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Son Ye-Jin 손예진 [Drama “Thirty-Nine” (JTBC/NETFLIX)]


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“When I change my clothes, I become a different person” Hyun Bin ♥ Son Ye-jin… Young-looking beauty that defies the age of 42 with a one-piece jumpsuit





Son Ye-jin showed off her youthful beauty that defies her age in a jumpsuit. Photo = Son Ye-jin SNS


Son Ye-jin showed off her youthful beauty that defies her age in a jumpsuit. 

Actor Hyun Bin's wife Son Ye-jin posted several photos of her through her own personal channel on the 1st. 

Son Ye-jin is showing off her casual yet sophisticated style.


Son Ye-jin is wearing a comfortable yet stylish olive green jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is a convenient and stylish item that can be easily styled as a piece like a dress. This jumpsuit has a string at the waist to make your body look slimmer and create a natural fit. 

She added a yellow mini cross bag to her look. This cross bag is practical and adds vitality to the overall look. In addition, Son Ye-jin emphasizes a comfortable atmosphere by wearing sunglasses and a casual hat, completing a style suitable for outdoor activities. 

Her hairstyle also stands out, and Son Ye-jin chose a hairstyle tied in two braids, adding a lively and cute feel. This hairstyle goes well with her casual look and enhances her overall style. 

Son Ye-jin's overall look gives off a natural and comfortable feel while maintaining a sophisticated image. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in 2022, and she gave birth to her son in November of the same year. The couple is currently living a happy family, and Son Ye-jin is faithful to her family as well as her activities as an actress.





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'Hyun Bin♥' Son Ye-jin exudes cuteness with comfortable pigtail hairstyle






0005089018_001_20240601221514335.jpg?typ/Photo=Son Ye-jin’s Instagram


Actress Son Ye-jin showed off her natural charm in everyday life. 
Recently, she caught the attention of her fans by posting a photo on her Instagram with the comment, "Saturday night!!!!! Be happy."


In the photo, Son Ye-jin is creating a comfortable look. She showed off a comfortable yet stylish look by matching a khaki jumpsuit with a navy cap. The jumpsuit emphasizes the waist line to create a slim silhouette, while the overall relaxed fit adds comfort. 


Son Ye-jin's pigtail hairstyle further highlighted her cute charm. Her hair, tied on both sides, flowed naturally, completing her comfortable daily look. Additionally, she maintained her innocent image through bright and natural makeup.


Son Ye-jin's latest styling is a comfortable yet stylish look that can be easily replicated in everyday life, providing fashion inspiration to many people.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married Hyun Bin in March 2022 and welcomed their son in November of the same year.



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Actress Son Ye Jin is all smiles in her latest Instagram post, radiating pure happiness




JUN 02, 2024






Actress Son Ye Jin is spreading happiness through her latest Instagram post.


On June 1st, Son Ye Jin treated her followers with a glimpse into her joyful life by sharing a photo with the caption “Saturday night!!!!! Have a happy time.”


In the picture, Son Ye Jin radiates joy against the backdrop of a serene blue forest. Sporting a jumpsuit, hat, and sunglasses, she effortlessly rocks a chic yet casual look, accentuated by her braided hairstyle that adds a touch of youthful charm.


Her genuine happiness shines through her bright smile, undoubtedly lifting the spirits of anyone who sees it.




Um Ji Won couldn’t help but chime in, commenting, “Looks like a girl,” while netizens flooded the post with compliments like “Absolutely stunning,” “She looks as fresh as an 18-year-old,” and “Her smile is infectious.”


Son Ye Jin tied the knot with actor Hyun Bin on March 31, 2022, and welcomed their son into the world on November 27 of the same year.




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‘Sanggyeonni’ production team unites to remake Korean movie ‘Classic’



0000395631_001_20240604113510642.jpg?typ‘Sanggyeonni’ and ‘Classic’ posters

The production team of the Taiwanese drama 'Sanggyeonni' is teaming up for a remake of the Korean film 'Classic' (2003). 

According to China's Weibo recently, the production team of 'Sanggyeonni', led by producer and director Lim Hyo-gyeom, are planning to work together again to create a Chinese version of 'Classic'. The Korean translated version will be produced under the title ‘Our Destiny’. 

‘Classic’ is a romantic melodrama starring Son Ye-jin, Jo Seung-woo, and Jo In-seong. It received favorable reviews for its delicate portrayal of pure love and the sadness of separation. It is set in two eras, 1995 and 1969, and is connected to a modern story, and has attracted attention by expressing a story about love with a message that transcends generations. 

Attention is being paid to how the production team, who had success in Korea with 'Sanggyeonni', will remake 'Classic'. Crank-in begins in June with the goal of opening in 2025. Vanda Magraf (Lee Wanda), who gained attention by appearing on 'China's Got Talent' and was cast in the movie 'Ip Man 4: The Final', was selected to play the roles of Sung Joo-hee and Yoon Ji-hye, played by main character Son Ye-jin. 





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OP story of Hyun Bin and Son Yejin from MLB World Tour Seoul Series last March 2024.
"When Hyun Bin took Son Yejin out, it was like a classic movie scene; he wrapped her in his clothes and left.  Everyday life is like a scene from a movie" ~ Naver Blog, May 2024



"When Hyun Bin took Son Yejin out, it was like a classic movie scene”



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Posted (edited)

Son Ye-jin's career journey is truly impressive, spanning across various genres and showcasing her versatility as an actor. From her early days in melodramas to her recent success in romantic comedies like "Crash Landing on You," she has continuously captivated audiences with her talent and charm. It's fascinating to see how she has evolved over the years and continues to challenge herself with diverse roles. Looking forward to her upcoming Hollywood debut in "Cross" and witnessing her continued success in the industry! Btw check out the cool features here Airbrush .

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“Hyun Bin♥, dating your 19-month-old son?”… Son Ye-jin, today is mint day 






Actress Son Ye-jin revealed her current status. 

On the afternoon of the 6th, Son Ye-jin posted her photo saying, 'Mint day, it's so hot. Oh, but have a refreshing day.' 

The released photo shows Son Ye-jin wearing a mint-colored outfit staring at her camera. Son Ye-jin strikes her pose on the street wearing her baseball cap and sunglasses. The viewers' attention was focused on Son Ye-jin's small face and her still aura. Fans who saw the photo said, ‘The colors match so well’ and ‘I love you, sister. There were various responses such as ‘I take good care of my health’. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in March 2022, and held her son in her arms in November of the same year.





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Son Ye-jin, outing with ♥Hyun Bin and son? Refreshing mint one-piece dress






Actress Son Ye-jin has released a recent photo. 

On the 6th, Son Ye-jin released a photo of her daily life, saying, "Mint day. It's so, so hot. Have a refreshing day, though." 

In her released photo, Son Ye-jin is seen posing in a refreshing fashion wearing a mint-colored dress and matching her handbag. 

Son Ye-jin, who has become a mother of one child, still boasts a slender body and innocent beauty, drawing admiration for her.



Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in March 2022 and gave birth to a son in November of that year. 

After taking a short break, Son Ye-jin returned to the entertainment industry through advertisements and events. She recently received an offer to star in director Park Chan-wook's new film and is reportedly considering it positively.

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5 K-Dramas That Feature Epic Romances


5 K-Dramas That Feature Epic Romances 



May 29, 2024 
by binski



Korean dramas are renowned for their captivating epic romances. From tales of star-crossed lovers to historical dramas rich in emotion, these series have special charms that resonate with K-drama fans from all over the world. Here are a few of the many K-dramas that have stolen viewers’ hearts and continue to do so because of their epic romance storylines.  


“Crash Landing On You”

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) is a chaebol who is very famous. She suffers from bouts of depression and has a hostile relationship with most of her family. When a paragliding trip goes wrong, she stumbles into North Korea and meets a handsome North Korean soldier named Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin). The two end up falling in love with each other, and Jung Hyuk tries to help Se Ri get back to South Korea.




This series easily makes this list because of its epic romance that literally transcends borders. The forbidden love between South Korean heiress Yoon Se Ri and North Korean soldier Ri Jung Hyuk unfolds against the backdrop of political tensions and cultural differences, creating a gripping narrative filled with suspense and heartfelt moments. The chemistry between the lead characters, with the memorable one-liners that continue to touch people’s hearts, evokes so much emotion and love. The two even got married in real life, which is only a testament to how epic this romance is!  

SOOMPI >>> 5-k-dramas-that-feature-epic-romances 





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The 20 best Korean shows on Netflix to watch now

MAY 31, 2024








From Parasite winning the Oscar for Best Picture to BTS topping charts across the world, there's no doubt that South Korean culture is upping its global footprint. The influence of its movies and TV shows is apparent in directors making waves in Hollywood and the overwhelming popularity of juggernaut series like Squid Game. In addition to those pop culture cornerstones, there’s much more Korean media ready to stream now. 

Below, Entertainment Weekly explores the best Korean shows on Netflix, including massive hits like Hellbound and Extraordinary Attorney Woo as well as hidden gems like D.P. and A Killer Paradox. This list has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for sweeping romances (Our Beloved Summer), teen dramas (Boys Over Flowers), or tense thrillers (Kingdom). 


Here are the 20 best Korean shows on Netflix right now.



01of 20   

“Crash Landing On You” (2019-2020)


Crash Landing on You


If you've ever been recommended a K-drama on Netflix, it was probably Crash Landing on You. The series stars Son Ye-jin as South Korean businesswoman Yoon Se-ri, who gets blown to the North Korean side of the DMZ by a tornado while paragliding. Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin), a North Korean military captain, discovers Se-ri and decides to hide her until he can figure out a way to get her back to her own country. This show is the perfect K-drama starter because it includes so many of the genre’s signatures: fantastical story elements (a tornado, while paragliding!), sweeping romance, and silly/sweet melodrama. 

Where to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix


Cast: Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Jung-hyun








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Crash Landing on You Ending Explained: Do Hyun-Bin & Son Ye-Jin Get Together?

JUNE 04, 2024


Crash Landing on You
Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin in Crash Landing on You (Photo Credit: IMDb)


Crash Landing on You is one of the most popular and fan-favorite K-dramas. Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin (who later became husband and wife in real life) starred as the lead pair.
With a unique storyline, swoon-worthy romance, and electrifying chemistry – CLOY topped most of the leading charts and viewership ratings. The series’ storyline revolves around a South Korean businesswoman and heiress, Yoon Se-Ri (Ye-Jin), who lands on the borders of North Korea after an accident. There, she meets with Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun Bin), who works in the North Korean army. Unison of North and South Korea is a no-no. But Jeong-Hyeok understands the situation and lets Se-Ri stay hidden in his place.
Ri Jeong-Hyeok goes to all extent, even risking his life to help Yoon Se-Ri reach her hometown in South Korea. However, in the process, both of them fall in love with each other. It’s almost like a sin to form a relationship between a North Korean and a South Korean. But love doesn’t happen after measuring all of this.


“Crash Landing On You” : Is it a happy or a sad ending?
Not being able to stay apart and thinking about all the dangers Yoon Se-Ri can face, Ri Jeong-Hyeok embarks on a journey to South Korea. But in a certain turn of events, Se-Ri gets shot by the drama’s villain and is admitted to a hospital. Jeong-Hyeok stays in the hospital to look over Se-Ri at a distance. In the meantime, the army personnel of South Korea and North Korea concluded that the North Korean army people would be back in their hometowns without facing any harm.


Ri Jeong-Hyeok tries to cut his ties with Yoon Se-Ri so that she can have a happy life. But Se-Ri only wants Jeong-Hyeok. She runs towards him and hugges him as he is leaving South Korea. They confess their feelings to each other and try to calm each other down.


But that was not the end for Jeong-Hyeok and Se-Ri. While the captain returns safely, Se-Ri finds the notes and the food stacked by Ri Jeong-Hyeok for her. After a year of their separation, Jeong-Hyeok’s last message states that if fate is with them, they will be reunited again.

And well, while we don’t get to see a perfect happy ending for them, at least we get to see them together reunited. The ending of Crash Landing on You shows that they schedule two weeks in the whole year in Switzerland to spend quality time together. It ended on a bittersweet note, but probably this is the best happy ending the two characters could get.
This K-drama also featured a second lead pair, which garnered a lot of appreciation, too. And that is Kim Jung-Hyun as Gu Seung-Joon and Seo Ji-Hye as Seo Dan.
Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin‘s chemistry was on fire in this drama. They previously worked in the film Negotiation, where the fans loved their camaraderie. However, in CLOY, they outdone their fans’ expectations—so much so that they married each other in real life. And now they are parents to a son.


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