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Son Ye Jin 손예진

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3 hours ago, charray said:

Does Son Ye Jin has a Twitter account? Is the account below really her account or a fan account? The way the account posts is not like a fan account.....very confusing.

I don't think SYJ has a twitter account. I only see her facebook and IG accounts. Looking at the contents of this account, it's not SYJ's

9 hours ago, yejincow said:

hi everyone!!! i’m new here, created an account just to type this lol! i’ve been stalking this forum for a few days now. anw i’m not into korean dramas/movies etc, i’ve only watched some kdramas before & i’m so glad i started crash landing on you! before cloy i didn’t know of syj & hyunbin’s existence but i love son ye jin so much now & i will for a very very long time hahaha. so far i’ve watched The Negotiation, The Last Princess, be with you, the pirates while waiting for the cloy eps to be released on netflix lol

i hope she gains more & more recognition! i noticed that i don’t really see her in those articles about best korean actresses etc but it’s weird bc i know she has gotten so many awards! 

i started on cloy ard mid-jan and i cant remember what specifically got me to love her this much, but in the span of this one month i’ve been searching her up & binge watching any videos i can find of her LOL i need help hahahaha. 

no idea why i typed such a lengthy comment, i just wanted to join this community & tell y’all how much i adore her.

btw i have an instagram account dedicated to her @yejincow :)

Welcom to SYJ's soompi forum and thank you for creating an IG account dedicated for her. I feel like this soompi thread is moving like a turtle. She has many fans but I don't know why they are not active on soompi. Hope more people will update about her here.

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6 hours ago, welh11 said:

"Boston 1947" changed its title to "Road to Boston." In January, 2020, seven weeks of filming began in Australia according to the Victoria film bureau. Ballarat is one of four Victorian locations doubling as 1940s Boston for the film’s marathon scenes. Filming commenced in Melbourne and Geelong last week before moving to Ballarat, and will wrap up in Bendigo next week, with the majority of filming taking place in regional Victoria.

Almost two years ago, SYJ's agency denied that she was cast in the movie. This was part of mediaplay to get interest and financing for the film. Many film companies start rumors of big stars connected to their projects to generate interest.

When Stove League began filming, an article quoted actress Park Eun Bin as saying she had just finished her role in Boston 1947. But I could never confirm this statement.

I also saw this Twitter account, but I believe it is a fan pretending to be her.

This twitter account it’s a fanpage but she’s on some tweets makes like it’s Yejin the one that posts. Like sharing her pasts works and commenting “I was so good on this movie” for example, she always referring herself as I on the posts so many ppl think that it’s a SYJ official account since that this person didn’t make it clearly on her bio that isn’t a official account. I knew right of the begging that wasn’t a SYJ real Twitter because all the tweets were written in English and not in korean, and SYJ isn’t (sadly) a very active person on SNS so that account never would be hers :joy:.

Thank you for the information about the movie. I’m sad because seems that she doesn’t have any projects after the end of CLOY :/ (ofc that I want that she rests I priorize her health) but I’m upset because we don’t know now when she would comeback again :bawling:.


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This video is so funny. SYJ is cute hahaha she tries to fool the MC.

SYJ: in Mainland China

MC: What? a Chinese fan wrote something?

SYJ: A Chinese fan wrote comment with Chinese

MC: What did he say?

SYJ: He wrote he wishes this film will be released in China.

MC: But looks like he didn't wrote so many words. :D

SYJ: I am sure!

MC: His comment only three words hahaha :D


Let me guess, three words, I think it's "我愛你 = I love you." 


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guyssss second last ep of crash landing on you tonight! will definitely miss our yoon seri :(  hopefully she has upcoming projects soon! & i hope this thread will be kept alive hehe

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On 2/14/2020 at 2:30 PM, AnnieCheesecake said:

Could someone please translate this post about Yejin? Thanks in advance :relaxed:.






Her beauty is praised


1st pic: slightly disheveled hair, light makeup "the ultimate pure natural beauty". Son Ye Jin shines/radiates


2nd pic: [Insight] by Park Da Sol - Son Ye Jin in 'Crash Landing on You' shows off her Ultimate Purity which steals men's hearts.

Be prepared for the farewell of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin in the last 2 episodes of tvN Crash Landing on You

The popularity of the drama is increasing day by day, and the perfect visual of Son Ye Jin pictures from the past are being reexamined among netizens.


3rd pic: The released photo reveals Son Ye Jin's sad look while staring at the camera. 

With a small face and distinctively big and beautiful eyes, she shows off her exceptional purity.

Son Ye Jin's expressive big and beautiful eyes brought back the feeling of first love.


4th pic: in the following released picture,  SYJ wore a white dress with thin straps showing of her delicate clavicle lines.

Son Ye Jin who has innocent yet sexy charms of a "goddess"

Many netizens who came across of the pictures said "she's so pretty," "I can't even say nothing,"...lots of hot reactions pouring out.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jjn is starring in tvN Crash Landing on You broadcast on Sat and Sunday at 9pm

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Son Ye Jin and her legendary umbrella scenes 


1. Classic 2003



2. Summer Scent 2003



3. Something in the Rain 2018



4. Be With You 2018



5. Crash Landing on You 2019


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I don't like open endings at all. Amazing show but terrible ending for my taste. congrats to son ye jin who was amazing in emotional scenes today. She can sweep awards like jun ji hyun did with my love from the stars from same writer's show. Either grand prize or best actress award is locked at baeksang awards this year.

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