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Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Talk About Acting With Each Other In Upcoming Film


Son Ye Jin and Won Bin talked about what it was like to work with each other in their upcoming film “The Negotiation.”

On August 9, the film held a press conference ahead of its premiere, with director Lee Jong Suk as well as its two leads Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin present. The film follows hostage negotiator Ha Chae Yoon (played by Son Ye Jin) who begins a one-on-one negotiation with Min Tae Gyu (played by Hyun Bin), a criminal who is behind a huge hostage situation in Thailand.


When asked why she chose the film, Son Ye Jin answered, “The fact that Hyun Bin was positively reviewing the script for ‘The Negotiation’ was the deciding factor in my decision.” She continued, “I was surprised when I heard that he was looking at the role. It was different from the image Hyun Bin has shown as an actor so far. I thought it was great that he was using this role to take on a bold challenge.”


Son Ye Jin then talked about what it was like filming with Hyun Bin. She explained, “We filmed separately but simultaneously. We didn’t film a lot facing each other, but we had to work with each other by looking through the monitor. It wasn’t easy to film.” She added, “However, we’re the same age, and we debuted at a similar time. So we did have a sense of unspoken camaraderie. It’s because we had that kind of trust, that we worked well despite having to use a monitor.”


Hyun Bin also talked about Son Ye Jin and shared, “She was a reassuring presence. It was difficult and new to film separately and simultaneously. But I thought that Son Ye Jin was an actress that could alleviate all that.” He added, “She’s an actress with a great gaze. Even though we were acting through the monitor, I thought she was an actress who acted with her eyes a lot. Watching her easily expressing the tension, but also the delicacy amidst that, it didn’t feel like I was watching her through the monitor.”


“The Negotiation” will premiere in September.



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Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin's interview on KBS 2TV 'Entertainment Relay' was broadcast on August 10th. The two actors have the upcoming movie 'Negotiations' (directed by Lee Jong-seok).


The two actors sat down in the theater to watch their past videos and take quizzes. 

The first image was a refreshing drink advertisement by Son Ye Jin. Hyun Bin answered '2003 ~ 2004?' to the question, 'What was the year of the advertisement?'. The answer was actually in 2001 which was 17 years ago. 

Hyun Bin could not hide his surprised expression, and Son Ye-jin once again confirmed that she is the ageless goddess. 

Son Ye-jin said, "I still think about the shooting at that time," she said. "While I was shooting the advertisement, I listened to music with the cassette tapes."




The second video was a scene of 'My name is Kim Sam-soon'. Son Ye Jin was asked to say the nickname actress Kim Sun Ae called Hyun Bin in the drama. Son Ye-jin paused for a hint and answered "Sam-eik?" However, Son Ye-jin said, "I am really sorry I have not seen this drama." Hyun Bin responded "I need to pull the microphone off" which caused a burst of laughter. In addition, Hyun Bin said, "If I would play another older woman-younger man couple onscreen, I still want to do it with Kim Sun Ae."




Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin also explained how the movie "Negotiations" was shot in a special way. Son Ye-jin said, "I shot upstairs and Hyun Bin was downstairs." Hyun Bin had to come upstairs when the shooting was over because the monitor was on our floor, "she said. 


Hyun Bin said, "That was more difficult than shooting. I had to go up to see the monitor. If it’s ok then ok. If I have to shoot again, then I have to go down." he laughed.


cr: KBS2 TV 



Click the IG below to see the video with Engsub/vietsub (swipe right to continue with the video)



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Son Ye-jin Becomes Police Officer Trying to Solve Serious Hostage Situation




In the pictures, Son Ye-jin looks extremely concerned, and seems to put all her energy into finding the best ways to solve the situation.


Although not completely seen, Son Ye-jin still managed to grab the attention of many people with her stunning appearance in the police uniform.


Cr: news.sbs.co.kr


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Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin for Vogue September 












CJ Entertainment


Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin attracted attention with their fascinating appearance through the September issue of fashion magazine "Vogue Korea".


In the black-and-white tone of the picture, it contained a pressure between two people in a restrained atmosphere. They are gazing at different places and showing off a strange tension, just like they are confronted each other in the movie "the negotiation."  The movie will be released on September 19th.


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Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin for Vogue September   ---   PART 2

Full of Charisma 






















Vogue Korea

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Celebrity Styles 


Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2018 RTW Striped Cotton poplin mini dress £1,575 and Alexander Mcqueen drop shoulder wool silk jacket $3,045





Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2018 RTW Collection


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Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin's energy games



It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to see the work of talented artists who have faithfully conveyed the life of human beings. Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are actors who have always wanted to show new faces despite their talents have already been recognized, they have many projects to choose from, and their popularity is explosively rising. To achieve this goal, their project selections are not distinguished between dramas or movies, genres, size of the work, or the director’s reputation. If it is meant to portray a different character than their prior works or a completely different story, they are willing to be part of it. As a result, Son Ye - jin and Hyun Bin are well-known actors whose names became persuasive. The two actors, who were born in 1982, will begin an intense confrontation that creates suffocating moments in the movie “The Negotiation.” The two actors only have one goal: To keep the audiences from taking their eyes off the screen for two hours. “The Negotiation” is an invitation to a whole new world created by Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin.


The beauty of sympathy, Son Ye Jin

"I am Son Ye Jin who gives abundant greetings." This was the first greeting from Son Ye Jin to reporters at the press conference “The Negotiation.” She added, along with the movie “I'm Going to Meet You Now", which was released in March, this is my third project this year. I was worried and a bit nervous that there might be some fans who still fondly attached to my previous image, Son Ye-jin explains. The frequency of the work exposure is not necessarily correspond to the creation of the actor's image. It is always nice to see the works in which the actors focus on their performance to deliver a given character effectively and faithfully convey the life of that person. In addition, Son Ye-jin, who used to say "I'm tired of one repetitive acting image," was once again presenting in the movie trailer with an unprecedented image of a short haircut, a strong and confidence voice that distinctly pours out each word. "I like crime fiction genre in which you do not know what will happen in 2 hours. In fact, when I watch some movies, I tend to look at my watch or cell phone, or sometimes I look here and there. However, this genre is so thrilling and tense, it keeps me from taking my eyes off even for a moment. When I’m in stress or thinking too much , I often watch mystery thrillers and war movies. "The negotiation” scenario was just like that. I read the script all at once and constantly curious about what might happen next. The tension and immersion were overwhelming. And there was character Ha Chae Yoon who has a strong belief in her profession and a deep sense of humanity."


She is the negotiator who must persuade the hostile abductor (Hyun Bin) to stop the worst hostage in a given limited time. "Though she is a subjective and very strong character, there's a format in which negotiators fight and convince a captor. In a way, it’s a character that can become stereotype somehow. A character who is strong and honest is not attractive. I was worried how I could portray the human side of this character. It was a story about 12-hours that I spent in the same room. If it’s done carelessly, it will become repetitive. In addition, using the same tone continuously will become boring, so I had to work hard to make a lot of changes." Just as a doctor disinfects his hands before going into an operating room, Son Ye-jin washes her hands in the bathroom alone before entering the shooting scene, that way she can arrange her mind for that scene. It is her own method before recording a scene. “'The Negotiation' seemed like standing on a testing post. I always had to be in a substantial amount of tension. Because I always had to keep myself at a constant stress, I couldn't remember anything except feeling exhausted.” It was an exciting character for Son Ye-jin, who is usually interested in psychology, but her psychological pressure was significantly unmeasurable. Thus, the movie “Negotiation” seems to be the result of the painful evolution of the newness that Son Ye Jin had always pursued.


In 19 years of acting, Son Ye-jin became an actor who was not disappointed her audiences even if she has the "retrospective exhibition.” When asked which movie she would choose to remake if she has the "retrospective exhibition of Son Ye Jin,” she picked “The Classic”. The reason because it was the first movie she starred in, and many viewers are still in love with it. In fact, “The Classic” was recently re-screened in the theater. As a result, fans were so happy to welcome the return of the legendary melodrama queen. "If I don’t discuss about the results and reactions from audiences, I think there was a reason for a certain work to be done at a certain point in time. The work that became the driving force for me to make various choices as an actor is ‘the art of seduction.’ I was able to break out from melodramatic genre to do a romantic comedy for the first time. ‘April Snow’ and ‘Alone in Love’ brought me the experience that helped me recognize the universal feelings of humanity that I wouldn't be able to know at that age. That was the time when I was in my mid twenties. No matter how many works I did, I felt like I have struggled because I always wanted to do something different.”


At the time of her debut, Son Ye-jin was remembered as having the image of a pure or sexy female character. Of course, at first Son Ye-jin belonged to a 'Pure Group'. Then it was changed to an eye-candy character, and then a “Girl Crush.” These are all reflective images of a woman in each period of time. Recent projects have often highlighted Son Ye-jin’s strong and subjective image.  “I feel like I want to play a character who can do and say all things without being interrupted, but at the same time, displaying a weaker side that can project the true image of ourselves. Thankfully, I have been able to keep up with various genres and have a desire to do so in the future. I hope that there will be many projects that can show diverse sides of human without regards to gender. The film, ‘The Witch,’ is starred by a new actress who plays the noir genre. It's a movie that does not follow any general filming structures but it’s still successful. I think it proves that a well-made content can also work well. I believe diversities can definitely attract audiences.”


We have met Son Ye Jin in “The truth beneath” and “The last princess (Deok-Hye Princess).” It was an exhilarating experience to see a perfectly different face of an actor. "When I was younger, I would not have been offered the same roles. As an actor or a human being, you are gradually experiencing and cultivating more emotions. Timing is important. There are movies that you can show acting abilities and there are ones that put the plot priority. Both are female-centric movies which show many aspects of emotional human beings through a deep and comprehensive way. Both of them were mothers who suffered from painful sorrows, and at some point, as a woman, I felt empathy for them. The actor who wears a particular color will change differently depending on that color. Instead of commenting on the strangeness of the change, the audiences are exciting to see new changes.  I like that very much."


The characters played by Son Ye-jin were lovely women who live according to their own rules rather than those who follow other people's wills. As an actor, she loved a character with many deficiencies. Through her empathy with those female characters, she is able to understand their lacking. "I like a character who has something I do not have, like in the movie ‘my wife got married.’ But in reality, I like sharp people. I respect and love those who work earnestly with responsibilities, commitment, and seriousness. I do not like lazy people. Oh, but these charms should also be recognized by men, not by women alone (laugh)”


Not only Son Ye Jin’s different images in her works are memorable, but also her “Newsroom” interview a few years ago. Son Ye-jin said, "I will do my best to accept the challenge of portraying a light, romantic genre once again." I was glad that she did not disregard Melo genre she was once particpated and created emotional atmosphere. After getting a certain degree of recognition, Son Ye-jin held the responsibility of public's expectation, unlike other actors who betray public's love and expectations to follow the genres that they feel most loved. As a result, Son Ye Jin still chooses to participate in good story projects even if her given role cannot be excelled through acting power abilities, it is not a high budget production, or it is directed by unfamiliar/disreputable director. Her project choice seemed to be skeptical and inevitable, but it did not seem to be groundless. In her mid-twenties, her divorced character selection surprised the viewers, but the choice was fresh and comfortable. To keep the promise that she made from “Newsroom” interview, Son Ye Jin returned to big screen with “I am going to meet you now”, and small screen “A pretty lady who buys me food.” The white dress and the knitted cardigan matched her well in “I am going to meet you now” and that image cannot be vanished as time passes; while the image in “A pretty lady who buys me food” makes us look forward to more melodramas from Son Ye-jin in her 50s and 60s.


Some journalist jokingly said that if Reese Witherspoon (an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur) comes to Korea, the only person she would want to meet is Son Ye-jin. When shooting “Deok-hye Princess”, the cost of the production continued to rise and the budget was exceeded so the production had no choice but to cut the production scale. In order to create a quality work, Son Ye-jin decided to invest her own 1 billion won. Eventually, “Deok Hye Princess” surpassed the break-even point and gained profits. There are no specific plans as a producer yet, but there are productions hope to get Son Ye Jin’s investment. “I am interested in a small and interesting story that can be made with low production cost as ‘Before Sunrise.’ In the past, I had wished to make a movie like ‘Thelma & Louise.’ I'm also interested in movies like road movies. There is a German film called ‘Bandits’ which was released in 1997. It tells the story happened inside the women’s prison. I bought the video and watched it three times. Please give it a try."


In Korea, the word “actress” is more symbolic than the description in dictionary. The increase amount of work represents the image of the actress instead of her portrayed characters. The same concept applies to Son Ye-jin. She worries about a sense of duty when her images are changed. She feared that it would not be possible to produce anymore  precious melo genres when she did “I am going to meet you now; or female-centric movie like “Deok-Hye Princess” will gradually disappear if it didn’t perform well in box office; or when she was the only main actress in “The Pirates.” With “The Negotiation,” there are some concerns regarding how the actress should fit in a crime fiction genre. "At first, I constantly thought how I could do it well, how I could do it differently than what I’m doing right now. It’s a continuous worry. Then I watched ‘Blood and Ties’ and saw my name came up first in the credit line, I started to think about the score. I have a sense of responsibility for producing the results according to how much I have invested. Whenever I get good results, I have the burden of ‘I must do as well next time’ and I get anxiety if ‘What else should I do differently next time if I failed.’ With ‘The Negotiation,’ I thought the edited version was good, but I am glad to see the trailer today ‘I really did my best. I think the actor’s role is to do their best and the rest is the will of heaven.’ But in fact, I can not say, 'I can not control the result.' I seems like that's my personality. "


Ironically, the actors always have to show various aspects in an environment where learning experience can be limited. Son Ye - jin accepts that fate. "The social structure is harsh for actors to obtain diverse experiences; for instance, it would be impossible to experiment an accident while drinking and driving (Laughs). The way that Son Ye Jin seeks her newness is 'to be alone'. “During that alone time, I read a lot of books, watch movies and documentaries, and try to constantly get new stimulation. When I finish my work, I like to travel abroad, walking and hanging around busy streets. Sometimes I go to Han River alone or with my friends. However, walking alone along the river is when I feel like being myself."


When requesting Son Ye-jin to pick one project for the closing of the “Retrospective Exhibition,” she did not make the selection but stated “I thought I would do a few more work.” Our hearts were in the same direction. Instead of thinking about the closing film, Son Ye-jin is an actor who is more curious about current films and her desires to act continue. As Son Ye - jin’s acting moves become more dimensional, the public will “trust" her and Son Ye - jin will soon become "persuasive.” Besides, she has no ending satisfaction. "No matter how hard I try, I can not be completely satisfied even when I did my best. So I think I have to work harder until losing all strengths.” There is no season passes without Son Ye-jin’s glowing energy.




Only Son Ye Jin's part is translated

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Negotiation Showcase




Do you want to negotiate with Son Ye Jin X Hyun Bin?

<Negotiation> Showcase Guide
Schedule: Monday, September 3 at 6 pm
 Venue: COEX Live Plaza (2nd Floor, COEX Mall)
- Participants: Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin
(Attendees and detailed schedule may be changed by circumstances.)

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