I don't think they will do any more productions together at this point.


For her next projects, I hope she continues to select projects where her character stands out, and is not secondary to the male characters. That's one thing I love about her acting choice. I've seen discussions about her approaching 40 so offers may be less. That may be a sad reality, but she is still a hot potato. I can see her play more "powerful" roles, like a queen or politician. I prefer her to see her in projects that are relevant to society - politics, gender, class etc. - which seem pretty in-line with what she's been doing. Omg if she can act in a father-daughter movie with Song Kang Ho directed by Bong Joon-Ho, that'd be perfect lol! Better yet, what if Yejin starts her own production company and makes movies that are relevant and appropriate for aging actresses?! 


I don't care much for her personal life, though I must admit she and HB do look quite compatible  and comfortable with each other. But I try not to ship real life actors. As long as Yejin is happy and healthy, it doesn't really matter who she ends up with or if she ends up with anyone at all. 


Anyways, I've written a really long post. Sorry but I'm just exciting to join! I've been lurking here for a while haha. Thank you for reading!





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2 hours ago, Kari said:

I have trouble finding My Wife Got Married, The Tower, and Blood and Ties (of which the synopsis is really intriguing). If someone has a link, please do share :D I will try watching Something in the Rain later when I have more time.


For her next projects, I hope she continues to select projects where her character stands out, and is not secondary to the male characters. That's one thing I love about her acting choice. I've seen discussions about her approaching 40 so offers may be less. That may be a sad reality, but she is still a hot potato. I can see her play more "powerful" roles, like a queen or politician.



Hi, thank you for your warm appreciation and admiration to Yejin. I first saw her in the movie The Classic in 2004 and that movie made me watch other several korean movies that time. I am not really into kmovies and kdramas though. Thanks to netflix, I'm back to kdramaland. The first episode of CLOY, I was drawn at Se-Ri's character right away and that was because of SYJ's perfect portrayal. Her acting in CLOY led me to watch her other films and became a fan.  The more I know what she is outside the silver and small screen, the more I love her. She is the person who has a deep passion as an actress and would want to be known as an actress than someone who is with pretty face. She is now a firmed established actress with so many acting awards on her plate from all prestigious award giving bodies. 


I can dm you the link for The Tower. I for one also would like to see her play with powerful roles, or any role that could be submitted to Cannes Film Festival. Korean film critics, PD's and producers know SYJ's acting capabilities so I hope she gets script that would showcase her acting range. 



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I am not sure if the link above was posted before. I assume it was but for the new fans who want to get to know SYJ a bit,  the above article is a glimpse on how she is as an actress. I think a big part of her regrets the fact that the roles for women in chungmuro is very limited. If you look at the list of top actors in chungmuro that have commercial value,  less than a handful are women. It is a very male dominated industry (like any other entertainment industry). The fact that she has been thriving in chungmuro for soooo long while making her own mark and with only two 'blockbuster' movies, and not the typical blockbuster movie, makes me really proud of her as a fan. This to me makes her really stand out as an actress in Korea. 


Yes, a project with Song Kang Ho would really be awesome...


A project with Kim Hye Soo is also something that I am hoping that will happen...SYJ has talked about wanting to do a movie like Thelma and Louise or a movie that is told  from the perspective of women...That would be the kind of movie for them...:D


It would really be nice to see her work  with an award winning  Director...I think there is a certain formula of films that qualify in international film festivals and such movies are  dependent on the Director...SYJ is usually nominated for Best Actress but only a handful of her films are nominated for Best Film or Best Screenplay or Best Director ...This is not to say that the directors were bad in her past films, just that there is a certain established aesthetic by directors that have been around international festivals, and it would be nice to see  SYJ in those kinds of movies...


For actors, I hope to see her  work with Ju Ji Hoon and Yoo Ah In. They give a totally different vibe from SYJ's past leading men.


Anyway, no matter who SYJ works with, I am also one of those who hopes that she does a film that will go around international film festivals. I also want to see her in Cannes or Berlin film festival in the near future.




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