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Son Ye Jin said that we'll see her in a new drama soon. Wow, she's really working hard like a cow! I'm not sure though if it's going to be a movie or a new drama series... 

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21 hours ago, yejincow said:

one thing i’m sad about is the obvious gender inequality. you can observe that many articles talk about hyunbin’s superb acting, dimples etc but all they talk about is son ye jin’s OUTFITS. + hyun bin is clearly way more talked about/ popular internationally and it makes me sad bc i just feel that son ye jin deserves a whole lot more recognition than she’s getting. can someone reassure me that she’s indeed getting the rewards she deserve?? hahaha 

btw not insinuating dislike towards hyunbin in any way i adore him & their chemistry. i’m just commenting on the situation in general.

Did u watch their live TOGT? The one for KakaoTv right after the presscon of CLOY. Anyways, that live was hard for me to watch ‘cause on the comments of the live seems like almost 70-80% of them were just send pics of HB, I just saw three times (I think) users sending pics of Yejin the other times were just pics of HB or of HB+SYJ but almost never they send of her alone :/ this just show that unfortunately you’re correct. On TvN website for example that’s a lot of Hyun Bin still cuts (wayyy more than of Yejin’s ) like both of them were the leads and me being a Yejin fan that made me very upset. Like u said I don’t have anything against HB and for me he was the partner that she had the best chemistry on-screen , the problem here it’s clearly the viewers. Let’s see if with CLOY she could finally gets the recognition that she always deserved.

SYJ always preferred and acted more on movies than on dramas and both internationally and nationally speaking dramas caught more attention of ppl. But now that CLOY it’s blockbuster I’m excited that my queen will shines even more and gaining a lot more of new fans :wub:.

Like I know that she’s (thankfully) recognized by her awards but I’m talking about the popularity in general.

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3 hours ago, Kyoya said:

Son Ye Jin said that we'll see her in a new drama soon. Wow, she's really working hard like a cow! I'm not sure though if it's going to be a movie or a new drama series... 

Drama she said. Point of drama is in korea , dramas can have even bigger budget than movies like cloy ,which was produced by studio dragon and i am sure they will offer her new drama, bcoz she is bankable and rating magnet.


Movie actor is prestigious  but in korea difference isn't much compared to hollywood or bollywood. Movie salaries are low , unless you invest because there is no concept of profit sharing .  Infact drama actors can walk away with more endorsements in korea where the real money is!


A 16 episode drama can pay an actress, the salary of 2 movies and more endorsement offers to actors. Because k drama even reaches more internationally than k movie. Like cloy which has become biggest hallyu hit in 3 years.. like jjh did more dramas with mlfts and lotbs in her second half of her career ,after a huge career as movie actress, i see same for son ye jin bcoz of more cf offers and bigger salary.  Good she is expanding her horizon. I hope she signs good scripts. I mean her movies have been always top blockbusters but her drama career has been always hit and miss. Even dire hard son ye jin fans will agree with this,  that her drama choices are not always good.


Technically cloy is her biggest hit in impact and the rating on cable channel. So why she would leave the oppprtunity when the iron is hot? She will do a drama bcoz it also gives more longevity when she enters her 40s in 2 years. She is a S tier actress, who will get best offers.


She will do more dramas as time passes but movies which offer her some worthy roles. Sad fact is movie offers are going to get reduced from now on as she is nearing her 40s. That is harsh fact for even top actresses.  They will do roles which  are good enough.  They can't play useless love interests and decoration. So dramas are better step for her now.

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I saw the Chinese subbed greeting, she said next work instead of drama.  Before accepting “Crash Landing on You”, I read that she (very in-demand) has more than 10 scripts waiting for her to review.




This Article: CLOY earned the title of "national romantic comedy drama" (21.7% on cable channel TVN is like 43.4% on a public station kbs-MBC-sbs) 

JTBC PLUS | 2020. 02. 18. 1:12 AM


Couple Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin act lovingly in behind-the-scenes photos of "Crash Landing on You"


Behind-the-scenes photos of the drama "Crash Landing on You" of the couple Hyun Bin and So Ye Jin were released
On February 17, the official SNS account tvN Drama uploaded many photos with the caption, "Just only looking can help to feel the happiness of the Double Ri couple in the country of blooming edelweiss flowers. Whether next year or many years in the future, good days will always come. 'Crash Landing on You' will always remember them."
These are the behind-the-scenes photos of "Crash Landing on You" (tvN) taken in Switzerland. In the beautiful landscape of this country, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are hugging each other affectionately. The two's happy smiles and the lyrical atmosphere like a painting have attracted viewers' attention.


The weekend drama "Crash Landing on You" (tvN) has just ended broadcasting on February 16 and recorded the average viewership rating of 21.7%, peaking at 24.1% on the charged platforms including cable television, satellite, and IPTV. At the same time, the drama also held first place in the viewership ratings of same-time broadcast dramas across all television channels, including terrestrial stations and earned the title of "national romantic comedy drama". In addition to constantly breaking its own records, the drama also achieved the highest viewership ratings in tvN's history, beating the previous 20.5% achievement of "Goblin". Reportedly, the film crew will end the journey without a vacation.
On the other hand, following "Crash Landing on You", a new drama titled "Hi Bye, Mama!" with the participation of Kim Tae Hee and Lee Gyu Hyung is set to be broadcast at 9 pm (KST) February 22.






Reporter Hong Shin Ik /hong.shinik@joongang.co.kr
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive




OSEN | 2020. 02. 18. 1:48 AM


"Crash Landing on You" still causes sensation as Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin look perfect as couple, rumored dating both in film and real life



After many times of being entangled in dating rumors, actress Son Ye Jin (39) and actor Hyun Bin (39) had to issue official statements to deny this.


Seemingly, fans inside and outside of Korea, those who want the two actors to turn their on-screen love into real-life romance, are still showing their passionate affection even after the drama has come to an end. Today (February 18), i.e. 2 days after the end of the series, "Crash Landing on You" has once again caused a fever.

On February 18, in regret that "Crash Landing on You" (scriptwriter: Park Ji Eun, director: Lee Jung Hyo) has ended its broadcast, the production team posted a behind-the-scenes video entitled "Don't want to bid farewell to Double Ri couple, Gudan couple, and the cast of 'Crash Landing on You'... So long, aunties ~ㅠ." onto the official YouTube channel of tvN. Below the video, fans left hundreds of comments showing their love for the drama.

"Crash Landing on You" revolves around the "absolutely secret" love story between Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin) - an heiress who one day had to make an emergency landing in North Korea due to a paragliding accident caused by a strong wind, and Ri Jeong Hyeok (played by Hyun Bin) - a North Korean officer who hid, protected, and eventually fell in love with Se Ri. "Crash Landing on You" aired its first episode on December 14, 2019 and ended its broadcast on February 16. The drama was well received by the audience until the final day of the broadcast when the last episode recorded a high rating of 21.7% (based on chargeable platforms across Korea).

Lately, all kinds of rumors and fake news can easily be spread on the Internet. Thus, it's likely that netizens are not aware of the issue correctly even when the artists have taken official stances. Despite hearing the truth, people still only believe what they want to believe, leading to many cases of misunderstanding. Therefore, the public's misperception about the truth has absolutely nothing to do with "tabloid" news.

The suspicion of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin holding hands under the table is indirect evidence proving the popularity of the two actors as well as the drama "Crash Landing on You". The public is looking forward to that the dating rumors this time will continue to stop at a "coincidence".

OSEN = Reporter Kim Bo Ra /purplish@osen.co.kr
Photo= OSEN DB
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive 



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I am so sad seeing ‘that picture’ being circulated all over the media. :(
It is damaging, turning them into unprofessional actors. People should not do things that cause them harm in any way. 

just like the above article mentioned:
Lately, all kinds of rumors and fake news can easily be spread on the Internet. Thus, it's likely that netizens are not aware of the issue correctly even when the artists have taken official stances. Despite hearing the truth, people still only believe what they want to believe, leading to many cases of misunderstanding. Therefore, the public's misperception about the truth has absolutely nothing to do with "tabloid" news.



OSEN | 2020. 02. 18. 7:01 AM


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin entangled in dating rumors for third time




Actors Hyun Bin (39) and Son Ye Jin (39) have once again faced dating rumors sparked by a foreign netizen.

The two had got caught up in dating rumors twice before and their agencies both denied that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were in a relationship. Nevertheless, the dating rumors that were raised today (February 18) appeared because of a netizen's post rather than photos or narratives of seeing these two being together.

Recently, tvN uploaded to its official YouTube channel a making video with the title, "From the boy Hyun Bin to pythoness Kim Sook...The scene exploded with chemistry + touching feeling" to placate the audience's regret after the broadcast end of "Crash Landing on You" (director: Park Ji Eun, director: Lee Jung Hyo). In addition, the station also unveiled several making videos recording the process of making the drama.

One netizen increased the brightness of the video, thereby raising suspicion that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were holding hands under a table at the filming site. This person directly adjusted the brightness of the low-quality video and found that the two actors were holding hands, and thus suggested they admit to dating each other. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Yin have entangled in dating rumors for the third time after this claim went around online communities on February 18.

At this rumor, in the official press releases, the two's management companies said no one witnessed this and they had nothing to explain.

Also on the same day, a person close to Hyun Bin shared with OSEN, "After the rumors of dating Son Ye Jin broke out again, today Hyun Bin told me, 'I was stunned just early in the morning.' They are certainly not dating."

Earlier, the dating rumor of this popular couple was once sparked because they were caught shopping together in casual clothes at a supermarket abroad. At that time, both Hyun Bin's and Son Ye Jin's agency denied this. They explained that the two were just accidentally in the US at the same time and they went to the supermarket with a group of friends, but they were photographed as they both were celebrities.

After that, the dating rumors once again broke out right after Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin were cast to be the lead couple of "Crash Landing on You" - the drama airing its first episode on December 14, 2019.

However, today a person close to Hyun Bin affirmed, "It is possible that because the drama has received much love, many people hope Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will be a couple in real life. Unfortunately, the two actors have never dated. They are now not dating as well."


[OSEN = Reporter Kim Bo Ra] / purplish@osen.co.kr
[Photo] OSEN DB
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive 




Hyun Bin Responds To Latest Dating Rumors With Son Ye Jin And Their Video Of Allegedly Holding Hands

They were allegedly holding hands in secret.


Crash Landing On You co-stars, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, were once again wrapped up in dating rumors after fans pointed out that the two were allegedly holding hands underneath the table during their drama filming.


This is already the third time that dating rumors arose after it all started when they were reportedly spotted vacationing together abroad. But the agency had denied then and they continued to deny it now.

We were surprised this morning to hear another dating rumor with Son Ye Jin. They’re not in a romantic relationship at all.

— VAST Entertainment

The agency pegged it up to the fans of the popular drama who wish it were true that the two are dating in real life.

Since the drama did well, it appears that many people wish Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin would date in real life.


Unfortunately, the two actors were never dating before and aren’t dating right now.

— VAST Entertainment

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin recently concluded their hit drama, Crash Landing On You, where Son Ye Jin played the role of a lovable rich businesswoman who got stranded in North Korea after a natural disaster and Hyun Bin played the role of a North Korean soldier who tries to smuggle her back out.

Due to their undeniable chemistry on screen, the drama’s ratings broke record and fans simply can’t stop shipping the two! Perhaps in the future or maybe never, but Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin aren’t a real couple as of now.


Source: Osen


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Son Ye-Jin Gifted Her Glam Team with Jewelry After "Crash Landing on You" Finale

By Marj Ramos Clemente - A day ago


From Seri's Choice, perhaps? LOL!


IMAGE instagram.com/jennyhouse_mijung


We have so much love for the character of Yoon Se-ri in Crash Landing on You because not only is she kind, stylish, and headstrong, she’s also thoughtful and generous. We mean, remember that time when she handed over her black card (a.k.a. “S.C.” or “Se-ri’s Card” with no spending limit) to the Company Five soldiers so they can have all the fun they want while in Seoul? She even had suits tailor-made for them.


And oh, how about that time she took Captain Ri shopping? Come to think of it, she did the same for the neighborhood ahjummas right before she left North Korea, too!


Turns out, it’s not just Yoon Se-ri. Son Ye-jin, the actress herself behind the now-iconic role, is also deserving of the Most Generous Award! At the Crash Landing on You wrap-up party (the very same party where she and Hyun Bin showed up in matching outfits!), the Hallyu star apparently gave a precious “thank you” gift to the members of Team Se-ri, including her hairstylist Gu Mi-jeong, makeup artist Mu-jin, and stylist Lee Yunmi.






Based on the pictures that her glam team uploaded on Instagram, it looks like Ye-jin gifted everyone with a small brown paper bag, which contained a red envelope and a piece of jewelry! As of writing, there’s currently no available information yet as to which jewelry brand it came from exactly (perhaps from Seri’s Choice? LOL!), but one photo reveals that a solitaire diamond necklace is inside each jewelry box.




We don’t know about you, but we are totally jealous! Now, can someone point us to the nearest branch of Seri’s Choice, please?



Here's How Son Ye-Jin Does Her Hair and Makeup in "Crash Landing on You"

Beauty | By Nicole Arcano - Jan 20, 2020


She sometimes even does her own hair for it to look "natural."





It's no secret that Crash Landing on You is everyone's current K-drama obsession. It tells the story of a South Korean woman named Yoon Se-ri played by actress Son Ye-jin, who ends up in North Korea after a paragliding accident and eventually falls in love with North Korean military officer Ri Jung-hyuk (played by Hyun Bin). Aside from the two characters' sweet moments, Son Ye-jin's looks in the drama are also the talk of the town. And because we've already talked about the stellar designer pieces she's worn in the series, it's time to zoom in on her beauty looks!


Hairstylist Gu Mi-jeong and makeup artist Mu-jin have worked with Ye-jin for 12 and six years, respectively. The two are responsible for the actress' glam in the K-drama, which they all broke down in a video with Allure Korea. Here are the highlights:


1. Ye-Jin has her hair and makeup done differently for North Korea and South Korea scenes.

"Yoon Se-ri as a character has a charistmatic and classy impression, like a CEO. I wanted to express that," says Mu-jin, the makeup artist. For these looks, she did a more flawless base on the actress using two foundation shades to create a natural contour—a lighter shade in the center, and a darker color in the outer perimeters. Mu-jin also experimented with bold lip colors to match Se-ri's outfits.


Meanwhile, the looks for scenes in North Korea were very minimal. "She isn't a North Korean woman but she just landed there by accident. You can't really wear thick makeup in that situation," she explains.



2. Her hairstylist uses different curls and haircuts to make the contrast visible.

According to Mi-jeong, Se-ri's hair in South Korea is sleeker and involves three intricate types or waves for different parts of the hair—an ordinary perm (for the fringe area), a root perm (for the roots), and a digital perm (for the ends). She says these different curling techniques are the reasons why Ye-jin's waves look effortless and flattering.


For the North Korea scenes, the actress relies on a soft layered cut and barely any styling to bring out the natural look, says Mi Jeong.


3. Ye-jin wears hardly any makeup for her scenes in North Korea.

Mu-jin reveals that she hardly uses any makeup for North Korea scenes. She skips blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, and even lash curler and mascara! "Sometimes, customers ask to do the same makeup as Son Ye-jin, but that makeup only looks good because it's [her]. I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about that," she quips. The makeup artist also shares that she barely applies base makeup on Ye-jin in these situations—just concealer where she needs it. She adds that Ye-jin really "values reality" as an actor and wants her hair and makeup to fit as naturally to the scene as possible.


4. Sometimes, Ye-jin does her own hair.

"In both Something in the Rain and Crash Landing on You, she personally did her hair when she needed to look natural," reveals Mi Jeong. "If it feels like a professional styled her hair, she doesn't like it when it doesn't look natural."


Watch the video below for more tips from Ye-Jin's glam team!


(Eng sub) ‘Crash Landing on You’ Son YeJin hair & makeup artist reveal the secret! | Allure Korea

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Son Ye-jin's Latest Show Goes out on a High


By Son Ho-young
February 18, 2020 13:32


Hyun Bin (left) and Son Ye-jin


The popular TV series "Crash Landing on You" starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin has ended with a record-breaking finale that delighted viewers all over the country. 


The melodrama, which began airing on cable channel tvN in December last year, drew a 21.6 percent viewer rating with its final episode on Sunday, a new record for the cable channel's drama series. The previous record was 20.5 percent set by supernatural rom-com "Guardian" in 2016.


"Crash Landing on You" was especially popular among viewers in their 40s, with the last episode recording a whopping 29.4 percent rating among women and 23.6 percent among men.


The series revolved around a South Korean heiress who makes a forced landing in North Korea while paragliding, and a North Korean officer who falls in love with her while trying to hide and protect her.


The two stars' chemistry in an unusual setting for romance as well as supporting actors' scene-stealing turns have helped propel the show to the top.  





Photos of Hyun Bin and Son Yejin holding hands surface

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


ArticleHyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, skinship during filming? Re-ignite rumors of a relationship…This time also, "unfounded" 
Source: Sports Chosun

Photos of actors Hyun Bin and Son Yejin holding hands have surfaced.

On the 15th, tvN's official YouTube channel released a behind-the-scenes video of the two enjoying chicken at a restaurant while filming their drama 'Crash Landing on You'.


After seeing the video, netizens speculated online that "Hyun Bin and Son Yejin are holding hands under the table," reigniting rumors that the two were dating.

Hyun Jin's agency VAST Entertainment denied the rumors immediately stating, "Rumors of Hyun Bin dating Son Yejin are not true. She's holding her own hands. They're both professionals so speculations that they're holding hands while filming are unfounded."

This isn't the first time rumors of the two dating spread online. Both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were seen at a golf course in the U.S in early January (2019) but Hyun Bin's side denied the rumors stating, "he traveled alone." 

At the end of January (2019), the two were again seen shopping together in the U.S and Hyun Bin's agency denied the rumors again stating, "they met in the U.S but there were other acquaintances there. They were the only ones photographed because their faces are known." 

Son Ye Jin's also denied the rumors stating, "I was staying with acquaintances in the U.S and I just heard that Hyun Bin in the U.S. We met as friends. We're not in a relationship." 

When asked why she decided to accept the 'Crash Landing on You' project during a production meeting earlier this year she stated, "I wanted to do another good romantic comedy and I thought it would be great to work together."



[+3,811, -74] That's right, just deny it until the end. Nothing good comes out of celebrities going public. It's better to announce the wedding date like Won Bin and Lee Na Young. Or be like Seo Taiji and don't even reveal anything until you divorce. Just don't ever go public!

[+1,252, -16] Lee Jung Hyuk always says nothing happened ㅠㅠ

[+708, -19] Whether you're dating or not. All that matters is you're happy with whoever you're meeting.

[+384, -62] Are there any doubts left after these photos?

[+450, -153] I'm tired of these dating rumors. Come on, just admit it.

[+205, -15] Everyone seems to know they're dating. They just want us to ignore it.

[+156, -6] More than just holding hands, the photo of them shopping together at the supermarket in the U.S is plenty proof. Just think about it. The fact that they went shopping together means they're probably staying at someone's vacation home.  Just admit it with your own mouth.

[+135, -5] Nothing good will come out of going public right now. Just deny it until the end and date happily. If you decide to get married you can announce it then ㅋㅋ

[+129, -9] I don't think Hyun Bin will go public with his relationship this time since most of his relationships never go well once does.

[+122, -7] At this point, everyone who knows should just pretend that they don't.



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That's one of reason why i Adore SYJ, she gives a good influence and motivate for all her co worker. Quee of Chemistry.

Love you more onnie



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Moment to remember will always be my fav Yejin's movie. It never fail to make me cry no matter how many times I watched it. Anyone know what is YeJin next project after CLOY? (I didn't do any backlogged reading, sorry if it was already discussed)

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@cybertronaww thank you so much for posting that messages from the 2 comrades. I was really looking for it, and photos of SYJ with everyone in the drama but disappointed to find only a few. Everyone was just posting about hyunbin and I really feel sad there was only few pictures of SYJ in the wrap up party or even before that. That's why looking at these videos having positive feedbacks for her makes me happy as a SYJ fan. :)

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“Crash Landing On You” 21.7%, The drama has the highest ratings in tvN history




According to Nielsen Korea, the final broadcast of “Crash Landing on You” scored an average nationwide rating of 21.683 percent and a peak rating of 24.1 percent, smashing the previous record set by “Goblin” back in January 2017 (whose finale achieved a peak rating of 20.5 percent).

The drama performed even better in the Seoul metropolitan area, where it scored an average viewership rating of 23.249 percent for its final episode. cr

original post: naver


1. [+598, -5] Congratulations. Thank the cast and crew for hard work~~^^

2. [+517, -4] Wow, No.1!!!! Congratulations on the drama that really deserves it! A solid drama with no acting holes!!!!!! I’m gonna miss everyone… What’s my pleasure now without this drama?

3. [+333, -15] It’s my favorite drama

4. [+121, -3] It was so fun.

5. [+64, -1] It was the best. I cried and laughed a lot while watching the drama. The actors and actresses had a hard time filming in the cold weather!~~~

6. [+60, -1] Hyun Bin was really cool, but Son Ye Jin once again proved her great acting. She has a pretty face and sad acting, and she plays all kinds of things too well. It’s also amazing that she continues to work on her dramas rather than making money through her CF.

7. [+64, -17] Wow, the drama broke the ratings. I didn’t watch ‘Goblin’. I watched ‘Crash Landing On You’, but I knew it was the best drama in my eyes!

8. [+41, -0] Son Ye Jin’s crying acting was the best… Even the supporting actors are solid and the best drama of recent times.

9. [+42, -2] That’s right. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s acting are the best

10. [+38, -1] Seriously, this is the best drama of my life so far…



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I hope her next project is a drama. It is quite harder to follow Korean film. I wanna know whom she’ll be pairing with. Which top tier actors who haven’t worked with her? 

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36 minutes ago, veespn said:

I hope her next project is a drama. It is quite harder to follow Korean film. I wanna know whom she’ll be pairing with. Which top tier actors who haven’t worked with her? 

Gong yoo...I want to see her with him. In film or drama

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Culture & Art magazine volume 64  2019-10

‘Korean Cinema 100 Years‘


***Best of 21st Century***


Best Work/Film

  1. Parasite 기생충
  2. Memories of Murder 살인의 추억
  3. Old Boy 올드보이

Best Director 

  1. Bong Joon-ho (Parasite, Memories of Murder)
  2. Park Chan-wook (Old Boy)
  3. Lee Chang-dong (Poetry)

Best Actor

  1. Song Kang-ho
  2. Choi Min-shik 
  3. Lee Byung-hun 

Best Actress

  1. Jeon Do-yeon (won best actress at Cannes Film Festival 2007 for Lee Chang-dong’s Secret Sunshine)
  2. Kim Hye-soo
  3. Son Ye-jin 





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Thank you everyone for updating Son Ye Jin's thread. It was so hard for a few of us to keep this thread alive! I think the popularity of Cloy brought her long time fans back here. Please be more active.  We love all the updates!




She even has more followers on her personal iG 







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