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Son Ye Jin 손예진

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quteacho - I don't consider myself a kapamilya matey. TFC/ABS-CBN is the only Filo channel we have here so I really don't have much choice but to watch their shows but I tell you what, I hardly watch their shows coz I'm too busy with my Korean soaps/movies. hehehe PBB is about the only show I watch religiously. Yes, am addicted to it coz of SAM! hahaha

haha sorry to butt in your conversation...but i'm a true blue kapamilya..lol....and we share the same affections for Sam... :D

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Good newz for all SYJ Indonesian fans (in Jakarta especially)!!

April Snow iz now showin in Mangga Dua Square Theater in Jakarta.

thanx daz uv AF forums FYI...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Korean Snow Falls to Click Stars in U.S.

October 13, 2005


Talent agent and concert promoter Click Stars has snapped up all U.S. rights to April Snow, the Korean melodrama with Asian superstar Bae Yong-joon that has grossed $21 million in Japan in three weeks.

The deal, finalized at the Pusan Film Festival, which wraps Friday, was arranged by picture's financier and international sales representative ShowEast.   

Click Stars had previously bought theatrical and TV rights to the picture for Hawaii only. But anticipating the response among Asian-Americans, it returned for the full U.S. theatrical and home entertainment package. The low-to mid-six-figure deal excludes Canada.   

Click Stars is controlled by Korean-American Seo Won-joon and promotes Korean-language acts including the Maya and Yoon Do Hyun Band. Theatrical distribution will be handled by Rob Fried Films, with the Hawaii release set for late November.   

Universal's Japanese arm acquired Snow in February for $7 million, demonstrating the enormous strength of Japanese interest in Korean culture. Chinese outfit Zonbo Media has rights to April Snow for mainland China in a flat fee deal. The film will be released in November through distributor Huayi. Meanwhile, Tokyo-based management company IMX, which represents Bae in Japan, has picked up Japanese rights to Pusan competition film The Shoe Fairy from Hong Kong seller Focus Films.

Picture is tyro Taiwanese director Robin Lee Yunchan's adult fairy tale about a crippled girl who collects shoes. Cast includes Vivian Hsu and Duncan Lai. It was produced by Three Dots Entertainment, headed by Michelle Yeh.   

As an event promoter, IMX was recently involved in UIP's Japanese release of April Snow.

Source: CRIEnglish.com @ http://en.chinabroadcast.cn/349/2005/10/13/60@24484.htm

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Heeya jhing... ma fave matey, too! :P:D


tracycutie damn! Sam is nominated for eviction. Grrrr!! :angry:

Who ye wanna get hell outta BB's house huh?! Lez go for Chix!!

I'm definitely gonna vote for Sam to stay!!! <_<

COOL COMBO meal pix..:lol:

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I've watched her in The Classic, Summer Scent, A Moment To Remember and latest movie April Snow.

Above all, I likes her in A Moment To Remember.

I haven't watched "April Snow" yet... :unsure: But I do agree with you that I liked her best in "A Moment To Remember". ;)

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My views after third viewing

Today I watched AS for the third time.

The scene showing In soo eating noodle alone was interesting. Seems he had moved out on his own after parting with Su jin. The interesting bit in this scene was the pot of plant above the boxes of belongings which In soo was staring at. Whether it was elegant, artsy or silly to hide such details from the audience, I am not sure.

At the scene where Seo young sat in the cafe and watched In su through the window of her room, today there were audience crying and blowing nose.

To some audience, April Snow is about the love between In soo and Seo young and how it started under extraordinary circumstances.

I think the Director could not make up his mind. He removed scenes showing In soo and Seo young strolling in the park and holding hand for the first time and he removed scenes showing them kissing for the first time watching a cinema. Why? Maybe he wanted the audience to guess did the two get together out of revenge and out of their own desperation. But fortunately, once they got together, the audience could only feel the new found love. Suddenly, both In soo and Seo young were calmer in their outlook and there was no more sorrow or hatred towards the betrayal.

The Director mishandled the script I think. AS would have been better if it was simply a beautiful love story of the two. Perhaps it would have touched more audience.

While trying to keep the audience guessing, the highlight and most powerful scene in the movie ended up in two scenes where audience could feel the love of In soo and Seo Young.


The first scene: Seo young, watching with anticipation at her window. Her face broke into a contented smile when she saw In soo venturing into her room, thus convincing the audience of her joy discovering that she had a place in In soo's heart. But in an instant, her mood turned sorrowful realising the longing that she wanted more than a place in his heart. At the final instant, she weeped uncontrollably when she understood she could not possess his love. Finally the audience could feel the emotions in the movie.

Here again, Ye jin shows why she is known by many as the Queen of Melodrama in Korea.

The second scene: In soo crying in his room. Again the audience learnt of his love for Seo young was more than for revenge.

Like a book which is not clear, the writer is at as much as fault as the reader. No one wants to watch a movie a few times to piece up what is happening in the movie. Even in such movies, the scripts had to be skillfully done. In this case, it was a case of bad story telling. If Director Hur wanted to keep the audience guessing, then he should have put in more scenes of confusion, anger or sorrow on the betrayal even after In soo and Seo young got together. Otherwise, the movie ended up as not having a well defined theme.

Other than die-hard fans of BYJ and Ye jin, I can understand why the neutrals were not moved by AS.

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Ye jin going to Japan again

AMTR will be premiering in Japan on 18 Oct and the distributor of the movie has organised a red carpet event for Ye jin and JWS woot!

I think AMTR will move many Japanese and will definitely be a blockbuster becaues of Ye jin's popularity and also because AMTR .....IS THE BEST film of all times! ~smile~ (to some of us)

At the same time, the Tokyo International Film Festival will be held from 22nd to 30th Oct and Ye jin may also attend it.

Ye jin is gaining popularity in Japan rapidly and it would be good for her to visit Japan more often during this time.

Looking forward to images and videos of Ye jin in Japan. I hope she dresses young this time.

News extracted from www.iyejin.com and (도쿄 = 이태문 특파원 gounworld@mydaily.co.kr)

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Omg.....she'z such a good actress!!!!

i luv'd her in A moment to remember....*tear*

Yah...where are you from?

Singapore has been screening AMTR in channel 56 and will be screening Crazy First Love, Lovers' Concerto and The Classic in Channel U in this period.

Hopefully more people will get to know Ye jin.

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