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[Negotiation] - Media Interview 
















In the interview, Son Ye-jin showed the positive desire to understand the movie, the acting, and the audience's mind by putting out her efforts to tell her own story. Every word she used to tell the story shows why she was loved by many and why she was called the best.


Son Ye-jin, who is almost reaching the 20th year of debut, shows steadily more than one work every year. Fans are grateful but also worry that she would become exhausted someday. 


"I did a lot of movies and dramas. How did I do that? (Laughs) Of course I sometimes think of myself as working "too hard." My energy is limited. I thought it was hard, but my eyes kept reading the scenarios. Thankfully,  I still have a lot of enthusiasm in my heart. I hope this does not disappear. "


Son Ye-jin, who is working nonstop for almost 20 years. When asked what kind of questions she thought she would get about this movie. "I had never thought about it before," she struggled a bit and continued to say, "I think the concept of the movie is constantly changing. There was something I thought was important, but then it changed at any moment. For years, I think the most common idea is how to convey the 'virtual reality'. Just like in the movie opened in this spring "I'm going to meet you now," it had a great fantasy side of it. It is when I think about how to immerse the audience into that kind of fantasy. "


During the interview, there was a warm gaze of Son Ye-jin who has the audience in mind. She said she was constantly thinking to maintain this warmth. She is not bound to an archetypal title as an actor and wants to look at as much of the world as possible, has left a fresh impression on acting.


"Learning is actually an easy job to be isolated from reality. It is not my own experience when I meet people and listen to stories. I think it should not be attached to one framework of 'acting'. I have to admit that my thoughts may be narrow and I have to keep learning. I especially like to watch documentaries like the 'Human' and '3 days'. There you can experience it indirectly and feel the other world. "


In addition, Son Ye-jin added her thoughts when she took the role in the"negotiation" and said that a talented negotiator and a good actor seem to have a common point.

"A competent negotiator was someone who could see and understand others' hearts. Why is this person being forced to fall into this situation, and what is the story? I think this is the same for actors. It is also important to know the innerside of the character and the mind of the audience. I still do not know but I'm trying to figure out the audiences' hearts. I will continue to do so in the future. "


Son Ye-jin is going to introduce the 'negotiation' at the so-called 'booming' Chuseok theater. Unfortunatly, Zo In-sung and Cho Seung-woo, who were her costars in the 'Classic', will compete  each other in the theaters at the same time. Son Ye Jin smiled at this wonderful coincidence.


"I saw this news at first and thought, 'Is this a coincidence?' (Laughs) 'Classic' is a mixture of coincidence and fate, which is ironic. I hope to see them again sometimes in my work, and I get this competition. It is the holiday season of Chuseok, so I hope they will watch it. I think of them as my colleagues, and maybe they both think of me as a competitor. haha. Of course I will only see 'negotiations' in the theater. (Laughs) 'The great battle' and 'Feng-shui' should be viewed as good competitors."


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[Negotiation] VIP Premiere Attendees 

Team "Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food"



Team “Pretty Noona” gathered after VIP Premiere



SON ye-jin's bestfriends 


Bestfriends gathered after VIP Premiere



On September 19, Lee Jung Hyun posted a photo to her Instagram with the caption “Congratulations [Son] Ye Jin~ #afterparty #thenegotiation #openstoday #gowatchit”


The picture included actresses Uhm Ji Won, Son Ye Jin, Lee Jung Hyun, and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. The ladies all looked beautiful sitting side by side as they posed for the picture.


source: soompi

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[Negotiation] CGV Live Talk on September 18th

Participant: Director Lee Jong-seok, Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

Host: Joo Jong Announcer

Place: Yeongdeungpo CGV Stadium Hall


Eng Sub


Full Video












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[Negotiation] Opening Day Box Office in SK




Son Ye Jin Talks About Friendship With Jo In Sung And Cho Seung Woo + Their Movies Premiering On The Same Day

Son Ye Jin, Jo In Sung, and Cho Seung Woo will be engaging in some friendly competition over their upcoming films.

The actress’s upcoming film “Negotiation” will be premiering on September 19, the same day as Jo In Sung’s “The Great Battle” and Cho Seung Woo’s “Feng Shui.” The three actors all starred in hit rom-com “Classic” in 2003.


On the premiere battle with her former co-stars, Son Ye Jin remarked, “Our movies really ended up premiering on the same day. We’re all really proud of each other. It’s been 15 years since ‘Classic’ premiered, but a lot of people still talk about it. It’s hard for these moments to overlap, and so I think it’s great that we’re all active as actors even now. I hope we all do well.”


She expressed further affection for the rom-com saying, “‘Classic’ continues to air on television a lot. When I see it, it feels like I’ve gotten on a time machine. I remember the emotions I felt and the scents I smelled while filming when I was young. As an actor, I’m very thankful.”


Son Ye Jin has been especially busy this year. Earlier this year, she appeared in film “Be with You,” and then starred in JTBC’s “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.” She will be finishing her third project this year with “Negotiation.” On her jam packed year, she commented, “Coincidentally, there were no gaps between the three works, as one project led to another. Thankfully, many people loved them both, so I was lucky and grateful. ‘Negotiation’ is a completely different from the other two, so I hope that people will see it so.”


When asked if she was tired from constantly filming and promoting, she smiled and answered, “I still have energy left. People tell me that I have good stamina, but I’m not sure. I definitely experience satisfaction and joy from working. I’m happiest when I meet people with similar thoughts and work with them.”


On being picked as a role model by younger actresses such as Kim So HyunGong Seung Yeon, and more, she expressed, “I was so happy. I never thought I would be that kind of senior actress, but I now feel time passing by. I also grew by watching others, but now I’ve become that person. I’m proud and I think, ‘I worked hard until now.’ I also think that time passes by fast. It’s a great thing to become someone who others with the same dreams want to be like.”


Son Ye Jin then talked about the kind of acting she wanted to try. She picked, “I want to try something that will let me act and also try a performance like ‘Black Swan.'” She laughed and added, “I’m not good at dancing. But I like trying things I haven’t. I enjoy challenges.” She continued, “When I was younger, I thought about how to deal with acting. Now, I think it’s a very obvious thing to become an actor who works hard and takes responsibility regardless of the results. I think that doing my best in acting and conveying concerns, empathy, or emotions is something to be grateful for. I want to continue to act. I hope that my passion continues to come out.”


Source: soompi

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[Negotiation] Thriller Shows Off New Sides of Familiar Faces

Sept 21,2018



In crime flick “The Negotiation,” actors Son Ye-jin and Hyunbin smoothly pull off their roles as a police negotiator and a cold-blooded villain. 

One of the most anticipated releases of the upcoming Chuseok holiday season, alongside several other ambitious projects like “The Great Battle” and “Monstrum,” “The Negotiation” is a gripping thriller with a modern touch. 

The movie follows a suspenseful negotiation between Ha Chae-yoon (Son), a professional negotiator of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and an illegal arms dealer Min Tae-gu (Hyunbin), who holds a Korean police officer, a journalist and a few other Korean citizens as hostages in Bangkok. 

Communicating through video calls on big screens, Tae-gu threatens to kill the hostages if he does not get what he wants - and he does not hesitate to do so. He physically abuses and kills the hostages without hesitation when the negotiator’s answers are not satisfying.

The negotiation, which lasts 12 straight hours, does not go smoothly, as Tae-gu does not reveal his true intention behind what he is doing, and instead, continuously demands to speak to seemingly unrelated people in front of the screen. 

But Tae-gu’s conversations with these seemingly unrelated figures gradually peel back layers of truth about the corruption of authorities, of which Tae-gu is revealed to be a victim. 

Coming from a rookie director Lee Jong-seok, the movie opens with a refreshing start to arouse curiosity. That freshness, however, is suddenly lost when the director aims for a big twist in the tale. 

When Tae-gu’s intention behind holding hostages is revealed, the movie becomes no different from many other local films, in which weak people struggle to fight for justice against corrupt and seemingly impregnable authorities.

Irrespective of the way the story unfolds, the two main leads showcase powerful performances, which help to gloss over the plot’s weakness. 

Son proves that she is not just a sweetheart, as seen in “A Moment to Remember” (2004) and “The Classic” (2003), but that she can be something more. And Hyunbin also successfully breaks away from his image as a prince charming to play a merciless villain, although his call for justice fails to completely separate the nice guy image that the actor has been holding on to. 

Released on Wednesday, the movie runs for 114 minutes. It is rated 15 and above.

BY JIN MIN-JI [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]


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[Negotiation] CGV Stage Greetings September 22, 2018

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin attended "The Negotiation" stage greeting at Jamsil Lotte Cinema World Tower in the afternoon of the first day of Chuseok holidays. 2018.09.22







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Son Ye Jin Opens Up About What She Struggled With While Filming Her Latest Film “Negotiation”



Son Ye Jin recently talked about the trials and struggles of filming her latest movie “Negotiation,” in which she plays a crisis negotiator trying to put an end to a major hostage situation.


Although the film is classified as an crime action thriller, Son Ye Jin spends most of her time in the film staying in a single room rather than running around or engaging in physical altercations. When asked whether this made it difficult to be on set, Son Ye Jin said, “Sometimes, I didn’t want to be on set. Usually in acting, we use our bodies in an active way to help express our emotions, but this film required me to wear the same clothes, be in the same room, and sit in the same chair for a lot of the scenes. I realized just how frustrating and confining that was. I had a lot of lines, but I also had to express what emotions my character was feeling through very minute differences. It did take a toll on me.”


Saying that she would relieve the stress and pressure of such filming conditions by sitting outside when eating lunch as it allowed her to enjoy an open space, she also revealed that during that time, she would never talk about the film. Son Ye Jin said, “There was a house built near the set, and I think all I would talk about is how nice it would be to live there. It did help relieve some of the stress and tension of being on set.”


Son Ye Jin said that filming “Negotiation” was a difficult process because she felt more alone than ever when filming her scenes. She said, “I know that the more you think about and mull over your role, the more you open yourself up to showing a more multifaceted side of your character to your audience. That’s the driving force that helps you keep going when you’re feeling worn out on set. But for this film, I think I might have collapsed from mental fatigue if filming had gone on for long. The fact that the filming schedule was so compact for this film really helped.”


The actress concluded by stating that although the process of filming her scenes had been tough, she was proud of what she was able to do as the film gave her the opportunity to show a new side of herself and take on a new challenge.


source: soompi


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[Negotiation] Stage Greetings September 24, 2018



























So cute :wub:



Movie 'Negotiation' stage greetings

was held at CGV Wangsimni in Hwangdong-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of September 24th. 
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Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Celebrate “The Negotiation” Surpassing 1 Million Moviegoers



“The Negotiation” has surpassed 1 million moviegoers at the box office!

According to the Korean Film Commission, “The Negotiation” reached over 1 million moviegoers on September 25, seven days since its premiere on September 19.


To celebrate, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin took a photo celebrating not only this milestone, but also  Chuseok, one of Korea’s most important holidays. Together, they posed while holding a plate of songpyeon (half-moon shaped rice cakes) that were in the shape of the number 100.


Source: soompi 





Congratulations to ‘Negotiation’ Team!!

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[Negotiation] 2018.09.25 Stage Greetings

Movie "Negotiation" stage greetings was held at Sangam-dong Mega Box Sangam, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Participants: Actors Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, and director Lee Jong Suk.







Son Ye Jin also celebrated Hyun Bin’s birthday on this day. :kiss_wink:



Happy Birthday Hyun Bin!!!


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