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Son Ye Jin 손예진 - Current Drama: Emergency Love Landing

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10 hours ago, rookiehistorianAB said:

I heard she's super popular in korea, how come not internationally? :)


I believe international fans more into kdrama.

But our YJ more into movie.

Thats might be the reason.

She is mega star and award winning actress in Korea.



@dramalover_71,i normally download from telegram

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@cybertron  WOW!! SYJ was voted amongst the top 4 South Korean goddess by c-netz! Irene of Red Velvet, IU, SYJ and Yoona. Impact of CLOY is really far-reaching!


Question - has SYJ always been popular in China, even before CLOY?



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Chinese call her ‘孫仙’, ‘仙女珍’ (fairy).




“Parasite” Becomes 1st Korean Film In 15 Years To Reach No. 1 At Japanese Box Office

Feb 17, 2020
by S. Cho

On top of all the success that Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” has seen so far, it most recently reached No. 1 at the Japanese box office!


“Parasite” is the first Korean film in 15 years to achieve this feat after the 2005 film “A Moment to Remember.”


According to a correspondent of the Japanese entertainment industry on February 17, “Parasite” made $370 million yen (approximately $3.3 million) across 276 theatres nationwide between February 15 and 16, rising to the top of the box office.


The cumulative revenue was recorded to be $2.5 billion yen (approximately $22.7 million). This places “Parasite” as the third most commercially successful Korean film in Japan, after 2005 films “A Moment to Remember” and “April Snow.” The former stars Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin, raking in $3 billion yen (approximately $27.3 million) with the latter also starring Son Ye Jin alongside Bae Yong Joon, recording $2.8 billion yen (approximately $25 million).


Last weekend, the other films ranked in the Japanese box office included “1917” at No. 2, Japanese melodrama “Love is Hard for Otaku” at No. 3, and Japanese horror film “Howling Village” at No. 4. After premiering on December 27 of last year, “Parasite” initially reached No. 5 at the Japanese box office, but rose to the top after winning four Academy Awards earlier this month.


Source (1)

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WOW, Son Ye Jin's 2 movies AMTR and April Snow did so well in Japan! I didn't know that. So she must be pretty popular there too. I hope CLOY will also air in Japan TV channel soon (if not already) cuz I bet it will also be a hit in Japan!

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1 hour ago, TotoroSY said:

WOW, Son Ye Jin's 2 movies AMTR and April Snow did so well in Japan! I didn't know that. So she must be pretty popular there too. I hope CLOY will also air in Japan TV channel soon (if not already) cuz I bet it will also be a hit in Japan!

Imagine the expression on the Japanese viewers' faces when the  soccer match scene between SK and Japan is played in epi 13:joy:.. Historically Japan is both korea's common enemy ..

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Yes, CLOY landed on Netflix Japan (pic from their tweet). :)




April Snow (2005) underperformed when it opened in Korea, but it did well in China and Japan.


Its lead actor Bae Yong-joon’s the most loved Korean star in Japan (his 2002 drama ‘winter sonata’ started Korean Wave there in 2003); when he visited, 10 thousand fans (mostly middle aged women) would welcome him at the airport. In 2007, he was paid 250 million Won per episode of drama ‘The Legend’ (his fee remains an all-time high even after 13 years).

‘April Snow’ & ‘The Last Princess’ director Hur Jin-ho cheering on Ye-Jin on ‘Be With You’.

[JoongAng / 8-2016 ] Director Hur Jin-ho has long been interested in the many stages of love, from budding romance to withering heartbreak. Throughout his films, including his debut “Christmas in August” (1998), “One Fine Spring Day” (2001), “Happiness” (2007) and “Dangerous Liaisons” (2012), he has developed a subtle style of portraying relationships. Rather than being explicit about the emotions of his characters, he steps back and leaves the audience to interpret what’s really going on.
Hur’s new period film “The Last Princess” may not be about love, but Hur’s skill when it comes to creating emotional arcs is evident in the way he flawlessly weaves together the princess’s life, from her carefree childhood to her eventual struggle with schizophrenia. 

Q. Actress Son Ye-jin, who plays the role of Princess Deokhye, told the media during a recent press conference that she cried her eyes out after watching the film, adding that it was the first time she had cried after watching herself on-screen in her 15-year acting career. How did you feel after watching the final version, particularly as it’s your first film in four years?  

A. I felt like crying but I didn’t (laughs). You know, I watch the same movie up to hundred times as I edit it. But I know Son cried a lot even when we recorded additional dialogue for some scenes to add final touches. I felt just how deep into the character she was. I showed the semi-final version of the film to a couple of directors I know, and the middle-aged men tried not to cry but eventually bawled. It might be because it’s the personal story of this woman, but it also could have something to do with her life’s connection to Korean history. 

When it was reported that Son would portray Princess Deokhye, some critics said the actress was too pretty for the role. Son has played many fragile - but still beautiful - women in the past. 

I know she contrasts with the real Princess Deokhye in some ways because Son is considered stylish, chic and pretty, but I needed an actress with a real presence because she has to play the princess at stages of her life ranging from her 20s to 50s. I’ve been watching Son’s films and I knew she could play the character well. When we shot the scene in which Princess Deokhye in her 50s reunites with Kim Jang-han [a long-time friend], she didn’t have to actually be there because the camera only focused on Jang-han, but Son still sat there for hours. Even before that scene, she fasted for a day ahead of filming in order to look fragile and weak. 

(2005 article on April Snow)


When It Comes To Filming Love Scenes Over 9 Hours This Queen of Tears Has No Fears

October 12, 2005
By Chang May Choon / The New Paper (Singapore)

FOR months, she has been the neglected co-star of Bae Yong Joon in their latest film, April Snow.

Despite being in Bae Yong Joon's shadow, actress Son Ye Jin has a strong following among male fans.

The Japanese media labelled her 'Yonsama's lover' (Yonsama refers to Yong Joon), and while his handsome face got splashed in newspapers and magazine covers all over Asia, she was relegated to the sidelines.

But, do not be mistaken.

On her own, South Korean actress Son Ye Jin can also command a captive male audience that is no smaller than all of Yong Joon's aunty brigade combined.

Hailed as the Queen Of Melodrama and Queen Of Tears in Korea, she has already earned the reputation of being a box-office guarantee.

Her last two films, Crazy First Love and A Moment To Remember, both made it to the Top 10 Best-selling Korean Film chart in Korea in 2003 and 2004 respectively.

Both films attracted more than two million admissions in Korea, making them no less than massive hits.

With the release of April Snow here this week, the doe-eyed 23-year-old gives her adoring male fans yet another reason to worship her.

In the movie, the actress will flaunt her ample bosom and smooth back in no less than four scenes.

The two sex scenes are undoubtedly her most daring to date, as she steers herself away from her girl-next-door stereotype.

From donning an itsy-bitsy blue bikini in the romantic comedy, Crazy First Love, she has become bolder with each new project she takes on.

In one scene in April Snow, Ye Jin is seen stepping out of the shower and blow-drying her hair wearing a white bra.

The film's director, Hur Jin Ho, admitted his leading lady's body was too good not to flaunt.

'I decided to keep the scenes of her blow-drying her hair, because she has such a beautiful figure,' he explained with a laugh, at the movie's Asia-wide media conference held in Seoul in August.

Much talked about, too, are the two sex scenes totalling five minutes, which show not only Yong Joon's taut pectorals but also Ye Jin's creamy smooth back. The two play strangers who inadvertently fall in love after realising that their spouses have been cheating on them before being involved in a car accident.

Even if Ye Jin is becoming more daring in her roles, she certainly wasn't too open about discussing them.

In an e-mail interview with The New Paper, she chose not to answer our question about director Hur's compliment on her figure, and also skipped another question on whether she would bare all on screen.


But she did give a lengthy, albeit bland, explanation on why the sex scenes, which took nine long hours to film, are not meant to titillate, but are crucial to the story development.

'If there were no love scenes, people will find it difficult to understand and feel sympathy for the two characters,' she said.

'I do not think they fell for each other for physical reasons... But, as we started shooting, conveying that kind of sentiment was hard, because when they fell in love, there were a lot of complicated thoughts lingering inside their minds.'

But Ye Jin's biggest asset yet is her well-known ability to cry on cue and break the coldest of hearts.

She had leukaemia in Lover's Concerto, became a heart-transplant patient in Summer Scent, and then contracted Alzheimer's disease in A Moment To Remember.

Although she is healthy in April Snow, there is no lack of gut-wrenching crying scenes.

On the first day of filming alone, she reportedly cried for eight hours in her first emotional scene in a hospital, until she had little strength left.

Declining to use eye drops, she insisted on summoning her own tears for every retake.

'We shot from every angle, and although it was just an insignificant scene, I thought I still had to give it my best shot,' she said.


Even the challenge of minimal lines in the script did not faze this bright actress, who came up with lines on the spot - much to the surprise of her co-star Yong Joon.

She told The New Paper: 'I think director Hur wanted to capture the spontaneous reactions and responses from us.

'There were not many lines at first. We made up more as we went along. I made up lines like 'Am I pretty?' and 'I do not understand why he cheated on me'.

'Bae Yong Joon was caught offguard at times as he was not expecting them. So his expressions of confusion were real.'

Though it was his first experience working with Ye Jin, director Hur was so impressed with her that he raved: 'She is an actress who is really good at expressing the emotions.

'When the scene calls for tears, she has the ability to immediately react to and act out the scene perfectly.

'Also, her character was supposed to be an incredibly passive and quiet housewife but she brought her bright, energetic self into the role and created a deeper and more well-shaped character.'

Even Yong Joon agreed that his co-star is 'phenomenal' in expressing the most complex of emotions.

With the melodrama genre conquered, Ye Jin now aims to show her more cheerful side in her next project, a romantic comedy titled Art Of Seduction.

'I have done a lot of sad films and so I chose this movie because I can act with smiles,' she told The New Paper.

'I play a woman who seduces men easily, but she is very cheerful and cute. I am happy to play this character.'

Will there be any bold seduction scenes?

She did not give details, but one can always hope.

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10 hours ago, TotoroSY said:


Question - has SYJ always been popular in China, even before CLOY?


She is. Not as famous as Kim So Hyun (male) but her popularity in China is no joke too, through her movies. Remember her movie with Chen Bolen? tho Korean reception was lukewarm but the film grossed US$4.88 million on its OPENING at the box office, in China alone. 

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Wow, so many things i didnt know about her.

She got Melo Queen title since 2005.. and until now..

And i didnt know Bad Guys Always Die did well in China..


Thanks @Helena,please keep posting her old interview or article..


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Critic Review by Darcy Paquet for SYJ in her role in Be With You from https://koreanfilm.org/kfilm18.html#bewithyou


Son Ye-jin is an absolute pro, and it's no criticism of the other actors to say that Soo-ah (Yejin's role) outshines everyone else in the film. Despite being curiously passive for much of the running time (for reasons that become clear in the surprising reveals that emerge in the second half), Son carries the role with her presence, never expressing more than she needs to. The other actors tune their performances to hers, making the scenes with her feel natural and genuine.

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3 hours ago, glayse said:

Critic Review by Darcy Paquet for SYJ in her role in Be With You from https://koreanfilm.org/kfilm18.html#bewithyou

Son Ye-jin is an absolute pro, and it's no criticism of the other actors to say that Soo-ah (Yejin's role) outshines everyone else in the film. Despite being curiously passive for much of the running time (for reasons that become clear in the surprising reveals that emerge in the second half), Son carries the role with her presence, never expressing more than she needs to. The other actors tune their performances to hers, making the scenes with her feel natural and genuine.

Yes, us film lovers follow & read Darcy’s reviews for many years. He tweeted about Ye-jin in September 2018. :)




Darcy on The Last Princess



OSEN | 2020. 02. 24. 7:54 PM


Reaching out of Asia, "Crash Landing on You" causes sensation worldwide




Studio Dragon's Sat-Sun drama "Crash Landing on You" (tvN, scriptwriter: Park Ji Eun, director: Lee Jung Hyo, producers: Culture Depot, Studio Dragon) officially ended its broadcast on February 16. Starting with an average viewership rating of 6.1% in the first episode, the drama consistently showed a rapid increase in rating during its broadcast and officially ended with an average rating of 21.7%, peaking at 24.1% in the last episode. Therefore, the work has written a new page on the viewership ratings among tvN's dramas.

The drama ''Crash Landing on You'' is available in 190 countries on Netflix. In Latin America, English-speaking regions, and Asian regions including Korea, each episode was published after the end of the official broadcast from the first episode. Meanwhile in Europe and Japan, all episodes were streamed simultaneously on February 16. With such global coverage, ''Crash Landing on You'' is taking the world by storm.

Reportedly, the drama is becoming more and more popular in Taiwan. Three of the four major newspapers here specifically published news regarding "Crash Landing on You". Many media outlets have also been regularly uploading articles about the drama for days. Moreover, in many countries in Southeast Asia, South America, etc., fans also set up fan pages on social networks to share photos and videos. Meanwhile, the 4 videos posted on Netflix' SNS also quickly hit 6.08 million views. This figure is absolutely overwhelming compared to the number of views of other shows. The popularity of the drama “Crash Landing on You” has reached out of Asia and spread to other continents such as North America, South America, Europe, etc.

The production company Studio Dragon also got to feel the global popularity thanks to ''Crash Landing on You'' when receiving many interview and data requests from international media such as CNN, AP, ABC News, Forbes (the US), and Spanish telecommunications company, etc. The reporters said, "It seems that everyone in the world has a special feeling about the genuine image of North Korea and the unique situation of South Korea. This is a very interesting phenomenon."

Netflix's representative said, "Via Netflix, 'Crash Landing on You', a 'made in Korea' drama created by Korean producers has gone beyond its homeland and is highly loved by international fans. As the worldwide audience is more and more interested in Korean dramas, we expect that foreign fans, who are seeking good dramas, will continue to watch 'Crash Landing on You' on Netflix service."

CP Yoon Hyun Ki of Studio Dragon - the unit in charge of producing "Crash Landing on You" - shared, "We are really happy and proud of the good results the drama gained after a long journey, from early overseas shooting to the filming in Korea in freezing weather." He added, "I think these results are thanks to a combination of numerous factors like unique background setting, absorbing development, the main and supporting actors' passionate acting, emotional direction, and beautiful footages, etc. Over the past time, we were invigorated thanks to the support of TV viewers for the drama."

Studio Dragon's representative said, "Recently, thanks to global entertainment streaming services, many films have been released around the world in real-time. In a wider area than before, the reaction of foreign audiences as well as public opinion will come out immediately. Following the global media trend, Studio Dragon is expected to make full use of streaming services as a content distribution platform."

OSEN = Reporter Park So Young /comet568@osen.co.kr
Photo = tvN 
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive 

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I wish her agency can be more proactive. They rarely upload stuff. This video should have been uploaded a day after the wrap up party and not 10 days after the drama finishes-_-.


I have been following son ye jin since The classic and my fav movie of her is still A moment to remember. She is a versatile actress and hopefully she can rest, especially after the long filming of Cloy. Looking forward for her next project. 


She has not updated her instagram for so long. Missing her :tears:.

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The Best Hair And Makeup Looks From Crash Landing On You Actress Son Ye-Jin

Cop the actress’s iconic style, from her tousled curls to her soft glam makeup look





Credit: Netflix


With all the buzz that’s been going around on social media, you’ve probably heard of the Korean hit series Crash Landing on You. The finale of the romantic K-drama hit the screens on Feb 16, and fans have been unable to stop talking about it since.


The show stars Hyun Bin as army captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Son Ye-jinas South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri, with both actors being in the spotlight ever since the first episode aired on Netflix. And although we all agree that Hyun Bin is jaw-droppingly charming, we can’t help but focus on the lead actress too. Everything from her hair to her makeup looks have gotten fans swept off their feet and others trying to emulate her.


Here, we’ve got some of her best hair and makeup looks (on- and off-screen) with tips on how to recreate them, so you can impress the Ri Jeong-hyeok in your life.


Soft glam

Credit: Instagram/sonyejinonly

Son Ye-jin has always been known for her casual and natural makeup looks, both on- and off-screen. So even when she goes glam, she makes sure to keep it simple and au naturel.


Instead of opting for smoky eyes and heavily contoured cheeks for a glam night out, Son Ye-jin made her lips the statement of her look while keeping the rest of her makeup simple.


If you’ve got a light skintone just like hers, try a lighter shade of red (these are the red lipsticks HW beauty editors love) with a touch of pink like Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in Psych Comfort Matte, $31. Enriched with aloe vera and avocado oils to form a super creamy texture, this lippie is perfect for dry lips and promises to last all night. Pair this lip colour with minimal eyeshadow and light brows to keep with the soft glam theme.


Pink hues


This year, Korean celebs have taught us that the smoky eye trend is out, and pink is in – and Son Ye-jin is no different. In a photoshoot, she was spotted with an effortless no-makeup makeup look with a touch of pink.


To recreate this look, grab a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the shadow outwards toward the crease. Wet the brush if you’re gunning for a more pigmented look that lasts all day. We adore Zoeva’s Soft Sun Voyager Eyeshadow Palette, $28 – it consists of a lovely light pink shade and five other colours that complements the pink perfectly. Finish the look with your favourite blusher and blend it towards your temple for a radiant cheeky glow.




Mochi skin

When we were catching up on the episodes of Crash Landing on You, we couldn’t help but notice how clear and radiant Son Ye-jin’s skin was. A few years ago, glass skin was all the rave but now, everyone’s obsessed with mochi skin just like Son’s.

While getting a brightening and hydrating foundation (check out these foundations for a youthful complexion) is probably a good way to go, attaining mochi skin is all about choosing the right skincare products that work for your skin. Try adding a lightweight serumto your night-time skincare regimen, like Re:Erth’s Multi-Targeted Elixir, $108. It helps reduce large pores and leaves you with firmer and healthier-looking mochi skin.

A casual bangin’ bun


On screen, Son Ye-jin mostly likes to let her hair down for a more feminine look. But when she’s not at work, the actress likes to keep it casual and is constantly seen with her hair up in a messy bun.

If your hair is shoulder-length and you’re having difficulty keeping your hair in an updo, throw in some bobby pins so your hair stays put throughout the day. Try Kitsch’s Diamond Bobby Pins, $14, it holds hair tightly together and bonus: it makes a great hair accessory (here are the best hair accessories to rock for work and play). If you’ve got bangs, let them down to frame your face for an effortlessly chic vibe.

Curled ends

Everyone loves Son Ye-jin’s structured, curly waves, and so do we. But if you’re in a rush, there’s just not enough time to curl your entire head of hair, especially if you’ve got super long (and super straight) locks.

So why not shave a few minutes off your morning prep time and just curl the ends of your hair just like Son did here? Opt for a small-barrelled curling iron just like the Babyliss Tight Curls Wand, $49 and start curling two inches from where your hair ends. Finish it off with a spritz of hairspray so your curls last all day.

Tousled waves

In episode 5, Son Ye-jin’s character Yoon Se-ri got a hair makeover before taking her passport photo in Pyongyang. At a North Korea salon, she got a hair style called “Goodbye style” as she was preparing to leave the country that she got stranded in after crash-landed after her paragliding accident.

Here, she’s rocking tousled waves and even had her bangs curled for a super feminine look. If you’re looking to recreate this look for a date night, check out the Beauty Works Molly Mae X Beauty Works Curl Kit, $163 – a medium-barreled curling wand that’ll help you achieve tousled yet structured waves. Tip: curl your hair inwards just like Son does to achieve a more laid-back feel.

Easy, summer braids

While we’ve loved seeing Son Ye-jin let her hair down on most episodes of the show, her effortless braided hairstyle caught our eye and we’re thinking we could rock this plait at work or on a date.

Even though braids seem relatively simple, Son glammed it up with a velvet scrunchie to add texture and a pop of colour to her wavy hair. Check out Slip’s Large Scrunchies, $60 – it prevents those ridges in our hair caused by regular elastics and is strong enough to keep even the thinnest of hairs in place all day.

Oh, and if you’re game, go for a tighter braid that’s sleek, straightand perfect for formal occasions.

Just bitten lips

Son Ye-jin’s character Yoon Se-ri was never a huge fan of dark, vampy lip colours. Instead, when it was time to get all glammed up, she’d opt for a natural makeup look that puts focus on her rose-stained lips.

If you’re gunning for that “just-bitten” effect too, try a lip stain instead of a lipstick: Laneige’s Stained Glasstick Lip Stain in Pink Tourmaline, $34, is probably your best bet to help you get this watery-stained glow on your lips. Just remember to treat your lips to a good scrub before application for a plump, healthy-looking pout.

No hair tie, no problem

Remember the romantic moment when Ri Jeong-hyeok helped Yoon Se-ri tie her hair up with a handkerchief so she’d blend in with the other women? It not only had our hearts fluttering, but it also gave us the idea that we could cop that look too, especially since it adds a unique twist to an otherwise boring ponytail.

All you have to do is grab a scarf and tie it around your hair to add a pop of colour to your look. Tip: opt for a scarf that has a myriad of colours, with one of the colours matching the colour of your ensemble so you look effortlessly put together. We absolutely adore the Hermès Les Zebres Bandana Twilly, $260 – pair it with a wide-leg jumpsuit to show you mean business.
Sleek top bun

We’re all for getting your hair up and out of your face, but sometimes a messy bun may not be your best bet for formal events or important meetings. So why not try this sleek bun that Son Ye-jin went for? It’s chic and instantly glams up any outfit – all you need is a good hairspray and an elastic.

Try the Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray, $26 – it keeps all your baby hairs in place and gives your bun a satisfyingly strong hold. Don’t forget to add some bobby pins too so your bun stays up all night.






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I simply love watch making film clips from dramas/movies and CF’S especially the ones that Yejin are on it. It’s so amusing seeing her being playful off cam and interacting with all the crew staff :wub::



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