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Son Ye-Jin 손예진


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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQk2P-m0qXI3WQHK5367UN  BTS

cr as tagged


Moon Cake Festival will be celebrated for 3 days fr 18 to 20 Sept (as gazetted as public holidays) in South Korea, thus she has 3 days off (supposedly) fr Pirates shooting! Yay for some rest before press con for The Accomplice & further Pirates shooting!   \:D/

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i really want to creat a signature by a series of Jin's pictures (there's at least one gif there), but i failed although i made again and again :(, and this's my product, so bad because the gif isn't active :((:collages1.jpg

this is gif i made that collage :(gsbabpj.gif

By me

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQMNtVcKnenZ2JJeg-iLLq  BTS

Shooting of Pirates is ongoing today ...:ar!

Years ago after she won the award for her acting in the movie "My Wife Got Married", she said in the interview "A Date With Son YJ", "It's not that we smile only when / because we are happy, but the more we smile, the happier we shall become." (direct translation fr Chinese to English :\">  )

Here is the video of her interview uploaded 3 years ago (subbed in Chinese). She shared her thoughts on happiness at about 6:55 min:-


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stuartjmz said: RWSJlove said: Don't know if anyone else have seen in this link below this batch of photos yet of Ye Jin taken from when she was in Australia I believe
She was in Australia? So close, yet still so far away from me in NZ! I hope she makes it to THIS side of the Tasman one day soon. 

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Shooting of some large-scale scenes in Goyang Aqua Studio (the largest in Asia) situated in Goyang City
 Goyang Aqua Studio - opened in June 2011 by the cast of blockbuster disaster movie "Tower"  

The main flash

although gazetted as three days' public holidays -- but yesterday(eve of mid-autumn festival) shooting proceed as usual -- today, 19 Sept (actual day of Mid-Autumn Fest), all members get a day off Yay for one day of rest :ar!

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어제 보조출연한 했음~^^
갤. 하도안들어와서ㅡ비번 까먹음
왤케 바뀐건지ㅠ 글싸기 힘드네ㅡ

사실 찻내나는 ㄴㅕㄴ이라ㅡ
반길지는 모르겠으나ㅡ 그래도 같이 남기르 핥고빠는 팬으로써
요정도 정보는 나누는게 좋을것같아서...

※중요한건 남기르는 촬영현장에 없으뮤 
다른배우들도 마찬가지ㅡ 3일동안 나주에서 촬영있지만 배우들은 안온다는 사실~
현장 스텝들께 직접들은 이야기임

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firstkmovie said: mujin said: 아빠 -> Dad애는 어떻게 돼도 상관없어요? -> How could the child not be concerned?

Not the best at translating Korean, especially out of context, so I'd appreciate it if someone could correct/improve my translation :D

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