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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

Hi everyone! Just want to introduce myself. I just became a fan of Ye Jin the past three weeks after watching Crash Landing on You. As I'm typing this, I'm watching CLOY for the second time haha. 

Guest kdramafanusa

^ I have to get off now. Late for doctor appointment.

Maybe a kind soul here can translate for us? :)

Korean | Chinese

[청룡영화상] 수상소감 영상 (3) 여우주연상 손예진

clip: http://www.tagstory.com/video/video_post.a...a_id=V000257320

孫藝珍青龍獎封后 流淚發表獲獎感言

chosun.com (2008.11.21 15:20)


孫藝珍把獎盃攬入懷中後,說:“聽說自己被提名後,就想自己也許會有1%的得獎可能,於是打算了要準備獲獎感言,但我想像不出我獲獎會是什麼樣子,所以就沒做準備。” 她接著說:“最近正處在迷惘和彷徨之中,因為感覺作為一個女演員走下去太難了。頒給我這個項,似乎是要我振作精神。今後,哪怕得不到最佳,我也會更加努力地去作一個好演員。”



chosun.com中文版 chn.chosun.com

- DIGITAL CHOSUN Inc. 版權所有,未經許可,不得轉載摘編 -

clip: http://www.tagstory.com/video/video_post.a...a_id=V000257320

[Download] The 29th Blue Dragon Awards

Not very fast. I'm still downloading part 2, I will upload them later for us.

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Guest mandalaywith


Yesterday I'm attented to 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Readcarpet.

My take up some Photo is not clear.Only video is clear.

Son Ye Jin(손예진) 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Redcarpet Vod

credit- http://blog.daum.net/mandalaywith @ soompi

If you post another site,please write to credit.Respect to Owner

Vod is My daum blog in go to watch


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Guest kdramafanusa

came across an old article, have you read it yet? :)

Meet Son Ye-jin: The Art of Seduction

글쓴이: dahye 조회수 : 4 06.09.11 18:12 http://cafe.daum.net/lovelydada/C37n/3

The Journal talked with Son Ye-jin at the premiere of her new film "The Art of Seduction," which was held at Kangnam Megabox in Seoul on Dec. 14.

The Journal: You're very seductive in the film. Aren't you worried about such a dramatic change in your image?

Son: Not really... I think the challenge of a new role is part of my job.

The Journal:Are those seductive looks a result of practice?

Son: I prepared lots of mirrors to practice the looks, but I ended up playing it by ear on the set because I couldn't find the time to train myself.

The Journal: Any similarities between you and your character Ji-won?

Son: I'm not the type of person who gives my heart to people quickly at all, but I think I'm a people person the way she is. She does her own thing regardless of what people think of her, I kind of have that as well.

The Journal: It takes Ji-won 10 minutes to get a date. How long will it take you?

Son: Well... I'm definitely need more time... maybe a few years. (Laughs)

The Journal: Have you met guys like Min-jun?

Son: I've met them but I have not stayed talking to them very long. I've got a good radar.

The Journal: What kind of guys are you attracted to?

Son: Oh God, that's a difficult question. I'm not particularly picky. A nice guy that makes me laugh.

The Journal: You look more stylish in this film than ever. Are you fashion-conscious?

Son: I love clothes. I'm not particularly fashion-conscious. I know what I like to wear, and I'm a girl, so I enjoy shopping. But I don't like to look too ostentatious or too glamorous.

The Journal: Any dating tips for men or women?

Son: Min-jun is so charming because he makes you think that you are the most import!ant thing in the world. That's how you win women's hearts.

By Cho Han-yeon, Staff reporter

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Guest kdramafanusa

^ I think this green dress doesn't look flattering on her. The style? A bit lose, perhaps she lost weigh?

She's absolutely gorgeous at this year's Blue Dragon Awards. :wub:

I find her most beautiful with minimal makeup/accessories (just earrings), upsweep hair. She has beautiful features, she doesn't need the fancy stuffs. Smokey eyes don't suit her at all; I also don't like dark nail polish on her too. Gee, I'm picky right? :lol:

The look she spotted at the press conference (curly upsweep hair, opaque stocking, dark nail polish) was one the very few times that I didn't like.

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Guest mandalaywith

hi :rolleyes:

KBS Morning NewsTime Entertainment-29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Report Vod


lastweek thursday i'm attentted 29th blue dragon film awards support to my like actress Han Yeseul, Kim Ha Neul.

i'm this vod in 2 time come.omg~ : :blink::)

This vod in Son Ye Jin interview come.

vod credit- http://blog.daum.net/mandalaywith @ soompi

Vod in update in youtube.go to watch here.


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Guest kdramafanusa

^ Thanks. :)


Source: JoongAng Daily

Passion, personality a hit with fashion jury

November 24, 2008


Designer Jung Ku-ho [JoongAng Ilbo]

What do a singer, a K1 fighter, an assemblywoman, a photographer and a violist have in common?

No clue? Rain, Chu Seong-hun, Na Kyung-won, Kim Yong-ho and Yongjae O’Neill are among winners of the Style Icon Awards 2008, an annual event that singles out celebrities in various fields who have shown the most unique fashion style.

You may be wondering what these style mavericks have that ordinary people don’t.


Top to bottom: Singer Seo In-young, K-1 fighter Chu Seong-hun, assemblywoman Na Gyeong-won.

It’s all about passion and character, according to Jung Ku-ho, chief judge at the awards and noted fashion designer of the Kuho brand.

And the winners gave the fashion pack a chance to judge for themselves at a recent party in a club in Cheongdam-dong.

Curiously, style icons are not often known for having classic good looks. K-pop star Rain is a case in point. And actress Jang Mi-hui, another recipient of this year’s Style Icon award, is known for the eccentric character she plays in a TV drama.

Rain has always had an avid interest in fashion, and isn’t ashamed to admit it. He’s mentioned his interest in clothes in many interviews, once even saying, “I will design my own clothes sometime.”

Jung says that Rain’s charms compensate for his flaws.

“He’s got small eyes without double eyelids,” he says. “He is nowhere near the perfect guy.”

Jung also believes the pop diva Seo In-young isn’t conventionally pretty, but looks arrogant and defiant, both traits that appeal to the public as being confident.

The same goes for Chu Seong-hun and Big Bang, he says.

Chu, a Korean-Japanese K-1 fighter who has appeared in several TV commercials, looks as if he could take down a pack of brawlers with one arm behind his back. Although his face is far from the classic Korean male ideal, Jung says his appeal is in his eyes, which look innocent.

Actress Jang Mi-hui is one of the most high-profile style icons of this year.

“Jang is always trying to improve her look,” Jung says. She stays fit by exercising three hours every day and knows how to choose dresses that complement her personal style, he adds.

It also doesn’t hurt that Jang is good pals with many fashion designers. But fashion experts say that her best-kept secret is this: Unlike many actresses of her age, Jang is not afraid to experiment with new styles - the main reason she’s a style leader today.

Jang has consistently been ahead of the fashion curve. One of her signature outfits is a bra-like T-shirt by Maison Martin Margiela, which she pairs with a plain jacket and pants to balance out the look.

Na Kyung-won, a style icon in the political arena, is in some ways like Jang. As a congresswoman, she stays in style while avoiding clothes that stand out too much.

She’s even earned the nickname “stylish elite” with her choice of elegant yet trendy suits that are a drastic break from the conventional style of female politicians in the past.

Son Ye-jin, the winner of the Best Actress title at this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, really shines on the red carpet. At the 2008 Style Icon Awards, Son wore a khaki mini dress.

“Glittering small jewelry brought out her feminine charm,” Jung observes.

But among 40-something women, no one beats the style of Kim Hui-ae, another actress.

“Kim prefers dresses that are neat and elegant, matched with simple accessories,” Jung says.

Others, like model Jang Yun-joo, take full advantage of unique accessories to define their look. Jang’s fashion weapons of choice are bracelets and bangles, which she often chooses over earrings and necklaces.

Chu Sung-hun is a master of using accessories as well. His tailored suits fit his toned body, and he finishes his looks with handkerchiefs, scarves, watches and sunglasses.

Jung refers to actor Lee Jung-jae as “the style icon of the style icons.” Lee’s fashion sense best shows, Jung explains, in his ability to deliver a groomed look with a proper suit highlighted with ties and hats.

But the best accessory of all is hair, Jung says.

Jang Mi-hui, the actress, sparked a craze for short hair among older women earlier this year, while the singer Seo led the trend for “mushroom hair,” a round retro cut.

“People usually say things like shoes and bags are the finishing touch of a style, but hair is the most important fashion element,” Jung says. “As you can imagine, a perfect look with funny hair looks awkward.”

By Kang Seung-min

Joongang Ilbo [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

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Guest kdramafanusa

[November 22, 2008] Son Ye-jin is in Japan for the 1st annivesary of fan club [Hamil Japan]

The article mentioned that (1) she sang the Korean version of late singer Yutaka Ozaki's ballad "I Love You" (2) Fans of Korean Wave stars are usually made up of mostly women, however, 70% of the fans at this event are men. :)


29th Blue Dragon Awards

(1) The result of the Blue Dragon voting was revealed, Son Ye-Jin won by a wide margin.

The panel of judges consists of 9 people. In the Best Actress category, 6 of them voted for Son Ye-Jin. The rest? Kim Yun-Jin (2 votes), Gong Hyo-Jin (1), Moon So-Ri (0), Soo Ae (0).

(2) In the acceptance speech, Son Ye-Jin forgot to thank director Jung Yoon-soo and her co-star Kim Joo-Hyuk.

She was so nervous....


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Guest valley girl

유재석 신봉선 ‘송년회 함께 보내고픈 연예인’ 1위

뉴스엔 기사전송 2008-11-25 09:46

[뉴스엔 김형우 기자]


유재석과 신봉선이 최근 실시한 한 설문조사에서 ‘연말 송년회 함께 보내고 싶은 연예인’ 남, 녀 1위에 올랐다.

공 인중개사, 주택관리사, 공무원, 검정고시 등 온라인 자격증/고시전문 교육기업인 ㈜에듀윌(대표 양형남, www.eduwill.net)은 지난 10일부터 23일까지 14일간, 자사 이벤트에 참여한 회원 1100명을 대상으로 연말 송년회에 관한 설문조사를 실시했다.

연말 송년회에 함께 보내고 싶은 남자연예인으로 유재석이 47%(516명)로 1위를 차지했으며, MBC ‘에덴의 동쪽’으로 인기를 끌고 있는 송승헌이 18%(200명)로 2위를 차지했다. 그 뒤를 이어 조인성 15%(168명), 현빈 10%(112명), 빅뱅의 대성이 9%(104명) 순으로 나타났다.

여자연예인으로는 신봉선이 36%(396명)로 1위를 차지했으며 이효리가 31%(340명)로 2위를 차지했다. 그 뒤를 이어 손예진 16%(180명), 손담비 10%(108명), 원더걸스의 소희가 7%(76명)순으로 나타났다.

김형우 cox109@newsen.com

기사제보 및 보도자료 newsen@newsen.com

손에 잡히는 뉴스, 눈에 보이는 뉴스(www.newsen.com)

copyrightⓒ 뉴스엔. 무단전재 & 재배포 금지

유재석-신봉선, 연말 송년회 ‘최고 분위기 메이커’


투데이코리아 기사전송 2008-11-25 09:57

[투데이코리아] 국민 MC 유재석과 한창 주가를 올리고 있는 신봉선이 최근 실시한 한 설문조사에서 ‘연말 송년회 함께 보내고 싶은 남,녀 연예인’ 1위에 선정됐다.

에 듀윌이 지난 10일부터 23일까지 14일 동안 1100명을 대상으로 연말 송년회에 함께 보내고 싶은 연예인에 대한 설문조사에서 남자연예인으로는 유재석이 47%(516명)로 1위를 차지했으며, MBC ‘에덴의 동쪽’으로 인기를 끌고 있는 송승헌이 18%(200명)로 2위를 차지했다.그 뒤를 이어 조인성 15%(168명), 현빈 10%(112명), 빅뱅의 대성이 9%(104명) 순으로 나타났다.

여자연예인으로는 신봉선이 36%(396명)로 1위를 차지했으며, 이효리가 31%(340명)로 2위를 차지했다.그 뒤를 이어 손예진 16%(180명), 손담비 10%(108명), 원더걸스의 소희가 7%(76명)순으로 나타났다.

유재석은 남녀노소 누구나가 좋아하는 국민 MC로, 코믹하고 재치있는 입담으로 연말 송년회를 즐겁고 재미있게 해줄 것 같은 분위기 메이커로서 제격이라는 의견이다.

신봉선은 최근 예능 프로그램에서 최고의 주가를 올리며, 손담비의 ‘미쳤어’ 패러디 등 다재 다능한 끼와 개인기로 연말 송년회 분위기를 띄워줄 최고의 여자 연예인으로 꼽혔다.

-ⓒ 투데이코리아(http://www.todaykorea.co.kr) 무단전재 및 재배포금지

김동현 기자 hyun@todaykorea.co.kr

Google translation

Yu jaeseok shin bongseon the Cellebrity want To Spent time together during year end party

A recent survey conducted by the belief that yujaeseok in line, you want to spend it with the end of the year-end parties Artists' co-ed a place.

Injung ball companies, home inspector, public officials, such as for the GED online certification / notice ㈜ edyuwil professional education company (the yanghyeongnam, www.eduwill.net) 10-23 in the last 14 days, its members participated in the 1100 event About the songnyeonhoe the end of the survey was conducted.

Artists want to send a man to come to the end of the year-end parties yujaeseok 47% (516 people) in a place, MBC 'East of Eden' Song Seung Heon popular with 18% (200 people) were 2. Cho In-seong, that after 15% (168 people), Hyun Bin 10% (112 people), Big Bang's Daesung the 9% (104), respectively.

Women Artists in the 36% believe the line (396 people) and Lee Hyo-ri as a place that 31% (340) 2 said. The Son Ye-jin, followed by 16% (180 people), sondambi 10% (108 people), Wonder of Girls sohui a 7% (76 people) said.

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