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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

On 10/4/2018 at 8:18 PM, cybertron said:

Can someone translate their conversation before they present the award?



To piggy back on your post, can anyone tell me what did senior actress Na Moon Hee say about SYJ at 7:14 in her award speech? Thank you so much to everyone for always updating the thread with SYJ's latest news :) Really appreciate it!

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22 hours ago, heartbreak3r said:

To piggy back on your post, can anyone tell me what did senior actress Na Moon Hee say about SYJ at 7:14 in her award speech? Thank you so much to everyone for always updating the thread with SYJ's latest news :) Really appreciate it!


She said "I am saying this to you..I'm grateful and it's such a great honor to receive another big prize in May this year. With 'I can speak', I was first awarded a prize at 77 and now again at 78. Son Ye Jin-shi who is right next to me, my good sister who is good at buying food, coming hard at work and was doing so well, but it seems to become my turn.  I'm thankful. I want to share this glory with all 'comfort women' grandmothers and all the grandmothers in the world. Thank you."

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Seems like Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food is really popular.

Many celebrity mention about that drama,SYJ and JHI.

I read that Xiumin from EXO really like SYJ in Pretty Noona (didn't found any video of this).

And the girl in Running Man (forgot her name) also crazy over JHI.

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@cybertron If you have time and haven't done so, try to go back to "something in the rain" soompi thread and read all the posts there.  There were a lot of interesting posts including all translations for the drama BTS. :) I found the main leads Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In very entertaining BTS. Their chemistry was even better BTS than the actual drama.

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[News] Son Ye Jin is 1st Place Actress in Korea in 2018



Actor Son Ye-jin is the number one actress in Korean movie actress category in 2018.                            
Son Ye-jin is the first Korean movie actress in 2018 with two films released this year, 'I'm Going to Meet You Now' and 'Negotiation'. 

According to the Korea Film Council's integrated network, "I'm Going to Meet You Now", which was released this spring, recorded a total audience of 2,602,166, exceeding the break-even point of 2 millions, and succeeded in box office. As of October 1, 2018 "The Negotiation" mobilized 1,744,041 people to the theaters, marking the total number of cumulative audiences almost 4.5 millions. 


This was followed by Shim Eun-kyung, Kim Dae-mi (total number of audiences 3,989,322), and Park Bo-young (total number of audiences 2,817,547).

In the Korean film industry centered on male actresses, Son Ye-jin has shown a wide range of acting spectra ranging from melodrama, thriller, action, and comedy, and received a number of award-winning grand prizes. In addition, she has established herself as a leading Korean actress in the movie 'Deok-hee Princess', 'The Pirates', and 'The Tower.'



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On 10/13/2018 at 9:48 AM, thi2018 said:

@cybertron If you have time and haven't done so, try to go back to "something in the rain" soompi thread and read all the posts there.  There were a lot of interesting posts including all translations for the drama BTS. :) I found the main leads Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In very entertaining BTS. Their chemistry was even better BTS than the actual drama.


i havent finish that thread..will continue later..

i keep watching bts clip especially snow scene..super adorable these two..

Did SYJ won an award? i saw on ig..something like korea popular culture and arts..

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|News|  2018•10•16 Son Ye Jin receives the Prime Minister's Commendation Award


Singer Suh Bong-bong, actress Son Ye-jin, and Kim Tae-ri (from left) who won this year's popular culture and arts award. Shim Su-bong receives the Presidential Citation, Son Ye-jin receives the Prime Minister's Award, and Kim Tae-ri receives the Ministerial Award. / Photo courtesy = National Choir · News 1


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will host "2018 Korean Culture and Art Award Ceremony" at the Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu, Seoul at 4:30 pm KST on October 24th.  The popular culture and art awards raise the social status of popular culture and art and the motivation of creative artitsts.


The winner of the popular culture art prize was decided by comprehensive examination of various items such as public period,  activity results, related industry contribution,  social contribution, national reputation and awareness. This year, 13 medals, 7 presidential awards, 8 prestigious awards, and 8 ministerial citation commendation are awarded.


Source (1)

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|Event|  2018•10•18 Son Ye Jin Attended the “Rampant” Movie VIP Premiere 

Location: Megabox COEX, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Date/Time: 2018•10•18 @ 8pm KST

The “Rampant” starred actor Huyn Bin who is actress Son Ye Jin’s former costar in the movie “Negotiation”


Her Beauty Stands Out
















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|Event Schedule| Son Ye Jin's Upcoming Schedule 




2018•10•24    2018 Korean Popular Culture & Art Awards

                         Location: Olympic Park, Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

                         Time: 3pm KST 


2018•10•27    2018 The Seoul Awards 2nd 

                         Location: Kyung Hee University Peace Hall, Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

                         Time: 5pm KST


***Disclaimer: The schedule is subject to change at anytime***


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|Interview|  2018•10•21 Kang Il-hong's Special Interview - Son Ye Jin

"I want to be a heroine in a real romantic rumor topic”

THE FACT Entertainment | 2018-10-21 00:00


Actor Son Ye-jin (36) made her debut in the drama 'Delicious Proposal' in 2001. It was the first work of a rookie who starred as a main heroine in the debut mini-series of the MBC’s 41st foundation anniversary featured drama. At that time, in the broadcasting industry, a 'female lead’ was not usually given to a new person. So, even after a long time, this work is a symbol attached to Son Ye-jin.

In movies, she starred in 'Lover’s Concerto (2002), 'A moment to remember (2004), and ‘April Snow' in 2005 which became popular, making herself well known as an actor. In 'April Snow’ when she was in mid-twenties, she portrayed the affection feelings of the housewife’s affair deeply and calmly.  In this film, she won the Best Actress Award at the 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival.

Three years later, in 2008, Son Ye-jin won the Best Actress Award from the Blue Dragon Film Awards for her film "My Wife Got Married." In this work with Kim Joo Hyuk, she became the best actress nominee in the film by showing off her enthusiastic performance with overflowing charming appearance of ‘Son Ye Jin’s character.’ At that time I (the writer/author) was participated as the director and chief judge of the popular culture organization. I was fascinated by her delightful acting performance, and thus I gave my casting vote without difficulty (the results of the vote were released to the press immediately after the awards ceremony).

Since then, she was named as a solid big screen’s star that I do not need to explain it again. After her debut, she has been working steadily without breaks, and is often referred to as a role model for many young actresses. Acting is her driving force. And the supportive factors are no controversies, even a small one, and no everyday-type of scandals.

It is no exaggeration to say that 2018 is the year of actor Son Ye Jin. The drama "The Beautiful Sister Who Buys me Food" and the movies "Be With You," and "Negotiation” which is currently screening inside theaters. In particular, the movie "Negotiation", the latest one, just came shortly before the Korean Thanksgiving holiday, also got positive responses.

At the center of the news, it was not easy to have an exclusive face-to-face interview with her, but as a ‘goddess of loyalty’, she gladly responded to the meeting request a while back.  The lovely Son Ye Jin showed up with confidence. With a positive attitude of Son Ye Jin, the special interview’s progression lasted for one hour at U-cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 18th.

This year, the name of the actor ‘Son Ye-jin' once again became explosive. With both drama and film have attracted attention, what if you rate yourself?

I’m really glad to see good results.  Whether it’s drama or movie, I always feel a lot of tension before the openings of dramas or movies.  Both movies were filmed last year and it’s been a busy year as the films were released one after another this year. Despite the favorable reception, the ‘negotiation’ is a bit disappointing in the number of audiences.  

Son Ye-jin, who collaborated with So Ji Sub in March of this year in ‘Be With You’, lit up the romance melo, filling the emptiness. The movie attracted 2.6 million viewers. The JTBC’s drama 'The Beautiful Sister Who Buys Me Food' showed a delicate ‘signature’ performance of Son Ye Jin after a long time since 'Alone In Love'.  In the crime movie with Hyun Bin, Kim Sang Ho and others, the "Negotiation", she played the role of a police officer Chae-Yoon without any hesitation, and she was well-acknowledged not only for her position as an actor but also for her performance.

It’s been 19 years since your debut. You are walking the path of the performer without breaks, playing a wide variety of genres. Is there any sorrowful feeling?

Why I should not feel sorrowful. It's because of the excessive love and interest I received from fans.  I’m different from the way I look. You may hear around that I’m easy going and bold but I’m always in a continuous tension. I try to relax but while I’m doing my works, I always strive to maintain my rules and standards at all times.  Keeping it is getting tough every time.  I think maybe I'll give up being an actor if I'm born again.

There was hardly any breaks after debut. It is never easy to do steady works.

I'm lucky, I believe I got my first assigned task well. Gradually, I realized how great it was to gain acting experience playing the protagonist from my debut film.  The more difficult it is to act, the narrower the field. Ironically, I don’t think I could have the courage to endure any difficulties with just motivation and enthusiasm.

Since Son Ye-jin’s debuted drama ‘Delicious Proposal’ (2001), she has created an image that has no objection to female viewers through ‘Alone in love.’  After Melos like ‘A moment to remember’, the 'Classic', she played in romantic comedy such as ‘The Art of Seduction,’ ‘First Love Rally’, ‘Spellbound', and then broadened her spectrum to thrillers such as 'The Truth beneath', 'Open city', ‘Blood and Ties.’


I have learned about the loyalty you have for your agency.  With the aspects of the entertainment industry, is it unusually rare to stay together with the same company almost 20 years straight?

Well, I think it's good to stay together for a long time with people who you are comfortable without thinking too much.  Representative Kim Min-sook was the one who had chosen me in my third year of high school, and introduced me to the entertainment. So we are like family.  If I seek for a more favorable condition, it will become difficult when things get tough and the situation changes.

Son Ye-jin even used the same beauty salon (Jenny House at Cheongdam-dong) for 19 years since her debut.  In this regard, Mr. Kim Min-sook, the representative of the MS Team Entertainment company commented, "she is an example of a honest and decent actor who is rarely seen in the world of entertainment industry." "Has the so-called (Son) Ye-jin ever been attracted by other agencies?" he said, "She is not a person who wants to loose principles and she feels a strong sense of human consciousness." Son Ye - jin, in 19 years, has never once missed a schedule or made use of her time ineffectively.

At the time of her debut, she moved to Seoul to study acting when she was a third year student in high school

I met with current CEO Mr. Kim Min-sook in 1999 when I was attending Junghwa Girl High School in Daegu. I was at the age a littler older for a child, and not old enough to be called adult. At that time, high school girls were classified as children. Representative Kim said, "Let’s focus on studying acting and make a debut after graduation." I took Saemaeul* train every time I traveled from Daegu to Seoul. Even though it was fun to travel on the train but I was bored with the anticipation of getting delayed acting instructions.  

The role of the crisis negotiating team Lieutenant Chae-Yoon, which was shown in the movie 'Negotiation,’ was different from the original romance or romantic comedy character. How did you collaborate with Hyun Bin?

As you know, it's only at the very end when we actually filmed face to face. We spent together about a month and a half at the shooting scenes, but most of the scenes were taken from dual monitors, so it felt like we were in separate places.  I was worried about the shooting techniques when I received the scenarios.  At the time of filming, it went on like a live broadcast so we couldn’t relax.  During the shooting period, it seemed like we were mostly living together.

In the 'Negotiation', Son Ye-jin was in charge of negotiations in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's crisis negotiating team. She was calm and determined in resolving any urgent situations. Hyun Bin played the weapons smuggler for an international crime organization and was on the International Police Agency Blacklist, Min Tae-gu, who seemed to be watching the situation in a relaxed manner while staging the worst hostages in history.

Working together for almost two months, do you see similar or different working styles? I also wonder about your rapport with actor Hyun Bin.

I sensed it at the time of filming, but when I was scheduled to attend stages all over the country, I realized Hyun Bin is full of charms. He’s usually reserved but very humorous.  Not just me, he listened to other people very well.  I am grateful for the wonderful actor and the pleasant memories of good work.

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin were born in 1982 and are the same age. They were the subjects of a hot topic in the early days of the fact that the pair of actors in their 30s who are well-balanced in performance and acting abilities. In addition, it was a special collaboration because the relationship between them was replaced by the confrontation of 'enemies' rather than 'between lovers'. "Even we are in the same age, we did not have a chance to talk," she said. "I’d like to try acting face to face in another work."

The suit showed up very good when you went to certain place after receiving a call from the police commissioner.  In all your works, I don’t think I have ever seen you in a uniform.

Yes, you are sharp. I believed that I have played a lot of different roles in my career, but until now I do not remember wearing a police suit in my work.  Come to think about it I did not even wear military uniforms or doctors' uniforms. If the uniform looks good, I think I will wear it often in the future. (Laughs)

Son Ye-jin has a continuous desire to draw a different 'love' story on screen from her 20s. She hoped that she would be able to gradually make the changes that fit her age. She wanted to be able to extend her role to play an extreme intense character in a light comedy movie. She decided that, "I still have a lot of acting to do.”

The movie ‘Negotiation' is a debut film of Lee Jong-seok, the assistant director of the movie ‘Ode to My Father.' There seems to be a lot of matching choreograph by the new director.

It was unintentional. When I decided to take on a work based on various factors, it turned out to be that way. It was the same with "A Moment to Remember," "Open City," "Spellbound," "Accomplice," "Into the White Night," "Be With You," and so on. While a well-known director has great reputation that reduces the risk of failure, the new director is passionate and genuine. Nowadays, the director writes most of the scenarios directly.

I like talking about movies, but I'm going to ask some personal questions about this. I can not help but talk about marriage because you are not married.

If you only ask about marriage, the answer is hard. I think it's always a dream goal but it seems to moving away like a mirage (illusion).  I am already passed mid 30 because I was immersed in my work without any thought. If I decide not do it at all, I would have no reason to worry, but I'm not a celibate. Is it because I’m not desperate yet?  If I meet a good person, it's always a call, but it must be before forty, heheh.

You have almost never been involved in controversy or scandal, and especially you seem to stay away when it comes to a hot romantic rumor topic. Is there a secret?

Although there was an absurd rumor, but it never happened at all. It was with actor Kim Nam-gil, after taking two consecutive series, the movie "Pirates" and the drama "Shark", which led to a hot romantic rumor topic, but I had never been to a date so it didn’t make sense from the beginning. I want to be in a real romantic rumor topic.

The appearance of Son Ye-jin in the KBS drama 'Shark' in 2013 and the movie 'Pirates: Bandits Going to the Sea' with actor Kim Nam-gil turned into a hot romantic rumor topic.  Both companies immediately dismissed as it was 'misleading'.  At the time, Son Ye-Jin’s agency, MS Team denied it stating "The two people have never had personal meetings other than the official shooting and event schedules, as mentioned in the report."




Now, whether you want it or not, you've become a middle-aged actor. What are the standards you have in selecting works?

In order to do things without making mistakes, I must put myself into work.  Though I did not set a standard, but in my case, I think my feeling is definitely important. First of all, a new role will trigger curiosity to play.  The other one is that I try to be considerate while working together. You can say that maybe it’s a little more relaxed when your age accumulates.  If you can get a good evaluation of your work consistently, there’s nothing more to wish for.


How about when there is no work? When there are a lot of time alone, can I ask you to talk about your personal space.

Once the decision about a production is made, from the preparation period until shooting, and when the release date is secured, it could get very busy, sometimes would last all day long, due to public relations and stage greetings. Therefore, I think the time to recharge is important before I take on a new work. My mind is somewhat relaxed, but it never fully relaxed.


Son Ye-jin said that she spends 4 to 5 days a week on exercise (fitness & pilates), massages 2 times, visits hair salon, reads books or watches movies. It is also important to have good relationships with other actresses like eating, drinking and chatting at the restaurant. The gathering of Gong Hyo-jin, Um ji-won, Song Yoon-ah, Oh Yoon-ah, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Min-jung, and Son Ye-jin is called 'Cinderella 7' (named for the actress’s bestfriends club which means it separates before 12 midnight). Among the members Lee Min-jung and Son Ye-jin are the youngest. Sometimes she stays abroad with people she knows.


I think it maybe inconvenient being famous as an actress. Finally, if there is anything more you need to fill in, please let me know.

Of course I will have to. However, with the love I received from many people, it helps me to be tougher. Though I am greedy for trying to fill more, but I am satisfied with the present. In fact, as an actor, it's a burden that you always have to live without loosen the tension. I want to continue to be seen as an actor who offers the curiosity to look forward to another image transformation and something new every time. This will make it easier to accept with a positive mind.


Son Ye-jin's charm is pouring out unchanged like the first love. The more years added since the debut, which added to the richness of her working years, the more mature she is.  It is not as easy to maintain the original mindset as it is. With a small appearance not too much different from a typical woman in her 30s, I am amazed at the fact that she has captivated both big and small screens.


Son Ye-jin, a famous actress who was born once again, had a friendly relationship with the writer rather than feeling of strangeness even though it was the first time in 10 years since I had a face to face interview with her.  The precious bright smile and humility remained intact. I think the secret to getting favorable reviews for each and every piece of work is the energy that is pouring out from this inner depth. The special limited edition interview with actor Son Ye-jin, who has not been seen after a long time, was surprisingly pleasant.


Source (1)

 *Saemaeul train is a class of train operated by Korail, the national railroad of South Korea, since February 8, 1969. Before the introduction of KTX express train, the Saemaeul was the fastest class of trains in South Korea (Wikipedia)


Disclaimer: Translated by fchopin for Son Ye Jin's soompi thread. Please note this translation was solely for your convenience, and it was not intended to replace professional or certified translator or for any type of professional publication. There are possible discrepancies and inaccuracies during the translation. No grammar and spell check were performed (too exhausted after translating this long article :))

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|News|  2018•10•21 Son Ye Jin Won the Popularity Awards - Film Category - at The Seoul Awards 




The winners of the popularity awards have been determined for this year’s The Seoul Awards!

The popularity award recipients were selected 50 percent by fan votes and 50 percent by the professional judge panel and national judge panel. The national judge panel is made up of 100 film and drama lovers who were chosen ahead of time through an interview process.

For the female drama category, Seohyun won with 60.51 percent of the fan vote. Although Son Ye Jin and Kim Tae Ri were vote first and second, respectively, by the judge panels, their fan votes were not high enough to win.

Although Park Bo Young won the votes of the judge panels for the female film category, Son Ye Jin came out on top with 57.58 percent of the fan votes. 


The recipients will be awarded at the ceremony of The Seoul Awards on October 27 at Kyunghee University’s Grand Peace Palace. It will be broadcast live via SBS at 6 p.m. KST.


***Skipped unrelated***

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|News|  2018•10•24 Son Ye Jin Attended 2018 Korean Culture and Art Prize 

Location: Olympic Park, Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Date: 2018•10•24 

Son Ye Jin, on this date, attended and received the Prime Minister's Commendation Award under her real name Son Eon-jin.

The 'Korean Popular Culture and Art Prize' is the government award system designed to enhance the social status of popular artists and encourage their efforts and achievements.

Congratulations Son Ye-jin!!!





















Award Acceptance Speech

"Hello everyone, I'm actress Son Ye-jin. But, this is the first time since my debut that I'm receiving an award under my real name. I'm really embarrassed but I take it as a reminder to not forget my original intentions.  And I'll continue to show you many good acting performances in the future. Thank you very much"


Link to watch the entire ceremony



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On 10/24/2018 at 7:00 PM, cybertron said:

Please translate this.



I'm not sure if someone translated for you yet. The MC said "nowadays women want to become pretty sisters who buy food. I cannot imagine what kind of picture a pretty sister is that drives that kind of heat. I'm thinking about a pretty sister from the drama pretty sister who buys me food Son Ye-jin. You are here today Ms. Son Ye-jin. She came here looking very beautiful.  I wish to have her face."

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October 24, 2018


Actress Sohn Ye-jin awarded cultural medal


Actress Sohn Ye-jin awarded cultural medal

Actress Sohn Ye-jin poses for photos before a cultural awards ceremony in Seoul on Oct. 24, 2018. She received a state medal for contributing to the global promotion of Korean culture. (Yonhap) (END)

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