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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

SYJ is legendary for her acting skills and  beauty...she has so many awards for her acting it's crazy. very well deserved too. HB is a man and most drama viewers are female so he's more popular I

Q&A with Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin of Netflix K-Drama 'Crash Landing on You'



Crash Landing On You is the top-secret romance tale of Yoo Se Ri, a South Korean heiress and fashion mogul who meets North Korean military officer Lee Jung Hyeok when she accidentally crash-lands in North Korean territory while paragliding. Now streaming on Netflix, the show was heavily promoted in Seoul with its recent press junket, allowing the media to discover more about the series in a press conference and exclusive roundtable interview.




This question is for Son Ye-Jin. You play the role of an heiress who is like a Paris Hilton of Hollywood. Does this mean that we can expect a lot of fashionable moments from you in the series?


Son Ye-Jin: "Yes, definitely. And fortunately during the first episode I'll show you the fancy and very beautiful wardrobe of Yoon Se-ri the CEO. But unfortunately in the first episode I also crash land in North Korea, meaning that I'm going to have to be surviving in North Korea in a single outfit. So you should be able to see the difference between the very fancy outfits as CEO and of course the North Korean style wardrobe."




Can you share to us any stories that happened during the filming?


Hyun Bin: 'We shot in both Switzerland and in Mongolia. And we had scenes where it would be an inter-take between North Korea and South Korea. And obviously, we can't shoot these scenes actually in North Korea. So there were a lot of these props that had to be created. There was also a scene where we do a scene with a train in Mongolia. Actually, we were able to get an actual scene of an actual train traveling from Mongolia, to North Korea, from North Korea to Mongolia. So those kind of things were very interesting on a personal level, for me. A lot of the props and a lot of the situation that arise due to the fact that we had to shoot scenes in "North Korea," and also the set we created is a set based on the North Korean village. So these were all the things that were very interesting for me, and hopefully the viewers will be able to see that and feel that as well.'




How was it working together, both for first time and the second time around? 


Hyun Bin: "When we were shooting The Negotiation, we were in a conflict situation, we were opposing against each other. And also we were in separate areas in terms of the actual shooting. So it was quite different for this one, because this show, it's a lot more bubbly, it's a lot more fun. And there were also scenes where we shoot the scene together on screen. So it's really a lot more fun for us. And also because it's our second time working on something, it was better for us to share different ideas and how to make each scene better. So I think I'm having a lot more fun this time."


Son Ye-jin: "I think it's a little bit more complex than just to say that it's better because it's the second time working together. I think there's a lot of positivity in that we are able to create these characters and these very unique roles together. First of all, it's a rom-com. But it is a story of two people getting to know each other and falling in love despite very difficult circumstances. So we could say that it's almost a rom-com melodrama fantasy. And all of these areas have to be shown through our acting, meaning that it requires a lot of depth in our acting skills as well. And in that sense, I think we both really worked hard on it, and it was a great opportunity to do so, and I really loved the opportunity."




For Son Ye-jin, what do you think of the line 'Sometimes even the wrong train can take you to the right destination' in relation to the story?


Son Ye-jin: "I think that, although our drama is just as I said, it's a romantic comedy and a melodrama and fantasy, I think it has insight into all human life and all humans. In particular, it conveys the idea of separation of the two countries currently, of our peninsula. And secondly, life is always unpredictable for everyone around the world. And there's a sense of destiny and serendipity, and coincidence in our lives. And sometimes we feel that we are in a wrong train, but it also takes us to the right destination. And sometimes we could feel like we took the right train, but it could actually lead to a bad or wrong destination. And so I think that kind of message is the message that we want to convey ultimately through our drama series."




What do you really think of the story about a North Korean military officer falling in love with a South Korean heiress?


Son Ye-Jin: "I think that it's something that could happen. I mean, why not? You know, if it weren't in North Korea, of course, maybe a third country, maybe? If it were, maybe they could fall in love. Who knows? I think life is like that--it doesn't always go as we planned and you know, it's always unpredictable. So I feel that life is also marked with destiny and coincidences and serendipity. So I feel that it's something that could happen."


Hyun Bin: "I also feel the same way and of course once we are reunited, it would be a greater possibility."




If you can crash land anywhere in the world, where would you crash land and what will you bring along with you?


Hyun Bin: "Hopefully it's somewhere completely new, somewhere. I haven't traveled before either for a trip or to shoot anything. And hopefully there's some nature around me. I would love that. And also maybe as for the objects? My cell phone, passport, and cash."


Son Ye-Jin: "South Africa. I would love to crash land in Africa. It's actually one of the agendas on my bucket list. And also I really love animals! I would love to visit Africa and hopefully I could take with me a notebook, so that I could write a diary."


'Crash Landing On You' is now streaming on Netflix, where episodes will be added weekly. 



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Interview from Cosmopolitan 


Son Ye Jin on her characters in Crash Landing On You and Something In The Rain:

"Se-ri is at the opposite extreme compared to my previous character. The character Yoon Jin-ah was a realistic and grounded woman in her mid to late 30s living and working in Korea, while the character Yun Se-ri is quite unrealisticKorea's top 0.001 percent high-class woman—someone you don't see every day. She's unique that way. She's very much the fictional character. She has a fancy background, and her personality is very diverse. So my approach to how to bring the character to life was very different for this role. The two characters are completely different types of people. Whether it be the lines, their looks, and in other things as well, this character is something quite new for me, so I'm having a lot of fun shooting."

Her usual roles were always serious, and her last drama (which is also on Netflix) is no exception: Her character was very grounded, realistic, and relatable to other working women. But because she plays these types of serious characters often, that's the image the public associates with her, when, in fact, she's quite bubbly IRL! She's definitely goofier and was able to let a lot of her own personality shine through playing Se-ri.


Hyun Bin on how he prepared for his role as a North Korean military officer: 

"First, appearance-wise, not because the character is a North Korean officer but because he has to be able to protect someone, I felt that he needed to appear dependable, so I bulked up a bit. Also, I prioritized the language (accent) part, because I had to be comfortable with the speech to be able to act, which is why I took lessons for about two to three months with an accent coach. And as for challenges, I don't really think anything was necessarily difficult; I'm focused on how to make the best of the well-written script, so aside from that, no challenges come to mind. I'm just having a lot of fun."


This isn't the first time Hyun Bin has played a character from North Korea. In fact, one of the reasons director Lee thought he would be perfect to play Jung-hyuk because he was "impressed by how clear Hyun Bin's enunciation was and how he delivered the dialect" in his previous film Confidential Assignment. Hyun Bin also says he was able to peel back the layers for Jung-hyeok, and we get to see that his character is a man of principle that hardly ever compromises his beliefs except for those he truly cares about, but also has a sweet side. (I'm already excited to see the character arc when he starts falling for Se-ri!)


On the most memorable scenes they filmed: 

Hyun Bin: "The scenes shot in Mongolia. I don't want to give you any spoilers, so I won't go into detail. But our North Korean accent coach was always on the set in Mongolia, and he actually told us that we had really captured the real North Korea in those scenes, so I think we did quite a good job. Also, not just the depicting scenes, but also the unseen emotions between Se-ri and Jeong Hyeok were well captured in those scenes, so those are very memorable scenes for me."

Ye Jin: "I also loved the emotional aspect of the scenes shot in Mongolia. And for me, after my character crash lands in North Korea, there are scenes where she meets the residents of North Korea. She hides her identity and tries to act like she's a North Korean, and the reactions of the neighbors and relationships formed during that process is really fun and are scenes I really look forward to. I think viewers will really enjoy those scenes."



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Interview from Preview

Please tell us about your characters in Crash Landing on You. 

Hyun Bin: In the series, I play the character Ri Jeong-hyeok, who is an elite North Korean military captain. He is a man of principle and never makes compromises in support of injustice, but he can be quite sweet and considerate toward people he truly cares about and sometimes can even be a little clumsy. I hope many of you enjoy the series.


Son Ye-jin: I play the character Yun Se-ri, who is the heiress of a conglomerate and part of the 0.001% of the high-class society of South Korea.




What made you decide to join the cast?


Son Ye-jin: When I first was told about the synopsis, I thought, ‘Wow, it’s such an original idea.’ I found it very interesting—and I always stay very objective when I read a script, and the script was so fun to read. It wasn’t just Yun Se-ri that was interesting to me, but I felt that the situations that all of the characters were in and their lines were very interesting. That’s why I decided that I had to do this project. My character, Yun Se-ri, has very diverse aspects. She’s only known successes in her entire life, but then, she faces the biggest crisis of her life as she crash-lands in North Korea in an accident, and the various aspects of Se-ri that we see as she interacts with the people in North Korea can be sometimes a bit goofy and quite fun to watch.


Hyun Bin: I think all the members of the cast probably feel the same way. The script by writer Park Ji-eun was fun to read. I was especially intrigued by the unexpected turns of events in the story. It was very captivating to see how a lot of the scenes didn’t quite meet our expectations and evolved into interesting directions that we didn’t foresee. And of course, my character Jung-hyeok himself was also interesting to me. I’d played a lot of characters who are fiercely dedicated to achieving a single goal, but I thought I wanted to do something more lighthearted, positive, and fun. Luckily for me, it was then that I came across Crash Landing on You, and I’m having a lot of fun filming the series. Hopefully, it’ll be an entertaining series for the audience to watch, too.


How similar are you to the characters that you portray in the series?


Son Ye-jin: I consider myself as quite goofy and lively in real life, but because I’ve played a lot of serious characters or characters in a romance, a lot of people seem to associate me with that image. Playing Yun Se-ri is fun and entertaining. She speaks her mind freely, but she’s so positive and lively that you can’t dislike her. And we’ve been filming for a few months now, so I feel like I’m about 70 to 80 percent similar to Yun Se-ri these days. 


Hyun Bin: I think I’m about 60% similar to my character. I think I’m quite similar to him in that I also don’t express myself very much and I’m not very talkative.


For Son Ye-jin… We last saw you in Something in the Rain. How different is Yoon Jin-a compared to Crash Landing on You’s Yun Se-ri? 


Son Ye-jin: My character in Something in the Rain was realistic. She was just a regular working woman around my age. It was a very grounded character and I could portray her in a very natural and realistic manner as if I was living an everyday life; whereas Se-ri in Crash Landing on You is truly a character of a fantastical world. She has a lot of lines, and writer Park has a way of delivering the essence of the lines in a very fun way.


You play the role of a fashionable heiress who is likened to Paris Hilton of Hollywood. Does this mean we can expect a lot of fashionable moments from you in the drama? 


Son Ye-jin: Yes, definitely. And fortunately, during the first episodes I get to show you the fancy and very beautiful wardrobe of Se-ri, the CEO; but unfortunately, mid-first-episode I crash-land in North Korea, meaning I’m gonna have to be surviving in a single outfit. So you should be able to see the difference between the very fancy outfits [of my character] as a CEO and of course the North Korean style wardrobe.

Is your personal taste in style and clothing similar to your character?

Son Ye-jin: Yun Se-ri’s outfits tend to be a little bit exaggerated because she’s the CEO of a fashion brand and there’s a lot of bling in her outfits. I don’t really think that reflects my personal style because I don’t think that it’s a style that really befits me. I feel like I’m more geared toward the natural style, but shooting scenes with such elaborate and fancy outfits, I think it made me feel a little bit more confident and powerful. Also that was a role that I wasn’t able to play during my previous projects so that was interesting. But to answer your question straightforwardly, I don’t think that reflects my personal taste.


As for Hyun Bin, we last saw you in Memories of the Alhambra as Yoo Jin-woo. How different is the Hyun Bin we’re going to see in Crash Landing on You this time around?


Hyun Bin: I think both characters share the characteristic that they’re both very responsible for the role that’s given to them, but I would say the biggest difference between the characters Yoo Jin-woo and Ri Jeong-hyeok is the sense of purity and innocence that would be a lot more conveyed through this new character.

If you were to crash-land anywhere in the world, where would you crash-land and what would you bring with you?

Hyun Bin: Hopefully it’s somewhere completely new, somewhere I haven’t traveled before either for a trip or to shoot anything, and hopefully there’s nature around me—I would love that. As for the objects…my cellphone, passport, and cash? (Laughs.)


Son Ye-jin: I would love to crash-land in Africa. It’s actually one of the agendas on my bucket list, and also I really love animals. I’d love to visit Africa and hopefully I could take with me a notebook so that I could write a diary. 


You both previously starred in The Negotiation back in 2018, so it’s not your first time working together. How is it like working on a romantic comedy for a change?


Hyun Bin: When we were shooting The Negotiation, we were in a conflict situation. We were opposing against each other, and also we were in separate areas in terms of actual shooting so it was quite different for this one because this show was a lot more bubbly. It was a lot more fun… And also because it’s our second time working on something, it was better for us to share different ideas and how to make each scene better, so I think I’m having a lot more fun this time. 


Son Ye-jin: I think it’s a little bit more complex than just to say it’s better just because it’s the second time working together. I think there’s a lot of positivity that we’re able to create these characters and these very unique roles together. First of all, it is a rom-com, but it’s a story of two people getting to know each other and falling in love despite very difficult circumstances. So we could say that it’s almost a rom-com melodrama fantasy and all of these areas have to be shown through our acting, meaning it requires a lot of depth in our acting skills as well. In that sense, I think we both really worked hard on it and it was a great opportunity to do so.

How did you build or strengthen the chemistry between your characters while filming the show?

Son Ye-jin: It would be really great if actors could create a certain type of chemistry if they could force it or make it, however that’s always not the case. I think it’s something that has to come naturally. Particularly when we do melodramas, the most important thing there is the interaction between the leads where you just have to 'get' the other actor. By that, I mean you have to understand the other person’s acting patterns and what they’re aiming for; you have to be really quick to catch what they’re trying to do and you have to build on that rapport, so I would say that only by doing so would create a win-win situation for both actors.


Hyun Bin: Just to add to that, I agree with what she said. But also in rehearsals it depends on what kind of acting skills the other person has prepared, and also according to what direction the director wants us to act. Sometimes we will tweak what we have prepared for a particular scene according to that, and also depending on the acting of the other person as well as their reaction to my acting. I think we’re able to check each other’s acting during the rehearsal and share some ideas as to how we can make the scene better. So ultimately when we’re actually shooting, we will bring the best out of each other. 

Is there anything you'd like to add before we wrap up?

Son Ye-jin: We’re doing our best for every single scene and working very passionately despite the cold weather. I’m sure this will be a very fun series for you to enjoy. Please keep an eye out for the release of the series. Thank you! 


Hyun Bin: Our series tells both heart-fluttering and heart-warming story set in the most unexpected background, and I hope that it will bring unexpected joy to the audience this winter. I hope you enjoy the series. Thank you.

Crash Landing on You is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.




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New OST "Flower" for Crash Landing on You by Yoon Mi Rae will be released on the 22nd. This song was played at the end of ep.1 when RJH pulled YSR to hide from the security department in North Korea. It was the scene that caused explosive response from the viewers. 



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Thank u so much @thi2018 for keep this thread alive.

Im so obsess with CLOY and focus more on that thread.

So happy that many people enjpy and like CLOY.

Not only SYJ's fans,HB's fans or BinJin Shipper.


Im sooooo in love with Yoon Seri.

No doubt of SYJ's acting.

I like SYJ can make many expression.

Many people compare her acting with JJH.

I like JJH too but SYJ nailed it!

The scene in the car,both HB & SYJ deliver it well!


Btw,can u translate the caption

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Merry Christmas Ye Jin Noona...Hope you enjoy your Christmas season with people you love and this handsome guy beside you...I'm happy you choose this pic to share on your private IG..What a warm intamacy on this Christmas season..

Merry Christmas to you all here




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